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What Happens in the Party...

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The Byers house was alive with the sounds of moans, slurps and slobbers.

Jonathan stood in the open doorway. Eyes wide with shock, he took in the scene before him. Time seemed to slow down as he scanned the room.

Looking over to the left, he laid eyes on five figures, one noticeably taller than the others. He recognized the hair first. Steve's lips were pressed up against Dustin's neck as his seven-inch cock slammed in and out of the curly-haired boy's ass. In front of them, he saw that Dustin's own erection was buried deep inside Mike's tight butthole. All three were initially standing, but the boy at the front soon found himself slumped down onto the kitchen table, which was now conspicuously placed in the living room.

After wiping his mop of black hair away from his sweaty brow, Wheeler found his face mere inches from his girlfriend's butt that was teetering on the edge of the table. As such, he extended his tongue and began gently flicking it across her smallest hole. After only a few seconds, Mike felt his head bumping gently against something and looked up to see a familiar bowl-cut draping over him.

"God, your tongues feel so fucking good!" El cried out, her words directed both at her boyfriend and at the Byers boy who was eagerly eating her soaked pussy. Her praises given, the girl lifted her head to allow Will's spit-soaked cock to slide back into her mouth.

A combination of his best friend's saliva and El's own juices dripped down onto her puckered hole, conveniently lubricating it for Mike's meandering tongue.

"Oh, fuck!" Byers shouted out suddenly and loudly, causing Wheeler to startle a little. As well as deepthroating his throbbing five-inch erection, one of El's fingers was now driving in and out of Will's asshole. The telekinetic girl felt him clenching around her as she let his dick slip from her mouth. Pumping his glistening shaft with her free hand, El swiped her tongue over his balls before sucking on his rapidly tightening sack.

Still going unnoticed, Jonathan was quickly beginning to realize he was the only person in the room still clothed. His cock was now straining in his pants from watching the five horny teenagers, his little brother among them, pleasure each others' naked bodies. Seeing movement out of the corner of his eye, Jonathan glanced to the right. The older Byers boy was unsure how he'd gone so long without noticing what was going on in the centre of the living room.

Nancy was on her hands and knees with her face buried between Max's butt cheeks. The redhead let out quiet gasps and whimpers as the older girl pushed her tongue deep into her ass. Every so often she would replace it with one of her wet digits, sometimes two, smirking at the moans that sounded as she licked and fingered Max's tight little butthole.

Jonathan stared, eyes wide and cock hard, watching his naked girlfriend until a voice caught his attention.

"Shit, you sure took your time, Byers!"

His eyes peeling away from the erotic lesbian display in front of him, Jonathan's face flushed when he made eye contact with one of the last people he ever expected to see here.

"Come to join the show?" Billy asked with a wicked smirk.

At this point, the others had been made aware of the newcomer's presence, but continued with their lewd activities all the same.

Still frozen in shock, Jonathan remained quiet.

Taking note of his silence, the mulleted teen chuckled from his position on the sofa. "Well, there's plenty goin' on. Take your pick."

Throughout their entire one-sided exchange, Hargrove hadn't bothered to stop repeatedly slamming his cock into Lucas' ass. The dark-skinned boy was grunting and moaning loudly as he bounced up and down on the thick seven-inch shaft.

Jonathan was having a hard time believing that what he was seeing was, in fact, real. His eyes were glued to Billy's long, slick cock, watching in awe how it would reappear from between Lucas' asscheeks before quickly pushing its way back into the boy's tight hole.

"Ugh, fuck! Ngh, oh shit! Fuck... fuuck!" Sinclair was moaning wildly between short breathy puffs of air, earning him a satisfied look from the mullet-headed teen, who then turned his gaze to Jonathan, still staring at them from the doorway.

"Damn, would you look at that, Byers? My boy's gettin' a little loud," he said with a shit-eating grin. "Why don't you get your sweet ass over here and keep us company?"

Blushing profusely, Byers considered Hargrove's request.

Was this a good idea?

His mind seemed to have decided that it was because not thirty seconds later, Jonathan found himself easing his throbbing dick into Lucas' open mouth.

Back over on the other side of the room, El had developed a pattern of alternating between sucking Will's cock and licking his ass. The Byers boy knew that whenever her tongue left his wet butthole, her finger would quickly take its place.

"Fuck! El, I'm gonna cum!" he eventually shouted to her, thinking it best to warn her of his approaching climax.

At the same time, El felt her own orgasm wash over her. "Me too!" she screamed out.

Mike pulled his tongue from her ass to watch as Will's mouth was flooded with her juices, before quickly realizing there was enough for him too as El's pussy squirted out waves of slick girlcum. The Hopper girl would be screaming in pleasure if it weren't for the hot, sticky ropes of Will's cum that were currently filling her mouth. She swallowed down his massive load with ease and removed her finger from his hole, sucking it into her mouth for good measure.

"Shit! I-I'm cumming!"

Despite still recovering from his intense orgasm, Byers jumped to attention as soon as the words left Wheeler's mouth. He leapt down from the table and within seconds, his lips were wrapped around his best friend's aching cock just in time for his climax. Will's eyes bulged as Mike's hot jizz began flowing down his throat, some of it spilling from the corners of his mouth.

"Anyone feel like cleanin' my little slut up for me?" Billy's voice suddenly echoed across the room.

Before he could even finish his sentence, El had jumped down from the table and was excitedly dashing across the living room. She smiled as she passed Jonathan, his long cock shining with Lucas' spit as it slowly edged its way into Max's ass. Nancy was positioned beneath the redhead and the two girls were enthusiastically slurping on each others' soaking wet pussies.

Once she had reached the sofa, El glanced down at the pool of liquid on the floor. Looking up, she saw that Lucas' butthole was filled to the brim with Billy's cum. She giggled at the mulleted teen and got to work.

A series of loud moans escaped Lucas' mouth when El's tongue entered his used hole. She slurped up as much of the thick cream as she could while Hargrove held open the teen's butt cheeks for her. Determined to clean him out completely, El swirled her tongue all around the inside of Lucas' asshole, scooping up any and all of Billy's load that remained.

After he was satisfied with her tongue work, the older boy removed Lucas from his lap and stood up. El noticed his toned chest was coated in strings of white, presumably of Lucas' doing. Reaching up, she dragged her hand through the sticky mess before greedily guzzling it down, much to Billy's amusement.

"Shit, I guess this place is full of sluts, huh?"

With that, he fished out his discarded clothes from a heap on the floor and, half-dressed, headed towards the door. He stopped for a brief moment but continued walking when he saw that Max was busy getting her butt stuffed by Jonathan.

"Yep. I guess it is," he chuckled to himself before leaving through the open door.

Although now one horny high-schooler down, the mid-afternoon teenage fuckfest currently taking place in the Byers' living room was still in full effect.

"Shit! S-Steve, I'm- fuuuuck!" Henderson's loud voice filled the room as his body tensed. In front of him, Mike groaned when he felt Dustin's hot cum pouring into his asshole. His aching cock was now hard again and was being slobbered on by Will.

Feeling Dustin's tight butthole clamping down around his throbbing dick, Steve buried his face in the younger boy's neck as he fired his thick load into him. The curly-haired teen slumped forward with his butt quickly filling up with Steve's cum and his cock deflating in Mike's ass.

After Harrington had pulled his now soft member out of Dustin's hole, he quickly threw himself down onto the floor. His back resting against the wall, he closed his eyes, and let himself drift off.

Mike and Dustin were now on all fours, their cum-filled butts inches from Will's face as he decided which one he would be cleaning out first. Going for the one on the left, he let his face sink between the pale butt cheeks and began sucking up Dustin's cream from Mike's ass.

"W-Will... fuck!" Wheeler panted as Will's tongue snaked around inside his hole.

After a minute or two, the Byers boy switched to the second ass on offer. Dustin's reaction came in the form of several long moans as Will used his tongue to extract Steve's hot load from his used butt.

Deciding his work was complete, Will stood up and walked off towards the opposite end of the room, his two best friends staggering behind.

Just as the boys passed them, Nancy and Max reached their peaks, both girls whimpering as they squirted their juices onto each others' faces. Even throughout her powerful orgasm, Nancy's mouth had remained open so that she could swallow down Jonathan's cum that was pouring from Max's asshole.

The three naked boys sat down on the floor and were soon joined by their exhausted zoomer, the four of them only resisting the urge to lay down so they could watch the final show of the day.

Lucas was perched on the back of the sofa, moaning intensely as El deepthroated his cock while simultaneously working two fingers in his ass.

"El, fuck! I-I..." Sinclair was struggling to speak due to the immense pleasure. Luckily, the Hopper girl pulled her mouth off his aching erection to assist him.

"Mmm... are you gonna cum, Lucas?" she asked, biting her lip as she stroked his pulsating shaft.

"Y-yeah..." the dark-skinned teen managed to answer.

"Good. I want you to cum all over my face, Lucas. I want to taste you," El told him with a filthy look before opening her mouth.

Max watched from the floor, smiling, as her best friend stroked and fingered her boyfriend.

It only took a few seconds before Lucas' cock started firing thick ropes of creamy jizz onto El's face. The girl was delighted at how much cum he was producing, with several strands shooting straight into her mouth while the rest of his gooey load decorated her face.

After gulping down the cum that had made it into her mouth, El turned to see her redheaded best friend climbing onto the sofa next to her. Smirking, she pulled her fingers from Lucas' ass and presented them to Max to suck on.

Now slouched back down on the sofa, Lucas watched the intensely erotic show his two favorite girls were putting on for him and his naked friends.

Max used her tongue to clean El's face before making out with her fiercely, the two girls moaning lewdly as they shared Lucas' thick cream between their mouths.

Only five minutes after the last drop of cum had been swallowed did the Byers house fall silent. The three girls were sleeping soundly in their boyfriends' arms, each of them dreaming about what, or rather, who they would be doing the next time this happened.

Though this was their first time doing something like this, they all knew it wouldn't be their last.