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Arrow, meet knee

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Jake woke disoriented from his slumber to the sound of a key turning in a lock and light from another room shining onto his closed eyelids.

He knew the bed he lay in wasn't his but its smell brought to mind only comfort, warmth and safety, so he didn't panick or move just yet. Door opened and he heard a familiar pair of feet quietly trudge into the apartament.

The key turned in the lock again and the door of the closet in the hall sqeaked slightly when it was opened and closed soon after. Rustling of clothes and the quiet thump of shoes being toed off and stowed away in the space below the bench seat.

Jake managed to open his eyes just in time to see the admitedly blurry form of a hatless Cougar turn to look into the bedroom and pause, looking at Jensen with what he thought were intense eyes. The hacker blinked and tried to get up in search of his glasses when the sniper's voice stopped him.

"Stay" he said with a hoarse voice. Right, Jensen's brain supplied. His throat was probably sore. Today he probably exceeded his daily word limit by at least a 1000 percent.

After all, he'd been stuck in a room full of fancy suits all day answering questions from the secret Congress comitee formed to investigate the Max case and decide if they were to be given their legal lives back, as well as a pardon from being infamous deserters who killed 25 kids. Everyone knew the answer would be yes, but the question how to do it and what the official statement would look like remained unanswered. Jensen had his turn two days ago, Pooch next, and Clay would come after Cougar. Aisha would be the last since her case was quite different from the four Losers.

Cougar turned off the light in the hallway and approached the bedside table where an opened bottle of water stood. He took a few big gulps before putting it back in its place and looking down at Jensen.

"Brb" he said and Jensen laughed quietly. It cracked him up every time when the sniper decided to communicate throught web acronyms Jensen taught him rather than actual words. It mostly happened when he was pissed or tired but regardless Jensen found it both hilarious and extremely endearing.

He heard the toilet flush and then Cougar washing his hands, face and brushing his teeth, all in the darkness of the bathroom as if he was worried that more light might hurt the sleepy hacker in some way.

The bedroom wasn't really that dark because of the window with a view down onto the street and the orange glow of streetlights coming throught the pastel blue curtains covering said window, but Jensen agreed that stronger light would destroy the cozy atmosphere the semi-darkness created. And wouldn't that be a real shame.

He was jerked out of his thoughts when Cougar came back to the side of the bed and then, to Jensen's immeasurable surprise, stripped down to his boxers and slid under the quilt plastering himself flush against Jake's sleep-warmed body.

Jensen decided he did not have the brain capacity to process the situation, especially when Cougar put his fingers between Jake's head and the pillow and when Jensen obediently raised his head he suddenly found himself resting on Cougar's shoulder with his face right in the crook of the sniper's neck.

He decided breathing was the best couse of action. Steady breathing definitely saved him from letting out a surprised squeak as Cougar wrapped himself around Jake like a particulary affectionate octopus. The sniper let out a content sigh then, so Jensen decided it was safe to go back to sleep again.

He put his arms around his bedmate's waist in turn anw whispered a quiet "Goodnight, Carlos" only realising he used the man's name when he was already falling into dreamland again.

Oh well, he'll add it to the list of things they definitely have to talk about tomorrow.

The last thing that registered in his brain was the replying "Buenas noches, Jake" whispered against his hairline.