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The Chemistry of Caffeine

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The shuffling sounds started, rather predictably, around the time she was halfway through her first cup of coffee.

“Well, good morning there.” Kay turned around, smiling at Ema’s predictably grumpy expression. “I see you’ve made it out of bed.”

“Nggh.” Ema managed to drag herself to a chair, then slumped over the table. “Arngh.”

“Always nice to see you, too.” Kay hummed to herself, turning to the stove. “The eggs will be ready soon.”

There was a grunt in response, and nothing else. Clearly Ema was not yet in human mode. Oh well, that didn’t matter. Kay knew well enough how her girlfriend took her breakfast by now.

“So, what’s our schedule for today? You’ve got work, right?” She glanced over at Ema, finding her staring out into nothing. Right. No time for answers yet. “Uh. You know there’s plenty of coffee in the pot, right?”

This gained her nothing but a non-committal grunt. Par for the course, then. Kay took a sip of her own coffee, shaking her head. She had long since given up on trying to make Ema a morning person.

There was a small sound from Ema’s direction, a whine more than anything. Kay looked over. Ema had stretched her arms across the table, her head resting on them. She’d turned her head to the side, facing Kay. Her sleepy eyes and pouty mouth were making a rather adorable image.

“Oh, nuh-uh. You want coffee, you get it yourself.” Kay gestured towards the coffee machine with her cup. “I need to pay attention to the food, you know. You wouldn’t want us both to starve, now would you?”

She hadn’t even thought it was possible to combine a growl and a whine into one single, simultaneously grumpy and pitiful sound. It was like a wet kitten was trying to be scary. There were no wet kittens around, though, simply Ema staring at her with bleary eyes.

“It’s like four steps, darling. If you managed to make it here from the bedroom, you’re able to get to the coffee pot.”

Ema’s pout intensified. Honestly, she was just impossible.

“Silly thing.” Kay rolled her eyes, smiling as she set her half-empty cup aside. “I’m going to blame you if our eggs get ruined.” Not that she was going to let them get burned anyway, she was way too careful for that. Still, if Ema was going to be lazy, at the very least she deserved a bit of teasing.

Grabbing a cup from the cupboard, she poured it full of coffee. The hungry gaze in Ema’s eyes made her chuckle. Kay was half tempted to keep the cup just out of her reach, but decided against such cruelty. Besides, Ema just might have gone for the throat had Kay been so mean.

Kay left Ema to her caffeine boost, returning her attention to the eggs. The sizzling of the eggs didn’t quite cover the sounds of Ema downing her coffee in greedy gulps.

Kay caught the sound of footsteps approaching from behind, of course, but chose not to turn around. Predictably, a moment later she felt a pair of soft lips pressed against the side of her neck.

“Now can I get a good morning?” Kay grinned at Ema’s exasperated snort, then turned her head to catch the next kiss on her lips.

“Morning,” Ema murmured into the kiss. She already sounded a lot happier. Or, well, less grumpy at least. The line between those two was rather fine and wavering when it came to Ema. “…Thanks for the coffee.”

“Any time.” Kay grinned. “Now, get another cup so you wake up enough to eat. Wouldn’t want you to accidentally take a bite off your fork, now would we?”

And, really. There really was no reason for such angry glares.

Clearly another cup was indeed necessary.