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Brake and Ride

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“Alright. I'm going now." Donghyuk stretches his body.

“Going back already? Yah… so soon?” Junhoe grins. He pours another round of Vodka. “You are lame Donghyuk ah.”

Donghyuk looks at drunkard Junhoe, giving a sorry look at Jiwon who is going to have to carry the big baby back home. That’s what Jiwon has to deal since he dates Junhoe. Jiwon gives a defeated look but he loves that man.

“Babe… enough. Enough. Your parents are coming tomorrow. You gonna look like shit.” Jiwon grabs the bottle from him.

"I'm Koo Junhoe. No way I gonna look like shit." Junhoe continues to mumble gibberish.

Donghyuk shakes his head. “Yah. Stop!” He tries to stop Junhoe from drinking some more but he pulls the glass too hard that it splashes onto a stranger.


“Oh! I’m so sorry.” Donghyuk tries to look at the stranger in the dim light.

“That’s okay.”

Donghyuk is stunned when the lights at the bar room are switched on, indicating that it is almost closing time. The stranger is really handsome, flower boy type of face and could be mistaken as actor. No words left his mouth. He is really mesmerized by the stranger’s beauty.

Jiwon coughs. “Well... I should go home now. Here.” He passes some cash to Donghyuk. “Come on big head. Let’s go.”

“YOU BIG HEAD. No… you big dick…” Junhoe giggles. He struggles to even stand on his two feet.

“Oh! You must be Kim Jiwon.”

“Hi… yes… and you are?”

“Song Yunhyeong. That’s your boyfriend, Junhoe… he works at the same department as me.” Yunhyeong smiles widely.

‘Song Yunhyeong’. Donghyuk repeats the name in his head. He looks at the exchange between Yunhyeong and Jiwon. ‘Uh hello. I’m right here?’

“Take some of his photos then you can use them in future.” Jiwon laughs. “See you and you, Donghyuk. Go home.”

“Okay. Okay. See you.” Donghyuk looks at the two of them.

“See you, Jiwon… and Junhoe.” Yunhyeong smiles. “So… you are Donghyuk?”

“Uh ya. Kim Donghyuk. Look. I’m sorry about your shirt. Let me help.”

Yunhyeong is instantly attracted to Donghyuk. The man has his hair dyed blonde, styled up showing the flawless forehead. Donghyuk also dyed his eyebrows, perhaps too light but still visible. Yunhyeong looks from top to bottom; notices how Donghyuk has about 7 rings altogether on the 10 fingers with bracelets on the wrists and honestly, he thinks Donghyuk has pretty sexy hands.

He imagines what the pair of sexy hands could do. He applies his lip balm slowly as he still scans the man standing facing him. Even the piercing on Donghyuk’s ears looks sexy to him. Damn he really is attracted to Donghyuk.


“Huh? How you know…” Donghyuk then touches his necklace. “Ah silly me. Yes. Dirty Kid.” He licks his lip.

“Dirty Kid…? Ohhh...” Yunhyeong nods.

“Well come. Follow me. I have spare shirt in my car. Maybe… I can drive you home.”

“Ya. That sounds nice. Plus I kinda hate the smell of this alcohol.”

“Then why are you here?” Donghyuk raises his eyebrow.





“Fuck. Right here? Right now?” Donghyuk pants.

“Why…not…” Yunhyeong catches his breath.

They kiss and kiss some more when Donghyuk parked his car by the roadside. Yunhyeong is such a flirt and Donghyuk is a tease. They only knew each other for 20 minutes but they couldn’t get their hands off of each other. Donghyuk almost rear ended a minivan when Yunhyeong reached to touch his cock.

Donghyuk thought he could continue driving but Yunhyeong’s hands work wonders, giving off so much pleasure to his cock. He gasped when he glances below, only seeing Yunhyeong’s head instead of his pants. He decided to stop by the roadside in the middle of the city.

“Damn Yunhyeong… ughh… uhhh…you…” Donghyuk shuts his eyes.

“Ummm…” Yunhyeong sinks further, taking the whole length into his mouth. He gags a little, almost chokes with the size.

“Fuck. Wait.” Donghyuk curses at himself for wearing military styled boots and skinny pants. He kicks his boots aside as he pushes his pants down.

“Your thighs…” Yunhyeong’s eyes sparkle at the sight. “I wish to sit on your thighs.”

“Your wish would come true baby.” Donghyuk holds Yunhyeong’s jaw, pulling the latter for a kiss which immediately turns into messy, wet kiss.

Yunhyeong murmurs some words which he himself couldn’t understand. He deepens his kiss, tasting Donghyuk’s hot mouth with his tongue. He could feel his aching cock in his tight jeans is crying for attention. He guides Donghyuk’s hand towards his cock. The man squeezes his cock hard that he lets out a dirty moan.

“You…are big…huh.” Donghyuk smiles smugly.

“I get that a lot.” Yunhyeong responds confidently. He loves it when someone knows and could notice his size through the fabric.

They adjusted the front seat to give some space for the two of them. Yunhyeong is lying flat on the car seat with no string attached. Though he is confident with his size, he is actually not too confident with his body. He knows he is skinny that he gets teased as being ‘anchovy’. But seeing the way Donghyuk looks at his body that makes him happy.

“You…like what you see?”

“Yes… god damn. You are beautiful… and no I’m not just saying this because I want your dick in my mouth.” Donghyuk winks.

He kisses Yunhyeong’s lips again while he tweaks the latter’s aroused nipple. Yunhyeong moans in his mouth. Truthfully, no one has touched him before and he never knew a simple touch on his nipple is enough to make him excited. His cock twitches with every touch Donghyuk gives on his body.

“You are so beautiful…” Donghyuk whispers at his ears, licking his earlobe then slowly draws along his neck. 

“Uhmm…Dong…” He tilts his neck, allowing Donghyuk to leave a mark on his neck.

“You are single right?”

Yunhyeong laughs. He nods as he answers. “Why you suddenly ask this?”

“Well… I don’t want someone to put a gun at my head for fucking his boyfriend.” Donghyuk trails kisses down his stomach.

Yunhyeong still giggles. The question is funny and Donghyuk’s kisses tickle him. He watches as Donghyuk slowly moves between his legs. He widens his legs, placing one leg on the driver’s seat and another leg touches the dashboard.

“There’s no way someone like you is single. No way.” Donghyuk begins to kiss Yunhyeong’s thigh, sucking his skin hard.

“And…uhh…you…what about uhhh…you…” Yunhyeong bites his lip.

“Nobody likes me…” Donghyuk glances at Yunhyeong. He lips slowly caresses Yunhyeong’s inner thigh.

“Lies.” Yunhyeong whispers.

His dick twitches again with every touch and kisses from Donghyuk. He loves how Donghyuk doesn’t rush, loves how Donghyuk explores his body gently. He feels Donghyuk’s breath brushing against his groin.

Donghyuk licks the tip slowly, circling his tongue around the slit. He sucks the head softly, making a ‘pop’ sound as he sucks the whole length then pulls away, teasing the man underneath him. He keeps sucking the head as he works his palm around Yunhyeong’s veiny shaft, stroking it up and down.

“Ahhh…” Yunhyeong could only moan. Damn it feels good!

Donghyuk glances at Yunhyeong again as he takes in Yunhyeong’s cock inch by inch till it reaches the back of his throat. He never leaves the two inviting pairs of balls. He gives them a squeeze and with each squeeze, Yunhyeong moans louder. He probably needs hair transplant now as Yunhyeong grabs his hair hard every time he teases the balls.

“F-fu…ck…” Yunhyeong mouths. He clenches his needy butt when he feels two of Donghyuk’s fingers circling inside.

“Yes baby…soon…” Donghyuk strokes Yunhyeong’s hard cock while he blows. His other hand is busy making Yunhyeong scream his name.

Yunhyeong’s body is pulsating. He is at the edge to come in Donghyuk’s mouth. He runs his fingers through Donghyuk’s blonde hair, guiding the latter to suck him off.


Donghyuk pushes Yunhyeong’s hands away, pinning them to the small car seat. He closes his eyes as Yunhyeong explodes in his mouth with thick juice. Fuck, he thinks to himself. It is so impure but it tastes so good? Salty but he swallows as much as he could. He slowly pulls away and watches Yunhyeong squirts some more.

“Fuck. Let me fuck you.” Donghyuk kisses Yunhyeong’s lips, letting the latter to taste his own cum.

“Mmmm…mmm…” Yunhyeong kisses him back. He licks Donghyuk’s wet lips. Gross, he thinks, to lick his own cum mix with saliva but somehow he loves it.

Yunhyeong gets up, almost hitting his head against the roof causing both of them to laugh. Car sex really requires some work and flexibility. They should have moved to the back seat but the two of them were too impatient. They pray that no police authority comes to take a look at the seemingly abandoned vehicle.

“Come here baby. Turn around…”

Yunhyeong loves being called ‘baby’ by the person he just met at about 1.40 a.m. at the club earlier. He does as what Donghyuk wishes. Donghyuk spanks his round peach, another feature of his body that he is proud of. Junhoe could only dream to have his buttock.

“Sit on my dick.”

Donghyuk spanks harder as he spreads Yunhyeong’s cheeks. He rubs his cock against Yunhyeong’s aching hole and the latter is eager to have Donghyuk’s cock inside the tight hole. Yunhyeong gulps. He slowly lowers himself as Donghyuk guides him. He could feel Donghyuk’s size stretching him. The pain stings a little. He stops to catch his breath.


“Don’t worry babe… we have all night.” Donghyuk kisses his back softly.

Donghyuk has his hands on Yunhyeong’s waist, calming the man down as he adjusts to Donghyuk’s size. Should have listened to Jiwon and bring lube just in case. He didn’t expect to be having another man lowering on his dick at almost 3 in the morning in his own car.

Yunhyeong finally pushes himself on Donghyuk’s cock. He stops for a moment, adjusting the new feeling in his hole. He feels like he could only see stars. He still couldn’t believe he has a dick penetrating deep inside him.

“Are you okay now?” Donghyuk rubs his arms gently.

“Yes…okay now…”

Donghyuk moves slowly at first, letting Yunhyeong feel comfortable with every thrust. Yunhyeong breath becomes heavy when he allows Donghyuk to move faster. The wet sound of their prostate slapping against each other and their moans with Donghyuk’s dirty talk fill the car. At this rate they don’t care if anyone notices the vehicle shakes.

Yunhyeong brings Donghyuk’s hand to his cock as he rides Donghyuk instead. Kisses and bites all over his back as Donghyuk works his hand to Yunhyeong’s cock, caressing the tip slowly while Yunhyeong rocks his hips.

His balls tighten.

“Yun…ughh…Yunhyeong…I’m coming now…”

They come at the same time. Yunhyeong squirms as Donghyuk fills his used hole with loads of cum. He leans against Donghyuk, feeling the hot seeds deep inside him. He watches himself squirting white, sticky fluid into Donghyuk’s palm with some spilling against the dashboard.

Both of them are sweating despite Donghyuk leaving the air conditioner on.

“Guess now you need to wash your body too, not just your shirt.” Donghyuk chuckles. He wraps his hands around Yunhyeong’s body, planting a soft kiss on the latter’s shoulder.

Yunhyeong just smiles. “You are right. I need a shower now.” He moves a bit, only to remember than Donghyuk still has his cock buried deep inside his hole. He moans again.

“Relax…” Donghyuk’s lips slowly moves to Yunhyeong’s neck.

“Mmm…I supposed…another round?”

“Bed this time. I want to do more.”

Yunhyeong shudders listening to Donghyuk’s seductive whisper. Darn right. Donghyuk lives up to the necklace that he wears. Dirty kid. He suddenly can’t wait to tell Jinhwan about this. He remembers what Jinhwan told him before he left the house.

“Meet new people and get laid. Now go. I don’t want to see you coming back to our place before midnight.”

He definitely has to thank Jinhwan for this.