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It was a rare kind of night. Mom was home from work early, Breaker wasn't in trouble for anything, and I got to order pizza. I'd be starting my sophomore year of high school in the morning, Breaker would finally be back to school, and mom got a promotion that meant she wouldn't have to work as much. It was a good night. We were sitting around the kitchen table eating, or at least I was eating. Breaker was on his phone. I never knew who he was talking to because he never had friends over or left the house by himself. Mom was trying to eat, but seemed too focused on papers she brought home from work to actually take a bite of food. I don't know, I guess I didn't want us to waste the time we had before bed , so I tried to get their attention.

Monte- So I had this dream last night

Breaker- Was it the one where you forget how to pee standing up

Monte- What, No

Breaker-The one where you grew an extra head

Monte- No, I didn't say it was a nightmare

Breaker- Oh so it was the one where you fell into a can of soda and drank yourself to death

Monte- No , stop guessing

He didn't even look up from his phone.

Angie- Boys , you need to eat so you can get ready for bed

Monte- Yes mom

Breaker finally put his phone away and I tried again.

Monte- You know "Midway two" comes out this weekend

Breaker- I heard a human wrote the first one

Monte- It's still a good movie

Breaker- Written by a human

Monte- Why does that matter

Breaker- It's like when a burger place starts selling tacos, they can be the best tacos ever but it's still wrong

Monte- Can we go see it, mom

Angie- We'll see honey , but for now go get washed up and ready for bed

I hadn't even finished my food, but suddenly I wasn't very hungry.

Monte- Yes mom

I got up to put my plate in the sink before starting my way up the stairs. I was stopped by mom's voice.

Angie- Aren't you forgetting something

Breaker- Mom , I can do it myself

I was supposed to help Breaker get up the stairs. He could handle flat surfaces by himself, but stairs were still tricky. Neither he nor I liked that I had to basically carry him up the stairs though.

Angie- That's what you said two nights ago before you had an accident

Breaker- If I'm going back to school tomorrow then shouldn't I walk myself up stairs at home

Angie- I just want you to be safe honey

Breaker- I am

Breaker- I don't mind helping you

He snapped at me and I went silent.

Breaker- I don't need your help

He cooled down just as quickly as he boiled, and eventually let me help him.

Breaker- I don't need your help you know

Monte- I know

It took us a few minutes to make it to the top at which point Breaker somewhat pushed me aside to walk himself to his room down the hall.

Breaker wasn't mean he just didn't like to be helped. I wasn't around before he had his accident, but from the pictures and trophies he kept in his room I could tell he missed the way he was before. I tried to be understanding when he had his moments, but I'd be lying if I said he was a strange to having them.

I went to take a shower before I'd get into bed. If there's one thing I was happy for back then it was my not having to help Breaker shower. It was an odd thought to randomly have as I stepped into the water, but a valid one in my opinion. It could get so hot in our town, so I took cold showers most nights. The water in the house was always so magical. I remembered living in the orphanage where the water pressure could spike from a slow stand still to raging and painful. I'm ashamed to admit I may have taken an extra long shower that night , but it was so easy to lose track of time when the water was washing over me like a tropical waterfall. When I got out there was steam filling up the room. I guess I didn't have the water too cold if there was that dense of a fog. I dried off and put on a pair of shorts to sleep in before turning to the mirror and whipping it clear with my hand.

My eyes grew, almost popping out of my skull, as I noticed my fur had somehow turned from brown to a dark sea blue. I knew who was responsible, but I couldn't believe he'd do something like that to me before my first day of school in the morning. Breaker lived in the house rarely ever leaving his room, so he had most of his fun around the house. He'd prank anyone who stepped foot inside, me , mom , the neighbors. He set the sprinklers to go off exactly at the time the mail man came everyday. He hid all the phone cords in the house for a week. He used a drone he got for his birthday to drop paint bombs on a house down the street. Some of his pranks were elaborate, and down right genius. Sometimes all you could do was bow, you'd likely be pissed, but bow you most certainly would. But changing my fur color before my first day of school was too far.

I marched down the hallway and knocked on Breaker's door. Why did he get to have a lock on his door anyway? I waited for him to answer. If he was in bed I knew it would take him a minute to get to the door. Even with all the carpeted floors I could hear him approaching from the other side. He opened the door and of course he wasn't surprised.

Breaker- Yes?

Monte- You did this

Breaker- Yea I thought you could use a new look for tomorrow

Monte- I can't go to school with blue fur

Breaker- Why not

He couldn't even wait until I'd walked away, he started laughing.

Monte- people will think I'm gay or something

Breaker- And?

Monte- And I ... I

He laughed even harder almost falling over in the process. I might have tripped him over if I didn't know how bad he could hurt himself.

Monte- It's not funny, I don't want people thinking I'm like Tommie Yates

Breaker- Tommie Yates was blowing people in the boys bathroom, that's why they were talking about him

Monte- But still, they'll think I'm gay

It was almost like the rainbow. People associated unnatural or bright fur colors with being gay. And there was nothing wrong with being gay. Mom was bi, Breaker was gay, but I didn't know what I was yet. People already talked about our family enough with us only having one parent, Breaker being a shut in , and people were just dicks to monkeys. I didn't want to give them more to talk about.

Breaker- Gay doesn't mean slut, or do you think your big bro is a slut too

Monte- No , no , I'm not saying that , I just don't wanna be blue

Breaker- Then wash it out or something

Monte- what if that doesn't work, what did you even do this with

Breaker- I don't know , I dumped a bunch of stuff from under the sink into your soap , it was all in this video

Monte- You don't even know what you put in it?

Breaker- Bro you'll be fine , it said in the video the color fades out in a couple of days

Monte- I don't have a couple of days , I have school in the morning

Breaker- I don't know what to tell you

He stopped laughing, and was about to close the door on me. I put my foot in the door before he could shut me out.

Monte- I'm telling mom

Breaker- Whoa, whoa , hold on, we don't need to get mom involved

Monte- I need to be back to normal

Breaker- Well sorry to break it to you bro , but you were never normal

Monte- Mooooom

Breaker- OK, OK , chill , just let me find the video on my phone, there's probably something in it to help