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And To You Who I Love

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before the actual chapter is out I would like to explain somethings just so it dos not get confusing. If you are here and clicked on this I am assuming you know what the Alpha Beta and Omega dynamics are so I'm not going to explain it but will explain some terms that will have to do with this fic so without further ado 

Pure Alpha-Alphas born from two alpha parents but are very hard to conceive because they need a lot of energy and most of the time the mother will not be able to give all her energy to the child and the child will will die and if the child needs more energy than they mother can give then both the child and the mother die.

Presenting-When a person is sent into a rut or heat and tell whether their secondary gender is Omega, Beta, and Alpha

Ruts-Something BOTH alphas and betas have. A rut happens when alpha and betas have fully reached sexual maturity. The only difference is that alphas have knots and betas do not.

Sub-Beta-A beta that has similar traits to omegas, or has no traits at all, in other words, normal.   

Heats-When an omega reaches full sexual maturity and is ready to carry child. Usually heats are a painful process without the help of a alpha or beta. 

Pheromones-Everyone in the world has them and they are a mixture of their parents and themselves. This sent comes from the pheromone glands that are on the neck, wrist and on the inner thigh 

Alpha Voice-A voice that an Alpha can use against other to show dominance and control omegas 

Omega Voice-A whiny voice an omega can use against alpha and betas when they want something.

Mating Mark- a place where both parties of the mating presses bite into the skin and leaving their scent permanent on the person they bit. After this process the alpha, beta or omega will no longer respond to someone in heat or rut unless it is their respected mate.

I'm also going to explain how the families work so.


Parent                 Child 


Johnny/Ten-Haechan, and Jisung




Kun-Ren Jun, Chen Le

(Kun is a omega and shortly after Chen Le was born his mate left)