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      It was such a terrible cliche, honestly, something that had to be dreamed up in some bad fanfic or hentai. You squirmed as you thought this, one arm scrambling at the floor before you and the other trapped at your side. While crossing through waterfall, you had seen a crack in the wall that had looked just large enough for you to shimmy inside. You wouldn't have attempted it normally, but well... peering inside had given you a glimpse of a beautifully colorful array of flowers unlike any you had seen wandering through the underground so far. From what you could see, there was a star shaped flower that looked to be the same color as San's eyes, a bell shaped, honey colored flower that made you think of Papyrus, a cluster of red flowers that almost looked like poppies if not for their sheer size and dead center was a shimmering flower that had been the exact color of your soul.


      Usually you wouldn't take the risk, you usually would have went back home and brought your boys straight here so they could see it for themselves and maybe with his teleportation skills, Papyrus could have gotten them for you but there had been a reason you have been out here alone to begin with. Well... Two reasons. Two, loud, harsh, and dangerous reasons. See, for the past few months there had been strange tremors going through the underground, ranging from soft shakes that would simply jostle everyone around slightly to harsh quakes that had toppled walls and revealed new corridors - much like the one you were exploring now. But those tremors suddenly came to a stop when they arrived... Two skeletons that bore a striking resemblance to your own save for a few major differences. First, the one that looked like your Sans was a great deal taller than him with harsh red eyes and sharp fangs. He acted nothing like your sweet Sans, lazy, crude and always growling something harsh at whoever was unfortunate enough to cross his path. You had taken to referring to him as Red and for the most part he didn't seem to mind it. No, whenever you found herself approaching him, those chilling blood colored eyes would scorch a burning path up and down your body as you trembled out his name before a red tongue would dart out and lick across his grinning teeth, his gold tooth sparkling as he rumbled out a coarse 'Whatcha need, Doll face?’ . Needless to say, he made a shiver go down your spine and that was without his much, much taller brother glaring at his side. The skeleton that looked like Papyrus had told them to refer to him as Boss - honestly though you and the others had taken to calling him Edge behind his back and the name fit so much better. Edge was a temperamental skeleton, nothing ever seemed to be good enough for him, from the house, to the food, to the monsters that dared try and meet his eye. He never had something good to say unless it was about himself. The Great and Terrible Papyrus he called himself. Yeah, right, your Pap was so much greater than him, even if he was a bit lazier. But there was something about the way that Edge looked at you when she thought that she wasn't looking that stirred... Something in the pit of your stomach.


      Despite everything, the two new skeletons had been staying somewhat peacefully with you and your boys. Sure there were rough patches and Sans had asked you to sleep with him while they stayed with you, but then again you usually did anyways. The room designated as 'yours’ had barely seen any real use since your relationship with the brothers had began. If you weren't in Sans’ bed, you were with Pap, or the three of you were passed out on the couch in a strangely comfortable pile. So giving up your room for the brothers had been easy, even if Red had grumbled something about a... Lack of scent? Whatever that was about, and Edge had balked at thought of sharing a room with his brother. Things had been... Ok for a lack of a better word until you had found yourself alone with Red. You still weren't quite sure how it happened, Sans had cut down on his training with Alphys and Pap had stopped spending so much of his time at Muffet's since the two had arrived, but sometimes things had just found a way to align just perfectly to leave you alone with the intimidating skeleton. You had walked downstairs yesterday morning to find the house strangely quiet - later Sans would tell you he had been showing Edge around the forest to find a decent area to make a training ground and Pap had been called out quite suddenly by Undyne who was working on finding out the cause of the tremors - but, unaware you had made your way to the kitchen to make breakfast for everyone.


      Because of Sans' love of seeing you in cute clothing, your wardrobe was comprised of dresses and skirts and frilly, lacey scraps of underwear that only served to look pretty. He would dress you up and praise how adorable his kitten looked and usually you would flush with pride, but recently your wardrobe had been a cause of nervousness for you. Specifically because Red never missed a chance to say something about it. Cute dress, would love to see it on the floor instead. Or - come on, doll face, hike up that skirt and let Daddy see what's underneath. He had always said it quietly enough that only you could hear, waiting until the others had their backs turned or pausing as he passed by you to growl something crude in her ear and laugh at your flushed face. And that's what he did around others , so of course finding you alone in the kitchen had been something of a green light for him.


      You had been rummaging through the fridge, bent slightly to rifle through everything as you tried and decide what to make for the day. Sans loved when you made pancakes, especially when you made them in the shapes of skulls and bones, but Pap liked your French toast a bit more - and bringing in the guests preferences, they seemed to like more meat related foods so you had been struggling to think of something everyone could enjoy. And while your back was turned and your attention somewhere else, Red had taken the moment to sneak up behind you.


      “Morning, sweet cheeks.” The sudden purr had startled you, but before you could jump up, straighten yourself, something, his hands were at your waist in a firm grip, keeping you at your bended position. “This here, mm perfect view. Have I ever told ya  how sexy your ass looks?” He had. Multiple times.


      “L-let go!” You had tried to sound strong, but your voice had caught in your throat as you felt his fingers teasing up the end of your skirt.


      “Come on, doll face, you was the one bent over and offerin’ yerself up fer me.” He rolled his hips against yours, a slow, harsh movement that had her trembling as you felt just how affected he was by you  “I just wanna show my... Appreciation. Ya know? Lettin’ us stay, givin’ us yer room, lettin’ us hear those sweet moans almost every... fuckin’... night.” As he spoke, his voice grew deeper and deeper until he was growling the words at you, his grip tightening with anger. Why was he so angry? And why would he stop grinding against you like that? You opened your mouth to protest again but a harsh thrust from Red had made the words die on your tongue and replaced it with a long whine. For a second, time had stopped, neither of you saying a word so all you could hear was your soul pounding in your chest before his harsh breathing kicked back in again and Red picked you up to slam you into the counter. “Liked that did ya? Ya dirty fuckin’ whore.” Red was grinning despite his words, his entire face flushed red as he quickly pressed up against your body.


      “N-no! I-I-I - !” You could barely get the protest out before Red ripped your skirt up around your waist and fell to his knees before you. You had seen quite a bit of that tongue of his, he seemed all too willing to flaunt it almost every day, but you had never seen him with that expression. His eyes hooded with lust, his tongue dripping and a wide, lascivious smile splitting his face.


      “Save yer breath, sugar, I can smell how turned on ya are.” He inhaled a deep breath, his smile growing impossibly wider. Sharp claws played with the ends of your thong, toying at where the straps tied together at your hips but never too far from your soft skin, as if to remind you of the danger if you struggled. That tongue, that damned tongue of his had waggled at you teasingly before with one fluid motion, his mouth was upon you. He licked your pussy through your underwear, fast, hard, ravenous, until it was all you could do to try and muffle your moans. He spread your legs every single time you tried to close them and there was no fighting his iron grip. There was no lifting your hips away from this torment. The sounds had to be the worst, the loud slurping and his own pleased moans as he enjoyed your taste. It was inevitable that your underwear would fall to the side in his onslaught, baring your cunt to his almost endless hunger. His tongue was everywhere, curling around your clit, skimming across your lips and delving into your depths to press insistently against that spot inside of you that made you clench around him. “oh sugar,” he had panted. “stars, I wanna see you on my cock.” His voice was a gasp, his gaze almost reverent as he gazed up at you.


      “N-no! Ah! R-Red, you've, nngh, you've gotta... mmph, you gotta stop!” your moans cut into your words, but it wasn't like it mattered, Red groaned in response and had pulled away so you could see him reaching into his basketball shorts and pull out his member. Your breath had caught in your throat at the sight, he was thick, almost impossibly so, and his color was the same red as his tongue but what caught your eye was the gold piercings adorning his cock. A stud glittered at the head and spanning down the length of him was a ladder of similar gold studs and despite yourself, you found your pussy clenching at the thought of it.


      “Come on, baby cakes, say my name again. I'll give you just what you want.” The dark promise had been purred against your ear as that thick cock had slapped against your wet pussy. He thrust against you, once, twice, letting you feel each piercing against your clit until your toes were curling with the beginning of an orgasm. “come on, say my name. Beg me to fuck ya.” He murmured against your ear, his tongue reaching out to slide up your neck. Your hips pressed needily against his, desperate for the orgasm that was right there , but he chuckled and pulled back slightly to grin at your whimpering and twitching form. “come on doll, you know what to do.” You looked up at him, the words just on the tip of your tongue, your hands reaching up to cling to the fluff at the top of his hood when the moment was shattered.


      “OF COURSE! THESE WOODS ARE JUST LITTERED WITH CLEARINGS SUITED FOR TRAINING! I KNOW WHERE THEY ARE SO I CAN SHOW YOU ANYTIME YOU WANT, MWEHEHEH.” You could hear Sans from outside, but that was no surprise, his loud voice could be heard from anywhere. The eyelights in Red's sockets went out and without warning you found yourself transported to your bathroom.


      “Sorry, doll, looks like we'll have to continue this later.” He had whispered, pulling you in to press his teeth against your lips in a hungry kiss before he turned on your shower and closed the door behind him as he left. As you found yourself falling to your knees, all you could think was that that had been the first time he had kissed you. Of course you had shaken off the thought and had begun almost ripping your clothing off, looking to your red stained underwear in disgust. Red saliva coated your thighs and with further inspection, was found on your neck and dripping down your bra. He must have pulled up your shirt as he had pinned you down... You could hear Sans asking where you were just downstairs and could hear Red's rumbling reply as you robotically stepped into the shower and tried to wash away the memory of what had just happened. Of what you had almost done . It had taken a full hour for you to step out of the shower but you still felt dirty. And for your cunt to stop trembling with the denied release. For the rest of the day, you had been jumpy and distracted, you had avoided all contact with Red as if he was the plague and had shied away from Sans’ advances that night, unable to bear holding him when you had almost betrayed him like you had. How would you even explain yourself? It'd break his heart!


      The guilt had led you to here, as if some stupid flowers would be enough to make up for everything. As if the walk could possibly clear your head enough for you to know what to do. As if the image of Red above you wasn't still at the back of your mind, his hand at your hips and the other pressing that cock to your entrance with a lustful smile. You squirmed violently in place, both to rid yourself of the thought and to try and wiggle free but you were held fast. Monsters were told to avoid the new areas unlocked by the tremors, so there wasn't a chance that someone would come hand help you, and if there was anything down here, there wasn't much chance that it was good, but you called for help anyways, your voice ringing through the cavern of flowers.


      “Well, well, well, dollface. Ain't this a lovely sight.”