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He's the Earth and Heaven to You

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Miles Edgeworth was not in love. It was a ridiculous thought. Not to mention wrong, no matter what people thought. He did not love Phoenix Wright.

Thanks to you, I am saddled with unnecessary... feelings.

At first, they might have been of unease and uncertainty but that had quickly changed. Wright still reminded him of the boy he met in grade school, full of determination and belief in everyone to do good. He had seen it countless times in the courtroom. An unwavering faith in his clients, a genius in the legal world and his best friend.

“You’ve got that look again” Ema said as she walked over to his desk. He didn’t even notice her come in.

“Look?” he asked, “what look?”

“The ‘I’m thinking about Phoenix Wright look’” she replied like it was the most obvious thing in the world. Edgeworth spluttered indignantly as he registered her words.

“You are being ridiculous Miss Skye” he told her “I do not have a look

“Don’t try and hide it sir. So you’re in love with Mr Wright, I knew that from my sister’s trial” Ema shrugged.

“Didn’t you have an autopsy report for me, Miss Skye?” Edgeworth glared. Ema rolled her eyes and handed it over. He skimmed over it, taking note of anything that could be used to potentially build a case against the defendant.

“Of course, the Wright Anything Agency are defending” Ema grinned “Enjoy yourself Mr Edgeworth”.

She cheerily waved and walked out the office. Miles head went into his hands and he groaned. He was not in love.


Another look around the crime scene was warranted. Some of the facts didn’t entirely match up to what he’d been told by the witnesses and he didn’t want the Agency to have the upper hand already, before court even started.

“Afternoon, Mr Edgeworth” he heard someone call behind him. It was Athena, looking as cheery as ever.

“Hello, Miss Cykes” he greeted “I presume you’re on the evidence search for the Agency?”

“That’s right” she said “just waiting for the Boss to arrive”. Miles refused to acknowledge his heart rate picking up.

“Er, Mr Edgeworth?” he heard Athena say “you know I can hear your heart racing?”.

Curse the Agency and their abilities.

“And what of it, miss Cykes?” he questioned her. She looked confused for a second before smiling even wider.

“Your heart practically sings whenever he’s mentioned” she explained “so does his, it’s kinda embarrassing”.

Phoenix’s heart ‘sings’ for him?

“Are you sure you’re not mistaken, Miss Cykes?”. She shook her head.

“The heart never lies, Mr Edgeworth” she said quietly “no matter how much you try to hide it”

“What’s Edgeworth hiding?”


The man was in his court suit, looking confident in his stride as he walked up to the two of them.

“Nothing” Miles rushed out “Miss Cykes and I were just having a conversation about the crime scene”. She quickly nodded, as if to acknowledge the swift end to the conversation and his increased panic

“So, Boss, where are we looking first?” she cheerly asked.

“The stage seems to be a good place to start” Phoenix said after thinking for a moment “do you want to join us Edgeworth?”

“I have some of my own enquiries to deal with” he answered “I’ll see you both in court, Wright. Miss Cykes”

He quickly made his way into the building, leaving Wright looking momentarily confused and Athena with a long suffering look on her face.


The gallery chatting between court recess was nothing new. Sometimes he could hear snatches of conversation as he prepared his new line of questioning and thought over witnesses.

“Surely it’s conflict of interest to have lawyers who are seeing each other on the same case?” he heard one person ‘whisper’ “I mean one of them is the Chief Prosecutor

“You’ve been reading too many gossip columns, Finley” the friend replied, “how do we know they’re seeing each other?”

“All you have to do is look at them!” ‘Finley’ stated “haven’t you seen the court recordings from when Wright was a rookie? You could cut that tension with a knife”

Miles quickly shuffled his papers, pretending to ignore the conversation happening behind him. Gossip about the prosecutors and the defence always circled around, given the closeness and the frequency you would see your ‘legal partner’.

It was all baseless conjecture anyway.


It was baseless in the sense he and Wright weren’t seeing each other.

“I mean Wright looks at the Chief Prosecutor like he’s heaven and earth. Is that enough evidence for you?” ‘Finley’ was still going it seemed “I mean it’s cliché but it’s true”

Heaven and Earth? What was this, a Disney song? Miles thought as he saw.

“Tension or no tension, they aren’t seeing each other” his friend said smugly

“Bet on it?” ‘Finley’ shot back

Suddenly the judge banged his gavel, signalling court was back in session.

Wright smirked at him from across the room as the judge began to summarise the defences claims that they made before recess.


So maybe he had been thinking about. First Ema, then Athena and even the court audience thought him and Wright were in love. Which was ridiculous, because they weren’t. He walked towards his office, seeing that Gavin’s door was slightly open. As he walked passed he caught a glimpse of Mr Justice’s suit through the gap.

“What do you mean Herr Wright and Herr Edgeworth aren’t together?”. That made Miles stop abruptly. 

“I mean, Klavier, that my boss and your boss aren’t fucking” he heard Mr Justice ‘explain’ “simple as”

Fantastic. Now their subordinates were having an idle gossip about their non-existent love lives. Or he thought it was non-existent on Wright’s side.

“Not even a little bit?” he could hear Gavin chuckle after making that statement

“So maybe Mr Wright is lying when he says there’s no one he wants to be with, it doesn’t mean it’s Edgeworth he wants to be with” Mr Justice surmised. Miles hand tightened on his briefcase.

“What does Fräulein Cykes say?”

“That Mr Wright’s voice practically radiates happiness and affection when he mentions Edgeworth”

“And how much does he mention Herr Edgeworth?”. A sigh.

“A lot”

Miles flushed. He really shouldn’t have listened in. More rumours. More conjecture.

They weren’t in love.

He continued onto his office. Miles opened the door and walked into his office, ready to look over the new evidence collected before court continued tomorrow.

There, on his coffee table, was a bouquet of sunflowers. His briefcase dropped to the ground with a solid thump as he stared at golden flowers. There was a note attached to the vase which he hastily walked over to grab. He prayed to whatever god that it wasn’t Oldbag again and that the restraining orders had finally worked. Miles took the note off the vase carefully, sitting down on one of the sofas to read.

 Dear Miles,

 I know I should of given these to you in person but, even after so many years, I’m still terrified of admitting my feelings towards you. It seems like yesterday when I faced you in court, now here we are. I’ve had junior partners, daughters and the Master of the Kurain technique encouraging me to finally admit my feelings for you. I think Maya’s been trying since you came back for the Engarde trial.

Miles Edgeworth, I am in love with you

I’ve probably been infatuated with you since grade school (making you my first crush) and it grew into something I can only say is love.

If you read this note and don’t reciprocate, we can go back to being best friends. No matter what, you’re still my best friend Miles.


Phoenix Wright

Miles read the letter again. And again. Phoenix Wright loved him. Phoenix Wright is in love with him.

It’s amazing that his realization came this late.

He was in love with Phoenix Wright.

Miles bought out to his phone and hastily bought up Phoenix’s contact. The text was quick, but he needed to rush if he was to get flowers before the shops closed.

Meet me at People’s Park at 7pm. I have something to tell you.