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It was just another peaceful day in Dream Land. The sky was blue, and soft white clouds gently drifted across it. The green grass was soft, too, and it billowed in the breeze. And in this perfect picture, the Dream Landers went about their normal lives, including the land’s hero, Kirby.

Kirby was glad that things were back to normal again. It had been about three months, Meta Knight said, since Void Termina had been resurrected. But thanks to he and his friends, Kirby had defeated the evil. The three mages that had assisted in Void Termina’s resurrection, as well as the one they used to serve, had landed on Planet Popstar. The mages were friendly, but…

Not that it mattered right at that moment anyway. Kirby was just out for a jog. He was just living life in the moment.

Kirby raced up and down a hill he thought was pretty big, and once he reached the bottom he rested. Flapping his arms a little, he looked up at the sky. He could see a cloud shaped like a Parasol Waddle Dee! And another shaped like a Plugg!

As he gazed at the drifting clouds, he spotted a little butterfly flutter by. There was no other butterfly like this one in Dream Land - it had red wings that faded to a light yellow. Kirby instantly recognised the butterfly, and his face lit up with a smile. He chased after the butterfly with joy. At least until a dark purple sphere of magic almost hit the both of them.

A purple-blue skinned creature with yellow markings on his ears and bulbous eyes leapt out from a nearby bush, screaming at the top of his lungs. He would’ve squashed the poor butterfly had it not fluttered out of the way. The creature growled, scowling at the butterfly, before picking himself up.

“Hyness!” Kirby exclaimed. “What are you doing? Why did you try to squash the butterfly?”

Hyness was the “but” after any good news these days. He was the deranged leader of the three mages, but the mages didn’t want to reconcile, and for good reason. Now, he lived alone, lurking through the bushes during daylight.

“That MONSTER will kill us all!” Hyness shrieked, pointing a sleeve at the butterfly. He sharply exhaled.

“I don’t know… what you think you’re doing here…” Hyness muttered to the butterfly, “But you… must be-”

Hyness frowned before sniffing. He proceeded to lean forward and inspect the butterfly, who darted back a bit. Kirby could only watch on with curiosity.

“It seems… there is another… with you in there… somewhere…” Hyness murmured to himself once done inspecting the butterfly. “I do not… think that they are guilty… of what you have done… though…”

Hyness sighed heavily. “I suppose… I will get them out…”

He closed his eyes and started to mutter something Kirby couldn’t understand. As he did, the butterfly began to glow a soft yellow. The bottom of its wings started to sprout small lavender feathers, which made their way up the rest of the wings. Soon, the butterfly’s wings were covered in feathers, which Kirby knew was not a normal thing. Hyness’ voice hardened with concentration, and the butterfly glowed more brightly. It appeared that something- no, some one - was coming out of the butterfly’s body. He appeared similar to Meta Knight, but had horns atop his head and feathery wings like the butterfly got. The figure slowly rose out of the butterfly as Hyness continued chanting, and his form began to solidify, too. The feathers on the butterfly’s wings receded, and the figure fell face-first to the ground with a mighty thud as Hyness finished his chant. The butterfly took this as the opportunity to fly away. Hyness just stared in the butterfly’s direction and squinted angrily before disappearing into the bush again.

A moment passed before Kirby approached the figure who came out of the butterfly, who was still laying with his face on the ground. He tapped the figure’s head and cocked his own curiously. The figure placed a hand to his head and groaned as he pushed themself up from the ground. As he sat up, he took in his surroundings and let his eyes adjust.

He blinked twice before asking to no one in particular, “Wh...What…? Where…? This isn’t…”

“Isn’t what?” Kirby asked.

The figure flinched with surprise. He looked at Kirby wide-eyed and said, “Wh- When did you get here?”

Kirby looked up in thought, placing a paw to his chin. “Before you got here,” Kirby replied, looking back at the figure.

The figure muttered something under his breath, before getting to his feet.

“Do you mind if you could tell me where I am?” he asked, still looking around.

“Dream Land!” Kirby said, throwing up his arms.

“Ah. And where would the vacant inns be?”

Kirby just stared at him blankly.

“...The vacant inns. Where are they.”

Kirby only blinked.

The figure frowned. “Is there anywhere that I could stay.”

“Oh!” Kirby said, his face lighting up for a moment as the puzzle pieces in his mind clicked together. “I think there might be some spare rooms in Castle Dedede! You’d have to ask if you could stay though.”

“Excellent,” the figure said, “Where might this Castle Dedede be?”

Kirby pointed straight ahead to a rocky mountain with the infamous castle atop it.

“Thank you, kind one,” the figure said.

He stretched out his wings and was just about to take off when Kirby shouted, “Wait!”

The figure turned to look at him.

“What’s your name?” Kirby asked.

“Galacta Knight.” And with that, Galacta Knight took off… only to fall flat on his face again.

Kirby padded up to him and asked, “You want me to walk you there?”

“That would be nice.”




The sun was starting to set as Kirby and Galacta Knight made their way up the mountain trail, dying the sky a bright orange.

“So, uh, why were you in the butterfly?” Kirby asked.

Galacta looked down to the smaller puffball and hummed with curiousity.

“There was this guy called Hyness who said some stuff I didn’t understand and I think it made you come out of this butterfly,” Kirby explained.

“Ah,” Galacta replied, “I suppose I owe him my thanks. As for why I was in there? I… don’t exactly recall.”

Kirby hummed his query.

“I had found myself in a strange place after going through a portal in Another Dimension, but this time, it was on my own free will. Soon after I had arrived, a butterfly - I think it was red? - had landed on my lance, and then…” Galacta paused, “I don’t remember. The next thing I can remember is you waking me.”

“Oh.” Kirby was silent for a bit before saying, “But the butterfly that you said landed on your lance sounds like the butterfly that you came out of! I bet it’s the same one!”

Kirby looked up to see that the two of them had reached their destination.

“Ooh ooh ooh! Galacta! Look! We’re here!”

Kirby ran up the rest of the trail and just in front of Castle Dedede’s doors.

“Come on!” he called out, waving to Galacta Knight.

As soon as Galacta was within range to warrant being close enough, Kirby sprinted inside the castle.