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Your crusty eyes open as the haze of sleep slowly starts to lift, you groggily rub your eyes. You were warm and comfy and you definitely didn't want to get up. You knew today was your first day of school though....You rubbed the heels of your hands against your eyes in one last attempt to wake up. You open your eyes reluctantly...wait a second.


This wasn't your room.
It did look familiar though...

Wait! This was Akira's room, from the beginning of Persona 5. You shot out of the bed, still in the clothes you went to bed in. In your world. You shook your head. If this was real, you couldn't waste any time thinking about it! You had to get ready. You went to the box that had Akira's-wait no, your clothes in it. You opened it. Huh. In it was the Shujin skirt, fishnet stockings, a black lacy shirt with long belled sleeves, and you noticed a pair of combat boots by the table next to the stairs and a black leather jacket on the table. You hurriedly put everything on and got ready, not wanting to be late on your first day of school at Shujin!

Shujin, you thought. I can't believe this! This is so cool... You looked around for a mirror, cursing when your search yielded nothing. You'd probably have to stop by the second-hand shop when you had more yen. The sudden smell of something good caught your attention. Oh yeah, you thought. Sojiro's famous curry! You hurriedly put on the boots and jacket, grabbed your bag, and rushed down the stairs.

The view of Leblanc made you grin. This confirmed this was indeed not a dream, it was definitely too real. The homely cafe seemed even more quaint, now that you were walking into it. Sojiro caught sight of you and shook his head. "You actually going to school? Heh, you even look excited. Come and sit, I might as well feed you before you go. Just make sure to finish before the customers get here."
You practically pranced over, you had always wondered what his curry tasted like! "I made curry I hope-"
You cut him off excitedly,"It's fine, I could smell it all the way upstairs! It looks as amazing as it smelled, I hope it tastes even better!"
Sojiro chuckled. "Wow, you really like food, huh? Well dig in, everyone who's been here calls it legendary."
"Everyone? Well I'll be the judge of that." You knew it was going to be amazing, but you liked Sojiro too much to not tease him a bit. You picked up the chopsticks at the side of the bowl, giving them only a quick look of determination before sliding them out of the paper and snapping them apart. You were an otaku, so of course you hadn't passed up the chance to learn how to properly use chopsticks. You were just worried you would do something wrong in front of someone who was raised using the utensils.

You took a small breath to prepare yourself and picked up some rice quickly, but carefully. All went well, even as you brought it to your mouth. As you opened your mouth and the curry hit your tongue, your eyes fluttered closed and you borderline moaned. The spices melded perfectly together with what you could only guess was ghee, which was a fabulous cooking ingredient. It was utter heaven! Confident in your chopsticking skills now, you began to hurriedly scarf it down. You wanted to savor it, but you didn't want to be late. Sojiro gave you a raised eyebrow and said,"Woah, I know it's good but I don't want you to choke. It'd be seen as my fault as your guardian, kid."

You gave him a small nod and continued your pace anyways. You finished your breakfast in record time and hopped up hurriedly, setting the chopsticks down. "Thanks for the meal!" You did a quick traditional bow and rushed to the door.
"Hey, could you flip the sign to open?"
"Of course!"
"Don't get lost, you don't wanna be late on your first day of school."
"I'll try not to, Sakura-san!"
You were confident heading out the door though, flipping the sign over to open. You had GPS after all. While changing, you noticed you had your phone in your sleep pants (which is something you never do) but you knew it was something Akira did, so it made sense. You unlocked it and opened the GPS app. Thankfully the street and store signs around you were all in English, something you found intriguing, but you couldn't dwell on it because you had finally found the subway. At least here you knew what line to take. You made it just in time to cram by one of the doors, and you clutched your bag against you. Man, you hadn't been on a train even nearly this crowded before.

It took a bit, but you finally arrived in Shibuya, confirmed by the cheery loudspeaker announcement, "Shibuya. This is Shibuya." You sighed in relief as you escaped the stuffy and claustrophobic train car. You were glad you knew how to get to the Ginza Line now, because if you were honest, you spent nearly ten minutes trying to find it when you first played Persona 5. You laughed lightly to yourself. Who woulda thought? I'm in my favorite game AND the protagonist to boot. But I'm not going to be 'Joker' though. I should think of a codename that suits me being a Trickster... You cut clear across the Station Square and headed up some stairs to the Ginza Line. You were greeted by the sight of a garishly yellow train, you were lucky to have caught it in time.

After even more time on another train, it finally came to your stop. "Aoyama-Itchome. This is Aoyama-Itchome." You rushed out of another overly crowded train car, glad to be rid of it. You headed towards the stairs when you smelled it. Rain? You mentally facepalmed. Of course! How could you have forgotten? This is where Akira first meets Ann, Ryuji, Morgana, and....that pig. You didn't want to even think of his name, he disgusted you so much. You quickly ran up the stairs and under an awning of a store nearby.

Briskly wiping off your clothes and hair, you took out your phone to see what would be the fastest route to Shujin. That's when the Nav app appeared on the GPS. You felt a surge of adrenaline from excitement. Someone walking past you distracted you and you couldn't help but look up. They joined you under the awning, brushing the water off and they reached up to take down their hood. Isn't that- Your train of thought was answered by blonde, curled pigtails. It was Ann Takamaki! You blushed, she was even prettier in real life, no wonder she was a model! You felt immediately bad for her, knowing who was going to pick her up. She noticed you looking and gave a small smile before looking away again. That's when the car pulled up and the window went down. That pig of a teacher asked to give her a ride and she accepted, although you knew now she didn't have much of a choice. He asked you if you wanted a lift and it took every fiber of your being to act pleasant and naive as you declined. Seeing Ann's hopeless stare as the window rolled up again, begging for help, almost made you march up to that car and tell Kamoshida to keep his nasty rapist hands to himself. But you knew you had to control yourself. You watched guiltily as the car drove away. The rain was as gloomy as your new mood. Suddenly someone ran slightly past you, stopping and exclaimed, "Damn! Screw that pervy teacher!"
You already knew who it was, but seeing the shock of blond hair and hearing his voice made it even more real to you.
"...Pervy teacher?"

You already knew who and what he meant, but those words were out of your mouth before you knew it. And at that, Ryuji Sakamoto turned around at you and stared awkwardly, a light blush dusting his cheeks. Your Nav made a quiet hum, probably recognizing who Ryuji meant. Ryuji approached you, getting immediately defensive for reasons you could understand. "What are you lookin' at? Planning on ratting me out to Kamoshida?"
You tilted your head in feigned confusion. "Who?"
Ryuji looked slightly baffled. "Ya know, the guy in the car. Kamoshida."
He continued. "He does whatever he wants. Who the hell does he think he is—the king of a castle? Don't you agree?"
"The king of a castle?"
"No, I mean..." Ryuji sweatdrops and goes silent for a bit.
"Seriously, you don't know Kamoshida? Are you for real?...You go to Shujin, right?"
"Oh, you go to Shujin too?" you asked with faked ignorance.
"Really? Shujin is the only high school with this uniform..." He looked at the label on your bag. "Huh, second year...same grade as me! I've never seen you before though..." He thought a little and his face lit up in realization. "You a transfer student? Then no wonder you don't know him." He nodded his head in the general direction of what you assumed was the school. "This rain ain't too bad. We'd better hurry or we'll be late." A purple tint quickly clouded your vision and you became lightheaded. You clutched your head and it was over as soon as it had begun. It looked like Ryuji experienced it as well. "Dammit," he grumbled. "I just wanna go home..." He began walking away and you decided to follow him.
After some walking (you had forgotten you had left the GPS app open) you followed Ryuji down an ally, presumably a shortcut. You were getting excited, but you had to keep a poker face. You couldn't let anyone know you knew the future, technically speaking. As you walked through a puddle, you could feel the atmosphere change around you slightly. You knew you were officially in the Metaverse!