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The Pro family seemed to be a troubled, but hopeful sort. The Mother of two, 34 year old cheetah, Angie Pro was a widow working as an assistant manager to The RYEN Group , a well known design organization. Breaker Pro was a 15 yea old lynx suffering from major spinal injury, and the loss of two fith's of his tail. He was the birth son of Angie and deceased mother Kikki Pro. Monte Pro was a 13 year old monkey adopted into the Pro family after spending the majority of his child hood in the care of The Saint Louis Orphanage.

Angie Pro was enlisted to my services by Monte Pro's school counselor. It was not my job to inspect the life of the Pro family, but it was my goal to help them become a closer ,happier, less troubled family .

Our first appointment together was on the 16 of July. Angie wanted to get the children comfortable with seeing me on a regular basis before they started the new school year. I spoke with Breaker first. He seemed eager to get the encounter out of the way.

Doctor- Why don't you tell me more about what you like to do

Breaker- I don't know , I like to mess with Monte sometimes... I don't know

Doctor- You can relax , this is a safe space for you to talk about whatever you like

He stumbled but after a while he found his words eventually.

Breaker- I was a gold medalist at 12. My mom's would come to see me win every track meet. It wasn't easy, but it came naturally. Running was my thing. I could beat anyone in a race , it didn't matter how long or how far , I always won. What people didn't know was I was in gymnastics, martial arts, I was even a part of the neighborhood bike group. I loved my legs , my body, and what they could do. So when my tail was caught in an elevator

He paused and I started to change the subject, but he continued.

Breaker- they had to cut it in half.

Doctor- I can imagine things haven't been easy

Breaker- I cant so much as stand up on my own two feet without toppling over, so yea its been less than easy

I wasn't expecting such unbridled emotions on our first sitting , but it was good to understand where Breaker stood.

Breaker- There were no more track meets , no more riding my bike , karate, or gymnastics. It took me almost a year to learn how to walk again, but I still couldn't leave the house by myself. I had to be home schooled for a year because I couldn't make it up the flight of stairs in front of my school

He went on to tell me more about his everyday struggle and it became quite clear that the loss of his mobility would be a regular topic of discussion going forward.

I spoke with the mother , Angie Pro, next. Our discussion together was focused on the loss of her late life partner, Nikki.

Angie- Nikki and I, we planned to have three children. Breaker was such a good kid, high energy, happy, we felt so good about our first boy we wanted to have another. But then he had his accident. It's my fault really. I shouldn't have brought him to work with me. He should have been in school that day, but how could I say no to showing my beautiful boy what mommy did at work. Nikki and I had to put a hold on our plans for a second child to help Breaking adjust to his new life. The medical bills alone almost made us sell the house. You see when his tail got caught it disaliened parts of his spine in so many places the doctors thought for sure he'd never leave his bed again. We paid for the best procedures and physical therapy money could buy, and on our salaries at the time we had little room to cover anything else. But one day , out of the blue, he walked down the stairs all on his own. He said he was tired of waiting for breakfast that morning. After he ate he couldn't get back up to his room, and by his own account he wished he'd just stayed the fuck in bed

She laughed. It seemed that the family was very lenient with profanity and word choice since Breakers accident.

Angie- But he started to get better. He'd never be 100% again, but he was walking. Unfortunately after spending so much time caring for Breaker we didn't notice the pain Nikki was in. By the time we got her checked out it was already too late. That's the problem with our diverse world today. There are so many different kinds of people with different biology, but so few doctors for each of them. In a few months she was gone. Breaker and I were stuck in that house with the looming spirit of Nikki's absence

I cut our time short as I could see Ms.Pro becoming choked up and unable to continue.

My talk with Monte was perhaps the most bright that day.

Monte- Mom adopted me when I was 10. I grew up in the orphanage believing no one would ever adopt me. You try to be as perfect as you can , put on a smile, keep your clothes clean , don't do anything bad. I hoped that eventually someone would see me and see a good kid. But I realized it didn't matter how good I was because they would always see a monkey. Everyone knows the stereo types. Humans are evil, cats are mean, dogs are stupid, monkeys are gross. I tried so hard to be perfect, but no one wanted me until mom came along.

This boy , so young, already had such depth to the amount of pain he could overcome. It was remarkable.

Monte- I got to meet Breaker a few weeks after that , and in a month I was moving in. I was still afraid that it was all a dream and someone was going to wake me up, I still get a little scared now , but they are my family.

The pro family was a new client of mine, but I suspected that we would make tremendous progress together.