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[2:09 AM]

Sawamura Daichi has added 11 people to ‘Karasuno boys volleyball club’

Ennoshita Chikara: Daichi what the fuck

Kageyama Tobio:  nice im going back to sleep now

Tsukishima Kei: Let me leave before the children a w a k e n

Nishinoya Yuu: owo??????????????????????????

Tsukishima Kei: dear lord

Tsukishima Kei: It’s here.

Nishinoya Yuu: >:(

Nishinoya Yuu: Rude giraffey mcedgelord

Sawamura Daichi: Hey now

Sawamura Daichi: Why are you guys even awake?

Tsukishima Kei: I could ask you the same thing

Sawamura Daichi: eh I had college prep stuff and I just finished it all

Sawamura Daichi: I doubt you guys have good excuses though

Ennoshita Chikara: i have been diagnosed with three types of insomnia f u c k off

Sawamura Daichi: Sorry not you enno

Tsukishima Kei: My brother was trying to get me to do family bonding shit and it went on until midnight and i’ve been talking to Tadashi

Nishinoya Yuu: I was crying

Sawamura Daichi: Noya?????

Nishinoya Yuu: nah chill i was just scared because there was a moth in my room and assfdxzjsf

Sawamura Daichi: A moth? You were crying because of a moth??

Tsukishima Kei: Pfft

Tsukishima Kei: the great Nishinoya, guardian deity of Karasuno, brought to tears by a moth

Nishinoya Yuu: Shut

Sugawara Koushi: DIECHI

Tsukishima Kei: Hehe ‘Diechi’


Sugawara Koushi: daichi i expected better from you. Noya i cant say im surprised but im still disappointed. tsukyee go to sleep . Ennoshita I love and respect your insomnia and refusal to take anyone’s shit

Sugawara Koushi: now let me get sleep and if anyone talks here until a reasonable hour im going to kill them at practice.

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[7:49 AM]

Private chat between Sugawara Koushi and Sawamura Daichi

Daichi: You okay? You were a little more aggressive yelling at us last compared to normal

Suga: Yeah, I was just annoyed and my shoulder was hurting and I’d finally gotten to sleep when my phone started dinging and woke me up

Daichi: Sorry about that ^^;

Suga: Don’t mind

Suga: Tell them they can talk in the gc now, I’m coming over to your house for hugs

Daichi: Sure, see you there

Karasuno boys volleyball club

Hinata Shoyo: Capitan why did you make a groupchat?

Yamaguchi Tadashi: And why at 2am?

Sawamura Daichi: Eh it’s been hovering in the back of my mind since the Noya Incident and it just popped into my brain

Hinata Shoyo: The Noya Incident??

Azumane Asahi: It was a bad time for the club;;;;;;;;;;;;

Azumane Asahi: not one that we want to remember;;;;;;

Tsukishima Kei: Ok now I really want to know

[7:50 AM]

The gay seniors

Daichi: Do we tell them?

Asahi: idk;;;;

Suga: They’ll probably blackmail us

Daichi: If we tell the abbreviated version, they won’t get to hear ALL the stupid shit we ended up doing while looking for him

Kiyoko: We can, tell them the shorter one, I suppose.

Suga: Eh why not

Suga: THey deserve to know.

Asahi: Probably

[7:51 AM]

Karasuno boys volleyball club

Hinata Shoyo:   Ehhhhhh?????? Where’d Daichi and Asahi go????

Tsukishima Kei: They’re probably talking shit in their secret senior gc

Sawamura Daichi: We’re right here.

Tsukishima Kei: Now will you tell us what the Noya Incedent was?

Sawamura Daichi: * incident

Yamaguchi Tadashi: Don’t avoid Tsukki’s question!!

Tsukishima Kei: shut up tadashi

Yamaguchi Tadashi: Sorryyyy Tsukki!

Tsukishima Kei: anyways.

Sawamura Daichi: Okay so who should tell it?

Azumane Asahi: I guess i can;;;;;;;;

Sugawara Koushi: Awe you don’t need to youre already constantly anxious anyways

Azumane Asahi: dont worry im closest with noya anyways hell probably mind least if i do it;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Sugawara Koushi: Okay

Azumane Asahi: o k so basically one day when Noya was a 1st year and we were 2nd years, he was the team’s only libero and honestly a bit of our mascot because he was loud, amazing and really great at everything, and even Ukia really liked him mostly because he was our only libero and a dang good one at that

Tsukishima Kei: your gay is showing, Asahi

Sugawara Koushi: Shut up and let him tell the story

Hinata Shoyo: Why are you telling us this?

Sugawara Koushi: Exposition. Now shut u p

Azumane Asahi: ok and anyways, one morning he didn’t show up to practice and everyone freaked out because he’d never been late ever

Azumane Asahi: and so we took it upon ourselves to find him and long story short we ran around town freaking the heck out but we all were actually searching the same places at different times and we weren’t communicating because we were all texting everyone individually and it was chaos and nobody knew where anyone else was

Sawamura Daichi: Asahi calm down

Azumane Asahi: an d i hated every second of it because i wwas so worried for everyone and eventually Noya Showed up at the gym with a broken ankle becaus e he fell off his bike and down a hill and he tried to text us but he had the wrong number  anfd i wanted to die because i didn’t ersopng and he took our silence as a no he couldn’t skip so he shoiwed up anyways ins90ted og fetting herlp


Azumane Asahi: sorry;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Hinata Shoyo: OH… That sounds terrible

Hinata Shoyo: Captain I can see why you wanted to make a group chat then

Sawamura Daichi: Yeah

Tsukishima Kei: Hinata not being aggressively optimistic??? What universe are we living in?

Yamaguchi Tadashi: ssh ut up, tsukki imm grying

Tsukishima Kei: What happened, Tadashi?

Yamaguchi Tadashi: theb stiory uwsas so sadf

Tsukishima Kei: I’m on my way to your house. Until then, you’re okay, right?

Yamaguchi Tadashi: I jsut hat e to think Nishinoya-senpai was suffering so much like that becuas e a  broken foot hurts and walking on it more must suck

Nishinoya Yuu: Hey y’all! What are you talking ‘bout?

Nishinoya Yuu: Oh

Nishinoya Yuu: Hey, Yamaguchi?

Yamaguchi Tadashi: yeagh?

Nishinoya Yuu: Don’t worry about it! I’m fine now, and you shouldn’t worry about it! It was mostly my fault, because I didn’t write down their phone numbers correctly, and I only fell because I was yelling at one of my neighbors about volleyball.

Nishinoya Yuu: So please, Don’t cry! The pain was a long time ago, and I’d forgotten about it almost completely up until now! I don’t want any of my amazing kouhais crying!

Yamaguchi Tadashi: Thank you, noya

Yamaguchi Tadashi: I’m feeling better now that i know you weren’t permanently scarred or anything

Yamaguchi Tadashi: And Tsukki’s here too so yeah :)

Nishinoya Yuu: hahahaha yeah I’m not permanently scarred and I’m glad your boyf is there to help!


Hinata Shoyo: Did you guys know there’s a nickname function on this app?

-Hinata Shoyo changed his nickname to ‘Future Crow Ace!!’-

-Future Crow Ace!! Changed 11 other nicknames-

Cool Uncle Noya: I like my name, Shoyo! Just one question- Why uncle?

Future Crow Ace!!: Because Daichi, Suga, and Ennoshita are my cool dads and you count as Ennoshita’s brother so you’re my cool uncle!

Cool Uncle Noya: Omygosh That’s so cute im crying

Anxious Ace: dont cry noya;;;;;;;;;;;;

Cool Uncle Noya: No I’m smiling it’s a metaphor

Anxious Ace: okay;;;

Anxious Serve: Hey, I’m back!

Anxious Serve: Asahi, we match!

Dadchi: This works. I have no objections.


Tall: Your name has ‘Suga’, ‘war’ and ‘mom’ I can see why you like it.

Dadchi: True

ennoshita: Why is mine just my name but lovercase?

Future Crow Ace!!: Well

Future Crow Ace!!: I couldnt think of anything for you…

ennoshita: dont mind

-ennoshita changed his nickname to ‘ennoshitty’-

Sugawarmom: ENNOSHITA

Dadchi: Chikara we’ve been over this


Dadchi: Basically what suga just said except less caps

ennoshitty: thanks for being supportive babe (plural) but it was a joke

Sugawarmom: <3

Dadchi: <3

Tall: lmao “Babe (plural)”

Tall: also wtf is this name

Future Crow Ace!!: It’s what you are!!

Tall: why did I expect anything different.

Tall: If you do this to me ill have no choice but to exact my revenge.

Future Crow Ace!!: Revenge? Whats that?

Anxious Serve: bbasically when you do something to someone and they get mad and decide to do the same thing back to you

Cool Uncle Noya: so its like if you kill someone’s best friend then they’ll want to hurt you back

Future Crow Ace!!: Oh!! So like us and Aobajousai?

Cool Uncle Noya: Exactly!

Future Crow Ace!!: but what would Tsukishima’s revenge be?

Future Crow Ace!!: I didn’t beat him at volleyball OR kill anyone!

-Tall has changed Future Crow Ace!!’s nickname to ‘Short’-

Short: you dIDNT

Anxious Serve: :o   Tsukki!

Anxious Serve: You shouldn’t insult his height like that! It’s rude

Tall: :p fine then

-Tall has changed Short’s nickname to ‘Not as short as Noya’-

Cool Uncle Noya: bITCH

Anxious Serve: worse!!

Tall: ugh

-Tall has changed Not as short as Noya’s nickname to ‘Hinata’-

Hinata: D:<

Hinata: fine then

-Kageyama!! Has changed his nickname to ‘King’-

-King has changed the chat name to ‘KarASSuno GAYS’ -