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If someone had told Giorno that his pitch black hair would lighten to blond on its own, he'd have called them crazy. Of course, the same could be said if the had told him he'd wind up with a Stand or that his goal of taking down the Boss who ran his hometown but lo and behold...

But the least expected thing in his life was the sudden emergence of the man he long believed either woefully irresponsible or dead (if the letter he got from someone overseas was to be believed).

“Giorno, you've been in there for an hour. Those curls of yours cannot be THAT time consuming.”

He leaned back to glare at the figure strewn across his bed. “My hair has BEEN done, padre. You helped me braid it.”

“And you're letting it get pretty long… And what else could you be in there for?”

Giorno groaned and rolled his eyes, leaning back in towards the mirror.

The man who is supposed to be his father, DIO Brando, had shown up quite unexpectedly about a week after he'd turned 18. Along with his arrival came some other, more uncomfortable changes to Giorno’s physiology. The morning after the man’s arrival came the itching seated squarely in his irises, bringing with it red flecks to them (thankfully it eventually passed and left most of the original color intact). Soon after, the body aches that accompanied an increase of muscle mass (not much, but enough to require new clothes) and a splitting headache leading into an increased sensitivity in his hearing and sight.

The new one, the reason he was leaned heavily on the counter and studying himself in the mirror, was an ache in his jaw that had been growing progressively more painful as the days went on.

“What are you doing, Giorno?”

The younger man jumped in surprise and whipped around to stare at the man who was suddenly behind him, eyeing him curiously. “Padre…! I’m just...trying to see why my mouth hurts so much…”

DIO raised an eyebrow, a look that somehow sent a shiver down Giorno’s spine. “Let me see.”

Giorno’s chin was grabbed roughly and tilted upward before his lips were forced apart by careful but insistent fingers. “Hmm...your canines are a millimeter or two longer than before I suppose.” He gently trailed a thumb along the younger man's bottom lip (accompanied by another shiver). “It's not overly noticeable, but you might still catch yourself on them.”

The younger blond resisted his urge to bite his lip, instead succumbing to the desire to pull DIO’s thumb into his mouth with a small needy sound.


He glanced up at him hungrily, something inside him just filling him the irresistible urge to suck on his thumb. It sent pleasant shivers down his spine, pressing his tongue to the pad with a groan.

“You…” The vampire grinned mischievously. “Well, I guess it can’t be helped that even you’d want some of DIO.”

Giorno shivered and groaned softly as DIO pulled his hand away, trying to follow it.

“I think I have a better idea for that needy mouth of yours.” DIO grabbed him gently by the arm and guided him out of the bathroom and led him to the bed.

Oh...ooooooh. Giorno could gather what his intentions were, and in spite of the small voice in the back of his head saying that anything that was about to happen was inappropriate to do with his FATHER, he was somehow delighted at the prospect. As soon as DIO was seated on the edge of the bed (a king-sized one at the behest of the vampire who took it upon himself to lay in it every chance he got), the younger blond fell to his knees in front of him.

“Oh, how eager you are already, my Gio.”

Giorno scooted closer, licking his lips hungrily. It was strange and new, these desires that had him pressing his lips to DIO’s clothed cock. He glanced up at him through his lashes, as if asking for permission as he nipped at the fabric. If he caught a bit of the flesh underneath, then that was the fault of the man wearing the skin-tight leotard (though, with a [stolen] body like DIO’s, he can’t fault him for doing so).

Not that he seemed to mind if the twitch under the fabric and sharp gasp were anything to go off of.

DIO nudged the younger man away gently before tearing open the black fabric with his...nails? Claws? Whatever the vampire wanted to call them, Giorno didn’t care. He just knew that they were sharp and the sight of them ripping through the leotard was sending waves of want down his spine (was this some kind of masochistic awakening? He didn't want to think about that at the moment when he had more pressing things to attend to).

Giorno wasted no time in leaning back in to lick and kiss at the now exposed flesh, too otherwise occupied with his mouth to really acknowledge that the man was already half-hard from what little he’d done.

Maybe his beloved padre was just as messed up as he was?

Or maybe it was an inherited sort of filth?

A sharp gasp and a rough tug on the younger blond’s hair brought him back to the present. The look on DIO’s face was one of pain mixed with something that Giorno was going to assume was pleasure. He opened his mouth to ask what had happened, but the words died when he caught the sight of bright red out the corner of his eye and the metallic tang of blood registered on his tongue.

Oh yeah. His teeth.

The extra couple millimeters really did matter…

Giorno leaned over to gently lap at the small rivulet of blood in apology, studying DIO’s face. Whatever the vampire was thinking was hidden by a smug grin.

“Are you just going to tease or are you actually going to do something while you’re down there?”

The mafioso smirked up at him, feeling suddenly quite cheeky as he nipped at DIO’s thigh. “My padre, I already nicked you once. Still want to-” His statement was cut off with a sharp tug to his hair and a hiss. Of course, the sensation sent a shock of pleasure straight to his groin. “I’ll...take that as a yes.” He leaned in to wrap his lips around the head of DIO’s cock. It wasn't like this was the first time he’d had a cock in his mouth (something had to be said for Giorno’s youth that one of his favorite things was sneaking away after a particularly stressful day running Passione with a certain gunman and pinning him down so he could suck him off and maybe even more if he really needed it), but this was an overall stranger experience. The voice telling him this was WRONG was back with a vengeance, but the more of the considerable length he took in, he became more and more aware that he was growing quite an erection.

Another change he noticed then: His once too-present gag reflex was gone. Odd, but in the present situation, with a vampire cock shoved into his throat, not at all unwelcome.

He swallowed roughly around the intrusion with a groan, the hand in his hair tightening its grip in response. A perfect reaction. Giorno half grinned in spite of the situation as he pulled back to breathe a moment before swallowing the whole length back down again. Soft praises reached Giorno’s ears as he set a pace between fucking his own face with the vampire’s cock and breathing desperately when the flesh wasn't down his throat.

He chanced a glance up at the older blond, a hungry groan from his own throat the only warning as he nipped at the sensitive flesh.

A harsh snarl and a glare of warning was all he was given.

As if that would deter him.

Giorno prodded the bitten flesh with the tip of his tongue, mewling softly around him in mock apology. Of course, the ruse was seen through quite quickly, especially as the younger blond decided to nip at the sensitive member again. He was promptly yanked away and up onto DIO’s lap with a half-yelp, half-moan.

“Someone’s bitey, isn't he?” The words were meant to be a warning, but the effect was lost when the mafioso caught the hint of hungry heat behind the vampire’s mild rage.

“Someone likes being bitten.” Giorno shrugged dismissively. He was not prepared for the two fingers roughly shoved into his mouth, gagging more in surprise than actual reflex. He greedily sucked on the digits, eyeing him hungrily as rolled his hips against his thigh. The hand creeping down his back to slip into his pants and tease at his entrance didn't go unnoticed, and he rolled his hips back into the touch.

“So greedy…” DIO purred teasingly. “Where did you get that from?”

Giorno grinned around the fingers before nipping at the skin, purring as DIO pinched at his tongue with sharp nails. He pressed a palm to the older vampire’s chest, urging him back against the bed. “Let me show you where I get it from,” he whispered hungrily as the fingers slid from between his lips, rolling his hips against the man’s thigh. He reached over to the nightstand, digging in the drawer for the well used bottle of lube and earning a quirked eyebrow from the man beneath him.

“And what has my cute little Gio been up to to have that so close at hand?”

“Wouldn't you like to know, padre?” Of course, the answer was quite simple and likely talking with Trish just a floor down. Giorno sat up and shimmied out of the dress pants and underwear that had been his only clothing, holding the bottle of lube betweens his lips while his hands were otherwise occupied (DIO had attempted to help, but the younger blond smacked his hands away).


The younger of the pair grinned down at the elder as he coated his digits in the slick fluid. “Yes, padre?” He purred as he reached back to calmly prod at his own entrance, breathing out slowly as he slips a finger inside. Some distant part of him imagined that it was not his fingers at all, but those of the man whose hands were slowly moving up his thighs in a way that was almost reverent.

DIO’s eyes trailed over Giorno’s skin hungrily “You’re so utterly gorgeous. You can really tell where you got all your good genes from.”

He felt the glare that he sent the man’s way as it twisted his face, carefully removing his fingers. He was willing to deal with the repercussions of his half-completed preparation later. Right now, however, he just wanted DIO to shut up. The younger man shifted himself on his lap, resting a hand on the chest that he’d learned belonged originally to one Jonathan Joestar (most of what had been Giorno’s original appearance had apparently mirrored that man more than the one possessing the body currently) while the other hand reached back to slick the man’s length.

“So eager alre-nngh!” DIO groaned a bit as Giorno carefully slid himself down onto his length. “Giorno…~”

For his part, the younger of the pair bit his lip, a small amount of regret forming in the pit of his stomach at his haste. The man’s cock was definitely one that he’d needed to have been properly prepared for, and he forced himself to remain calm as he sat on the length. It ACHED. It was UNPLEASANT.

But, somehow, there was something under it that felt GOOD. So full and warm and he craved MORE.

He panted and bit his lip once he was fully seated on him, trying to get used to the feeling. It was so much, more than what he was expecting.

“ beautiful Gio…” DIO massaged his hips as he eyed the younger man hungrily, a grin on his lips.

“S-stop talking…” Giorno hissed as he rolled his hips, slowly easing through the discomfort.

“Why? I like talking about my precious Gio.”

The younger man shivered at his words, rolling his hips slightly faster as the pain was replaced by pleasure thanks in no small part to the tender words. So much for getting DIO to shut up... “No…”

“My beautiful look so good right now… I can’t wait to see how you look in utter bliss.”

“P-padre…” He groaned and moved slightly harder. He gasped a bit as slick digits brushed his entrance.


The younger blond practically melted at the cool, gentle sensation as the elder added more lube, helping him move carefully. Giorno moaned softly and let his head fall back. It still stung and wasn't exactly comfortable, but there was pleasure in the motions. He clung to that ever-increasing pleasure as he moaned softly.

“Doesn’t that feel better? Your enthusiasm is precious, but rushing things will only cause pain.” The vampire’s other hand carefully trailed up his torso. “Not that that face isn't also precious on you.”


The younger man’s voice pitched up in a near shriek as DIO thrusted up into him quite suddenly. It stung, but more than that, it felt breathtakingly AMAZING.

“This is a much better look on you though.”

Giorno shivered and tried setting a decent pace in riding him, failing quite miserably when DIO replaced his hands on his hips and took over moving him on his cock. The mafioso gasped and moaned hungrily as he dug his fingertips into the skin of the man’s chest.

“There we go, Giorno. Such cute sounds to go with your cute face. Though, what would your pets think if they heard you?”

‘Pets’? Is that what DIO thought Mista and Trish were to him? Sure he’d teased Mista with getting him a collar and lead more than once, and maybe teased Trish once about it, but ‘pets’? Giorno felt the growl in the back of his throat more than heard the sound.

“Oh? What’s this? Is my precious Giorno offended? That’s not what I intended at a-NNGH!”

Giorno gasped as his hair was yanked, pulling him back from where he’d harshly bitten DIO, just below the scar separating the vampire’s head from the stolen body. Blood slowly seeped from the injury, sending a shiver down the younger man’s spine.

It was enough distraction for DIO to easily flip their positions so that Giorno was pinned to the bed that the younger had always felt was too large.

“Look at you, Giorno. So bitey.” The younger man yelped as the vampire above him resumed his thrusts, slow and deep. “Are you offended for your pe-”

“They...ah...aren't my pets.” Giorno worked out between cries of pleasure. He gripped at the remainder of the leotard tightly, rolling his hips up against the thrusts. “I’m...nn...not their owner… Just...ah...their boss…”

The older blond smirked and leaned in to nip at Giorno’s ear “I think you’d do well to take them as your pet. They’d look good at your feet. My beautiful, beautiful Gio.”

Giorno gasped and threw his head back with a moan as DIO thrusted into him roughly, any former discomfort thrown out the window at the change in pace and angle. The argument over Mista and Trish could wait. For now, he just wanted to focus on the feeling of being more-or-less fucked senseless. It no longer even registered as bad that is was his own father fucking him into the mattress, just that it was more overwhelming than he could have ever though it would be. He felt DIZZY and FULL and he could practically FEEL his throat being rawed by the pleased cries that tore themselves from his chest at each thrust. And yet, he craved MORE.

“Padre...p-please…!” Giorno cried out loudly, clawing at the leotard desperately. “I need MORE…!”

DIO chuckled lowly and pressed a kiss to the younger man’s shoulder “My wonderful Gio… I’ll give you whatever you ask for...” His larger hand slid up Giorno’s torso, sending a shiver of pleasure up the man’s spine, as if chasing after the touch. “What could I give you, my precious?”

The younger blond struggled to chain together the words he needed to communicate his desires. “T-touch me...please…!”

“Of course, my treasure.” Giorno felt the vampire grin against his skin before the large hand that had come to rest above his heart moved down to wrap around his own neglected cock.

Giorno’s voice was little more than a pleased scream as the hand wrapped around him was moved at the same pace as the rough thrusts. It was GOOD and he was helpless to the sensations and it didn’t take much more for him to topple over the edge. All that it took, in fact, was DIO’s voice in his ear telling him he sounded utterly stunning for him to scream loudly as he came. His vision blanked out for a beat as he clawed at the fabric under his hands, finally tearing it.

It was in his post-orgasm haze that Giorno distantly felt more than heard DIO groan as he came as well, hips stilling as he spent himself inside the younger blond.

Of course, the feeling quickly went from pleasant to mildly disgusting as he came out of his haze, and his face scrunched up at it. “Really? Inside?”

DIO merely chuckled and sat up. “Would you have preferred it elsewhere? Maybe…” The vampire’s hand trailed up his torso, smearing the cooling cum already there and making Giorno blanch at the feeling. “ wanted it here?”

“You didn't have to come inside, padre.”

An uncomfortable twist in his gut was the only warning Giorno got that his father had used The World on him before the older blond pressed his tongue into his stretched and abused entrance. It was unpleasant and uncomfortable, more from being too much and less from any actual discomfort. He whimpered weakly, reaching down to tug at his hair uselessly.

“Don’t…! T-too much…!”

DIO chuckled against his entrance as he merely continued anyway, dragging sounds of displeasure from the younger blond as he ate him out.

Giorno sighed in relief when the older man FINALLY pulled away, licking his lips as he moved up to kiss his cheek. The mafioso took his new freedom and quickly made his way to the bathroom again. He would have to apologize for being even later, he could feel it, but he needed the shower desperately. As he slid the door closed behind him, DIO decided to speak.

“My beautiful Giorno,” The man purred softly, “I can’t wait to see what else changes about you.”