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The Command Quarters

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It wasn't that Megatron preferred for his berth partners to be compliant, sedate, submissive; quite the opposite in fact. He enjoyed Starscream's vigorous reciprocity, how often he tried to steal the control of the moment back, no matter that Megatron was bigger, stronger, dominant in the act.

But the biting was starting to get odd.

They had started as little nips, to his thumb, sometimes the edge of helmet, on occasion the insides of his thighs. A barely there pressure from sharp denta that was enough of a pleasant tingle Megatron would purr and kiss him all the fiercer. Starscream would sigh dreamily and settle once again, his brief foray into vampirism forgotten.

Then their frequency grew, and the intent behind them shifted from playful and teasing to something more determined, Starscream sinking his denta into his neck cables and pulling and growling like he was trying to make a point, or perhaps taking revenge for some sort of disagreement Megatron couldn't even remember them having.

He didn't at all mind the roughness. Whatever Starscream's reasoning, it took more than a seeker's denta to distract him from the task at hand- particularly when that task was Starscream himself, and he was always so very glorious sprawled across the berth, optics hooded, lips glistening with energon from Megatron's bleeding wounds.

No, the problem came from the lasting evidence of Starscream's fangs.

He turned his helm and stretched out the length of his neck, peering at the abused, crumpled cables in his reflection in the viewport. He lifted a servo to them. They didn't hurt, and the bites were only more visible as Starscream's mouth had moved from his neck to his shoulder.

His armour was thick, so it went to show just how much force that damnable seeker had been using, half crescent dents went from clavicle to shoulder, unmistakeable in what they were to anyone mech with half a processor.

In Tarn, to mark a mech's armour was to assert dominance over them. Non-fatal fights in the pit often ended with the victor scoring their fallen opponent with their weapon, a slash across the cheek, a sign that they'd been bettered, that they'd failed.

Megatron scowled at the bites across his neck and shoulder, wondering if this was another of Starscream's attempts at undermining him.

That was the most likely reasoning. He couldn't walk past a trine of seekers in this blasted base without them all dissolving into snickers and scurrying off like a pack of adolescents.

He touched the largest bite so far, the one Starscream had sunk into him just last night, on his jaw this time, more visible than any of the others. Megatron could see the indent of every individual denta. That would need to be cosmetically removed, or else the Autobots were going to think he was letting a pet scraplet gnaw on him...

He gave the mark one last exasperated rub, then stepped out for the cycle, walking with proud determined strides to the command centre, helm held high-

-The perfect angle for vertically challenged seekers to gawk at his latest bite.

It was Dirge wheezing like he was being asphyxiated that caught Megatron's attention when he passed the Coneheads. He snapped his helm towards them, long run out of patience for their childish antics, and in doing so gave the curious pack a better view.

Ramjet's optics nearly blew out of him helm.

"Sir." He said suddenly and loudly, then jumped as though surpirsed he'd even spoken. Thrust was too busy shaking Dirge's shoulder to say anything, a stupidly comical grin on his face.

Dirge was purple in the face, and apparently not breathing properly.

"Pull yourself together." Megatron thundered, pointing between all three of them, then focusing in on Thrust. "Something amusing?"

Thrust suddenly paled, his smile slipping away as he sobered up. He tried to slink behind Ramjet, whose optics were bouncing between Megatron's jaw and neck and shoulder, and the floor at lightning speed. "Nothing, nothing, sir, lord Megatron, nothing-"

Megatron's optics narrowed. "You think it's wise to mock me?"

"Mock!" Thrust squeaked behind Ramjet, "We weren't mocking, we'd never mock, not you sir, we just-"

He looked to his trine-leader, his trine-leader looked to Megatron's mangled neck.

"We didn't know you and Scream- commander Scream- I mean-!"

"We hadn't realised it was so serious between yourself and the commander, sir." Dirge filled in for them, voice quiet and hoarse. "The commander, Starscream, we didn't think he was the type-"

Megatron was so utterly confused he forgot he was supposed to be angry. "What are you blathering about?"

"Your-" Ramjet gestured vaguely to his Starscream inflicted damage, "it's..."

He appeared to struggle, at which point Thrust nervously began to turn around, presenting Megatron with his back and wings. He thumbed back to them. "See?"

Megatron blinked. He'd never noticed before (having had little inclination to leer at wings not belonging to Starscream) but the upper edges of Thrust's wings were marred by crescent shaped rows of dents, unmistakably bites.

Seeing the confusion on his face, Ramjet and Dirge followed suit, and their wings looked much the same.

"You bite each other..." He said numbly.

"It's a... like a courtship ritual." Ramjet turned back around, still wringing his digits together, but no longer so obviously nervous. "Or... It's more like the courtship's already taken place. It's a pleasant sensation on the wings, but since you don't really have any Screamer's obviously doing some trial and error-"

He gestured to the constellation of damage on Megatron's armour.

Megatron thought he understood. This was yet another secretive 'seeker-thing'.

"So it's a mark of ownership?"

Dirge started giggling again.

"Eh, no," Thrust was fighting back a smile. "It's more like a 'I love you' thing."

Oh, Megatron blinked. Well, that changed a lot.



Starscream pressed the chime for Megatron's quarters, waiting to be granted entry.

He wondered what awaited him inside. If Megatron would even let him in.

Starscream could tell he'd taken exception last night to what he'd done to Megatron's jaw. He knew the old warlord wasn't a seeker, and he couldn't expect him to understand, but he just got carried away so easily with him, and base instinct overwhelmed him.

It was so much easier to just bite than try and muddle through words.

To his surprise the door swung open fairly quickly, and rather than stepping aside to let him enter, Megatron reached out with one big arm and swept him in. The door slipped shut and then Starscream was against it, two huge servos on either side of his helm, and a pair of lips on his.

There was pressure and he opened his mouth, let Megatron kiss him smoothly and carefully, humming happily when Megatron's glossa swept across his bottom lip. He couldn't help nipping at it.

Megatron's engines rumbled.

Starscream opened his optics, an awkward apology in the tip of his glossa. But a servo tipped his helm to the side and Megatron moved in, his big head passing his shoulder vent and going straight for his wing.

A hot mouth closed over the edge and then with a snarl, sharp glorious pain shot through the appendage when Megatron bit him, really bit him, long and hard and growling. Starscream's knees felt weak. His wing tried to flick with pleasure but Megatron's mouth kept it in place.

He whined, pawing at Megatron's shoulders.

Slowly the pressure subsided and Megatron drew away, pausing long enough to lick at the mark he'd left on the dented wing and soothe it's dull ache. Starscream turned him helm, spark thumping, digits tingling. Megatron's softened optics met his.

Starscream quickly nipped at his chin.

Megatron huffed out a laugh.

"Ditto." He purred, then swept in to bite him again.

This time Starscream's legs did give out. But Megatron was there to hold him up.


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"-good ole'- Cyber-tron," Megatron was still mumbling drunkenly as Starscream kissed him, his optics bright and unfocused. Starscream grabbed his helm, perhaps a little roughly in his poor coordination, and kissed him, glossa thrusting past surprised lips.

"Hnn," grunted Megatron, kissing back clumsily. He grabbed handfuls of Starscream's aft and massaged it with relish.

Starscream pulled back with a gasp and sigh, every touch lighting his sensory net on fire. He pushed into Megatron's fumbling touches with a silly grin.

"Such a- hick!- a passionate or-orat-ort- uhh, speaker, Megatron," Starscream rambled airily, resting his cheek against Megatron's, swaying unsteadily in his lap. "What else are you- you passionate about?"

Megatron's response time had either slowed by a whole five seconds or he was just too distracted by the shape and fell of Starscream's aft in his servos to respond. He hummed after a moment, blinking as though he'd only just heard Starscream.

"War, Starscream!" He proclaimed boisterously, "and justice-"

"And seekers?" Starscream fed him, stroking him and wriggling playfully in his lap. "And me?"

Megatron grunted.

Good enough, thought Starscream's energon drenched processor. He kissed Megatron again, fiercely, tasting the zing of overcharge on his glossa and feeling the strength running through Megatron's empowered arms when they tightened around him.

Warmth fluttered through his frame, sped onwards by his loss of inhibitions. He let his panel snick open without prompting, grinding himself into Megatron's lap.

He heard a response from Megatron in the form of cooling fans juddering online with a stutter, then puffing hot air from his leader's vents.

"All but in public?" Megatron's blearily, drunken demeanour almost sobered. He eyed the unconscious Decepticons behind them, "Starscream..."

"Megatron," he breathed back, reaching between them for Megatron's panels.

Megatron was, miraculously, quick to harden. Starscream preened when a spike filled his servo, his mouth watering. His glossa was looser than his sense of decorum and he thrilled excitedly, "You're so big."

Megatron huffed, sounding amused, "About- it's about time you appre-shated me." He slurred.

Starscream rose onto his knees and held Megatron in place. He was proportionate, rather than large, but it didn't feel like it when he began to sink down, the tip of Megatron's spike slipping between the folds of his valve and opening him up, inch by inch.

His optics rolled into the back of his helm, mouth hanging open drunkenly. "Yeah-"

"Hmm," Megatron agreed drowsily, watching himself disapear into his second, twitching upwards at the occasional clench of Starscream's greedy callipers.

Once he was all the way in, spike throbbing with charge and spreading a deep ache of want through Starscream's entire frame, he took him by the hips and began to lift, rock, grind Starscream down onto his stiff length. Starscream arched his back and panted shamelessly, wantonly, mouth wide open and vocaliser bursting with noise, void of control.

With their overcharge neither of them lasted long. Starscream didn't bother to belay his mounting overload, chasing it as he rode Megatron's spike, grabbing his helm and pushing it against his chest, clawing at the back of his helmet as Megatron huffed loud and gruff. The angle and friction against his node was so perfect, so what he needed, that he didn't stop until his optics fizzled with the throbbing pleasure of it.

He began to slump as the last vestiges of overcharge dwindled away, but Megatron continued to move him, his movements sporadic and driven now. Starscream felt helpless and undone, his soft valve was being racked through by the ridges of Megatron's spike as he was made to bounce, every sensor achingly oversensitive.

"Oh, Megatron, Megatron," he whined like a glitching piece of shareware stuck on a repetitive loop, helm thrown back to look skywards. "Megatron-"

Where Megatron would usually grit his denta and muffle his moans, he threw his helm back with a loud, undone shout of pleasure. Starscream bounced weakly, listening to the wet slick noise of Megatron's spike continuing to pump into him as it shot its load, liberally coating his internals and making a mess. Megatron continued for as long as he could, faltering only as his spike finally began to soften.

"Ugh," he groaned, swaying unbalanced.

Starscream kissed him messily, and through his drunken haze the world tipped and shrank. He felt gravity shift, and it wasn't until Megatron snored loudly that he realised they fallen over together.

And in the next moment he was asleep too.



Someone was stroking his back.

With his booming helm-ache and a disgusting taste in his mouth, Starscream was less than receptive too it. He threw out an arm with a snarl, but the presence at his back pressed closer. Big, warm, overbearing-

"Megatron." He mumbled, trying to wiggle away. "Go away, great brute..."

"That's not what you were saying last night."

Starscream groaned aloud, blindly searching for a pillow and dragging it over his face. He felt lips on his wing, denta nibbling, teasing. "Don't-"

"Oh Megatron," Megatron began to mock, imitating his falsetto poorly. "Oh, Megatron yes."

"I don't talk like that!" Starscream tore the pillow away, glaring at Megatron's tired, drawn, but amused face. "And what about you, ranting about Cybertron?!"

"You seemed rather taken with it. Enough to throw yourself at me?"

"I did not."

"You did."

Starscream hit him with the pillow. "You were so drunk I was surprised you could even get it up."

"Oh, I think I was more than satisfactory in my performance." He purred, mouth teasing Starscream's shoulder vent.

Starscream glared at the ceiling, feeling nauseous, not because of Megatron (well, only a little because of Megatron) but because of the residual overcharge from last nights indulgence. He swallowed thickly.

"I know you like morning-after sessions but I'm going to purge if you breathe on me again." He warned.

Megatron drew back with an abrupt movement, "Not in my berth you're not."

"You dragged me back here."

"Should have left you sprawled and exposed on the ground outside then." Megatron huffed.

Starscream shuttered his optics and reached out to touch his face. He could feel Megatron's pronounced scowl. He dragged his fingers down it, shushing him. "Later." He promised. "Go find me some sensory blockers."

There was silence, and then a long sigh. "Alright."

Lips brushed the side of his helm and the berth shifted as Megatron rose.

"I said don't breathe on me." Starscream reminded him.

He heard Megatron call him a very rude word indeed as he stomped out the door.



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It had been a fair few days since Starscream had last blasted through the cave ceiling, screaming, shooting, and trying to kill him, so Megatron could only assume he was planning something with at least a smidgen of tact this time.

Megatron preferred to deal with these sorts of problems on his terms, so rather than waiting for Starscream to appear from behind a building or tree with some sort of deadly super weapon, Megatron went out in search of him instead.

Which found him here, in a deserted construction site, wondering what it was that smelt so sweet, and why his cooling fans were trying to click online.

He'd detected Starscream's energy signature in the skeletal building frame ahead of him. It was dark, the exposed iron beams covered in tarps and weatherproofing to make up for the lack of walls and ceiling. Megatron would need his wits about him. It could always be a trap.

And with Starscream it always was a trap.

Deep within the building there came a whine, like an animal in pain.

Or a melodramatic seeker.

"Come now, Starscream," he called into the empty structure, stepping carefully, listening. "There's no need to be frightened. What, with your gift for immortality, what harm could I possibly bring to you?"

From the left; there was shuffling, scratching metal, a low groan. Megatron made a beeline for it, moving quickly before Starscream could get away. He tore a long sheet of tarp away to reveal-

Starscream. In a terrible state.

He was on his knees, his forehead against the floor, aft in the air, heat visibly wafting off his frame. Megatron veered back as the intoxicating scent hit him. Ah, so that was the smell. His fuel pump picked up, a natural response to being in such close proximity to a mech in late heat.

Starscream peered up at him, and his optics were wet with tears, his face flushed bright. He must have been suffering this for a while now. His thighs were drenched in lubricant, his hand shoved between them shamelessly.

"Megatron?" He whispered, squinting like he didn't recognise him.

It tugged on Megatron's black hole of a spark.

"You've gotten yourself into quite a state." He commented.

Starscream's breath hitched with an aborted sob. His optics shuttered.

It yanked on Megatron's spark.

Stupid blasted seeker.

With a great sigh, he dropped to a knee, nudging Starscream's hip. "Alright," he said, angry at himself for letting Starscream draw him back in again, like this. Clever, manipulative little brat. Even if this was something beyond his control. "Let's see. Roll over."

Starscream made a miserable sound and began to push himself up shakily. Convulsions wracked his body, and it was a struggle- or he made it look so.

Megatron's sympathy was somewhat waylaid by the sight of his heat riddled frame though. His wings kept flicking, optics dim and hooded, cheeks flushed prettily. And he was so wet. When was the last time Megatron had seen Starscream like this? Years? He couldn't remember.

He prised Starscream's servo from between his legs, and the digits revealed were sticky with rich, thick fertile lubricant. Definitely not faking then. Megatron took a look at his valve next, nudging a shaking thigh out of the way. Pink, swollen, clenching in anticipation.

Very unlikely to be faked.

Megatron inhaled slowly, deeply, savouring the smell as he rubbed a thumb along the soft supple outer mesh of Starscream's valve. Starscream's shuddering frame began to relax and settle.

"Better?" Megatron asked, slipping his thumb inside, relishing the unbelievable heat of Starscream's internals.

Starscream nodded, blinking up at him worshipfully. His thighs spread open without encouragement this time. He presented himself like that, back arching.

Megatron popped the panel for his spike. He'd known as soon as he'd seen Starscream that he was going to frag him. There was little point dancing around it now, not when the seeker had already waited so long.

"Please," he was whining, optics darting between Megatron's pressurising spike and his face. He wriggled his aft. "Please, please.."

Megatron hushed him, climbing over him and settling between his thighs. Starscream whined at his weight but squirmed excitedly, enjoying it. Megatron buried his nose into his neck, inhaling and feeling another wave of arousal sweep through him.

Starscream was a very attractive mech, and with such large chest, was very suitable for carrying young. The intensity of his heat cycle said enough. He was in prime condition to bear sparklings, and Megatron wondered, as he slipped inside him with a sigh, if perhaps carrying could mellow this homicidal traitor into a more obedient seeker.

Starscream stiffened and jumped when Megatron bottomed out in his valve, his claws scratching at Megatron's back. Megatron purred, taking his time, enjoying the slick easy slide of his spike through supple mesh. The smell and sound of Starscream was intoxicating- the squelch of his spike in his valve when he hitched forward quickly, and the squeak of surprise it drew from the seeker.

It was all very perfect.

Starscream overloaded quickly on his spike, and then his soft noises of pleasure grew in volume, to mewls and cries and long drawn out moans. Megatron watched him writhe and squirm until he couldn't anymore.

He overloaded deep into Starscream's internals, pinning him down and jabbing forwards until the very last twitch.

Starscream's thighs squeezed around his hips and he purred, satisfied. He was still so warm and wet and compliant with his heat though, a rare occasion indeed with such a screechy menace. Megatron felt his spike stiffen and fill again, until it was large and hard inside Starscream, and the seeker's happy purrs changed back to whines.

He started all over again, this time seeing no need to ease the seeker into it.

Whether it was the treatment at his hands or the heat itself, but by the end of it all Megatron had to carry him out.

With Starscream sighing in his arms and nuzzling into his neck, he didn't mind too much.




"-four, five!" Blitzwing finished counting the blurry shapes on the gestational scan excitedly. "Five sparklings, Lord Megatron! Very vell done!"

Megatron studied the image with his arms crossed, expression unchanging, and nodded acceptingly. "Excellent." He decided, and glanced at the miserable seeker on the desk behind him, heavy and filled out with those five sparklings and not at all happy about it.

"I hate you," he hissed.

Megatron stroked his cheek, ignoring how Starscream childishly tried to bat him away. "You're lucky it's only five. You had an intense cycle." He reminded him.

Starscream continued to scowl.

Megatron tried not to look so pleased. Who knew the solution to his Starscream-problem could have been filling him with so many sparklings he could barely move, let alone attack him?

And an extra bonus; he earned five beautiful heirs out of the whole exchange.

Starscream would come around.



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Once things started between the two of them it was near impossible for it to stop; a whirlwind of emotions and touches and pleasure that left Starscream hollowed out and used and so damn pleased with himself. So he wondered, as he lay on his back, legs in the air with his ankles held in Megatron's fists, what was taking so long.

He peered down, and Megatron was looking between his legs, at his valve, with a constrained expression.

"What?" He demanded impatiently.

Megatron looked up, as though surprised to remember there was a seeker attached to the valve he was leering at.

"When you reformatted," he began slowly, "You changed your... dimensions."

Oh, not this again. Starscream rolled his optics, sick of Megatron's complaints regarding his reformat. 

"I told you, slimmer hips are all the rage now. It's flattering, and my aft was huge-"

"Your aft was perfect." Megatron glared, but before they could fall back into that argument, he continued. "But I was referring to your valve. It's too small."

Never before had Starscream heard someone call a valve 'too small'. That was, allegedly, the opposite of a problem. Megatron wasn't quite like other mechs though, particularly when it came to facing.

Simply because criticism from Megatron in berth was so uncommon, he sat up, peering down at himself. For the sake of comparison, Megatron tilted his hips forward so his swaying spike nudged at Starscream's entrance. It felt like a blunt instrument, and even to Starscream's stubbornly delusional optics, the difference was substantial.

"Mesh is flexible." He pointed out.

Megatron shook his helm, slowly, considerately, "Your hips joints aren't. It'll hurt."

Starscream realised he was right, of course. He was always right. He let his helm thump against the pillow with a groan of annoyance.

"I told you this reformat was a bad idea."

"No!" Starscream pushed up again to glare at him, probably looking ridiculous where Megatron was still holding his legs up and out. "You said, 'what am I going to grab onto now', that's what you said."

"I said, I liked you the way you were."

"Yeah right," Starscream snarled, "You're always mocking me. Remember when you said my thighs were big enough to crush your helm?"

"That," Megatron's optics sparked, denta bared, "was a compliment."

"Just admit you think I'm ugly."

That was the limit for Megatron it seemed. With a gruff noise he dropped Starscream's legs and rose off the berth. Starscream's spark jumped into his throat, "Wait, I didn't-!"

"I'm not going anywhere," Megatron growled, stepping into the wash-room and rifling through the shelves noisily. He plucked something up and made his way back to the berth.

Starscream saw what it was when the light caught it. "Oil lubrication? You said I was too small?"

"It's not for your valve." Megatron explained. The berth dipped when he climbed on, one knee at a time. He popped the bottle and tipped it over Starscream's splayed legs. It was cold.


"Shh," Megatron began to spread it across his inner thighs, then took the excess and stroked his spike with it. "Lift your legs."

Starscream did, and Megatron took them and pressed them together.

"Clench tight," he advised, hooking Starscream's ankles over his left shoulder.

Megatron began to move between his thighs. Starscream jumped at odd sensation, then remembered to clench tightly, watching with rapt attention as the tip of Megatron's substantial spike poked out the other side, appearing briefly between his thighs before disappearing again.

Megatron grunted as he shoved his spike repeatedly through his legs, jarring Starscream's body with his forcefulness. Starscream gripped the sheets, finding himself aroused despite the lack of stimulation. The tip of Megatron's spike began to leak and he could see the bright glistening fluid amongst the sheen of lubricant now. The head appeared between his thighs, beaded with fluid.

He whined, valve throbbing.

"Megatron~" he began, sounding pathetic and not caring in the slightest.

Megatron got the hint, grip loosening, "On your knees."

Starscream obeyed gladly, pushing himself to all floors. He kept his knees together and rear end raised. He could hear the slick of Megatron's servo on his spike before that warm tip was pushing between his legs again, this time higher, this time brushing the outer mesh of his valve.

He whined, rolling with the thrusts, letting his helm hang between his shoulders and peering down at himself, where he could still see Megatron's impressive length appear and disappear between his thighs. He took his weight on one arm and reached for the apex of his thighs, touching the damp tip of Megatron's spike every time it came through.

Megatron made a strangled noise, and that was all the warning Starscream received before he started overloading, spike shooting directionless ropes of fluid as he moaned and twitched. Megatron spent himself between Starscream's thighs too, spreading sticky warmth over his armour before pressing forwards again and spilling the rest all over the berth sheets.

He drew back.

Starscream let his thighs relax, wincing at the ache of having kept them so tightly clenched.

Before he could righten himself again, a servo on the small of his back kept him in place, then a digit, far thicker than he remembered it ever being, slipped into his soaking valve.


A few brief moments of skilful fingering later, a whole new wetness was tracking down his thighs. Megatron shook his servo out casually. Starscream heard specks of lubricant splatter the floor.

"Must you?" He complained, making a mental note to have cleaning drones sent up later.

Megatron hummed and made his way up the soiled damp berth. The sheets had cost a fortune and now they were ruined and soaked in 'essence of Megatron'. Great.

Starscream rolled gracelessly onto his back, and was surprised to be greeted with a rough kiss.

"Starscream." Megatron said as he pulled out of it. He touched Starscream's cheek (with the damp servo, disgusting) and continued with a spark-felt, profound, "You're never less than beautiful, whatever frame you wear."

Starscream felt himself trill happily. He wriggled against Megatron, ready to kiss him till his vents wore out.

When he continued with,

"But I really did like your aft."

Starscream planted his servo in the centre of Megatron's face and pushed him away.



Chapter Text

It wasn't a secret Starscream considered embarrassing, because he was an adult, a mech of rank in one of the most fearsome armies in the universe, and he knew that virginity was simply a social construct, and seals little more than a protective barrier.

Still, it wasn't something he was going to announce to the ship at large. It certainly wasn't something he could trust an idiot like Skywarp with. Even when they were young he'd invented suitors to tell his trine of, fine cultured imaginary mechs he could talk about, just so he wouldn't look so obviously out of place when Skywarp got them all drunk enough to start talking about their interfacing preferences. It seemed to be all anyone cared about in the academy.

He probably hadn't done a particularly convincing job though; he could still recall Skywarp's drunk chortling now, hiccuping through a disbelieving shout of, "You?! A spike mech?! I don't think so, Screamer!"

Whatever Skywarp's opinions on the matter back then, Starscream knew now that he was unlikely to ever be a spike mech. Particularly when he was sat stiffly on the edge of Megatron's board, long, ridiculously oversized berth, waiting for the warlord to finish scribbling something down, and trying not to squirm.

In hindsight, this wouldn't have been so awkward if he'd just had the sense to mention to Megatron that he was untapped; perhaps this morning when he'd been invited to spend the night, or perhaps even some point in the past month his leader had been courting him.

"You look nervous," Megatron mentioned, glancing up from his datafile, scribbling something else then tossing the light-pen down. He rose to his full height, and Starscream could feel his fuel pump thudding through the lines of his frame. "Whatever you've heard I can promise you, I'm not a rough as they say."

Starscream felt every individual component that made up his frame clench. "Lovely."

Megatron arched a brow, reaching the berth and stooping to plant a kiss on him. It was a little more than usual, messier, wetter, less refined and teasing. The sort Starscream expected thirsty desperate lust driven couples to share.

The kiss finished and he released a shuddering berth.

"I want to taste you," Megatron's mouth brushed his audial. He nudged at his shoulder, "Is that alright?"

Starscream wondered for one stupid, insane moment if maybe Megatron wouldn't notice the seal three inches into his valve, and would just break through it unaware. Then he wouldn't have to say anything at all.

No. He gathered his sanity back together and turned away from Megatron's wandering mouth. Megatron stopped, blinking at him, brow creased with concern.

"Too much?"

Starscream shook his helm, fighting back a ridiculous blush, deciding to go with the most tactless response possible just blurt out - "I'm sealed."

"Okay." Megatron nodded.

Starscream snapped his helm towards him, wondering if he'd misheard him.

"...That's it? 'Okay'? I'm a six million year old virgin and you're not going to use that as an opportunity to ridicule me?"

Megatron tilted his helm, looking bemused. "Do you want me to ask you why?"

Starscream thought about listing all his stupid paranoid, self-conscious reasons with Megatron, and shook his helm firmly, "Obviously not."

"Do you still want to do this?" Megatron continued.

Starscream felt confused. Of course he wanted to frag Megatron, he wouldn't be here if he didn't want that. But surely this new information should have warranted more than a mere 'okay'. He'd gone through six million years of celibacy and that wasn't a big deal? He wasn't a prude? He wasn't weird?

"You're thinking about this far too much." Megatron said, and nudged at his shoulder. "Lay back. We can talk about this afterwards if you like. You'll feel better-"

"I-" Starscream laid back anyway, spreading his thighs, jumping when Megatron kissed down and down his frame. "I- it's- You better not hurt me!"

Megatron purred, kissing his inner thigh, "Wouldn't dream of it."

Starscream took a deep breath, steadying himself, and let his panel slide open. The cool chill of air didn't last long, Megatron dove straight in, hot breath and a hotter mouth. His glossa, prehensile and slick and beyond anything Starscream could have imagined, licked over his anterior node and it was so sensitive with arousal he nearly arched right off the berth.

Megatron pinned him with a big servo, red optics peering up at him over his cockpit. Starscream panted, feeling a knot of pleasure grow and grow behind his hips as Megatron licked, and sucked, and plunged his glossa into him.

And then he withdrew.

Starscream breathed sharply, vents screaming for air. He hadn't realised he was holding his breath.

"That's enough," Megatron rose, and his chin was wet. Starscream felt another wave of heat wash over him.

Megatron climbed up the berth, dipping and bouncing it with his weight. Starscream didn't know what to do with his arms so he kept them pinned at his sides, claws cutting into the top padding. Megatron took one, pulling it away from the fabric with a ripping sound, and placed it on his chest.

"You can touch me."

Starscream rolled his optics. "Of course I can." He snapped, and lifted the other arm to cup the back of Megatron's thick neck. He didn't know what else to do though, but fortunately Megatron dipped and began kissing him again.

Slowly, Megatron's knees found their way between his legs. He shifted up the berth, lifting his aft and hooking his legs over Megatron's thighs. There was a satisfied rumble, then Megatron was shifting between them. Something hot and stiff brushed the inside of his thigh.

He pulled out of the kiss with a gasp, but Megatron shushed him, pecking at his lips. "Relax. I'll ease you into it."

Telling someone to relax normally did the opposite. Starscream tried nonetheless, trying not to anticipate the push and stretch and burn.

It never came though. There were a few nudges as Megatron let their arrays bump together, Starscream shuddered and tucked his face into Megatron's neck, finding himself wanting more despite the pain to come from breaking his seals.

The spike nosed between his valve lips, his mesh suitably soaked thanks to Megatron's mouth. There was a push, and Starscream felt a sudden pinch. His mouth opened to gasp in surprise, but then it was gone as soon as it had arisen. And Megatron was pushing into him. All of him.

Starscream's digits dug into his armour with a shaky, surprised gasp "You're-?"

"There," Megatron's hips hitched forward, and though there was discomfort from the stiffness and unfamiliarity, it didn't hurt. He pulled back an inch of so, and it felt good. "Alright."

Starscream was muddled and hot and squirming, "What about- I had a seal?"

"Not anymore." Megatron murmured, starting to move into a pace.

And that was the last thing Starscream heard before his processor switched off, his sensor net alight with pleasure. 



Starscream's processor switched back on when Megatron fell to the side of him with a heavy thump. He stared at the ceiling, exhausted, and wet, and sort of... floppy.

"Huh." He breathed.

Megatron's sated engines were purring somewhere to the left of him. A servo landed on his wing, stroking fondly. "Not bad. For a virgin."

Starscream found himself less annoyed by the teasing than he thought he would have been. "Not bad yourself. For a pensioner."

Megatron's purr transmuted into a rumble, and Starscream laughed as he was set upon again.

He enjoyed it even more the second time around. Megatron even let him ride on top.


Chapter Text

The last thing Megatron expected was the Lost Light to be called back to Cybertron at the behest of Starscream. What with his newfound popularity and title, Megatron had doubted the seeker would have wanted anything to with him.

He was led by guards to 'Starscream The First's' official residence, wondering what dastardly plot his former second might have cooked up this time. Maybe he'd managed overrule the need for a fair trial? Perhaps the Neutral populace had decided an unfair punishment was better than a delayed one after all.

He waited in the clean, polished modern hallway, ignoring the glares of his armed guards, and almost regretted that they hadn't bothered to cuff him. At least then he wouldn't have had to worry about what to do with his servos.

Finally, a large doorway opened at the end of the hallway, and a crowned, caped figure stepped away from a group of equally important looking mecha. Even at distance Megatron recognised Starscream for his elegant, aloft body language- even with the long violet cape drawn around his wings and shoulders, hiding his frame completely from view. He was quick to dismiss his company and stride down the hallway.

"Starscream," Megatron greeted evenly, helm tilting as he watched him stride, noticing something... not quite right about him, though he was unable to place what.

"Megatron." Starscream's oily purr greeted him back less formally. He glanced at the guards. "You can go."

The guards dipped their helms in a nod and took their leave.

Megatron was surprised that Starscream was willing to be alone with him; he was murdering psychopath, after all.

"Come with me." Starscream passed him and barged through another set of doors, leading, presumably, towards a private residential wing. Megatron found it even odder that Starscream would allow him into his home.

"What's this about, Starscream?"

"You'll see soon enough," Starscream answered, barely glancing over his shoulder.

They walked in silence, through more security doors, past guards that twitched and shifted when they saw Megatron, until they arrived at the entrance hall to what looked less like a sterile official workplace, and more like a home.

Starscream always had been messy-

The seeker in question came to an abrupt halt in the centre of the lobby and turned around, cape swinging around his ankles.

Megatron stopped short too. The door slipped closed behind them.

"Well?" Megatron grunted.

Starscream glared at him then looked to the side. He took a deep breath as though summoning his courage, then parted his long purple cape and tossed it over his shoulders-

-Revealing a frame that was decidedly less aerodynamic than Megatron last recalled.

He stared at Starscream's round, ample middle, exaggerated perhaps by his slimmer reformatted frame. He was carrying, late into carrying. His gestation chamber at maximum capacity and putting what looked like considerable stress on the protometal that was now visible through Starscream's gawping armour panels.

Starscream waited patiently for his verdict with a servo under the lower curve of the bump to support it's weight, and another on the small of his back to rebalance himself.

Megatron's mouth was drier than Kaon's desert.

"What's the matter?" Starscream arched a brow, "Never seen a seeker about to have a sparkling before?"

"You're carrying." Megatron said stupidly.


Megatron blinked several times in quick succession, wondering why he hadn't been warned beforehand. Surely this was planet-wide news. The chosen one gifting his people with a chosen heir? Someone should have thought to tell him. He and Starscream were no longer close but, they had been. In another life, he might have even been the sire.

Another wasted opportunity...

"No one else knows," Starscream seemed to read his processor. He stroked his bump fondly, but nothing in his expression implied he was excited about it. "It's growing difficult to hide, and when the public finds out-"

"Why tell me if you intend to keep it hidden?"

Starscream give him a long steady look.

"Why do you think I've kept it a secret?"

Megatron honestly had no idea. Surely a sparkling was good for Starscream's publicity, they represented new life, fresh starts. The Neutrals wanted to rebuild after the war, and what better way to achieve that than repopulating the planet with tiny offspring?

Too impatient to wait for him to figure it out himself, Starscream scoffed in disgust.

"It's yours, stupid. What do you think is going to happen to my reputation when this thing pops out of me with your ugly helmet? The whole planet's going to think every damn thing I said to renounce you was a lie."

It sounded all very stressful but Megatron's attention was elsewhere. He crouched, extending a servo, "Mine?"

Starscream made an angry noise and grabbed his wrist, drawing him in the rest of the way. He laid Megatron's palm flat again the ballooning armour of his middle, and Megatron felt the stirrings of new life within the seeker.

"-be lucky if I'm not put on trial too," Starscream was still complaining. "Maybe I should take an extended vacation and just leave it behind somewhere-"

Megatron stroked the convex swell of Starscream's armour, enraptured by it, it's warmth, it's shape. He'd never seen Starscream like this, never thought he ever would. A fine-tuned, precision designed warrior like his once air commander, now rounded and fat with his sparkling.

He leant forward, till his helm was resting again the curve of the bump. Starscream cupped the back of his helm in encouragement.

"And it kicks me non stop," he peered down at Megatron. "When i'm in meetings, when I'm trying to recharge-"

"Is it uncomfortable?" Megatron purred against his armour, cupping his middle with both servos. His frame warmed at the thought of making Starscream feel better. It was his duty after all, for having put him in this... Inflated state.

Starscream's servo paused it's absent stroking of Megatron's helm. His lips curved. "You could say that. A mech in my condition has certain... needs."

Megatron's engines purred. He pressed his mouth to Starscream's belly. Life flickered within, "Perhaps I can be of service, oh chosen one?"

Starscream didn't need to say yes. He tugged on the edge of Megatron's helmet, encouraging him to stand again and follow as he began to walk backwards towards another door, one leading into an opulent looking berthroom.

Megatron liked to think he was a gentleman though, so he rose quickly and caught Starscream around the hips, lifting him up. He was ridiculously heavy, and where his normally trim frame could slot elegantly against Megatron's, it was now big and cumbersome.

Despite the bump between them, Megatron leant in and kissed him, carrying him towards the berth.

It was probably the new protocols from carrying, but Starscream melted easily in his arms. Megatron laid him down on his berth and his crown fell off, clattering to the floor. Starscream didn't seem to notice, struggling to pull Megatron close without putting weight on his unborn passenger. He whined in frustration.

Megatron shushed him, grabbing a pillow from the headboard and hiking Starscream's hips up long enough to shove it under his aft, elevating him. Megatron released his spike and stroked it lightly as he dipped and kissed Starscream's bump, then moved up and closed his mouth over chest vents and ridges. Starscream nuzzled at the top of his helm, purring appreciatively.

"I want you to ruin me," he murmured. "Like you used to..."

"Not in this condition," Megatron shook his helm, but kissed him to make up for it.

He drew back and rose again, climbing off the berth to stand between Starscream's spread legs. Starscream had trouble looking past his own middle at him, trying to crane his neck to see what happening as his panel popped eagerly. Megatron glanced at his valve, wet and plush, just the way he'd left it.

He lifted Starscream's legs up onto his shoulders and without any preamble, slipped into him with an appreciative murmur. Starscream gasped, servos flying to his bump, stilling it when Megatron drew back and hitched forward sharply, making it jiggle.

Incased in silky wet heat, Megatron's spike throbbed at the sight of it. He continued moving, watching his thrusts jar the heavy seeker. Starscream was pink in the face with both arousal and embrassment, encumbered in his enjoyment by the bump he was struggling to support.

Megatron wanted to watch him wobble and bounce though. He took Starscream's wrists and held them away, leaving the bump to sway freely in time to his thrusts, mesmerisingly.

He felt his overload approaching, and thrust faster, deeper. Starscream yelped and clenched around him, and that's all it took for him to finish, riding it out, pumping his fluid into Starscream's already overstuffed frame, wondering if he could make the poor seeker any bigger.

He pulled out, and saw when he moved that their mingled fluids had escaped and tracked down Starscream's aft to dampen the seeker's ridiculous cape. Shame.

Megatron smiled at him, thinking he might be able to 'ruin him' after all. But Starscream's legs had only just fallen limply from his shoulders when his comm pinged with a summons.

His spark sank.

Starscream blinked dazedly. "If that's Rodimus-"

"It is." Megatron reached for the edge of Starscream's expensive cape and wiped himself down with it seeing as it was already strained. Starscream didn't appear to notice.

"I'm in charge here." He glared, pointing. "And if I want to keep you another five minutes-"

Megatron swept down and kissed him, shutting him up. It lasted longer than he'd intended for it too, but it was hard to pull away.

He did though. He knew he couldn't stay.

"You're too delicate to get into an argument with Rodimus today," he advised, brushing their mouths together one last time. "I... enjoyed seeing you."

Starscream didn't look mollified by the kiss though. "Fine, leave me then."

"Send word when the sparkling comes," Megatron refused to be drawn into an argument. He wasn't parting with Starscream on bad terms, not when he was so heavily carrying, and not when Megatron knew he'd do nothing but regret it. "And good luck."

Starscream simply crossed his arms and scowled at him. "Just go."


"Just go!" Starscream snarled, and probably would have jumped up and thrown something at him if he wasn't so weighted down.

Megatron supposed that was the best he was going to get out of him. He sighed, pausing in the doorway, "Goodbye, Starscream."

Starscream rolled to face the opposite direction.



It had been over a month now and Megatron's every waking thought was possessed by what he'd left behind. Starscream, and his offspring. There'd been no word, from Starscream or elsewhere, and he was beginning to wonder what had become of them.

Had Starscream had it? Was he still carrying? Where they alright?

He spent a lot of time wondering what his little one would look like, which of it's parent's they would take after. Starscream's wings? His helmet?

Would he ever find out?

His musings were interrupted by a scuffle outside his habsuite. Magnus's deep voice was intoning a stern 'no', and Rodimus's annoying voice whining.

Megatron opened the door with a scowl.

Rodimus froze where he was stretched onto his toe pedes, arms raised in the air, optics wide, expression caught. He was reaching for the data-slug Magnus held just out of reach.

"Message from the Republic of Cybertron," Magnus said, avoiding Rodimus's grabs for the data-slug as he handed it to Megatron. "From Starscream of Vos."

Megatron lifted it as high as Magnus had done when he realised why Rodimus was so interested in seeing it.

He crowded Megatron anyway, "As Captain, I'm-"

Megatron quickly shut the door in his face. And locked it, for good measure.

He could still hear their faint bickering on the other side of the door, but ignored it in favour of unlocking the message, slotting the slug into the first datapad he could find.

It was a picture. Just one. Of a small black and grey sparkling sat nestled in a red armoured lap. One of it's pudgy little fists had been lifted to wave at the camera by the elegant claws holding it up. It's soft little face was confused, optics squinting and mouth open, unaware of just about everything, as sparklings tended to be. It looked barely a day old.

And it didn't, as Starscream had feared, have his 'stupid' helmet.

There was a message too, below the picture.

Come home and meet your daughter.

Megatron tucked the datapad away in his subspace. Come home, to Starscream and a daughter.

Of course he would. Not even the Gods could stop him.


Chapter Text

Thundercracker watched Skywarp roll another high number and punch his fist in victory, leaning across the holographic board to steal the last galaxy token. "Yes," he grinned, dropping the token into his pile. "I win again, TC."

He gleefully scooped the tokens up and let them fall through his digits like they were shanix or precious gems. Despite the loss, Thundercracker found himself smiling.

"You really do suck at Galactic Conquers," Skywarp teased, "and it's a game for younglings."

"Then why are we always playing it?" Thundercracker offlined the hologram and began gathering the pieces. They'd been playing on the floor of Megatron's throne room to avoid distraction (and judgment), and if their leader retuned to discover the mess...

Thundercracker tidied up more hastily. "We could always try playing something based on logic, or skill for once. Something that doesn't rely on luck-"

"Says the unluckiest seeker on the ship." Skywarp flicked one of the tokens at him. "Nice try, Thunder."

Thundercracker continued to begrudgingly tidy up. Skywarp began to ramble on about his latest Big Idea to win himself some favour with command; a insane sounding plan that involved trying to assassinate Optimus Prime via sending him a roll of poisoned wallpaper- after having overheard Megatron mention how fond Prime was of 'chewing the scenery'.

Thundercracker was about to explain what Megatron had actually meant by that when he was cut off by an odd noise.

Skywarp blinked at him. "Was that you?"

"No." Thundercracker stood, glancing around the throne room. There was no one else here. Skywarp went to open his mouth again but Thundercracker held up a servo, stopping him as he focused his audials.

There was nothing for a while, and he was about to give up when-


So faint and far away and breathless he almost didn't catch it.

"Did you hear that?" He whispered to Skywarp.

Skywarp shrugged, and began shuffled in the direction the noise had come from.

At the end of the throne room, behind the throne itself and concealed in the bulkhead, was a private doorway, the sort only Megatron was allowed to use for convenience and haste. It should have been sealed shut, but as he and Skywarp approached, helms angled curiously, they realised that it was not.

The door's track seemed to have been obstructed, and there was the tiniest gap between the door and the frame. Enough for sound to travel through- enough for them to take a peak.

A moan drifted through, and Skywarp, unable to help himself, began to tiptoe towards it.

"Warp," Thundercracker followed, trying to catch him without making too much noise, because if they could hear whoever Megatron was attending on the other side of that door, it was likely Megatron would be able to hear them too.

"I have to see this," Skywarp whispered furiously, dropping to his knees besides the door. He peered in, and then flinched back again, optics bug wide.

Thundercracker was so concerned about the reaction, he joined Skywarp at the door and took a look himself-

And had to throw a servo over his mouth to prevent a gasp of surprise.

Because it was Starscream with him.

On the other side of the door there wasn't a security corridor as he'd always imagined, but what looked like a small office, a desk, and a table and chairs, a place where Megatron could adjourn to and meet with mechs in private.

(Which was probably one way of putting what was going on now)

Megatron had his back to them, and was pinning a seeker to the bulkhead that they might not have even realised was Starscream behind his bulk if not for the hiked up leg balanced on the back of a wobbling chair. They were kissing, it was obvious not just in the tilting of their helms, but the sound of breathless vents and lips smacking wetly. Starscream's clawed servos were dwarfed were they laid splayed against Megatron's shoulders, and they were kneading their leader's armour fondly, carefully, deadly claws barely leaving a scratch.

"...That's kinda hot," Skywarp whispered, his mouth right next to Thundercracker's audial.

Thundercracker elbowed him lightly, making a shushing motion and ignoring the sudden flush of heat in his systems.

Starscream groaned inside the room, and Thundercracker refocused. There was a bang as the chair Starscream had had his thruster on tipped over and fell to the floor, then Megatron was hoisting him up himself. Starscream legs came up quickly, scrambling to secure themselves around Megatron's waist. They were clenched tight around him- Thundercracker could see the flex of the gears and struts beneath his armour.

From the way Megatron's aft and hips were moving Thundercracker realised quickly that they were in the middle of more than just a make-out session.

Skywarp let out a cross between an hysterical giggle and stifled moan. His frame felt hot against Thundercracker's back. Thundercracker leant back against him, but kept his optics locked on the goings on between the gap in the door.

"Shh," he hushed him.

Without Skywarp mouth-breathing or giggling, Thundercracker could hear their vents better, laboured and overworked, like they'd been at this for some time, all while he and Skywarp had been playing their stupid game in just the next room. He could also hear slick, wet noises, and his cheeks were set ablaze at the realisation that the sound was Megatron's spike moving in and out of Starscream's valve.

Thundercracker had no idea how long they'd been watching for, but Skywarp's arms had snaked around his waist and there was a definite heat against his aft where Skywarp had not so subtly nudged his codpiece against him. He expected to be warped away from here any second now and thrown across the berth in their quarters, but Skywarp wasn't willing to cut their free show short just yet.

Starscream suddenly cried out, a sharp, warbling noise, twitching and thrashing between the bulkhead and Megatron, pinned there as their leader continued to frag him without change, fast, firm thrusts. Starscream continued to mewl quietly as his overload passed, but he sounded so unlike himself, so undone and desperate and vulnerable, Thundercracker had to fight back growing guilt for having watched this.

The way they moved. The way they touched one another. The way Starscream whispered Megatron's name- it was profound and emotional, not a quickie hate-frag between rivals, but a private moment between lovers.

Megatron's fast pace came to a sudden halt. He snarled aggressively, muffled it in a kiss, then restarted his movements with sharp, spaced-out thrusts, each one drawing a squeak of noise from Starscream, who sounded close to going off again.

Finally Megatron ground into him, circling his hips with the scraping of metal and Starscream's gasping loudly in the background.

He grunted, purring engines so loud Thundercracker could feel it in his own chest- and then with a whir of powering down systems, Megatron's powerful shoulders slumped.

"Let's go." Skywarp nuzzled his audial, servo wandering lower as he drew him away, "I wanna try that with you. "

Thundercracker nodded numbly, watching as Megatron carefully set Starscream down on the ground again.

He caught a glimpse of Starscream's face just before Skywarp's warp drive kicked it, flushed purple and goofily smiling, staring up at Megatron like their leader was Primus's gift to needy seekers.

And maybe he was, with the noises Starscream had been making...

"Think Starscream will share?" Skywarp whispered half an hour later in their own berth, sated and overheated from their own romp.

Thundercracker smirked, folding his arms behind his helm as he stared at the ceiling. "I sure hope so, Warp."


Chapter Text

If Megatron didn't want someone snooping through his stuff, he should think about installing better security.

Or else it was pretty much an open invitation to bored individuals like Starscream, and the laser cutting device he had designed for the sole purpose of cutting through reinforced metal doors.

He cut a clean half circle around the door's locking mechanism. Switching the laser off, he gave the door an encouraging little push. It slid away silently to reveal Megatron's spartan but sizeable command quarters.

Starscream hummed happily, stepping inside.

A full week ago now a paranoid Megatron, sniffing out plots, had threatened to flip him upside down and shake him by the ankles if he didn't turn out the contents of his subspace. Knowing that he did, in fact, currently have the prototype for a memory blanking ray gun he was planning on using against his leader in his possession, Starscream had opted instead to hand over everything but- including his premium brand of waxes and polishes he had brought with him all the way from Cybertron.

Megatron had snatched them up, declared he'd be a more productive member of crew if he spent less time preening and more time working; and Starscream hadn't seen his polishes since.

And he wasn't using the standard issue generic sludge stocked in the washracks.

Megatron was unlikely to leave confiscated items out in the open, so Starscream began to search for loose wall panels and decking, and checking the drawers of the desk for false bottoms. After ten minutes or so he realised he was giving Megatron too much credit, and instead looked under the berth.

"Typical." He purred, and reached under it to pull out a box from underneath. It too, was locked, making it a promising hideaway for contraband. Starscream broke out his laser cutter and made short work of it.

He flipped the lid, ready to joyfully reclaim all of the possessions he'd lost over the millions of years, only to be faced with a very different sort of contraband.

He gasped loudly, shocked at the sight of what had at first looked like a box of torture devices- but upon closer inspection of the colour, flexible, phallic shapes...

He lifted one out, it was large and thick and flared at the base. It was firm, but had some give to it when he clenched his digits around it. "What is-?"

His digit found a switch. He pressed it, and the entire thing began to vibrate-

-Just as the broken door to the room was swung open with a slam, Megatron barging through with the angriest scowl, denta bared at the vandalism. His optics locked with Starscream's instantly and whatever furious thing he was about to say about breaking and entering died on the tip of his glossa when he spied the toy vibrating with vigour in Starscream's fist.

Starscream stared at him.

Megatron stared back.

"A whole box of toys," Starscream finally broke the silence, holding the vibrating toy higher, as though raising toast with it, "And you never once thought to share?"

Megatron's worried looking stare seemed to relax. "...I didn't-"

Starscream tutted, lifting a pair of handcuffs out the box next, dangling them from his pinky. "Why Megatron, you know I like seeing you all tied up."

Megatron reached behind himself with slightly shaky movements and slid the door closed again.

Starscream grabbed the sides of the box and tipped the entire thing out, wondering if he'd have the time to try each and every last one of them.



Starscream had originally come to retrieve his polish, not waste an entire duty shift messing around in Megatron's berth- but he was rather enjoying the turn of events anyway.

He sat on top of Megatron and watched him writhe and squirm, his wrists handcuffed to the berth frame above his helm. The remote Starscream held controlled the intensity of the vibrator he currently had shoved up Megatron's wet little valve.

He turned it up, and Megatron shouted, jumping. His thick spike, in Starscream's valve, twitched and throbbed.

Starscream turned it down again, letting it buzz lightly. Megatron moaned. "Starscream..."

Starscream smirked and rocked gently on his spike, just enjoying how easy it was to make his powerful leader whine like a broken pleasure bot. "What's the matter, Megatron? Do you want to come?"

Optics hooded and dim, Megatron nodded imploringly, his hips hitching up. "Please..."

Starscream slid his thumb along the controller and switched it up to it's mid setting, then down to it's lowest again. Megatron hissed and yanked on his handcuffs. Starscream could feel how close he was getting.

He tutted.

"Please, what?"

Megatron rolled his helm across the pillow. Starscream switched the vibrator up again.

"Starscream!" Megatron yelled, deep timbre cracking, "Let me come!"

"I come first, Megatron, you know that," Starscream purred, riding him languidly. Leaning forwards and bracing his servos against Megatron's belly, he rose onto his thighs for better control, choosing a pace that suited him, ignoring the fidgeting of the mech below. "Then you, maybe. If you're good."

The handcuffs jingled and clanked when Megatron pulled on them again, hard enough to shake the whole berth frame this time.

Starscream leant further forwards, pausing their game to rise from Megatron's spike and brush his mouth against his leader's audial with a quiet. "You alright?"

"M' Fine," Megatron nodded, flashing him a brief breathless smile.

Starscream's internals squirmed at the sight of it and he planted a long, thorough kiss on him. He settled back again, easing himself down onto Megatron's spike. Then turned the vibrator up.

Megatron was quick to turn back into a squirming desperate mess beneath him. Starscream kept the setting and concentrated on his own pleasure for a moment, watching the rainbow of expressions cross Megatron's normally stoic, bad tempered face, watching how his arms tensed and the legs behind him kicked at the berth top.

"You can come," Starscream told him, out of breath himself now, thighs aching with the strain of riding him, "When you tell me where you hid my polishes-"

Megatron made an hysterical noise, almost like a laugh of disbelief. "You-?"

Starscream reached back and began to twist and thrust the vibrator in Megatron's valve. The laughter turned into a shout, "Starscream-!"

"Where, Megatron."

"I- I have them," he hissed, optics shuttered and mouth opening to gasp silently. "My- my subspace- I have them-"

Starscream turned the vibrator up the rest of the way, to it's max setting, and angled it against Megatron's node until his optics flashed white with ecstasy. Megatron bellowed, yanking on his handcuffs so hard the frame they were attached to bent. Starscream felt, and then rode the sudden rush of warmth in his valve, Megatron climaxing from both valve and spike.

He let his optics flutter shut, joining Megatron in his climax.

When he finished, he switched the vibrator off and flopped forwards, onto Megatron's heaving chest. He was weak and exhausted, limbs too heavy to even think about trying to un-cuff Megatron from the berth-

There was a click and drag of metal, and Starscream peered up to see Megatron removing himself from them with some sort of hidden safety mechanism. He huffed. He should have known, Megatron would never have let himself truly be at someone else's mercy.

A freed arm came around his back, stroking a wing fondly. The other appeared in front of his face, holding his can of polish.

Starscream smiled sultrily and took it.

Then noticed how much lighter it was.

"Have you been using it?"

For a Decepticon, Megatron was so stupidly bad at lying. "...No."

Starscream remembered he still held controller for the vibrator lodged up Megatron's valve. He didn't at all regret switching it back on with a vengeance.


Chapter Text

Megatron stood in front of the main monitor in the command centre, and despaired of what the idiots he called his faction had done to the system.

Someone (though he could probably guess who) had been downloading movies from both the human internet and deep space frequencies. Somewhere in that mess they'd invited in a virus of some sort, and now Megatron couldn't touch the system without a thousand popups bombarding the screen all at once.

He was about to call it a day and just shoot the stupid thing when one of the mini popups managed to catch his optic.

It looked like porn, and he almost looked away with a disgusted snort- but something about the individual in the frozen screenshot was familiar. Sky blue thrusters on pedes, and glossy white, shapely thighs-

He clicked on it. It disappeared behind another rush of popups but he managed to clear them eventually and found himself looking at a long since discontinued porn site. Video Not Found was now written across the unplayable video, but he could see the screenshot in full now- of a seeker on his back, legs splayed by the wide hips of a dark construction frame with a broad spike. His face was turned towards the camera with a sultry pout, optics dimmed and hooded. Starscream.

Or someone that looked exactly like Starscream.

Megatron's mouth had dropped open in surprise, but more than that his array began to stir with interest.

No. It couldn't have been Starscream. Surely he would have known if his air commander had had forays into... performing. Soundwave should have known at the very least. And Soundwave would have had the sense to tell him.

Though the site didn't work, listed below the removed video were 'further viewing suggestions'. Megatron glanced through them, seeing screenshot after screenshot of the same seeker that looked so like Starscream sucking spikes, or posing with his valve exposed, or smearing transfluid over his cockpit or-

"Why is it so dark in here?"

Starscream's voice drifted in from the doorway.

Megatron fumbled to get rid of the page, but the virus reacted as virus's typically did and more popups filled the screen, flashing up faster than he could delete, and this time finishing with one huge screenshot of the Starscream-lookalike wedged between two huge triple-changers, helm thrown back in ecstasy.

Megatron span around and tried to the hide the huge screen with his arms.

Starscream had stopped short, and was staring at the monitor with a surprised, nervous expression. There was recognition in his bright optics. "Uhh.."

"I-" Megatron floundered. "There's a virus. They just... appeared."

Starscream hummed vacantly, clearly awkward, embarrassed.

"It's..." Megatron glanced between the mech on screen and Starscream, unsure whether it would be worth mentioning the elephant in the room and risking his ire.

"That looks an awful lot like you." He said diplomatically.

Starscream worked his glossa around his mouth, his suprise quickly transmuting into annoyance.

"... I had to pay for the science academy somehow, didn't I?"

Megatron thought his optics were going to burst out of his head. "It is you?!"

"No, it's my evil clone." Starscream rolled his optics. "Of course it's me. Look-" he strode closer and jabbed a digit at the screenshot where he was on his knees, aft raised with his valve exposed for the camera close up. "I would have thought you'd seen my valve enough times to recognise it-"

"There are a lot of videos..." Megatron said vacantly.

"Learning. Is expensive." Starscream said slowly, speaking like he thought he was an idiot.

"You should have told me." Megatron looked at him sadly.

Starscream misunderstood his sadness. He folded his arms angrily. "Why? So you could call me a degenerate slut, or a used up piece of share ware, or-"

"All that talent." Megatron interrupted, shaking his helm and waving at the screen full of porn dramatically. "And you never once thought to make a video with me?"

Starscream stopped short in his self deprecating insults. "You want to film me?"

"A video for our private use." Megatron glanced at the screen, contemplating, eyeing a screenshot that featured Starscream in a very flexible position. "...I'd like to try that."

Starscream sighed heavily. "Do you have a camera?"

"I can find one." Megatron reassured quickly.



Little more than a week later and the entire Earth based faction of Decepticons were gathered in the command centre, helms down and twitching nervously. Guilty. The lot of them.

Megatron was angry at all of them, but Starscream was only angry at Megatron. Which in turn, was making Megatron angrier.

The tape was missing.

So, one by one the hapless subordinates were being interrogated as to it's whereabouts. Despite Megatron's fearsome temper, none of them where coming forward to admit it was in their possession.

From what Starscream could tell though (as he watched the proceedings, perched in Megatron's throne) by the way most of the gathered mechs kept glancing shyly in his direction, most of them had watched it.

And they'd been passing it around between them like a bag of energon goodies at a sleepover!

His scowl deepened.

Skywarp currently stood in front of Megatron, fidgeting guiltily.

"You watched it." Megatron asked.

Skywarp nodded.

"And what do you do with it?"

Skywarp kept his optics down. "Gave it Thundercracker."

Megatron moved down the line and loomed over the next seeker. Thundercracker slumped in defeat. "I only watched a little bit," he complained.

"-Liar-" Ramjet protested, disguised it as a cough.

Starscream let his helm hang back with a sigh, wondering how long this was going to take and if he even cared enough to see if the tape reappeared among the ranks. He'd take little enjoyment in watching it now, knowing every other blasted pervert in this base had too.

He was about to get up and make a dramatic exit -just so Megatron would know he was still angry- when Soundwave interrupted the interrogation with a alerted. "Lord Megatron. Tape; located."

Megatron straightened in surprise, turning back to look at him. "Where?"

Starscream wished Soundwave had just sent him a private message and explained, instead of turning to the recently repaired monitor and switching it on to a human news channel so the entire gathered faction could witness what was happening on it.

A fleshling female was sat at a desk talking very seriously, a stock picture of attacking Decepticons in the background. Starscream felt nervous before he even began to listen to what was being said.

"-video quickly picked up traction through word of mouth. Experts estimate the number of copies will continue to multiply as demand grows, making it the first viral xeno-pornograohic video. Some xeno-biologists have debated the authenticity of the video however, arguing that the likelihood of non-organic aliens practicing methods of reproduction so similar to ours as unlikely.

Alley to the United Nations and Autobot leader, Optimus Prime, had this to say on the matter-"

The video cut to a very haggard looking Prime yelling, "No I have not seem the video! And for the last time, 'no comment!'"

The video changed back to the fleshling female. "More on this at ten."

Soundwave switched the command console off, and the room was silent.

"Wow, Screamer!" Skywarp called across to him, voice echoing loudly. "You're famous!"

Starscream smiled unsettlingly at a horrified looking Megatron and hoped it was enough to convey clearly how he was never ever talking to him ever again.


Chapter Text

"Starscream!" Megatron bellowed when the machine went off with a flash and a bang. Smoke spewed and wires sparked, and it had most certainly not gone to plan.

Starscream stumbled through the smoke, coughing and waving his servos. He felt unbalanced, out of place. And as the smoke began to clear, a figure came into view.

He blinked, finding himself looking at... himself?


He coughed again, wondering why his voice came out several octaves deeper than it should have.

Coughing didn't improve it and he threw his servos up to his throat, trying to clear his vocaliser- before his optics caught sight of them.

Large black, blunt tipped servos. He yanked them away and looked down at himself. A flat silver chest, a huge fusion cannon... He was considerably higher off the ground too, stood on strong thick legs.

"I'm Megatron." He breathed.

"No!" The Starscream-lookalike across the room thrust a digit and yelled- no, shrieked at him- "I'm Megatron!"

Starscream blinked at himself. Or at his frame, at least.

The scowl, the hunched shoulders, the clenched jaw, the obvious lack of grace.

"You are Megatron," He realised, squinting at him. "You're me?"

"I told you not to activate the machine!" Megatron snapped, striding forwards purposely, and then tripping as his ankle gave way. He stumbled, "What the-" he waved his arms around to rebalance himself. It didn't seem to help.

"How do you walk on-!"

Starscream moved forwards, his unfamiliar frame huge and lumbering and slow. He caught Megatron's pinwheeling arms and pulled him upright before he landed flat on his aft, "Careful-!"

Megatron leant on him roughly- and Starscream was surprised at how light he felt. He watched Megatron lift a thruster heel, glaring down at it. "These are ridiculous."

"If you had even just a iota of poise and balance," Starscream began darkly. "You'd be able to keep yourself upright."

Megatron was ignoring the criticism. He slung an arm over Starscream's shoulder and balanced himself. "How you run in these things, let alone walk-"

"Heel toe." Starscream explained.

Megatron blinked at him stupidly, and Starscream wished he wouldn't pull that expression using his face. He sighed and stepped slowly forward to show him. Megatron's pedes were flat and built for stability, so it was no surprise he wasn't used to up-keeping good posture and balance. It was like teaching a sparkling to walk.

"Heel- toe, heel- toe-"

"You shouldn't have to think, to walk." Megatron grumbled resentfully, but followed his lead, still wobbling. "And these wings aren't helping-"

Starscream glanced back to see Megatron had dropping his gorgeous broad wings low, hiding them. No wonder he was having trouble balancing.

He touched one, and Megatron jumped with a surprised noise. It was high in pitch and so unlike himself Starscream couldn't help his smile. But of course, wings were a sort of sensitive that a brute like Megatron had no experience of. Yet. 

"Lift them up," he advised.


"Up!" Starscream nudged the edges. "Let them fan out, for Primus's sake. And don't slouch in my frame, strut-!"

Megatron spluttered. "I'm not about to start strutting-!"

"You're in my frame, you'll strut if I tell you to strut!" Starscream argued, "Or I'll start doing horrendous things with your frame."

Megatron snorted. "Like what?"


Megatron straightened, wings hitching up a little. He looked uncomfortable, so Starscream had to concede that that was the best they were going to do.

"You'd better fix this." Megatron snarled, pulling his face into more horrible expressions.

Starscream wanted to slap him. "Stop doing that to my face. You're going to give me wrinkles. Like you've got."

"You mean like you've got?" Megatron pointed, brow arching.

Starscream's optics widened at that sudden realisation. He gasped in horror, touching his- or Megatron's face, feeling lines and plating worn with age.

"I'm old!" He cried. "And ugly!"

"And I'm a peacock." Megatron bit back, lamenting the colourful armour of his arms. 

Starscream shoved Megatron off his shoulder, letting him wobble on his heels unaided. "Don't call me that."

"What better word is there?" Megatron held his arms open, displaying himself. "Impractical, flashy, classless-"

"Take it back!" Starscream loomed over Megatron, grateful that the height difference was in his favour for once. "You like the way I look. You said I was elegant."

"You are elegant." Megatron grumbled, looking at his sharp pointed claws. "But elegant doesn't suit me. I'm more trussed up than a solace day present."

"I'll fix it." Starscream promised him, touching his cheek. He was surprised by how big Megatron's servos were. Really big. Or perhaps he was the one that had been small? He looked between them. Megatron's helm was level with his shoulder, so when he looked down all he could see the top of his dark helm and Megatron's pouting lips.

"What until then?" Megatron tilted his helm up to look up at him, and Starscream could see Megatron's endearing demeanour shining through in his own optics.

It was disconcerting and familiar all at once. Megatron's stoic expressions on his face were... well, they were still rather handsome actually.

Starscream felt warm under his armour suddenly.

"Well," he began carefully. "I always did wonder what it felt like to be you, when we..." He let a servo trail down his- no Megatron's now- cockpit. "You know...?"

Megatron veered back in surprise. "You want to interface? At a time like this?"

"You've really never thought about it? What it feels like for me when you're inside me?" Starscream smirked. "Because it's pretty good-"

"I'm not a valve mech." Megatron shied away, dodging Starscream's attempts to touch him again, but tripping over his own heels. "I'm not used to it, and you're bigger than me like this anyway-"

"But I'm used to it." Starscream pointed out. "And thanks to you, my valve is more than used to it."

Megatron swallowed thickly, and Starscream assumed that his frame was responding for Megatron in the same way as this one was for him. He could feel Megatron's spike becoming stiff under his codpiece, in the same way he knew his valve was getting wet.

Megatron's cheeks were flushed, so he must have been feeling that dampness between his legs already.

"...Once." Megatron relented, fidgeting but trying to look confident and in-charge of himself. "Once for curiosities sake, and not a word of this to anyone."

Starscream hissed, "Yes!" gleefully and it sounded ridiculous from Megatron's vocaliser. "I'll get us back to normal straight after. I promise."

"You better," Megatron grumped.

Starscream swooped in and kissed him, and it was nice, for once, not to have to be the one on his tiptoes, craning his neck to reach. It was also nice to be the one groping and stroking his own wings.

Megatron moaned into his mouth, and Starscream found himself grinning.

He couldn't wait to show Megatron what else was more sensitive on a seeker's frame.


Chapter Text

At the risk of things growing stagnant after four million years of monogamy, Starscream had -rather unwisely- taken advice from Skywarp.

"Role play," he advised wisely.

"Role play?" Starscream repeated with horror.

"Oh, yeah sure." Skywarp nodded. "And you know what Thunder's like. Gotta big imagination. Likes pretending I'm a cop that's arresting him sometimes. I can give you some ideas, if you want-"

Starscream was already walking away, because the last thing he needed was to know what sort of sexual fantasies his trine were playing out in the privacy of their habsuite. And like he'd ever humiliate himself making such a suggestion to Megatron.

He did think about it though, and rather regretted not having asked more questions. Like this police officer role play? Did they dress up? Did Skywarp put Thundercracker in cuffs?

Starscream shook his helm, trying to rid himself of the mental image. But the idea itself, annoyingly, wouldn't leave him.

He sidled up to Megatron, ever so slyly slipping under his arm when he was bent over a star map scowling. Megatron twitched when their armour brushed, and lifted his arm to peer at him.

"You look like you're plotting something," he commented.

Starscream brightened the setting on his optics to make himself look innocent. "No, just... I thought of something... amusing."

Megatron grunted. "What?"

Starscream tucked himself a little closer, taking Megatron's arm from where it was braced against the table and drew it around himself. "Roleplaying."

Megatron didn't react much, altering coordinates on the holographic model of the ship floating over the map before replying. "Acting? You're interested in the creative arts now?"

Like Starscream would ever waste his time with that.

"No," he admonished, rubbing against Megatron a little. "For sexual gratification."

That got Megatron's attention. His arm consciously tightened around Starscream's middle and finally he looked away from the star map.

"...What sort of roles were you thinking of?"

Starscream decided to be generous. He smiled up at Megatron, letting his wings flutter against his powerful chest. "I thought you might like to choose, if you're interested?"

Megatron was, obviously, very interested, and Starscream realised later that allowing him the power to choose the roles in this little fantasy had been a mistake the moment Megatron assigned his to him.

"Share-ware?" He hissed.

"I didn't say that." Megatron glared, and Starscream could tell they weren't off to a good start- and they hadn't even actually started yet. "Escort."

"That's the same thing!"

"I can assure you. It's not."

"And you would know, would you?" Starscream asked darkly.

"You're a high-class escort." Megatron dodged the question tactlessly. "And I will be your customer."

"I get to pick next then," Starscream snapped, forgetting this was supposed to be something enjoyable that built trust between couples and not a tit for tat revenge opportunity. "You'll be a delinquent student and I'll be an academy professor with a cane."

Megatron arched a brow, looking interested actually. "I look forward to it."

Starscream grumbled, annoyed that he could have forgotten what an unflappable deviant Megatron was. "Alright fine. So I'm your whore-"

"-Escort," Megatron corrected.

"-and you're a sleaze bag customer," Starscream continued undeterred, ignoring his mate's heavy sigh. "Hand over the credits."

Megatron blinked at his extended servo. "You want to be paid?"

"I'm a working seeker," Starscream cocked a hip and gave him a sultry look, thinking he might as well get into his role now. "This isn't a charity, stud. And I'm not cheap.

Megatron began to smirk. "I can tell. How much?"

"Five thousand."

Megatron found shanix somewhere within his subspace and tossed them onto the berthside table. It was such a careless, disregarding gesture that Starscream jumped. He glanced back to see if it actually was five thousand, but big servos had his helm and chin and were turning him back to face his 'customer'.


Starscream opened his mouth to respond with something witty, but Megatron was already kissing him. He purred into it, reaching for Megatron's wrists. It was a little rougher than usual, hasty, like they really were in some back alley. Megatron drew back and grabbed at his aft with one servo, squeezing.

Starscream squeaked in surprise, optics brightening at the thrill that rushed through his frame. It was rough and inconsiderate and he liked it. "Megatron-!"

"Don't say my name," Megatron warned, walking him back towards the wall, "Turn around, beautiful, open your panels."

Starscream did as he was told, trying to suppress his smile and hiding his blush against the bulkhead. Megatron took his servos and pinned them to the wall either side of his helm. A pede kicked his legs apart. He quickly snapped his panel away.

Megatron's mouth was against his audial in the next instant, hot breath wafting over Starscream's face. He shuttered his optics, pushing back into the heavy frame as it closed in on him.

"How did a pretty seeker like you end up doing such a dirty job?" Megatron murmured, and before Starscream could respond he felt the stiff length of Megatron's spike against his thigh.

He shuddered, blundering through his answer, "I- I didn't-"

"Is it because you like it?" Megatron growled, and though Starscream knew it was Megatron and not some rough overfamiliar stranger, his fuel pump jumped with nerves. "You're shaking. You want to my spike so desperately?"

Starscream nodded frantically, stepping his thighs a little wider. His valve ached and he couldn't remember the last time he had been this excited, this worked up and ready for Megatron.

"Say it," Megatron growled, chest rumbling against Starscream's wings. "Be a good seeker and tell me you want it."

"I want it." Starscream said numbly, trying to angle his hips back, wanting to grind against him. "Megatron-"

"No names." Megatron rumbled again and Starscream's legs felt weak.

Their structural integrity didn't strengthen when Megatron finally began to enter him, tip rubbing against his node teasingly before it began to press in, guided by Megatron's servo. It was hot and stiff and Starscream kneed the bulkhead when the stretch surprised him.

After all these years, and Megatron was still surprising him.

"Good seeker." Megatron continued to praise, and that, with his deep warm voice against Starscream's audial, was undoing him as well as that spike was, rolling into him languidly, taking it's time. "You're nice and wet for me. A perfect fit too..."

Starscream made an incoherently stupid noise, letting his forehelm thunk against the bulkhead, panting.

"You're doing so well." Megatron continued, starting to frag him with more intent now. Starscream began to moan, and wasn't able to stop. "Look so pretty like this-"

Starscream's cheeks felt like furnaces now, his spark tight with unfamiliar fluster. He wanted to squirm, but Megatron held him too tight. He was going to overload, and he was going to do it soon. He shuttered his optics and tried to keep it at bay, but Megatron was fragging him, and breathing on him, hot and hard, "Oh, Primus..."

"Be a good seeker and overload for me," Megatron told him, pace increasing, voice deepening with his own arousal. "For me, Starscream." He whispered hoarsely, "Be good for me."

Starscream couldn't have prevented it if he'd tried. He kneed the bulkhead again but could hardly feel it as ecstasy washed over him.

"Megatron!" He cried out, riding back against Megatron, chasing the pleasure of friction. This time he wasn't admonished for using his name.

"Well done, Starscream," Megatron kissed up the back of his neck, over his shoulder, his pace slowing, but not stopping. "Want to keep going?" He murmured.

Starscream nodded listlessly.

Skywarp was on to something here. Starscream was going to have to ask if he and Thundercracker really did have cuffs for their roleplays.

And maybe see if he and Megatron could borrow them.


Chapter Text

That Megatron even had a gestation tank after the war, after the pits, was a thing to behold.

Most gladiators (if the damage they didn't sustain in the fights hadn't already done the job) lost theirs to crooked medics. Patrons that didn't want their prize fighters missing peak season because of unexpected little miracles would slip the arena medics a little tip to have the equipment taken out.

Fighters shouldn't carry anyway, is what they'd say. If they were really so set on making sparklings, the arena masters could always find them a mechling to sow.

Megatron was proud of his gestation tank- obnoxiously, so actually. He considered it a sign of his skill, his caution, his determination. He'd never let himself be damaged there, and he'd never bowed to the whims of those that considered it obsolete. Because it wasn't to him. One day the war would be over. One day he would have a sparkmate.

And one day he'd give that sparkmate the greatest gift he could.

And knowing all this, it wasn't a surprise for Starscream when the war fizzled out and the danger had passed and finally, when the world was safe enough to bring new life into, that Megatron insisted on getting some use out of his preciously guarded tank.

"You don't want to wait until things have settled?" Starscream arched a brow. "They're starting work on that new medical centre next month. Perhaps when it's built-"

"No," Megatron, stubborn as ever, insisted, "Now."

The planets medics were still in short supply and already inundated with other like-minded mecha lining up to have their baffles removed, their procreation systems switched back online. Their entire post-war society was ready to have their sparkling-boom.

Megatron was restlessly eager though, so Starscream pulled a new strings, greased a few palms, dropped names he had no right to be dropping, and Megatron was fast tracked through the waiting list and in a medic's office in no time.

"Give it a day or two to get everything back to proper function, and then start trying." The medic advised when Starscream was let in afterward, Megatron climbing off the berth with a stiff, uncomfortable expression in his face, a result of having his delicate components poked and prodded.

"How will we know if everything's as it should be?" He asked, looking at the ridiculous amount of datafiles the medic had given him on procreation. (Like he didn't already know how to do it.)

"Had a sparkling before?" The medic eyed Megatron.

"No." They answered simultaneously.

The medic nodded understandingly. "Then trust me, you'll know when he's ready."

Starscream hadn't known quite what to think at the time. Would the sudden chemical change in Megatron's frame throw him into something like the heat-cycles mechs experienced in ancient times? Would he become aggressive and frisky?

He understood better the next day, when he returned to their apartment and found Megatron had already retired to the berth.

Megatron peered at him stood in the doorway, looking sleepy and submissive where he lay on his back, limbs splayed shamelessly.

"Taking a nap?" Starscream cooed at him teasingly, dropping files and reports from the senate on the side table.

Megatron made a low rumbling noise, but it didn't sound irritated. More like a purr. Starscream approached the berth and sat on it's edge. Megatron's lazy arm lifted to stroke the edge of his hip.

"I think your protocols have activated," he murmured, laying a servo over Megatron forehelm. Uncharacteristically compliant, Megatron let him.

"How many do you think we'll have?" He asked, voice low and soft.

Starscream hummed thoughtfully.

He thought about having a dozen or so sparklings running around their apartment, screaming and laughing and making a mess of everything. No doubt Megatron would be the 'fun' parent, and he'd be the one yelling and cleaning up while Megatron cuddled them all and cooed to them and kept asking for more.

He smirked.

"As many as you want." He told Megatron.

He rubbed Megatron's trim abdomen, thinking about how big and distended he was going to get.

"How about a test run?" He asked.

Megatron shifted a little, open legs submissively splayed. It was unusual to see him like this, less ravishing and proactive. There was a click as his panel opened.

Starscream tilted his helm back and gave it a glance, his systems heating up at the sight of Megatron's exposed valve. Dark grey and black, the mesh blending in with the armour and protometal around it. The little node's biolight was glowing a soft blue- a sign of fertility.

Starscream breathed in, and the rich smell of Megatron's lubricant made his helm swim.

"Oh," he purred, climbing on to the berth over Megatron. "You're ready..."

Megatron opened his arms receptively, and Starscream dropped between his thighs. He released his spike and let it grind against Megatron's valve. He began to lick and suck at his mate's throat cables, stimulating hidden sensors that encouraged and triggered gestation protocols, until the larger mech shuttered his optics and sighed, his cooling fans snapping online.

Starscream gave his cables one last long lick, Megatron's helm tilting all the way back with the movement, his powerful engines rumbling and revving in excitement, then lined himself up.

He slipped into Megatron easily, humming approvingly at the instinctive clench and release of callipers as he pushed in. Megatron sighed, arms lifting to wrap around Starscream.

"Ooh," Starscream felt his spike pulse. He hitched forward, and Megatron groaned. "You're going to give me so many sparklings..."

Megatron nodded listlessly, and huffed out a breath when Starscream started to move bit by bit. Megatron jerked at first, surprised and unused to the sensation. Starscream had to remind himself to be easy with him. He was delicate with these recently reactivated protocols, softer and supple- everything he was meant to be as a carrier.

Starscream pushed in to the hilt, waited there was moment, sensing a tenseness in Megatron. He stroked his sides and tutted, leaning down to kiss him gently, waiting for callipers to adjust. All at once the valve around him opened up, and Megatron relaxed with a great exhale of breath.

Starscream purred and rocked deep, watching Megatron's face flicker with emotion. Ultimately it settled on lustful, so Starscream increased his rhythm and worked him.

Megatron's cheeks darkened along with his optics. He let one huge arm loop around Starscream's neck and the other reach over head, seizing the berth's headboard, using it to push back into Starscream's spike.

His legs came away from the berth and lifted. Starscream noticed and tucked one up over his hip. Megatron locked it tight around him and used it to urge him on, pressing their frame's tighter together and and squeezing at the berth's headboard until Starscream heard a snap.

Megatron stiffened and overloaded, mouth open in a silent moan, the headboard broken and twisted by his fist. Starscream kept going, letting him ride it out until the twitching and clenching of Megatron's needy valve drew an overload out of him too.

He released deep into Megatron, filling him messily, hearing a wet squelch of fluid as he continued with halfhearted little bucks, Megatron grunting and writhing languidly in the aftermath.

"There," Starscream breathed, letting his shoulder's slump as he began to soften.

Cautiously, he eased himself out, his spike quickly chilling in the cool air. A trickle of transfluid escaped Megatron's valve without his spike to plug it.

Starscream caught it with his digit and slipped it back into Megatron's valve, giving it a languid pump in and out while he was there.

"Must you?" Megatron grumbled.

Starscream tore his gaze away from Megatron's valve and smiled, "Not a drop to waste."

"True," Megatron blinked languidly, helm lolling on the berth. He was dazed, though from the fragging, or the recent change in his frame's chemistry, Starscream wasn't sure. "I do want a lot of sparklings, after all."

Starscream decided to worry about what they were going to do with all these suggested little ones another day. He settled down next to Megatron and stroked his middle fondly. Soon one of the greatest warriors to have ever lived would be plump and full of his young.

He had far better things to think about because of it.


Chapter Text

Procreation was considered the prime importance of a political union, but Starscream wanted neither to bear sparklings or be traded away like his families prize turbo-pig.

But Vos wanted Megatron's army and Megatron wanted Vos's money. A match made in the well of all-sparks- if the promised offering would just get with the programme.

"He chose you," his creator had seized him by the shoulders and given him a hard shake. "He'll settle for no less-"

Starscream shook him off and ranted and raved and destroyed half his apartment. His creator let him do it. Starscream knew it was because throwing a tantrum wouldn't change anything. No one cared what he wanted. He didn't have a choice.

"You are going to him," his creator told him later, stood in what remained of his room, surrounded by the wreckage of broken experiments and Starscream's future as a scientist. "Whether you go as a willing representative of this city state and his betrothed, or as excommunicated whore, is up to you."

Starscream's defiance could only stretch so far. If he was going to Megatron regardless of his wishes, he might as well do it as a mech of social standing.

"Just think," his creator smiled and brushed nonexistent dust from his frame as they sat in a transport on their way to Kaon. "One day your sparklings will rule in his stead."

"If he wins the war." Starscream muttered out of the corner of his mouth.

And screw sparklings. He'd rather it was him ruling in the warlord's stead.

Megatron and his army had fortified themselves in the heart of their taken city. Starscream had never been to Kaon, even before the war had torn through it. He looked around the crumbling dark city and sneered. He doubted it had been much to look at even before then.

The Decepticons were wary of spies and trespassers, and Starscream's creator wasn't permitted entry into the military base when they arrived. Perhaps just to show what a caring and loving parent he was to the Decepticons watching, his creator tried to embrace him in fond farewell.

Starscream slapped him off and stomped his way past the guards.

"Starscream!" He heard his creator call after him, anger veiled with surprise at his 'uncharacteristic' attitude. Starscream could almost hear the, "honestly,'I don't know what's gotten into him..." 

Starscream hoped never to see him again.

The Decepticon guards marched him through the building, and like most military bases it was lacking in the homely touch Starscream was used to in his high-caste towers. The further he was lead, the more his spark twisted with anxiety. No doubt, he was being led to his intended.

He wondered what sort of greeting he'd receive. In private? In front of the masses? Megatron had promised Vos considerable protection for this arrangement, so it was likely he wanted to show off what he got in the trade.

Starscream wasn't brought before a gathered crowd or intimidating throne though. His guards lead him into a quieter wing of the building. They stopped outside a door and moved either side of it. One of them entered a code to unlock it.

"Lord Megatron will call upon you in time." The guard rumbled. "You must be fatigued from your journey. He invites you to rest for now."

Starscream eyed him, then his fellow guard, before stepping into the room. Neither of them followed and the door slipped shut behind him. He heard it lock.

He swallowed thickly.

The room itself was grander than most of the base. He wondered if these were to be his quarters, and if so, perhaps this arrangement wasn't all that bad. There were data-files in shelves lining the walls, and cozy looking armchairs to spend hours sat reading them. The berth was large and spacious- too large perhaps...

Unlikely to be his alone.

It had been a long journey so he took up the guard's suggestion and rested, settling down in one of the armchairs and kicking his pedes up onto the table between them, knocking off a couple of datapads. He was in too bad a mood to care about making a mess.

He must have dozed off, because what seemed like just an hour or so later, the room was darker, and the door was opening.

He nearly fell out of his armchair in a panic when the motion sensor lights suddenly flashed back online again and illuminated the towering, broad shouldered warrior stepping through the doorway. He gave Starscream a cursory glance, tossing a huge bloodied weapon to the floor at the foot of the berth.

Starscream jumped when it clattered loudly.

"You're here." Megatron, the warlord himself, commented, pulling a cloth out of his subspace and wiping his servos. They were messy with what looked like... Energon.

Starscream wondered what the scourge of Kaon had been up to whilst he had been sat here awaiting his arrival.

He'd had ideas about being as rebellious and uncooperative as physically possible for this mech- but an idea in theory was very different in practice. It was one thing to mouth off to some random politician his creator had gotten the idea to set him up with, but another thing entirely to stand up to a huge gladiator-turned-warlord who was wiping someone's blood off his servos like it meant nothing.

Starscream's self-preservation kicked in fast.

"Lord Megatron." He said, dipping his helm, cringing at how very good and well behaved he sounded. It would have been just what his creator wanted, and the idea made him sick.

"There's no need for that." Megatron murmured, and servos now clean, he crossed the room to meet him. Starscream fought the instinct to back away like a nervous youngling. Megatron stood in front of him and looked him up and down.

"Starscream." He greeted, mouth curving with satisfaction. "I was pleased to hear you accepted my terms."

Starscream resisted the urge to say he'd had no part in accepting anything. He nodded, stiffly, wishing he could back away, or that Megatron at least, would be enough of a gentleman not to stand so close. He could feel the heat from his frame wafting over him. It was very... intimate.

"Yes, well," he waved a servo as though to bat the growing warmth between them away. "I suppose you'll want a ceremony as soon as possible-"

"There is no ceremony." Megatron interrupted, surprising him. For a moment Starscream's spark lifted. Until Megatron continued.

"Meaningless ceremonial drivel has no place here. You high castes are so fond of your pointless traditions, you start to think they're more important."

"More important?" Starscream shied away when Megatron reached for him. His servos were huge. "Than what?"

"Carnal desires." Megatron caught his chin and tilted it up. His palm was warm and Starscream felt his cheeks ignite with heat. "There is no ceremony beyond what we do here, tonight."

Starscream fuel pump was drumming through his frame. He stared up at Megatron with bright pulsing optics, almost forgetting how to breath. "What we... do?" He said stupidly.

Megatron dipped his helm. Starscream jerked, thinking he was going to be smothered with a kiss, but Megatron paused just a hairsbreadth away, dark optics smouldering cleverly.

"May I?"

Starscream exhaled. 

Then nodded in a rush before even thinking about it. Megatron closed in with a kiss, gentle and easy to succumb to. Starscream kissed back with a shaky moan, lifting his servos to Megatron's broad chest, just to feel him. He was so big and his frame radiated with unseen power.

A glossa slipped over his bottom lip and Starscream's knees felt weak.

"Mmh- wait," he pulled out of the kiss, dizzy and stuttering. Megatron was stroking up and down his back, pulling him flush to his huge frame. Starscream wanted nothing more than to melt into him.

"Our traditions- they- I was never allowed to-" he cringed. "I've never-"

Megatron seemed to understand his stuttering, he nodded, humming indulgently as he led him to the berth, "I'm sure we'll more more than able to make up for lost time now."

Starscream's pedes were off the floor as he was plucked up and placed delicately in the centre of the berth. Megatron was upon him the next moment, kissing him briefly then licking his chin.

Starscream veered back, pulling a face, but Megatron was biting his neck next, growling and sucking fuel lines into his mouth to nibble and suck. Starscream sighed softly, reclining back.

His helm didn't hit the pillow before Megatron had him by to the hips and was flipping him onto his front though. He yelped in surprise. There were servos stroking over every inch of him, and as his wings were groped and massaged he arched his back like a well petted cat.

He glanced over his shoulder as Megatron began to climb over him, huge and heavy and hot.

Megatron nudged and shifted him into the position he wanted, on his knees, aft raised. Starscream felt ridiculous and self-conscious. Megatron's arms wrapped around his middle so his chest was pinning Starscream's wings flat to his back, and his broad hips were flush to his aft and thighs.

He exhaled thickly, feeling heat surge between them. He wondered if he was meant to open his panel now, when Megatron began to kiss the back of his neck and then down between his wings, making them flutter. Down and down he went, without the tiniest hesitation as he kissed over Starscream's aft and found the sensitive space between his legs and-

"Megatron~" Starscream let his panel open and warbled when he was kissed there too. Megatron lavished the mesh in attention, licks and sucks and kisses to every fold and sensor. Starscream shuttered his optics and sighed, relaxed and soothed-

Lips fastened over his anterior node and Starscream woke up with the shock of pleasure that it brought, moaning and pushing back. Hot air rushed over him when Megatron huffed in satisfaction, mouth withdrawing.

Starscream was too relaxed and dazed to recall what came next. He purred for Megatron when something hot and stiff nudged his valve, undulating his hips back when it nosed between his folds and met with the resistance of the ring leading to his inner valve. It was thick and broad, but when Megatron began to press forward, the rim stretched compliantly, and kept stretching.

Starscream ooh'd and ahh'd as Megatron rocked into him, little by little, stretching him out and filling him up. He realised, absently and too far gone to care much, than Megatron was fragging him, that he'd taken his seals and his innocence right along with it at some point between rubbing his spike between his mesh and this point now.

He could hear Megatron's vents, loud and heavy like his own, and the shifting clunk of armour on armour. Somehow neither was as loud as the slick slide of Megatron spike moving in and out of his wet little valve.

He overloaded, shaking and crying and wanting more. Megatron kissed his shoulder and kept going.

He still hated his creator, but maybe this arranged marriage wouldn't be so bad after all.


Chapter Text

There was a hidden language in a seeker's wings.

Megatron saw it, in the way they flicked and fluttered, and swayed and twitched. He wasn't privy to the meanings behind the movements- what it meant when Skywarp's wings shot up high, or Dirge's dropped low to the ground. It was part of their body language, as expressive as their servos and faces.

And none more so than Starscream's.

Droop. Twitch. Flutter. A pattern repeating itself over and over as Starscream stood scowling over a table littered with intel on Autobot movements, searching for a weak spot to exploit. Megatron watched him. Wings dropped down until they hung low, then with some involuntary twitch, fluttered upright again. They held, then began to lower all over again.

Megatron had no idea how long he'd already been sat watching vacantly, cheek propped up in his fist, attention rapt- but he certainly felt like he could continue for another few hours...

Finally, Starscream straightened and stretched, curving his back strut and angling his wings back with a deep sigh of relief.

Megatron shook himself out of his trance and opened a private line between them.

Report to my quarters. He ordered, and Starscream jumped at his sudden demand. This evening.

Starscream glowered over his shoulder, uncooperative and bad tempered. He responded over the frequency with a snippy, I'm busy.

I don't care. Megatron closed the link with a note of finality and settled back in his seat.

Starscream visibly sighed and turned back to his work, his left wing alone flicking in obvious agitation. Megatron wanted to reach out and catch it, squeeze it-


Starscream wasn't unused to his summons, but his fickle nature meant he wasn't always receptive to them. Tonight was proving to be an excellent example of it when he arrived, barging into Megatron's rooms scoffing and sighing and rolling his optics.

"Good evening." Megatron greeted him stiffly, watching him cross the room and throw himself onto the berth without preamble, onto his back with his legs hanging over the edge.

"Just get on with it." Starscream grumbled to the ceiling.

Megatron would do no such thing. Disappointed at Starscream's attitude, he ambled over and peered down at the seeker's scowling, uncooperative face.

"What's wrong with you?"

"Nothing." Starscream muttered. His wings twitched and he shifted, looking uncomfortable.

"Your wings." Megatron realised. "You've been flapping them all day-"

"I don't flap my anything." Starscream hissed, pushing himself up on his forearms. "And if you must know, they had to be adjusted yesterday, after some Autobot oath landed on me-"

Megatron nudged at his hip, interested in taking a look, "If they've uncomfortable-"

"If they're uncomfortable the last thing they need is you pawing and tugging on them."

Megatron snorted and climbed over him, "I was planning on the opposite actually. Let me-"

Starscream wriggled and batted him away. "Like you have any damn idea what you're doing-!"

"Stop fussing, Starscream," he growled and ignoring the scratches and slaps and general unpleasantness, seized Starscream by the hips and flipped him into his front. Starscream snarled and kicked his legs, but Megatron kept him pinned with a servo on the small of his back, stopping him from turning back over.

He rubbed his servo from hinge to wing tip, one slow, firm movement. Starscream stilled beneath him, falling silent. Megatron did it again with the other wing. "Better?"

Starscream let his helm drop, cheek falling to the berth covers as he struggled to keep his pout looking sulky. "It's not... unpleasant."

"Is that so?" Megatron saw no need to keep him pinned and continued to massage his wings with both servos now, lingering at the tips to pinch them lightly between digits.

Tension drained from Starscream's frame. He hummed noncommittally.

Megatron dipped down and brushed his lips against Starscream's audial. He felt him shiver at the contact, and smiled, bringing his servos back down the wings, letting his digits press and drag across the armour.

Starscream's optics fluttered shut with a little sigh.


Starscream hummed happily. Megatron echoed him and shifted closer, kneeling either side of his hips. He began to kiss between his wings, then licked over the hinges. Starscream jerked, helm lifting, "What are you-?"

"Shh," Megatron murmured, kissing his shoulder vent, "Just relax..."

Starscream seemed reluctant, so Megatron had to convince him with further touches and kisses, stroking his waist, nuzzling the back of his neck.

"You're not usually this attentive," Starscream grumbled, voice muffled by the berth covers. "It's nice..."

Megatron purred, slipping his servos under Starscream's front and stroking over his cockpit, groping at his turbines. Starscream shuddered and sighed, lifting his hips off the berth just enough to bump his aft to Megatron's groin.

Megatron slipped the servo cupping Starscream's cockpit lower, sliding it down until his palm pressed against the warmth of Starscream's valve cover. He massaged it, tucking his face close to Starscream's neck and kissing him. Starscream circled his hips into his touch, then opened his panel.

"Good," Megatron praised lowly, kissing his shoulder vent again and extending his middle finger, letting it slide between the folds of Starscream's damp valve and deep enough to circle the clenching inner rim. He kissed down his wing edge next, working his finger in and out of Starscream.

Starscream writhed and squirmed beneath him, breathless and sighing, his servos clawing at the berth covers. "Megatron..."

Sensing an impending complaint, Megatron slipped another finger into him, scissoring them to stretch the rim. He felt Starscream tense, his aft bumping his hips again. He nuzzled and licked between Starscream's wings until the tension was soothed away, and Starscream was supple enough to frag with his fingers. In- out, in-out, a quick measured pace, grinding the palm of his servo against Starscream's sensitive little node until everything was wet and slippery.

Starscream just moaned and rolled with it.

Happy with that slickness, Megatron drew his arms out from under Starscream and settled his weight down. He heard a huff of protest from Starscream squashed beneath him, but rumbled and mouthed at his wing until he re-settled with a soft whine.

Megatron released his spike. Starscream heard the click and hiss of it's emergence and shifted to spread his legs. Megatron worked his hips until he felt dampness on his protometal, then began to rock and grind. He gripped a wing and played with a little, nosing at the other as it tried to flick and twitch.

Starscream whined, and Megatron decided he'd teased the poor creature enough. He took himself in servo and guided his broad tip to Starscream's entrance, ignoring the hitch of breath from the seeker as he began to press in. Starscream was always a bit tight, but he was wet and ready enough now, and Megatron found little resistance. He slid in with a sigh and Starscream groaned, helm rolling against the berth covers.

Megatron drew back and swept in again and Starscream jerked and gasped aloud.

Smirking, Megatron took a wing into his mouth and hitched his hips back. He bit down in time to thrusting back in. Starscream howled, claws ripping shreds out of the berth covers as the sensation was enough to throw him into climax, lubricant rushing from his valve. Megatron purred around the wing in his mouth and started to move, pace unhurried and languid.

Starscream made pathetic undone noises as he continued, his wings flicking and shuddering helplessly as the aftershocks of overload still vibrated through his oversensitive frame.

Megatron pawed at his wings, wondering how many more overloads he could wring from the poor seeker with their help.


Chapter Text

Megatron didn't know how he'd done it, but he'd always expected it...

He'd always known one day Starscream was going to pull the trigger and ruin both their lives.

And so he had, in one fell swoop, using some bastard machine that sent piercing, stabbing pain straight through the heart of his spark, ripping something out of him and shoving something else in it's place. A devious, evil little something.

A something that felt like Starscream.

He wasn't an idiot, and he sussed quickly for himself the nature of what had happened when he seized Starscream's wing and tugged and done little else more before he was doubled over with second-hand metaphysical pain.

He stared at his own servo in horror, then at Starscream's cringing but hopeful face.

The little monster.

He'd combined their spark frequencies, created some sort of bastard bond between them. An unbreakable, emotional, sensory transmitting bond. Megatron would have throttled him, but he'd be feeling it himself and he was rather fond of breathing.

Despite the protection this afforded him, Starscream was wise to steer clear of him for now, slinking off into the depths of the ship to regroup and perhaps, if he had a sense of morality left, ponder on the gravity of what he'd done to them both.

Megatron meanwhile stomped down to the sparring rooms and kicked the ever-loving scrap out of every sparring-drone they had, functional or not. And then stamped the pieces into shrapnel when still it wasn't enough to sate his temper.

Starscream was a ever-present tingle at the bottom of his spark, a lurking phantom. He couldn't feel anything keenly unless he focused though, or if Starscream was projecting loudly. Secretive little brat rarely did though. He knew better than that...

Regardless, a week or so later it became easily ignorable, with Megatron only remembering they were so connected when Starscream lost his temper during air manoeuvres, or stubbed his toe.

Megatron seriously considered walking into a door just to give him a taste of his own clumsiness.

It wasn't until some nights later that Megatron recalled how pain wasn't the only feeling that could be transmitted over their new bond.

He'd been recharging when it started, and shifted awake when the sensation grew too great to ignore. He cracked his optics open and peeled his face away from his pillow, his vents and cooling fans working hard, his frame overheated. He threw the covers off angrily, struggling to place why he was so uncomfortable.

His spark throbbed in his chest. He raised a servo to it, groaning at some indistinguishable but building tension he could feel leaking through the bond.

Blasted seeker.

He laid down and tried to ignore it. But he only grew hotter, his spark pulsing faster as time went by.

With a snarl of frustration he rose angrily and marched out the door. Half wake, vents huffing, and frame steaming, he must have looked a picture stomping through the ship. Those on guard duty knew better than to stare.

He arrived at Starscream's quarters in little time at all. He didn't bother to knock, using the override code to unlock the door and barge in with a demanding, "What the pit do you think you're doing at three am!"

Starscream was in his berth, and at Megatron's bulldozing entry and subsequent shouting, had yelled in fright and snapped spread thighs shut with a clank of armour, scrambling for the berth's sheets, trying to cover-

Megatron veered back in surprise, the rich scent of lubricant hitting him.

"Oh of course!" He bellowed. "You're self serving!"

Starscream's face was a deep dark purple. He hissed and waved his arms towards the still open door. "Oh my-! Shut up-! What is wrong with you?!"

"Me?" Megatron demanded, not giving a slag that the door was open. He still felt as hot and bothered as he had when he'd first woken up, perhaps more now that he could smell... Starscream.

"Your rampant sexuality woke me up!"

"It's not rampant-"

"It certainly feels like it!" Megatron puffed up his chest and bellowed again.

Starscream cursed and scrambled off the berth, dropping the covers to the floor and rushing to close the door. It sealed them in and Starscream twisted on the spot and stared at him like he was insane. "What I do with my frame is my business."

"Not anymore it is." Megatron hissed darkly. "How do you expect me to recharge with your second-hand molestation?"

Starscream shook his helm, "Don't be such a drama queen, Megatron. You can't feel-"

"I can feel enough!" Megatron jabbed a digit at him. "Pull yourself together. Repress your urges like a proper soldier."

Starscream stared at him for a brief shocked moment. Then started laughing. "Primus, you are so old! Repress my urges?!"

Megatron scowled. He should have known.

"Oversexed seekers," he muttered.

Starscream cocked a hip, wings hiked high, and gave him a Look. "Oh, I see. No wonder you're so worked up...."

Megatron snorted. "Whatever you're implying-"

"I'm not implying anything." Starscream arched a brow. "I don't need too. I've gotten to know your uptight presence rather well this past week. You need to get laid, my liege."

Megatron's denta gnashed together at the audacity of this seeker, "You expect me to slink off back to my rooms and service myself in the dark like you do?"

Starscream pursed his lips together, looking him up and down. Megatron felt another rush of heat pass through his frame. It took him a moment, but he soon realised it hadn't come from the other side of the bond.

Starscream was eying him with interest.

A sane mech would had backed out the door and escaped the predatory gaze of a needy seeker with it's valve out and wet, but after a week of having Starscream in his head, Megatron probably wasn't so sane anymore.

"You could stay here," Starscream shrugged, "I've already done most of the work for you."

He gestured to his groin, where his panel was still shamelessly retracted. Megatron swallowed, his glossa numb in his mouth. His spark pulsed again, an encouraging little nudge to take what he wanted.

Or careful manipulation of their bond from Starscream's end.

"Either way," Starscream shrugged, sitting on his berth and leaning back on his servos. "I'm going to finish what I started. If you're really so desperate for recharge, maybe you'll help me get there a little quicker."

It was three am. Megatron was tired. He was turned on. And Starscream may be insane, but he'd always been dangerously, devastatingly beautiful.

This time it wasn't Megatron's spark that pulsed, but his spike.

Starscream felt the urge second hand, and spread his legs.

Megatron had never stood a chance.


Chapter Text

On his knees before the throne, with Megatron's long legs either side of him, Starscream folded his arms over his leader's parted thighs and set his chin atop them, smiling prettily. Megatron gazed down at him, stoic and imposing, expression not at all betraying his sudden increase in core temperature.

Starscream tilted his helm and fluttered his wings, shifting himself more securely between his leader's legs.

Megatron sighed as though put upon, lifting a servo from the armrest and stroking down the side of Starscream's helm, thumb rubbing his cheek.

"Go on then." He relented.

Starscream's internals squirmed in delight. He unfolded his arms and lifted his helm so Megatron could slump down his throne, out of his straight-backed professional posture and into something lazy. It allowed him to spread his thighs wider, give Starscream better access.

Starscream pressed a kiss to Megatron's spike panel, relishing the warmth of the heated array beneath. He purred and licked at the seams next, long and slow, tasting the tang of something more than armour and polish lingering beneath. Megatron sighed, absently toying with one of his wing tips, and released his panel.

The black armour folded away and Starscream got a good look at his spike housing. It was a large bulge of protective protometal to sheath an even larger spike, the same matte grey as his plating. Starscream licked over it encouragingly, savouring the taste on his glossa, humming when the hiss of pressurising components met his audials.

Megatron encouraged him to continue his licking with a servo on the back of his neck. He watched with lazy, dark optics as Starscream tongued at the spike emerging from the opening of the housing, sucking briefly on the tip, embellished with pulsing red biolights. The heavy spike was at it's thickest in the middle. Starscream kissed at it there and nuzzled the shaft, watching delighted as it swayed and drooped under it's own weight.

Clearly keen to have his fill, Megatron reached for himself and held his spike steady, angling it up so it's winking eye was aimed at Starscream's mouth. Starscream had wanted to tease him a little more, but he obediently opened his mouth and took it in.

Warm and heavy on his glossa he let the head rest there a moment, sucking lightly and flicking his glossa over the slit. It had already begun to leak pre-fluid. Starscream moaned, swallowing loudly.

The vibrations travelled through him and into Megatron's spike. Megatron made a deep satisfied noise, letting his helm rest against the throne's back, taking the side of Starscream's face and urging him on.

Starscream got the hint. He swallowed around his mouthful and began to move, bobbing his helm and watching Megatron's blissful expression, increasing the depth with each forward motion. Eagerly for more, for as much as he could get, he moved too fast and took too much and almost gagged.

Megatron murmured a reproach, swiping a tear of coolant away from Starscream's cheek when his optics watered. Just the feel of his leader in his mouth- it was enough to drive all skill and inhibition from Starscream's processor. Carefully perfected technique went out the airlock and he was a drooling, gagging, hungry mess at Megatron's pedes.

Megatron was beginning to struggle with his stoicism, his brow creased and digits clenching on the back of Starscream's neck. Starscream could feel the tension in his thighs, an impending sense of approaching climax.

He slurped loudly, making an obscene show of pulling back and focusing on the tip. Megatron grunted, twitching, a trickle of pre-fluid escaping. Starscream wanted to roll it around his glossa and savour it, but there was more to come.

Megatron's hips began to rock, and he knew his leader was close. He worked himself into a proper rhythm, ignoring the spit dripping down his chin, his own panting vents, the way Megatron's servo was at a near crushing grip on the back of his neck.

He focused on his leader's face, the dimming of his optics as his frame began to focus energy elsewhere. Megatron made a noise, a soft, barely there hitch of breath. His thighs stiffened under Starscream's servos and his frame seemed to lock.

His spike gave one last pulse, the biolights around his groin flickering, then his orgasm seemed to vibrate through his entire frame.

Starscream moaned, pulling back enough so that he would be ready to taste every last drop-

-When the servo on the back of his neck yanked him back at the last second.

He gasped in surprise, wet mouth still connected to Megatron's spike by a stubborn string of spit. He looked down at it just in time for transfluid to shoot out and streak his face, thick, hot ribbons of it. Starscream blinked in surprise but kept still, watching Megatron grip himself hastily and yank on his spike, wringing a few more spurts out of himself. They fell across Starscream's chin and parted lips. He poked his glossa out and tasted it, never dropping his gaze from Megatron's face.

Finally Megatron's frame slumped, and he realised a shaky sigh.

Starscream swiped a digit through the mess on his face and brought it to his mouth, sucking it off with a wet pop.

"Nearly got my optic." He commented, not obviously annoyed, but reproachful enough that Megatron would know he wasn't pleased with the mess.

"It's a good look on you." Megatron shrugged, unbothered, "Besides, I know how much you spend on your expensive polishing products. Think of it as a cheaper alternative."

Starscream wiped the mess from his face with the back of his servo, then flicked it at Megatron, spraying him with a tiny drops of transfluid. Megatron flinched, surprised, but Starscream was already standing, slapping his knee roughly as he rose.

"Starscream," Megatron lamented patronisingly, arms beckoningly open. "Don't be like that."

Starscream threw a rude hand gesture over his shoulder. "You're welcome, by the way!"

He ignored Megatron's half-hearted summons. He needed to find a wash-rack.

He was pretty sure some of that transfluid had gone up his nose...


Chapter Text

Starscream was rather fond of the throne.

High backed and wide, with generous armrests and a gloriously intimidating theme, no other seat matched up to it. He could spend all day lounging in it, looking down his nose at the unworthy peons.

Unfortunately, the throne wasn't actually his to sit high and mighty in. And it's true owner never failed to remind him.

"Off." Megatron ordered with a snap of his digits, pointing to the floor like he was ordering an unruly pet off new furniture.

Starscream sunk his claws into the armrests and pouted. "I was here first."

It wasn't, of course, a matter of who was there first, because there were some things that Megatron just didn't share, not even with him.

Miserable and making great effort to show it by pouting and slumping and kicking at the floor, Starscream got up. Megatron nodded with approving satisfaction, and all ready to stomp down off the raised platform and retreat to his lab to sulk and plot, Starscream ignored his stupid smug face.

Until a servo caught his upper arm and pulled him into a spin.

Megatron took his rightful place on the throne and dragged him right down into his lap with him. Starscream ended up perched gracefully on one of Megatron's big thighs, an arm looped loosely around his waist. After a moment of surprise, he smiled and settled back, leaning a shoulder against Megatron's chest.

"Comfortable?" Megatron's breath tickled his jaw.

Starscream shifted so he was facing the room, staring down the mechs pretending (or at least trying) to work despite the distraction of their superiors. He reached for Megatron and stroked a servo down his face, touching the ridges below his optics appreciatively, feeling possessive. 

"I suppose it's an acceptable alternative."

Megatron kissed his shoulder vent, lips warm and soft. Starscream caught Blitzwing peaking at them from over the top of his monitor bank. He ducked hurriedly and Starscream's smirk widened.

He dropped his servo so it fell to Megatron's left thigh to stroke. Megatron's servo came up to cup the lowest curve of his cockpit and give it an indulgent rub.

Starscream could tell where this was going...

He dragged his servo higher up Megatron thigh, still staring out across the command centre, silently daring any of the Decepticons at their monitoring stations to lift their gazes and see what their leader was letting him do. What only he was allowed to do.

Finally his digits finished their slow teasing journey and reached the apex of Megatron's thighs. Megatron made a noise in his audial, shifting suddenly and almost unbalancing him in his lap. Starscream could feel heat wafting from his codpiece. He was obviously aroused and likely uncomfortable under that panel- the curse of a well endowed mech...

Starscream wondered if Megatron would be bold enough to get it out right here and now, in front of everyone-

He teased his digit into the codpiece's armour seam, just to see.

Megatron's servo shot out and seized his in a grip almost harsh enough to hurt. He grinned, looking at Megatron's stern, glaring face.

"Clear the room." Megatron ordered, deep rasping voice carrying easily across the large room, betraying none of his obvious discomfort.

Pedes shuffled for the exit quickly, armour clinking as shoulders knocked in their haste to make their escape. Starscream didn't blame them at all for rushing, because he wasn't wasting any time, already twisting in Megatron's lap to straddle and kiss him.

Megatron indulged him generously, kissing back fiercely and seizing two rough handfuls of aft, squeezing and massaging with relish until Starscream whined.

"You want the throne?" Megatron growled between kisses, and hissed when Starscream bit his lower lip and nodded eagerly in response.

Megatron drew away with a snort, and began to rise. Starscream slipped off his lap with an irritated noise, pushing at Megatron's shoulders to make him sit back again. There was little use fighting against Megatron's superior strength though. The warlord did as he pleased.

Now standing and looming over him, Megatron span them around and gave Starscream a little shove backwards. Taken by surprise, he overbalanced and landed in the throne haphazardly, slumped and struggling to get upright. Megatron didn't move to help him, and instead worsened his predicament by taking his legs and pushing them up, hooking them over the armrests, leaving him splayed and on display.

"Don't say I never indulge you." He said, slag-eating smirk curving his mouth.

Starscream would have kicked him, but Megatron was already between his legs, servos rubbing down his front, pinching turbines and stroking his cockpit before reaching down and groping between his legs. Starscream enjoyed the pleasant pressure, the rub and stroke to his covered valve, and ground down into his touch, easily submitting when Megatron's thumb did it's clever little press and slide to the panel and managed to open it manually.

He gasped, half indignant, half in amusement, "You impatient-!"

"-Tease," Megatron interrupted with an arched brow. His palm rested over Starscream's valve, waiting, "Don't tell me you've never wanted me to do this to you here-"

"-You'll make a mess." Starscream breathed, undulating his hips into Megatron's servo to get some friction going anyway. He could feel himself getting wet.

Megatron noticed and finally began to touch him properly, angling a finger and slipping it into him, "You mean, you'll make a mess?"

"You'll make me make a mess." Starscream argued, and reached to pull Megatron's servo out from from between his legs. It was warm and damp with his lubricant, and Starscream's valve was clenching with need. "Just do it before some idiot comes in and tries to give you a progress report..."

A very real threat. It had happened once before.

Megatron leant over him, gripping the armrests and blocking out the overhead lighting. Starscream angled his helm up to reach him, kissing him smoothly, letting his optics flutter shut. He heard Megatron's codpiece release and felt him sigh with relief into their kiss.

A big palm took his thigh and massaged it before pushing it even further back. Starscream whined, then whined louder when Megatron pressed into him in one smooth push. Slumped awkwardly in the throne he had nowhere to throw his helm back and had to awkwardly arch his back, almost sliding right off the throne's seat.

Megatron caught his aft and hitched him back up, holding him in place and open, and started to frag him.



Trapped in the throne, Starscream ignored the uncomfortable curve of his spinal strut and held on to the armrests for dear life, optics rolling into the back of his head at the relentless, overwhelming pace.

Megatron reached overhead and braced his arm against the top of the throne's backrest, expression twisted in concentration, mouth a hard thin line, like the sight of Starscream so undone in his throne was almost too much. Starscream let go of the armrests and touched Megatron's hips, his chest, his trim but strong belly, mouth falling open shamelessly as overload swarmed his sensors, stroke after stroke.

Then he did make a mess of the throne.

Watching him mewl and cry and paw at him desperately was enough for Megatron too. He roared, fist clenching and crumpling the thick metal that made up the backrest of the throne, he stilled with one last rough shove, and Starscream felt him twitch inside him, his optics pulsing and dimming suddenly.

Then they'd both made a mess of the throne.

Megatron breathed for a moment, gaze skyward, throat working, before he blinked himself back to the present. He smiled breathlessly down at Starscream.

Starscream might have smiled back at him, if he hadn't still been struggling to get upright.

"Will you- help?!"

Megatron decided he'd suffered enough. He eased himself out of Starscream's sore valve -being gentle with him for once- and extended a servo down to help him up. Starscream took it and was tugged upwards, right up onto his thrusters and into Megatron's arms, where he was met with a firm, prolonged kiss to the cheek.

Starscream should have shied away. Cheek kisses were a bit too affectionate for them.

Ignoring Megatron's second attempt at another overly affectionate kiss, he glanced back at the wet, sticky throne.

"Well I'm not cleaning that."

Megatron snorted against his cheek. "What a surprise."


Chapter Text

Megatron had known from the start Starscream would carry his heirs. The very cycle they met he was protecting the little ones- useless and injured and unclaimed they all were, he had rounded the lot of them up like they were a clutch of his own making, hiding them under broad metal wings, even daring to hiss at him when he approached too close.

Such formidable protective instincts was enough to make any mech warm under the armour.

Yes, he's always known it was going to be Starscream.

Whether Starscream was aware of that or not was an entirely different matter.

"A reward?" Starscream repeated, tone slick and disbelieving.

"A task." Megatron corrected, wishing this pesky seeker wasn't so difficult all the blasted time. Any other loyal devoted Decepticon might have been easier, but they wouldn't have been Starscream.

In Megatron's thoughtful opinion, he was worth the trouble.

"Our future lies in repopulation. You are more than capable of producing a strong, healthy clutch."

"Whose clutch?" Starscream sneered.

Megatron lifted his chin, proud. "Mine, of course."

"Lucky you," Starscream's optics narrowed to slits. "I'm sure when your coding was chosen the decision was made fairly and logically. And had little to do with how often you leer at my wings."

"The decision was made on compatibility." Megatron snarled, lip curling over his sharp denta. He didn't leer, he observed. And if Starscream didn't flaunt them so much...

Starscream rolled his optics, "Of course it was, master."

Megatron rather liked it when Starscream called him 'master'- though it lost some of it's appeal when the sarcasm was added. "Watch your tone." He warned. "And assume a comfortable position."

"Now?" Starscream's optics brightened with surprise

"Little use in wasting time, dear Starscream," he growled nastily, feeling his interfacing array ping online; warming already. He didn't particularly like Starscream, neither as an individual or a second-in-command, but he couldn't deny the idea of fragging him wasn't highly appealing.

He was looking forward to it greatly.

Perhaps it'd knock the prideful seeker down a peg or two.

Starscream sat on the counter of his work station, long double jointed legs parting to reveal the tiny panel hiding his valve. Megatron rumbled appreciatively, reaching for it, and Starscream snapped his legs together with a disapproving hiss.

"You're not nervous." Megatron glared, wondering what tricks he was playing.

"I am of your claws." Starscream pointed, "this is delicate equipment. So keep them to yourself."

Megatron felt his core temperature rise, and not with arousal. Steam hissed through his vents, "Then how on Cybertron am I supposed to prepare you?" He frowned. Then pursed his lips thoughtfully, "perhaps my mouth-"

"Keep those jaws away from me," Starscream snarled, but by some miracle, his legs began to open. "I'll prepare myself. Then you can plug in. And be quick about it. I don't want to be here all day..."

"Quick?" Megatron rumbled, only slightly distracted as Starscream began touching himself, long deadly talons careful and deft as they smoothed through the mesh folds of a Starscream's pretty little valve. "Whatever you've heard-'

"I've heard nothing." Starscream arched a brow. "Which isn't particularly promising either."

Megatron scowled, but it was brief. Starscream removed his fingers with a little sigh, and settled back, presenting his valve, glistening wet and clenching. Megatron was drawn in like a magnet.

"Get on with it then." Starscream grumbled.

He was so unpleasant about it all any sane mech would have been put off enough to take their attention elsewhere. But not Megatron. To him, Starscream's unpleasantness would only aid in his ability to safeguard their future young.

No one would dare approach a nest guarded by such a deplorably bad tempered carrier.

Spike at the ready, Megatron pressed in, and by some miracle Starscream was soft and wet and ready for him, callipers letting him slip inside with little resistance, clenching and fluttering when his full length was sheathed inside.

He moaned. 

"That's it, Starscream, be good for me," he rumbled praisingly, circling his hips and relishing the feel of him.

Starscream made a little noise that might have even been happy.

Megatron purred and started to frag him, and later, when he lowered his guard enough to overload, Starscream only scratched him a little bit.



Megatron had never seen an egg laid before so of course he was curious.

But Starscream, struggling through contractions and frustrated already, wasn't pleased with him sniffing around. Carriers were naturally defensive of their clutch and territorial over their claimed nesting grounds. Sires weren't supposed to have much interaction with their young until after they'd hatched, when they could tell for themselves that a hatchling bore their coding, then would begin to contribute towards their growth.

Megatron knew these eggs were his though. He'd remained close to Starscream's side. He'd made sure of it.

Crouched, breathing harshly, thighs trembling, Starscream hissed when Megatron tried to approach, his helm tilting to see.

He dodged a servo full of deadly claws just in time, growling at Starscream's disrespectful behaviour.

"Get away from my nest!" Starscream spat, but was unable to really chase him away due to his restricted ability to move. He shifted his legs apart and strained. Fluid tracked down his inner thighs.

Megatron looked again, ignoring Starscream's hisses and spits and death threats.

Between his thighs, the first egg was begining to emerge. It was larger than Megatron would have expected, bringing greater clarity for why Starscream was making such a fuss about his contractions. From what little he could see of the egg it was beige and black, it's protective armour panels curved and swirling, like an artistic pattern.

Megatron found himself purring happily.

He reached for it.

And nearly lost his entire servo.


"Don't touch it!" Starscream roared, shouting through another contraction as it wracked his frame.

More of the egg emerged, and then with one last push, Starscream's armour locking together with the strain, it fell out, landing with a gentle little thump to the pile of fabrics Starscream was using as a nest. Starscream doubled over and panted in relief. 

Before the furious carrier could recover, Megatron reached for it, using long claws to gently roll the egg to the edge of the nest so he could take a closer look. The armour that was it's shell shifted ever so slightly under his touch. Megatron ran a claw along it's edge and felt spark energy from inside respond shyly to his presence.

He glanced up to make sure he wasn't about to be vivisected, and found Starscream watching him carefully, optics hooded with consideration and tiredness. There was a softness to his expression too. One Megatron hadn't ever seen on him before.

He straightened and sniffed importantly.

"Well go on then," he waved Starscream on, "Out with the rest of them."

The softness vanished. Starscream rolled his optics, looking disgusted, "'Out with the rest of them'." He muttered. "I'd like to see you try to squeeze a dozen of these things out of your valve..."

Megatron hummed, focusing on the first egg proudly, only half listening to Starscream's whines and huffs as the second egg moved into the birthing channel.

Egg laying took hours, allegedly, and he probably had better things to do than wait around for another eleven equally boring little eggs to drop out of Starscream's valve.

But he'd stay anyway.

Starscream was too proud to ever ask for his help, so he'd simply have to inflict it upon him against his will.

"Hurry up," he said.

Starscream's optics flared and with a snarl of utter fury the second egg dropped out of him with considerably less fuss than the first one had. Megatron rolled that one to the edge of the nest too, letting it rest against it's sibling and ignoring Starscream's swears and curses as the third one began to emerge.

Nothing gave Starscream the inspiration to push like the thought of murdering him it seemed.


Chapter Text

Megatron was no stranger to wild nights and morning regrets. He'd lived a long and varied life after all.

And though last night had been wilder than most, the morning regrets? He couldn't quite bring himself to truly regret them.

Starscream stirred next to him, the glitter from last night's celebration still stuck to his wings and glimmering in the gentle mid-morning light streaming through the half shuttered windows. Megatron rolled his helm across the pillow and watched the dishevelled seeker begin to rouse, his spark feeling three times too big for it's casing.

"Good morning." He murmured, vocaliser croaking and rough from the evening spent cheering and giving unsolicited speeches.

Who would have thought peace would have had him cheering when not so long ago he would have settled for nothing but victory and violence and utter domination.

With an airy sigh, Starscream rolled over, arms stretching above his helm as he yawned. As the covers slipped further down Megatron got a better look at him, realising it wasn't just the glitter he was still wearing from the previous evening.

Starscream had chosen to end the evening's celebrations by adding a bit of adventure to their usual love-making.

"You slept in these?" Megatron reached for the thin strip of fabric masquerading as clothing around Starscream's hips, and hooked his finger under it to give it a gentle tug. Starscream's optics reset as he came around a bit more. He glanced down.

"Hmm, you wouldn't let me take them off..." He murmured sleepily, shifting across the berth and moving into his arms.

Megatron wrapped him in an embrace, tucking his face into Starscream's neck as the seeker kissed and nipped at his shoulder. He smelt of last night's party, that musky smell that came from drinking too much and celebrating too hard. Megatron spied a piece of confetti stuck between his wings. He huffed, plucking it out and flicking it away, letting Starscream press their frames more securely together.

He let his servo wander down Starscream's back to play with the delicate fabric, slipping his servos under the sides and stroking at Starscream's full hips. They made a nice v-shape where they settled over Starscream's generous curves.

"I like these." He said.

Starscream hummed, still pressing kisses to his jaw and audial, "It's a fleshling thing."

Megatron blinked slowly, "Oh?"

"Don't think about it too much." Starscream purred, and settled his servos over Megatron's own to keep them in place on his hips. He began to climb over him, straddling him. "You like them, don't you?"

Before he could answer Starscream snapped his valve panel back. The lacy fabric kept most of it hidden from view, but that was appealing in a different way. Lubricant from Starscream's valve began to soak and dampen the fabric. Megatron's engines purred. "I do."

Starscream hummed happily and took Megatron's servo from his hip and guided it to his valve. Megatron cupped it, letting his digits run up and down the damp crease forming down the centre of the fabric as Starscream's softened mesh made it too easy for the garment to climb. Starscream began to rock into his fingers, heedless off how the fabric got in the way, perhaps even enjoying the extra friction it added.

Megatron indulged him for a moment before finally slipping his finger under the sodden material and pulling it out from between the plush folds of Starscream valve. He pinned it to the side, out of the way, then sunk a finger into him.

He felt Starscream clench around it and grind down, taking his shoulders for stability and sighing contently.

Megatron's spike pinged to attention and began to fill. His codpiece opened and he let it emerge. Starscream heard the telling hiss of pressurising protometal and shifting further forward in his lap just so he could rock his aft against it, Megatron could felt the texture of the fabric against his shaft. And the different friction was an added experience.

With a groan he pushed at Starscream's hips until the seeker rose enough to allow Megatron the room to manuerve and guide his spike into place. Then Starscream sat back again, right down onto his spike, taking his entire length without hesitation. He was tight, and must have felt it as much as Megatron did. He threw his helm back with a breathless noise and Megatron rolled them.

Starscream fell back against the glitter dusted pillows with a little laugh, Megatron on top of him. They'd been enthusiastic and rough last night, so there was no need to hurry things now. Starscream was likely sore, so Megatron was slow, careful, gentle, spending more time stimulating Starscream's glowing anterior node and stroking his glitter dusted wings than chasing his own overload.

When Starscream climaxed with sharp building cries, lubricant rushing from his valve, Megatron pulled out of his valve and  ducked his helm and give Starscream's mesh a good long lick, tasting him, moaning, his thumb still pinning the pretty little panties to the side, out of his way.

"No," Starscream whined, dragging his digits across his helm. "Inside me. Megatron, frag me."

Glossa coated in lubricant, Megatron sucked a little on his node before breathing, "Alright," and rising again, slipping back inside him. Starscream bucked and moaned, melting back against the berth as pleasure took him.


Megatron hummed to him, kissing his cheek, then his audial, keeping it slow, regardless of Starscream's needy whines. He wanted to savour this moment forever. He wanted this morning to last forever.

He dropped his helm and closed his mouth around a wing edge, making a sloppy dented mess out of it, tasting the glitter marring them and humming in amusement. Starscream cried out and overloaded again, clenching and bucking and dragging Megatron right down with him.

He held deep and filled Starscream steadily, his spike twitching between pulses of transfluid. Starscream mewled and squirmed at the sensation, clawing at his shoulders, whispering, "Good, so good." And Megatron wanted to give him more. Give him everything.

He shifted and went to pull out, but Starscream's servo on his hip stopped him. "No. This feels nice."

Megatron arched a brow, but stayed, sated and safe inside Starscream, the closest they'd ever be.

"We can do this every day,' Starscream breathed, adjusting the strap of fabric so it lay more comfortably bunched up in the seam of his groin. "No war, no fighting. Just us in this berth-"

"-Fragging," Megatron grunted, with a lecherous wink.

Starscream's smile was wry. He kissed Megatron's chin. "-You making me feel this good."

Megatron had to kiss him again, properly, with glossa. He felt himself begin to harden and ground his spike into Starscream's soft, wet, fragged out little valve. Starscream whined into it, valve walls fluttering.

Megatron began to move again. It was slippery and messy but Starscream panted and begged and how could he not? He gripped his wings and used them as handholds, taking him rougher this time, faster, Starscream's wings twinkling in the overhead lights, mesmerising.

They should probably get up, shower off the glitter and face their new war free world, but this was so much better.


Chapter Text

"Watch out, Screamer," Skywarp stage whispered. "Here comes daddy."

The noise Starscream made in response to Skywarp's words sounded much like a feral cat being strangled. Megatron had to look up and see what the commotion was, all the while wondering why these pesky seekers always seemed to wait for him to enter a room before starting an argument.

"-told you to shut up about that!" Starscream had Skywarp by the wing and was pulling it at a cruel angle, all while Skywarp laughed nastily through the pain. "You make that joke one more time you won't live to regret it!"

With an exasperated optic roll, Megatron detoured from the fuel dispenser and moved to break it up when Skywarp began fighting back. They were shoving each other against the table, knocking over their cubes and spilling fuel and calling one another revolting names.

Megatron gripped then both by the back of the neck and tugged them apart with a stern, "Enough."

Starscream managed to kick Skywarp in the gut one last time before Megatron shook him reproachfully. "He started it!"

Despite wincing at his sore middle, Skywarp laughed and pointed at his air commander. Megatron gave him a rough shake too, until Skywarp was dizzy and disorientated, blinking optics wide and startled.

"You need to remember your place." Megatron warned the purple menace, then glared at Starscream, "and you, control your mechs."

"Yes, sir," Starscream sneered.

Skywarp was slightly less insubordinate, "Sorry, sir."

Megatron looked between their devious, mean faces and released them. "Don't let it happen again."

He moved off, but kept his audials focused in their direction, and was proved right in his suspicions when mere seconds later Skywarp was snickering again, "Someone's in trouble~"

"Shut up, Skywarp."

"Why? Worried daddy's gonna hear-'"

A loud clang rang out, the sound of an open palm hitting a face plate. Megatron turned with a sigh and watched the pair of them grapple and fall to the floor, swearing and spitting and clawing.

Another standard morning in the mess hall...

He was rather curious about this foreign new word; daddy, though. And why Starscream's cheeks flushed so bright when Skywarp said it.



Megatron didn't often ponder things that didn't involve the war and his deserved victory for long, but the mornings mess-hall incident refused to leave his processor.

Starscream was beside him, helm pillowed on Megatron's bicep as he scrolled through some complicated looking equations on a datapad. Megatron brought his arm down to rest his servo atop Starscream's helm. Starscream made a noise to indicate he was listening.

"Your argument with Skywarp?" He began.

Starscream scoffed loudly, scrolling faster, "You should have let me brig him."

"Because he called me 'daddy'?" Megatron asked.

Starscream stiffened against him, scrolling coming to an abrupt stop. "...No."

Unconvinced, Megatron turned onto his side to better look at him. "Is it an insult?"

"Not to you," Starscream grumbled, holding the datapad higher to cover his face. "It's a stupid fleshling thing. It doesn't matter-"

"An affectionate term then," Megatron had grown accustomed to getting information out of Starscream with body language alone. Starscream could be rather closed off verbally, but then, so was he in a lot of ways.

"'Daddy'," he tested it for himself when he didn't receive an answer, seductively lengthening the syllables with his smooth deep rumble.

Starscream shuddered, servos clenched on the lowered datapad. "Stop saying it."

"I like it," Megatron decided -or at least, he liked Starscream's reaction to it, the creak of his digits tightening on the datapad, his bright, far away stare. Megatron tucked himself closer, feeling the warmth of Starscream's armour, growing warmer...

He nosed at the top of Starscream's helm, mouth brushing his audial, "Call me daddy."

The datapad snapped. Starscream's optics shuttered, his mouth pulling down into a despairing frown. Megatron smirked. Starscream knew he was done for.

"You don't even know what it means." Starscream hissed.

"I know you like it." Megatron curled his arms around him.

Starscream jerked his helm away from roaming lips. "Stop it, Megatron."

"Daddy," Megatron corrected.

Starscream muttered something about wanting to die and pushed a hand against his face, trying to shove him away.

But Megatron could tell he liked it. He was warm and flustered and squirming in his arms. It was so difficult to get Starscream into a state like this, and Megatron wasn't going to waste that. He spooned Starscream, pulled him flush to his front and massaged fingers into the seams of his hips, mouthing at his wing edge. "Let daddy take care of you..."

Starscream made a noise like a sob, shuddering against him.

"Don't do this to me," he begged.

Megatron kissed his neck sympathetically, knowing how prideful and stubborn Starscream was. "it's only me." He reminded him, rubbing up and down his cockpit soothingly. "No one needs to know."

He dipped his servo lower and slipped it between Starscream's thighs. The damp heat down there had his own array stirring. He began to stroke Starscream, purring, murmuring reassurances until the panel slipped back and he could press in a digit.

Starscream whined, hotter and wetter than Megatron had seen him in a while.

"Ready for daddy?" He asked, unable to repress a smirk as he ground his codpiece against Starscream's aft.

An annoyed slap was dealt to his thigh, "Primus, stop it. Just let it go!"

Megatron had no intention of letting this go.

Releasing his spike, he hitched one of Starscream's long legs up. Starscream pushed his aft back, making the angle easier, and Megatron slipped in with a grunt, then sigh. Starscream gasped and shifted. Megatron moved with him, climbing over him when Starscream rolled into his front and griped the pillows.

The new angle meant Megatron could sink deeper, take more. Starscream moaned long and low, wings shuddering and flicking in time to the twitches of his valve.

"You're so good for me, Starscream," Megatron praised, fragging him nice and gently, "So good for daddy-"

Starscream fist slammed against the headboard, "Primus-!"

The power this word seemed to have over Starscream was phenomenal, and Megatron relished it, over-used it perhaps, but it was worth it to watch Starscream blush and whine and squirm and protest with gasping, halfhearted, 'shut up's and insults.

When Starscream was on the cusp, both hands gripping the headboard and face shoved into the pillows to muffle his cries and mewls, Megatron dipped his helm, rocking his hips fast against Starscream's aft, and whispered-

"Let daddy see you overload."

And Starscream did. With a broken noise, entire frame stiffening before melting with ecstasy. Megatron felt every one of his twitches and shudders as climax shoot through his lithe frame. He rode Starscream through it, dragging it out for him until he collapsed limply in the aftermath, strutless and weak. 

Starscream turned his face out of the pillow, just to breathe, optics dim and face slack with pleasure. In his undone, vulnerable, defeated state, he met Megatron's gaze and whimpered a desperate, weak, "Daddy."

Megatron's climax hit him like a punch to the gut. He grunted, surprised, overloading with wild jerks into Starscream's limp frame. Starscream laid there, compliant and soft, watching lazily. Megatron moaned as he came down, letting himself linger inside Starscream for a moment before easing himself out.

He pressed a kiss to a Starscream wing, then dropped heavily to the side.

A moment passed, then Starscream was shuffled over, cuddling up to his chest.

Starscream nuzzled the side of his helm affectionately, lips brushing his audial.

"Tell anyone and I'll kill you." He threatened, deadly serious.

Megatron didn't dare react beyond tucking him closer and letting him have that last word.

He still wasn't entirely sure what this 'daddy' word meant, but he certainly enjoyed hearing Starscream call him it.


Chapter Text

The week started, as all did, with a scout mission.

Starscream, as he always did, volunteered to take the lead- whatever got him off the ship and away from Megatron for a cycle or too.

"There and back," Megatron levelled him with a glare, looming over the conference table as he slid Starscream the mission report. Starscream veered away from him distastefully, wondering why Megatron had no sense of personal space. "No detours."

"Of course." He purred, deciding that was more of a suggestion than an order when he saw the patrol route shot right by a trading outpost. He needed some decent polish. He was sick of mixing his own scentless alternative in the lab.

Megatron was looking at him like he knew, but said nothing. Which was as good as permission in his books.

"There and back." He smiled nastily.

Megatron gave a long suffering sigh but moved on, and Starscream took the patrol route and carefully adjusted the schedule to include a short stop over.

They set out that evening, him and the Cone-heads. Thundercracker and Skywarp had given him the same long suffering look Megatron had in the conference room when he offered to switch them out.

They didn't have as much reason to avoid the ship as he did.

"See you in a couple days." Skywarp shot him a finger gun. "And if you do go to you-know-where to get some you-know-what, don't forget the extra for you-know-who." He thumbed back at himself. 

Starscream snorted. He'd bring back as much polish as he could fit in his subspace and he'd be sharing none.

As selfish as he was, Starscream knew a mission was priority over his own wants and needs. He completed Megatron's orders first, patrolling the route ahead, scanning for foreign vessels and loitering pirates. Satisfied the way was clear, he felt justified in making his stop at the outpost on the way back.

"Simple there had back, huh?" Ramjet asked snidely over the comm. when Starscream lead them off route towards the station.

"A secondary objective." Starscream lied. "You're not privy to all of Megatron's orders, Ramjet."

That soon shut him up.

They landed and Starscream ordered them to remain by the docks and comm if they saw anything suspicious. This wasn't a place known for Autobot visitors, but it wasn't exactly safe for Decepticons either. Insignia wearing soldiers were a target wherever they went in this galaxy.

The clerk recognised him from previous visits, and quickly rolled out a crate of crystal wax polish. Expensive stuff, imported all the way from the Rezese system.

"I'll take it." He agreed, paying whatever the clerk asked for with his subspace full of shanix. They weren't his anyway. Megatron should learn to lock his office.

His comm blinked just as he was about to begin stuffing the polishes into his subspace. He onlined it with a snappish, "What?!"

"We have to go now," Ramjet's voice crackled with static and stress. "An Autobot ship just docked on the south side-"

Starscream didn't hear the rest. He was on the south side. He bundled as much of the polishes as he could into his arms, mournfully leaving the rest. He turned to the clerk, "Do you have a back entrance?"

The clerk shrugged unhelpfully, just as the entrance door swooped open with a beep. What sounded like a dozen weapons clicked online. Starscream cringed, and turned slowly, arms still bundled with polish.

A gestalt of Autobot's glared back at him, rough and ready to throw down.

Starscream let the polishes tumble from his arms and raised his servos.

"Screamer," One of them grunted distastefully, recognising him.

"Now boys, there's more than enough for everyone," Starscream nodded his helm towards the polish containers. "I'm a generous mech, and I know charity cases when I see them."

The Autobot's offended frowns dropped to glance at their own, less than pristine bodywork. And it was all the distraction Starscream needed.

He hooked a toe-pede under the nearest polish and kicked it up into the an Autobot's face. The fancy glass container shattered in his optics and he cried out, weapon going off and scorching the floor.

In that very next instant Ramjet and his trine came barrelling through the entrance behind them like a cabal of lunatics. He and Thrust rammed into the backs of the Autobot's like a pair of bumper cars and they all fell to the floor, a mess of fists, weapons, and smashed polish.

Starscream knew he should have just run for it, but he'd come all this way. He stopped to pick up a polish container, just one, and the delay was all the time an un-tackled Autobot needed to shoot him.

The blast hit him in the cockpit and he flew backwards. The last thing he saw, before self repair threw him into emergency stasis, was the polish container smashed to pieces on the floor next to him.

An explosion shook the floor, like a fusion blast, but by then he was already unconscious.



Whatever Starscream liked to believe, Megatron wasn't stupid.

"We'll rendezvous with him," he told Soundwave, resetting their course so they'd cross paths with Starscream's returning scout party and ideally catch him in the act of some unscheduled mischief.

Soundwave sent him a Look, somehow expressing his exasperation perfectly through both mask and visor. He preferred straight forward methods. If Megatron knew Starscream was disobeying orders why allow him to continue doing so? Why reactive methods, instead of preventative? 

Megatron's only excuse was that it was funner this way around. Though he did wonder himself why he didn't simply smack Starscream around the back of the helm and demote him most days...

It was no surprise to him when Starscream failed show up on their scopes- which meant he'd taken a different course. Which meant, despite Megatron's orders, he'd taken a detour. Again.

Megatron sighed deeply and had Soundwave seek out Ramjet's frequency.

"Sir." He answered on the first ping.

"Where are you?" Megatron breathed wearily.

Ramjet sounded sheepish when he responded. "Nerex trading port, my liege. The Commander claimed those were you orders."

Megatron snorted loudly, but refrained from ranting about Starscream's lies and trickery to a subordinate. "Hold your position. We're not far from your coordinates."

"Yes sir," Ramjet sounded gleeful, perhaps because he was excited to see how much trouble Starscream was in first hand. Megatron rolled his optics, dismissive of their rivalry.

Sadly, he hadn't much time at all to stew in what a unpleasant lying sneak Starscream was and what he was going to do with him, when Ramjet was calling him back.

"What's he done now?"

"There's a problem." Ramjet said in a rush. "Autobots-"

"-Where's Starscream?" Megatron interrupted, already glancing around the bridge for Skywarp. He spotted him poking at a monitor screen, bored, and snapped his digits, furiously beckoning him over. Skywarp scrambled to obey. "Ramjet?!"

"Cornered on the south side," The comm crackled with wind, Ramjet was obviously in flight. "Outnumbered-"

Megatron seized Skywarp's wrist in a harsh grip when he reached him. The seeker winced, but didn't shove him off. "What-?"

"Nerex trading port. South side. You know it?"

"Yeah I-"

"Teleport, now."

Skywarp did, unquestioningly. The cool dark lighting of the Nemesis's bridge disappeared and Megatron was on the brightly lit deck of a space port, hundreds of miles away, unfamiliar stars glittering overhead.

His reserve trine landed on the other side of the dock from him. Ramjet pointed towards the building he'd landed in front of. Just as a blaster went off inside.

"What are you waiting for?" Megatron bellowed, activating his fusion canon as he rushed to catch up, Skywarp following. "Go!"

Ramjet and Thrust, perhaps more scared of him than they were the Autobots, barged in through the door, clumsy and haphazard, tackling half of the gathered mob of Autobots to the ground. Dirge scrambled after them, shooting hastily.

Cannon charged, Megatron chose a more direction route than the door. He raised it and blew half the wall down.

Dust clouded the air, turning both Autobots and seekers into indistinguishable shadows. Megatron strode through the wreckage, effortlessly punching down one of the biggest Autobots when they lifted their weapon to shoot at Skywarp.

It was a gestalt of six, so they should have been evenly numbered, but as the dust cleared, Megatron couldn't see Starscream. For a moment he thought the little coward had run off to avoid the fight-

Then he saw him. Starscream splayed and limp on the ground, cockpit smashed and smoking.

With a roar Megatron twisted and snatched the nearest Autobot by the chest plating, crumpling thick armour like it was foil under his digits. He lifted and threw the Autobot with one arm, sending him through what remained of the building's wall. He tore the arm off another, and grabbed one that had tackled Dirge and hauled them up, just to slam them back into the ground, face first.

He set his optics on another Autobot and it screamed in unparalleled terror and started running for the exit. Megatron picked up something that looked like it had been a support beam and moved to give chase, when Skywarp called for him.

Chest heavy, emotions frayed, Megatron looked back at the dusty seekers bent over their fallen commander. Skywarp looked worried, but hopeful.

Megatron thought his voice was going to crack when he asked, "He's-?"

"Unconscious." Skywarp nodded, lifting Starscream carefully. Unsupported, his helm hung back lifelessly. It made something in Megatron's chest pang.

Rather than let the seekers carry him, Megatron came forward, his superior strength allowing him to lift Starscream effortlessly and securely, bringing him up to his chest.

His dark face was marred with a splatter on energon and what looked like polish, his lips parted and optics black.

Megatron shifted him so his helm would rest against his shoulder.

Skywarp touched Starscream's limp arm, "Let's go."



When Starscream woke up in the medbay of the Nemesis some unidentifiable time later, he was surprised to find himself alive and well.

"I'm as surprised as you are," Megatron's voice rumbled from the side. And not a second later did his ugly frowning face appear over him. He looked tired and worn, like he hadn't been recharging. "That Primus would bother preserving the life of such a disobedient delinquent."

Starscream ignored him. He rubbed at his cockpit. The glass was smooth and smudge free. Brand new.

There was a greater concern on his processor though. "The polish?"

Megatron snorted aggressively. "You risked the mission, risked yourself for a container of polish."

"I was buying in bulk." Starscream defended, because he wasn't that stupid.

"Then I regret to inform you that the polish didn't make it." Megatron said nastily.

Which made the whole fiasco entirely pointless. Starscream folded his servos and sulked. Back to the lab mixed polish that smelt vaguely of engine grease then.

Megatron sighed heavily then, looking aside like he was despairing of himself. Starscream watched him reach into his subspace and full out a container of the polish.

"Liar!" Starscream pointed a digit at him, leaping up to snatch it off him.

Megatron held it above his helm with a glare. "I confiscated it off Dirge." He said, rolling it between his digits teasingly. "What makes you think I'll allow you to keep it instead? After this train-wreck, no less."

Starscream honestly couldn't think of a good reason beyond that he wanted it, and it'd vastly improve his mood. He pouted.

Megatron's expression seemed caught somewhere between disgust and resignation. With a self reprimanding grumble, he lowered the polish. Starscream snatched it right out of his servo without so much as a thank you. He hurriedly hid it in his subspace before Megatron could change his mind.

"Your vanity is becoming troublesome, Starscream." Megatron levelled a dangerous finger at him. "I never again want to hear of a scouting mission going so awry because my lieutenant detoured to pick up cosmetics."

"Why?" Starscream sat up and smirked at him. "Were you worried?"

Megatron's mouth flattened into a stiff line. He said nothing.

Starscream felt a little flutter of warmth in his chest. He looked aside, "At least we got a few dead Autobots out of it?"

Megatron snorted. "Your cockpit was the only casualty."

Well, that was embarrassing. "Are you serious?"

"We were rather preoccupied with your state." Megatron growled defensively.

Starscream opened his mouth to complain, then snapped it shut when he caught what Megatron had said. "We? You were there?"

Megatron straightened with a frown. "You were lucky I was close by."

Starscream squinted at him, not sure he entirely believed that. "You really were worried..."

"Don't flatter yourself." Megatron stood, ready to leave. "And new cockpits aren't easy to get hold of. So do try to keep yourself out of trouble."

Starscream would have had a few witty come backs for that, but he was too distracted by the odd warmth he could hear in Megatron's tone.

Like he was fond...

"I'll try." He said, without any of his usual sass.

It was enough to give Megatron pause. He looked back at him thoughtfully. Starscream thought he was going to say something else, hoped he would.

But he didn't. His helm dropped to the floor and he left. Starscream watched him go, tanks tingling.

Perhaps he'd just found himself a whole new reason for getting into trouble...



Chapter Text

Seekers being notoriously high maintenance had always sounded like simple prejudice to Megatron. He'd heard it a few times, usually from the mouth of some miner, who knew another miner, that knew someone smooth enough to have landed a seeker (literally), and therefore it was Primus given fact that all seekers, everywhere, were frisky, oversexed, wanton, rutting machines that could give any high tech pleasure drone a run for it's warranty.

Megatron had heard a lot of nonsense during his youth down in the mines, so he took little notice.

Until Starscream, who he took a lot of notice of.

He would never be so rude as to call Starscream a 'rutting machine', or compare him to some of the more expensive models of pleasure drones, but he certainly couldn't recall a scenario where Starscream had lacked an iota of enthusiasm for interfacing. Morning, noon, and night. On shift, off shift, on base, off base- there was no time, no place, no situation Starscream deemed impractical enough not to go ahead and snap his panel back.

And Megatron wasn't complaining at all.

Not when all it took was a Look and Starscream would preen and smirk and spread his full, shapely thighs for him. All for him.

Solvent rushing down their frames from the shower nozzle made everything more slippery, but Starscream's grip on the tiled wall was sure, his gasps encouraging, wings shuddering with every stroke of Megatron's spike in his valve. He pressed his face to the tile and moaned, twitching with pleasure when Megatron grunted and spilled inside him.

Megatron savoured the flutter and hitch of wings against his chest, massaging Starscream's hips, before loosening his grip.

Starscream hummed happily, "Good?"

"Perfect," Megatron praised, and nipped his wing. "I'm afraid have work this evening though. I won't be able to make time for you."

Starscream turned his helm and pouted, "All evening? Not even five minutes spare?"

Megatron rumbled, pressing him more firmly to the wall, his spike wanting to stiffen again, "You know neither of us would be satisfied with just five minutes."

Starscream made a quiet huffing noise. "Fine. I'll have to keep myself entertained then."

Megatron nipped at his neck again, less gently this time. He rather liked the thought of Starscream alone and frustrated and thinking of him all night. "You'll be fine."

He left Starscream to sulk and went on with his work, late into the evening without thinking about his dejected seeker too much. Without the distraction of wings and smirks and full hips, he was more productive that usual and was pleased to realise he'd finished earlier than anticipated.

He checked his chrono.

There was time to see Starscream after all.

He marched with purpose to the command quarters, where his and his lieutenant's rooms lay. Passing his own he went straight for Starscream's door, entering the code and stepping in as the door swept open.

Unsurprisingly, Starscream was still awake.

Again unsurprisingly, he was keeping himself entertained.

Starscream froze where he was suspended kneeling over a false spike, his base secured in place by a magnetic lock to the hard top of his berth. He was out of breath, vents roaring, cheeks aflame.

"Megatron," he exhaled, then surprise transmuted easily into joy. "I knew you couldn't stay away."

Megatron decided not to be thrown by his own surprise, even when Starscream rose off the spike and revealed it's full impressive length. He couldn't stop staring at it, glistening wet and standing tall, even as Starscream scrambled over to throw his arms around him and kiss him.

He kissed back mechanically, waiting for Starscream to break away before asking, "That's a large toy."

Starscream didn't pick up on his peevishness. He smiled, bright and dazzlingly, "It has to be. It's got a lot to live up to."

Megatron felt his chest swell with pride. He sniffed at the now neglected toy and let Starscream fuss and flirt with him, taking his hips possessively and giving them a squeeze.

Starscream led him to the berth, and Megatron took the fake spike and yanked it off, tossing it carelessly to the side. Starscream glanced at it, frowning at the disregard for his property, but Megatron was already pushing him down, bending him over.

The false spike had done most of the work for him, so he pressed inside eagerly, relishing Starscream's whine and gasp. Feeling a little irrationally possessive, he fragged Starscream roughly, satisfied with nothing less than yelps and cries and fast relentless pace. When he climaxed he bit Starscream's neck hard, growling, and he felt Starscream's shudder with his own overload.

He pulled out and fell to the side. Starscream's wings flicked and twitched now they had room too. He shifted around restlessly. Never easily worn out, this one.

Megatron meanwhile always felt the growing haze of drowsiness after his climax. He grunted reproachfully at all the squirming and fidgeting.

"Go to recharge."

Starscream glanced at him and shuffled closer, nuzzling in. Megatron enjoyed the warm weight of him beside him and the way Starscream stroked his chest, following the swirling pattern of the markings there.

It was always so easy for him to recharge with Starscream next to him...


It was some hours later, and he wasn't sure what had woken him before morning, perhaps some underlying suspicion, but he heard a noise and forced aside drowsiness to crack open an optic.

Starscream was no longer in berth with him.

He was on the other side of the room, bowed over his desk, breathing harshly, wings shuddering and swaying. His thighs were parted and in the dark Megatron could barely see but he was sure that was the fake spike!


Starscream jumped with a yelp, yanking the toy from his valve and twisting to hide it behind his back. "You're awake," he squeaked, doing a poor job of not sounding guilty.

"And you're using that spike again." Megatron's optics narrowed, pointing.

Starscream glanced back at it, "...You were asleep."

"I'm not now."

Starscream didn't move to come over.

"...You're tired."

"I'm not." Megatron's optics narrowed further, his temper beginning to rise as jealousy reared it's ugly head. "How long have you had that thing?"

Starscream didn't answer, which was damning enough.

Megatron began to rise. Starscream shielded his ridiculous fake spike, "Don't Megatron, it's just a toy-"

"A toy you prefer over me by all appearances," Megatron snarled.

"Thats not true!" Starscream made a disgusted noise of disbelief and slapped him with his only weapon at hand. The spike.

Megatron had honestly never been slapped with a false spike before. He stopped in his tracks, needing a moment it recollect his thoughts. Starscream shuffled his pedes awkwardly. 

Megatron sighed, "...What does that thing have that I don't?"

"It vibrates." Starscream didn't even hesitate.

Megatron blinked. "What?"

"It vibrates." Starscream repeated, bravely lifting the spike and showing the feature in question near it's tip. "It's quick, and I, I just have more... frustrations to burn off than you."

Megatron understood that, he did, but, "I can take care of-"

"Five times a night?" Starscream brandished the spike at him. "I count myself lucky if you don't fall asleep ten minutes after you overload once."

Megatron was about to argue that he didn't fall asleep that fast when he realised, "What do you mean five times!? You do this often? When I'm recharging?"

Starscream's wings dropped down with shame. "You don't usually wake up..."

Megatron thought back to those rumours of seeker libido, and wondered why he hadn't seen this coming. He glanced at the false spike again, then held out his servo. Reluctantly, Starscream handed it over.

"I suppose I should have known I could never keep up with you," he lamented, turning the spike over in his servo. "I certainly don't have the capacity to service you five times at night-"

"I don't expect-"

Megatron held out a servo to stop him, "- with my spike, at least." He looked at the toy again, "but I have other means of bringing you pleasure, and I'm sure I can figure out how this works."

Starscream blinked stupidly, "You-?"

Megatron found the button for the vibration setting. He turned it on, and the spike hummed to life.

"Get back on the berth." He ordered.

Starscream tripped over himself to obey.


Chapter Text

The mistake, Megatron realised, had been trusting Starscream in the first place.

"I didn't take it!" Starscream got right up in his face and snarled, furious, shaking with emotion.

"You think I allow just anyone access to my quarters?" Megatron thundered, not backing down in the slightest. He loomed over Starscream's shorter stature, using every inch and tonne he had over him to his advantage. "Fusion cannon's don't just wander off!"

"You've left it somewhere!" Starscream jabbed him in the chest. "How is that my fault?"

Megatron lifted his servos because he wanted to strangle him, not just over the missing/obviously stolen fusion cannon but because he had been stupid enough to trust the least trustworthy mech in the entire universe. And why? Because he'd winked at him? Because he'd liked the way his wings fluttered in the low light?

Because he'd been thinking with his spike instead of his head!?

"If it isn't recovered by this time tomorrow, you'll-"

"What?!" Starscream demanded, "You'll punish me? Oh, I'm scared now."

"Don't sass me-"

"You've got some nerve." Starscream's denta were bared viciously, and Megatron wondered how he could keep his act so very convincing despite the lies. "You drag me back here and frag me and coo over me like you care about me, then as soon as you've blown your load you decide I'm a traitor again-"

Megatron felt heat blossom through his chest. "I trusted you-"

"I trusted you!" Starscream bellowed back, voice cracking with emotion. He shoved Megatron in the chest, not hard enough to unbalance him, but enough to create a loud bang against the metal. "You big--- jerk!"

Megatron watched him storm out melodramatically, frowning and rubbing his chest. It ached, and not from the shove.

Blasted seeker. All this time he thought he'd been taking steps forward with Starscream only now to realise they'd been moving in the complete opposite direction. What would Starscream even want with his fusion cannon? Was it just a stupid game to him, seduce his way into Megatron's quarters to see how close he could get? To rearrange his possessions and hide his weaponry?

It was an awful end to what had been a... a surprisingly peaceful night. Starscream in his lap, touching him, letting himself be touched in turn. There'd been kisses and more, and a warm, contented seeker falling asleep in Megatron's arms...

'I trusted you!' Had been Starscream's departing jab.

Perhaps he had been to aggressive in his accusations...

No. Starscream needed to learn it didn't matter how much fun he was in berth he wasn't going to get away with his scrap anymore. Megatron ignored the niggle of guilt that wanted him to find his second and make amends. He hadn't been the one to ruin their perfect night.

Megatron continued to ignore the guilt during refuelling, when Starscream sat on the other side of the mess, alone and scowling at his cube, refusing to touch it. He continued ignoring it throughout the day shift, when Starscream didn't even bother showing up for his duties. He even ignored it when Soundwave came to hand him a damage report, and inform him exasperatingly that Starscream had decided to destroy his lab in a fit of rage.

Starscream's childish tantrums weren't going to win this.

Pacing in his room, Megatron knew he had to stay strong. He wouldn't let Starscream win. He wouldn't bend first-

His door comm pinged. Megatron looked up, hopeful. He had few callers after shift, which meant it was more likely to be a personal visit, more likely to be Starscream.

He hadn't realised how his high his spark had soared until it fell crashing back down again when he opened the door not to Starscream, but Rumble and Frenzy.

Who were holding.




Rumble and Frenzy held it up between them, smiling, oblivious to his alarms starting to go off in Megatron's processor.


"Boss had it sent over to Cybertron," Frenzy supplied, brushing a servo over the cannon's shiny barrel. "For maintenance n' stuff."

"Yeah, he realised after a couple months of you saying you were gonna do it and then not doing it, that you weren't gonna do it. So he did it."

The alarms in Megatron's processor were getting louder, and louder, repeatedly screaming 'You-fragged-up. You-fragged-up. You-fragged-up' over and over, faster and faster. 

Megatron gripped the doorframe, shuttering his optics slowly.

"You don't like it?" One of the twins asked, worried.

"It's fine." Megatron pinched the bridge of his nose. "The cannon. Is. Fine."

"You're not though."

Megatron snapped his optics online and glared at them. They looked sheepish, and amused. "What's wrong, bigger boss?"

Megatron was so desperate, he couldn't believe he was actually about to ask the advice of these two.

"Do either of you know what seekers happen to like? In terms of gifts? Decent gifts?"

The twins shared equally unhelpful clueless looks.

Oh no, Megatron realised, leaning against the doorframe.

He was actually going to have to apologise.



Starscream was in the sparring room, kicking the ever loving scrap out of an already broken drone, ignoring it's beeps of defeat, smashing again and again and again, grunting and huffing with exertion. He was likely imagining the broken pieces were Megatron's face.

Knowing this, Megatron paused in the doorway, wondering if he was about to take his life into his own servos.

He cleared his vocaliser, "Starscream-?"

Starscream turned at his voice and glared, shoulders heaving furiously. Instead of jumping down his throat and making a second attempt at their earlier shouting match, he began stalking away. Not a good sign.

Megatron chased after him. "Don't be a brat, Starscream, I want to-"

"Accuse me some more?!" Starscream twisted and shouted, causing Megatron to skid to a halt. "You found it, didn't you?"

Megatron exhaled and looked at the floor.

"I knew it." Starscream hissed, coming back over. "That better be why you're here, to apologise."

Megatron bit his cheek and summoned his pride, reminding himself that although Starscream infuriated him when he was like this, he had been in the wrong, and he'd hurt Starscream's feelings.

And for the first time he was realising Starscream even had feelings that didn't revolve around anger and lust and greed.

"I apologise." He said with a great release of air.

Predictably, Starscream snorted, turning to leave anyway, "Not good enough."

Megatron caught his wrist before he could, trying to stop him, "Starscream-"

"I don't care-"


"I don't care-!"

Megatron was above begging. In most situations.

This wasn't one of them.

"Starscream, please," He dropped to his knees, Starscream's servo still clasped in his, and pulled the most desperate, profound expression he could. He kissed Starscream's clenched fist and tried to reel him in with it. Starscream looked digusted, but went with it, shuffling closer but refusing to look at him.

"Pathetic." He muttered.

Megatron managed to get him close enough to take his hips instead of his servo. He wrapped his arms around him, pushing his face against his cockpit, kissing him there too.

Starscream shifted. "If you're trying to seduce me-"

Megatron kissed him again, purring, hoping he could seduce him. "I'm sorry." He said again, more clearly.

Starscream didn't respond for a while. But one of his servos dropped to Megatron's helm, stroked it softly.

"Say you're stupid." He said after a moment.

Megatron's pride wasn't strong enough to overcome the painful emotion in his spark. "I'm stupid."

Starscream smiled, smug and stupid. He petted Megatron's helm more indulgently now, "Well, I suppose since you are so very stupid, I can forgive this-"

Megatron rose quickly and caught him in a kiss, rough and needy. He could feel Starscream smile against it. Unable to help himself he grabbed Starscream by the hips and hoisted him up into his arms.

Starscream laughed and locked his limbs around him, letting him carry him. "What are you doing?"

"I've a few more apologises to make." Megatron told him, kissing him briefly but firmly.

Starscream seemed happy with that. "You trust me enough in your room again?"

"I might never let you out of my room again," Megatron purred, kissing him again.

They didn't quite make it back to the room though. Fortunately Starscream didn't mind getting pinned to the sparring room floor too much, broken drone pieces lying around them.

Hearing Megatron call himself stupid seemed to have put him in a good enough mood to suffer anything. Megatron would have to remember that.


Chapter Text

"I don't last long," is what Starscream admitted to him the first time they ended up in a berth together. A brave admission from a creature as prideful as Starscream.

Unlike Starscream, Megatron did last long, but he remembered telling his new partner that it was no bother. They could work something out-

And had ducked his helm between Starscream's spread thighs, taken one appreciative look at that pretty, fine little valve, exhaled heavily with keen arousal, and blinked in surprise when suddenly there was a hitch of breath and lubricant everywhere.

"Don't last long indeed," he observed, lifting his helm to peer at what he could see of Starscream's mortified face behind the servos covering it.

It wasn't much of a surprise to him for Starscream to excuse himself for the washracks and then never come back. He probably should have just let it be, any other mech might have. But he enjoyed Starscream's company (bizarrely) and he wanted to enjoy him in a berth too. Wanted them to enjoy each other.

Pre-mature overloading be damned.

Luring Starscream back into his berth hadn't been too difficult, Starscream was still grumpy and angry and suspicious, but clearly found Megatron just as appealing as Megatron found him, and word of his little problem had yet to make it into the cruel Decepticon rumour mill. So he trusted him -which was more than Megatron would have ever expected to get from him. 

They had no trouble rolling across the berth kissing, no trouble whispering dirty promises into one another audials, no problem when Starscream touched his spike and brought it to fullness.

But as soon as Starscream's panels opened-

"No-!" He whimpered, gripping the berth sheets and clenching his jaw, trying to fight back his point of no return when all Megatron had done was stroke a thumb over his opening. "No I-"

Lubricant gushed from his valve and he went limp with a sob. Megatron struggled not to let his disappointment show.

It was the sort of thing couples should have be able to discuss together, but Starsceram was stubborn and embarrassed and didn't want to talk about it. He'd rather throw out some stupid excuse and hide down by the engines for the rest of the night. Apparently, he didn't have a particularly swift refractory period. Which meant his one unsatisfactorily pre-mature overload, was his only overload.

Megatron wasn't giving up on him though.

"Shockwave." He called his sub-commander on Cybertron, keeping his tone stiff and formal, like he wasn't about to ask anything out of the ordinary. "I have a task for you, the creation of vastly important device."

Shockwave leant into the monitor, the keen scientist in him quick to show interest. "Of course, Lord Megatron. It would be my honour."

Megatron doubted that, but Shockwave had already agreed. It was too late for him to back out now.



Two weeks later, when the device finally arrived, Megatron waited no time before seeking Starscream out. He was in his lab, splicing wires together, and sighed heavily when he saw Megatron's approach.

Despite the less than enthusiastic greeting, Megatron stalked in close and wrapped his arms around Starscream's middle, pulling him back from the work bench and into his chest. "I have a surprise for you," he whispered huskily,

Starscream squirmed. "If it's your spike, I really don't think-"

"Two surprises then." Megatron corrected. "My spike and an extra little something for you."

Starscream wasn't biting though. "You know what happens-"

"It won't happen."

"It will," Starscream sounded annoyed. "It always happens."

"Come with me and see for yourself." Megatron pushed his mouth against Starscream's neck and kissed him. "Then you can decide if you want to try it out."

Starscream pouted down at his half finished weaponry.




Starscream sat in the centre of his berth, legs stretched out before him, looking nervous. Megatron knelt in front of him and leant in to give him a reassuring kiss.

"It'll be fine." He said, and removed the new device from his subspace. "This is for you."

Cautiously, Starscream took it. It looked like a magnet, and that's probably what Starscream assumed it was. He turned it over in his servos, brow arched. "What's this for? My laboratory's sample fridge?"

"No," Megatron took it back and nudged Starscream back a little bit. "It's for you."

Starscream continued looking worried, so Megatron didn't just slap it on him and activate it. He pushed at one of his thighs, "You'll need to open your panel and put it on yourself."

Now Starscream looked really worried. "I don't think adding toys is going to stop me overloading over as little as a over a light breeze."

"It's not a toy." Megatron held it up again. "It'll attach to the mesh above your node, where it sends a pulse into your internal array."

"A pulse?" Starscream looked between the device and his valve panel. "And offline the sensors? So I won't feel anything?"

Megatron snorted, "Where would the fun be in that? No, it'll either prevent you from overloading until it's removed, or..."

"Or what?"

Megatron recalled what Shockwave had begrudgingly told him. "Or repeatedly give you smaller overloads over an extended period of time."

"Gimme that!" Starscream snatched it out of his servo and threw his panel open. Megatron blinked in surprise to realise Starscream already had it on himself. He watched Starscream shudder, his anterior node pulsed then swelled.

"Ooh," Starscream moaned.

Megatron's felt his array ping online fast and hard. He began to crawl over Starscream. "How does it feel?"

"Like I'm about to overload." Starscream murmured, optics shuttered, "I don't think it'll-"

Megatron rubbed his thumb over Starscream's anterior node, and the seeker arched his back with another moan, but didn't overload.

"I think it works perfectly." He grunted, and released his spike.

"Oh Megatron it's really good," Starscream warbled on the berth.

Megatron dipped his helm to his valve and licked over him, tasting him for the first time, all his rich warm lubricant. Starscream jolted then mewled, begging for more, more, more.

Megatron lapped at him, letting his glossa slip between the folds and press into his tight rippling valve. Starscream bucked against his face, claws ripping the berth sheets.

His anterior node seemed to pulse and fade, and pulse and fade, like he was on the cusp but kept coming back. The device holding him in place, just edging him. Megatron groaned and kissed up his shuddering partner's frame, pulling Starscream's legs aside, letting his heavy spike sway and brush Starscream's groin.

"I need, I need to-" Starscream was panting listlessly.

"You can wait for your overload for once." Megatron told him, dropping his hips so his spike bumped and rubbed Starscream's valve, letting him feel the heat of his stiff, hard array. "You're long overdue a good fragging."'

Starscream was nodding listlessly, his legs opening obscenely wide. "Please, please Megatron."

Megatron held his spike and pressed into Starscream with a grunt at the tightness. Starscream cried out again, frame rippling and clenching. Megatron rocked in, waiting for the resistance to let up before slipping his full length inside the seeker. Starscream probably hadn't experienced a penetration like this for a while thanks to his little problem, so Megatron moved slowly, made sure to savour it for both of them.

He fragged Starscream in varying paces, slow and gentle, then fast and sharp, always stopping just before overload, edging himself as much as the device seemed to be Starscream.

He had no idea how long they were at it for, by the time Starscream was a drooling, listlessly moaning mess he decided he'd wait no longer. Without any warning to Starscream, he flicked the device off him.

Starscream stiffened with surprise and then let out the longest, most desperate noise Megatron might have ever heard, guttural and animalistic. His entire frame locked with the most intense overload Megatron had ever seen anyone have, surging through the air around him, pulse after pulse, lasting and lasting.

Megatron let himself go in the middle of it, watching Starscream writhe and thrash, holding deep and pumping into him, breathing his name.

When it was all over, Starscream was still and quiet on his berth, optics offline and breathing heavy. Megatron laid himself gently down on top of him.

"...Did you overload?" Starscream asked weakly, blinking dazedly.

"Yeah," Megatron huffed.

"Good," Starscream said unevenly, "Don't lose that thing."

"I won't." Megatron promised.



Chapter Text

"Nothing more we can do but wait," the medics words didn't quite reach Starscream's audials. They were faraway, muffled, like he was in a vacuum of sound.

Nothing more we can do

Starscream left the medcentre in a trance. Dying. He was dying. After everything he had suffered through, everything he had achieved and lost and then scraped back together again, this was his undoing? An obstructed spark chamber? A tiny smudge on a scan?

He didn't go home to his half unpacked apartment in the rebuilt part of the city. It was a nice place, high up, with a view- nicer than anything he'd had in a while. But it wasn't where he wanted to die, if the medic's time line turned out to be accurate, he didn't have long. He headed East instead, to the opposite side of the city, where those having trouble 'adjusting' to the peace were being dumped (though Prime claimed it was just because it was quieter, peaceful, being away from the bustle of returning transports and construction work).

There was only one mech that lived on this side of the city that Starscream knew, personally, but that was where his legs seemed to be taking him, and for some reason he didn't mind much at all.

Megatron was home, though no would have guessed it. The apartment was dark, no light streaming out through the shuttered windows. The door slid open and all Starscream could see through the darkness was Megatron's optics glowing back at him, narrowed and impatient.

"For that last time," Megatron rumbled, stepping into the light so Starscream could see him better, "if you want to run for the senate, on your helm be it, but I'm not-"

"Can I come in?" Starscream asked before Megatron could get into his 'repeating the mistakes of the past' speech- which Starscream had heard at least a dozen times already.

Megatron was surprised enough to fall silent, stepping back and giving Starscream just enough room to slip in.

"I didn't say yes." Megatron snapped, shutting the door behind them.

Starscream was already passing through doorways though, moving deeper into the abode.

Megatron's apartment was just as unkept as his, full of boxes of stuff that had no meaning anymore. Furniture was limited, like he'd forgotten he actually needed to buy it, and all in all the entire place spoke of a mech who didn't know how to decorate now that he finally had the opportunity too.

Starscream wished he'd barged into his home earlier, when he might have had a chance to return the next day with some paint and interior design sense.

"Starscream." Megatron was at the doorway, looking angry and defensive about his state of living, "What are you here for?"

Yesterday's Starscream would have been embarrassed to admit he was desperate for company and Megatron was the first mech to come to mind. He probably would have dodged the question and spent the afternoon bickering with Megatron until finally the older mech threatened to call the planetary guard and kicked him out.

Today's Starscream could very well be dead tomorrow, and didn't have the luxury of denial and petty arguments.

He crossed the room, feeling bolder than he ever had before, and kissed Megatron.

There was a lurch of hesitation from Megatron, but Starscream pressed on, reaching up and cupping his face to hold him in place.

Megatron's lips were parted and still against his, overwhelmed with confusion and shock, until Starscream tilted his helm and let his glossa slide across his full, lower lip, then with a rumble of approval Megatron was leaning into him, servos coming around his waist to hold him.

Starscream unshuttered his optics and watched Megatron's face as he was kissed back, feeling a buzz of delight at the little flush of colour there was under his optics. Starscream purred, stroking the back of his helm encouragingly.

Then they pulled apart, and Megatron's optics blinked back online, dim and hazy, struck with surprise. "Starscream." He said quietly.

Starscream didn't know where the berth was in this place -or if Megatron even had one yet and wasn't sleeping on the floor like a vagrant. He kissed Megatron again and took his servo, struggling to fit all four of Megatron's massive digits in his smaller grip. Megatron's thumb stroked across the back of his servo.

"I'm staying with you tonight." He said.

Megatron only looked more confused. He squeezed Starscream's servo, suspicious, "...Are... Are you alright?"

"Never better." Starscream smiled, and dragged him through another doorway, frustrated when that led him into an empty office. "Where is your berth?!"

Megatron made a choked noise of surprise, but lifted an arm and pointed. Starscream led him onwards, gripping his servo tightly until they were on the berth, and Megatron was on top of him, hesitation gone with a few skilled kisses and bold touches.

And Starscream was just thankful he'd had the time to fix this at least.



Starscream was still alive the next morning, which was a pleasant enough surprise. He ached all over though, and he wondered if that was a sign of dying, or if it just meant taking Megatron attentions had been more than a bit of a workout for his frame.

He was alone in the berth, the covers cooling beside him. He could hear noise in the next room, and told himself several times he was going to get up in a moment, as soon as the appeal of shoving his face in Megatron's pillow had dwindled.

Before long, footsteps carried into the room and the berth dipped with a new weight. Starscream cracked an optic online and saw Megatron's big arm reaching over him to place a fresh cube on the side table. Before it withdrew, unseen lips pressed a kiss to his shoulder vent.

"I'm awake." He grumbled.

Megatron grunted, unrepentant. "Good. Because you're going to explain a few things to me."

Starscream groaned and tried to drag the pillow over his head. He'd wanted his last moments to be peaceful and fun, not to spend them being interrogated by Megatron- who, knowing him, was only going to get upset with him if he told him the truth.

The covers were pulled away and the room was chilly. Starscream shivered and rolled towards the nearest heat source. Megatron.

"The senate is in session today." Megatron reminded him, talking as though Starscream hadn't just buried his face against his thigh. "You'll be late-"

"Who cares." Starscream mumbled.

"After weeks or having to hear about your stupid campaign, you suddenly don't care about politics anymore?"

Fingers pinched his wing playfully, and with a furious noise Starscream sat up glaring, gathering all the covers around him again to ward off the chill. Megatron was drinking his cube steadily, watching him with those intense, dark optics he'd watched him with last night.

Starscream grabbed his own cube and chugged it back, not really tasting it.

Megatron set a servo on it to slow him down. "What has gotten into you?"

The cube didn't last as long as Starscream had wanted it to. Before long he'd finished and had nothing to distract himself with. He looked down at the covers but Megatron's grip on his chin tilted his gaze back up again, forcing him to meet his optics.

Starscream felt a wave of sadness wash over him at how much he was starting to realise he actually liked Megatron.

"...I'm dying." He admitted.



That Megatron didn't even believe him spoke volumes about what sort of mech he was. Starscream didn't know how much time he had left to live, but he didn't want to spend it in a medcentre waiting room with a scowling Megatron, when instead he could have been in Megatron's berth with a... a probably not scowling Megatron.

"My medic isn't even stationed here." He protested for the hundredth time, slouched in an uncomfortable chair, resenting Megatron.

"No," Megatron agreed. "A better medic is."

Starscream snorted, glaring around at the other mechs waiting, pretty sure most of them had been Autobots. They were in an Autobot medcentre? Really? He'd never been so disgusted by Megatron.

"I'm not lying about this." He hissed. "Why would I lie about this? What could I possibly have to gain? My medic took scans-"

"Your medic sounds like an idiot." Megatron snapped, and glared at the wall with his arms crossed.

Starscream was suddenly then aware of how short tempered and grumpy Megatron was being, and wondered if it had less to do with him thinking he was lying, more to do with him being worried he might not be.

Awkwardly, he touched Megatron's folded arm, "Megatron... I-"

But he didn't get much more out before the door to the examination room was opening, and the medic stepped out, and Starscream nearly fell out of his chair.

Ratchet pointed at Megatron, "Emergency my aft. He looks fine!"

"He said he's dying." Megatron said back, standing and dragging Starscream with him.

Ratchet snorted sarcastically, waving for them to follow as he disappeared back into the examination room. "In my dreams..."

Starscream was shunted in ahead by Megatron against his wishes. Ratchet?! The Autobot devil doctor?!

"Best medic on the planet." Megatron bent and growled into his audial, then pushed him to sit on the examination table. "I don't have many favours to call in, so you'd better not be playing games with me."

Ratchet looked him up and down, arms folded, "So tell us Starscream, just how are you dying?"

Starscream told him, in detail, about the spark scan, the chamber obstruction, the 'nothing we can do' diagnosis.

But thanks to the fact that no one ever believed him, Ratchet had his assistants call the other medcentre. For proof. "I'll see it when I believe it." He glared.

Never known for haste, it took them over an hour to get hold of the scans Starscream's medic had taken. Megatron sat beside him the whole time, alternating between looking grumpy, pacing the room, arguing with the secretary drone, and squeezing Starscream's servo reassuringly.

Starscream even started to feel hope, because if anyone might be able to save him, it was Ratchet.

Finally, Ratchet reappeared, pokerface in place.

"Well?" Megatron's voice was hoarse. Starscream looked away. He didn't need to hear two terminal diagnosis in less than twenty four hours.

Ratchet sighed, which wasn't a good sign, and removed the hard copy of the scan. He held it up, and on it was the dark mark that was the obstruction. Ratchet pointed to the chamber on the scan, "Well, this is his spark chamber, and spark." Ratchet pointed.

Then moved his digit to point at the obstruction, "And this," he continued, "Is where that hack smeared an energon goodie on the scan-"

Starscream's helm snapped up just in time to see Ratchet wipe the dark spot away with his finger, his spark thunking. 


"You're not dying." Ratchet rolled his optics, throwing the scan down, "Though you might shorten your lifespan considerably if you keep than idiot on as your medic."

"I'm not..."

Starscream couldn't even get his helm around the idea before Megatron's arms were around him in a crushing embrace. Starscream was squashed to his chest and heard him growl things like, "worry me" and "stupid seeker" and a lot of thanks to a god Starscream hadn't realised Megatron still believed in.

He clung back, out of instinct and a need for closeness. Megatron's chest warm and powerful against his cheek. His spark soared. He was going to live. He had time.

Arms squeezed around him again and he suddenly realised with greater clarity, optics sparking bright, that he was going to live.

And he'd just fragged Megatron.

Oh, Primus...



Chapter Text

Seekers were lithe, supple and flexible frame-types and Megatron was never more aware of this than in the midst of battle, when he caught himself rooted to the spot, staring open mouthed as Starscream dropped from the sky and swung his heel into the side of some hapless Autobot's head.

He was vaguely conscious of the fact that if he didn't get his processor out of the gutter and start paying attention to all the carnage and battle going on around him, he was probably going to get axed in the head. He even heard someone yelling his name in a panic, followed by something being shot just meters behind him.

-but Starscream was still ground-bound and running, all grace and speed and determination, launching himself at another Autobot, catching them in a ridiculously showy over the top flying head-scissors move, locking his thighs around the Autobot's neck and using the momentum and weight of his frame to drag his opponent to the ground.

Starscream had had thousands of years worth of hand to hand combat training, Megatron had seen to it. So he knew Starscream knew his performative tactics were impractical.

Yet there he was, spinning and jumping and screwing around in the dust as he brought his opponents down, instead of just shooting them with his perfectly functional blaster.

Starscream got up from where he'd just snapped something's neck, a smear of energon streaked across his cheek (not his own) and caught Megatron's optics. His smile was somehow brighter, more dazzlingly for the dishevelment of his plating.

Megatron's knees felt weak.

There was not-so-subtle pressure on the backs of his legs, encouragement to keep moving. Blinking himself back to focus, and peered down and found Ravage butting him with his helm, tail flicking in irritation.

Megatron looked up and realised his entire faction had moved on without him.

He nodded an awkward thanks to Ravage and had to jog to catch up.



In the aftermath of battle, the wash-racks were packed to capacity with mech's desperate to rinse away the mud and grime and life-fluid of their fallen enemies. Megatron never had to worry about waiting his turn for a solvent nozzle, as he had his own private wash racks, though he had other things on his mind behind his visit that day, and they were far from getting clean.

The moment the helms of washing mech's lifted and noticed him, they began to shuffle out, some still dripping muddy water and other's covered in suds. They knew well enough to give him the room, whatever his reasons.

Megatron waited by the door as they left swiftly and efficiently, spying a pair of white wings towards the back of the wash racks. The one mech present not in any hurry to leave. Megatron stepped inside and ensured the door was closed and locked behind him before approaching Starscream.

He came to stand under the nozzle beside him, casually pressing the automatic timer and tilting his helm towards the warming stream.

"Don't you have your own shower?" Starscream glanced at him, arching a brow over his swaying wing, dismissively keeping his back to Megatron.

"It doesn't have quite the same view." Megatron responded, and after mere seconds of pretending to rinse, moved to step under Starscream's spray instead.

Starscream turned to face him, backing up against the wall to give him room. His solvent speckled helm tilted up towards the spray, his lip's parting when Megatron dipped to kiss him. It was slow and gentle and slippery with the solvent. Starscream searched for the controls blindly, wanting to turn it off, but Megatron brushed his servo aside.

"Leave it on." He murmured, pressing Starscream more securely against the wall, bringing his servos to his hips. "Don't want you getting dirty again, do we?"

Starscream shrugged, "Maybe I like being dirty when it's you who messes me up?"

Megatron would have to remember that sultry little lie next time Starscream hissed and swiped at him for getting transfluid on his wings. Now though, he rumbled approvingly and kissed him again, letting a servo wander and cup Starscream's shapely thigh to give it a squeeze. It lifted off the floor, bending at the knee, and Megatron hitched it up so it rested around his hip, and his codpiece could slot close to Starscream's groin.

They were both warm.

"I was watching you." He said.

"I know." Starscream stroked his hip with his thigh. "You were drooling-"

"Not quite." Megatron lifted Starscream's leg even higher. Starscream shifted his footing to keep himself balanced, pressing a servo to Megatron's chest. "But you were certainly trying to make me."

"I don't know what you mean." Starscream muttered coyly, turning his helm to the side.

Megatron stroked his leg, then pulled it up and pushed it back, so Starscream's thigh was flush to his torso. Starscream huffed, unprepared for such an ambitious stretch, but Megatron had seen him cope with more. Starscream let his calf hang over Megatron's shoulder.

Megatron began to stroke his aft, letting his digits wander over the better exposed valve panel. "All that dancing about. Were you warming yourself up? For this, perhaps?"

"I was fighting." Starscream glared.

Megatron knocked their helm's closer and began rubbing at Starscream's valve panel until it popped up. "Liar." He growled, and pushed two fingers into him.

Starscream's helm thunked back against the tiled wall, almost slipping when the one leg keeping him upright nearly collapsed under him. Megatron leant against him and kept him pinned in place, working his fingers in and out of Starscream, the slickness of his mesh made wetter by the solvent running in streams down their frames.

"I'm going to frag you like this." Megatron told him, releasing his spike. "Since you like throwing your legs in the air so much-"

Starscream whined, nodding needily. Megatron felt him clench down on his fingers and decided that was enough. He had to hitch Starscream a little higher up the wall before he could line his spike up and rub the tip between Starscream's mesh. He pressed in and felt Starscream's thigh shudder against his front. He sighed, and Starscream grunted.

Soft, supple, flexible -all things a true seeker was.

Keeping Starscream's leg secure over his shoulder, Megatron let his free servos wander Starscream's frame as he began to frag him. Starscream and his wings knocked back against the wall with the rhythm of it, and he made soft little mewling noises when Megatron's spike brushed his node just right.

The little mewls turned into full blown cries when Megatron's thumb brushed over one of his turbines though. Interested, he did it again, rubbing a droplet of solvent away from the peaked tip in the middle of the fan blades. Starscream arched, pushing his chest out.

Megatron purred. He grabbed two generous handfuls of Starscream's chest turbines and began to massage, squeeze, stroke, watching how Starscream twitched and sighed and flushed. Sensitive then.

He dipped his helm and closed his mouth around Starscream's right turbine, sucking lightly on the tip, letting his glossa trace the outside edges. Starscream had a servo on the back of his helm, encouraging him on. "Megatron,"

Megatron could feel the clench and release of his valve becoming more frequent now, and knew he was close. He kept his mouth on his turbines, mouthing at in, breathing heavily into it, before extending his glossa and slipping it between the delicate fan blades.

Starscream overloaded then and there, lubricant mixing with the solvent so Megatron couldn't tell what was what. He continued regardless, fragging roughly, moving his mouth to the left turbine now and nipping at the tip, humming against it. Starscream was moaning louder, sensitive in the aftermath of his overload.

He fragged Starscream with firm, long savouring strokes before overloading, biting down on a turbine and making Starscream yelp as he growled and emptied his transfluid into him.

He finished with one last grunt, holding for a moment before pulling out. He kept Starscream's leg up by pinning it back so he could get a good look at the mess he'd made of his valve, soaked and dripping transfluid, gawping and clenching weakly.

Megatron purred and released his leg, letting it lower carefully.

Starscream was rubbing his turbine resentfully. "You bit me."

"You liked it."

Starscream snorted, and weakly began to turn so he could begin rinsing way the transfluid now tracking down his legs. "Only a little," he mumbled, but Megatron still heard.

Having done what he had come here to do, Megatron locked an arm around Starscream's chest and tugged him back to plant a quick, but rough kiss to the back of his neck. Starscream hissed and tried to shove him away, so Megatron released him.

And gave his aft a good hard smack goodbye.

"Creep!" Starscream squawked after him.

Megatron smirked. He couldn't wait till the next raid.


Chapter Text

Megatron had always thought of Starscream as a fine mech.

Appearance wise, that was. Narrow hips and long slender legs, a powerful chest and strong arms. Personality wise, he was a train-wreck, but at least the view more than made up for it. 

And still Megatron thought him attractive when he was heavy and ballooning with too many sparklings who were too big for his frame-type, round and fertile and increasingly bad tempered. He had liked that, despite Starscream's frequent complaints.

But now, a full month after having had those sparklings, with their 'big heads' and 'broad shoulders' -which was both somehow Megatron's fault and Megatron's alone- the changes his frame had suffered through were still showing.

And he was still complaining because of it.

And (secretly) Megatron was delighted.

Although Starscream was no longer waddling around the Decepticon base with a beach ball waistline full of kicking sparklings, he had kept his new sturdier silhouette. This thighs where thick, his waist was fuller, his aft wide. He made for a very pleasant view indeed. Blitzwing, in an effort to preserve his own life, had reassured Starscream had things would return to normal eventually, that his protoform would spring back.

Megatron knew he was lying, and perhaps if he hadn't been in so much denial, Starscream would too.

Those thighs were here to stay.

"Stop pawing at me," Starscream muttered, clawed servos slapping at him. "Don't you know I'm tired. Sparklings are hard work-"

"I know," Megatron purred, soothing but lustful too. He pushed his face against the back of Starscream's helm, breathing his scent in- Starscream's natural musk and something newer, fresher, that 'new-carrier' smell. That fertile smell. He cleaved closer to Starscream's back, arms wrapping around his fuller middle.

There was a hint of softness to him now, like a cushion. Megatron liked that too.

"You're doing commendably." He praised, dropping his servo down to stroke Starscream's thighs, squeezing the thickness to them gently.

Self-conscious, Starscream squirmed and tried to shoulder him away with an annoyed noise, "Don't do that-"

"Don't touch you?"

"Don't draw attention to it." Starscream hissed, trying to kick him off now. "You're always grabbing at me-"

"Because there's more to grab."

Starscream made a furious noise, and realising his mistake, Megatron tightened his arms around him more securely, nipping and kissing at his neck to try and ward off the brewing tantrum. "You're magnificent," he said, "beautiful and strong-"

"You would say that."

Megatron exhaled against his neck, knowing it was going to take more than a few sexually charged compliments to bring up Starscream's confidence. And to think, there were days when he would have done anything to bring that ego down a notch.

"Lugnut can tend to the little ones," Megatron decided, and began to steer them in the direction of the rock hewn doorway that led towards the caves they used as berth rooms. "You said you were tired. Come to berth-"

"I know you won't let me sleep." Starscream glared.

"Maybe afterwards." Megatron purred, denying nothing and urging him along. His spike felt tight under his panel, and had done since Starscream had bent over to coo at their little ones that morning, aft in the air.

Just thinking about it was making Megatron's mouth water.

"Bend over." He ordered when they got to their berth and Starscream was still being awkward and fussy.

Starscream sat back on the berth, glaring, "Only if you stop staring at my aft."

Megatron wanted to roll his optics. He took Starscream by the hips, flipped him onto his front, and hitched him up, getting his knees under him. Starscream tried to kick him again, and flopped down onto his stomach.

Megatron growled.

"I've had enough of these unfounded insecurities of yours." Megatron told him, aroused and annoyed at the same time somehow. He took Starscream's hips and lifted them up again. "Aft up-"


Megatron held him in place until he stopped squirming. "There."

Starscream's wings were flicking with embarrassment. "I don't know why I let you do this to me."

"Because you enjoy it." Megatron told him, kneeling behind him and taking his aft in his servos, relishing the thickness of his frame. He stroked his aft and squeezed. Starscream yelped, and his panel sprang open.

Realising what he'd done, Starscream dropped his helm into the pillow with an embarrassed curse.

"I don't think you mind much at all," Megatron purred, using his thumbs to open Starscream up and peer past the outer mesh of his clenching valve rim. He fingered him briefly, until Starscream's wings were twitching and shuddering, then let his codpiece open, shuffling forward to rub his spike housing against Starscream wet soft valve, coaxing his spike out and to it's full size.

Starscream made soft muffled noises into the pillow beneath him.

Spike hard, Megatron let it nose between Starscream's spread valve, rocking his hips until the tip slipped past the rim. Starscream stiffened but his valve seemed to open up, and Megatron was in with one long stroke. His hips tapping against Starscream's broad aft.

Megatron groaned, stroking down Starscream's hips, relishing the exaggerated hourglass his figure had become. Fragging Starscream like this was so much more enjoyable when there was a real aft to bounce and jiggle. He started up a pace and was mesmerised by it.

"Magnificent," he praised again, tensing his abdomen and just bucking his hips, fast and sharp. Rocking Starscream against the berth, and the berth against the cave wall.

Starscream whined again, thighs falling apart like he wanted Megatron deeper, wanted him more.

Megatron picked up the pace and moved with abandon, feeling it when Starscream whispered desperate muffled pleas and warnings that he was close, that he was going to overload, that he was overloading. Megatron felt the lubricant trickle down his thighs, heard it squelch wetly around his spike as he continued his fast pace.

Starscream was a sticky, jiggling, uncaring mess beneath him by the time overload came over Megatron. He grabbed Starscream's aft and squeezed harshly, watching ripples of motion carry through the protometal as he slammed his spike into Starscream one last time and overloaded with a roar.

A result of having produced sparklings together so recently, his spike shot thick, long pulses of nanite rich transfluid into Starscream's fluttering valve, wave after wave of it, heavy and viscous. There was enough that Megatron was sure Starscream's belly dropped a little lower, full of transfluid.

"It suits you." Megatron mumbled lazily, after all was said and done and his weight across Starscream's back made the seeker collapse. He relishing his soft, comforting frame under him, wrapping his arm's around it. 

Starscream hummed, "What does, being a carrier?"

If Megatron's processor had switched back on after that processor-blowing frag he probably would have had the sense to agree.

But it hadn't.

Instead he snorted boisterously, and smacked Starscream's upturned cheek, "No, your fat aft."

He fully deserved the repercussions of that action.


Chapter Text

It was like coming storm.

Starscream could feel it; a change in his field, a warmth in his circuits, a pressure in the pits of his tanks.

"How much longer are we going to be stuck out here?" He snapped, glaring at the long pair of legs sticking out from under their broken-down shuttle.

There was deep sigh from beneath, echoing metallically, and a scratching noise as Megatron began to shuffle out, armour dragging across hard dry ground. "Until someone responds."

Starscream's optics flared, his temper even shorter as protocols clicked on and off, testing and resetting, getting him ready. "You mean you can't fix it?! We're stuck out here!?"

Megatron climbed to his pedes, armour dust and grease smeared from being under the engine. Starscream's olfactory crinkled. He backed away when Megatron threw out his arms to the surrounding drought ridden desert planet. "Do you see any spare hyperdrives around here?!"

With a furious noise, Starscream dealt a kick to the useless transport shuttle and climbed back inside.

Stuck here? With Megatron?! For how long?!

The shuttle was small, built to carry no more than ten mechs over a short distance. There was an open flight deck and two rows of seats and no privacy.

Starscream dropped into the copilot's seat and pressed his thighs together, pede tapping against the floor as his core temperature cranked itself up. The planet's already scorching sun didn't help. Waving a servo to generate some breeze, he glanced through the front viewport, towards the sky.

No signs of any rescuers yet.

There was a wobble then clang as Megatron hefted his huge frame back up into the shuttle, shoulder's squeezing through the door.

"Can't you wait outside?!" Starscream hissed, a pulse of warmth fluttering through his frame. He started flapping his servo faster. "I don't want to look at you."

"Outside? In this heat?" Megatron snorted, clambering loudly towards him anyway.

Starscream twisted away and tried to wedge himself into the tightest corner of the flight deck, right up against the bulkhead, but Megatron still brushed by to take a seat in the caption's chair. Starscream could smell his commander; iron and engine grease and musky armour that probably needed a rinse with the solvent. Disgusting and masculine and Starscream took deep, long steadying breaths of it, finding himself relaxing, starting to calm down-

His spark pulse slowing...

His optics dimming...

Everything felt wobbly

Oh wait, he thought vaguely. It was his submissive carrier protocols, they'd come online.

And they liked the smell of Megatron.

Starscream leant back in his seat and spread himself out a little, letting his limbs splay in an effort to expel as much growing warmth as possible. He could feel a dampness growing beneath his panel; increased lubricant production.

Before long he could smell himself too.

Megatron noticed, nostrils flaring as he sniffed. He turned in his seat, and he was so big it was almost too small for him, with his stature and... wide strong thighs. Starscream was liking the look of them more and more as the minutes passed.

The chair beside him creaked as Megatron shifted, and the rumble of Megatron's voice seemed to vibrate the entire shuttle when he spoke, "What is that smell...?"

"Hmm," Starscream felt dazed and faraway, and a little... naughty. He knew what Megatron was smelling, and there was no use hiding it. "It's me."

"It is you." Megatron's rumble transmuted into a pleasant little purr, chair creaking again as he rose.

Starscream was too hot and overwhelmed to really take stock of Megatron's approach.

Warm perfect servos were on his thighs and a nose was in his neck cables, breathing heavily. His frame recognised the presence of a suitable sire though, and the heat drenching his frame was rerouted with devasting speed to one specific part of his frame.

His valve throbbed.

He moaned, arching away from the chair and reaching for Megatron, wanting him close enough to rub his valve panel against his thigh. But Megatron's own frame was responding to a ovulating seeker in prime reproductive years. He was dragging Starscream out of the copilot's seat and guiding him towards the rows of seating in the main body of the shuttle.

Being an old outdated shuttle, there were springs poking out of the seating rows and the upholstery had been worn away in places. Not to mention the suspicious stains...

Too desperate to care, Starscream dropped back to them and presented himself, a servo on each knee, drawing his legs up and apart. His panel clicked open and the muggy, overheated air in the shuttle did nothing to quell his buzzing sensors.

Megatron dropped down on top of him, falling between his legs. He was still dusty from the planet's atmosphere and he left smears across Starscream's armour with the engine grease still marring his digits. Starscream liked being marked though, and he surged into the touches, licked at Megatron's armour, ignoring the taste of ozone and gunpowder lingering in the unkept seams. It added a thrill even, he was excited at the idea of being taken and spiked and bred by such a rugged dishevelled mech.

Megatron had released his spike at some point, and Starscream could now feel it's thickened shaft rubbing against his exposed valve. He rolled with it, distantly noticing a strange bulge at it's base when it bumped his node. It was nearly double the girth of the rest of the spike. Megatron was an older mech though, so perhaps it was leftover hardware from some sort fad. He wasn't sure.

But he wanted it inside him, the whole thing.

He bucked his hips up to show he was ready, to encourage Megatron, and the hint was well received. Megatron draped his massive frame over him, heavy and masculine and vibrating with the rumble of his revving engine, and with fumbling, blind, rocking hips, he managed to find Starscream's valve with his spike, and pressed it.

Starscream hissed and sunk his claws into Megatron's back but it was exactly what he'd needed. He felt his toe pedes curl, his wings stiffen and flick. Megatron continued without question, the bulge of the base of his spike bumping the mesh around the rim of Starscream's valve on every stroke.

It was a nice, fast pace, hammering Starscream back against the seats and knocking the entire shuttle on it's rickety landing gear. Part of him wanted to roll over onto his knees and present himself properly, so Megatron could fill him better and deeper, but it turned out he didn't need to.

With a grunt, Megatron rose, his optics dim and near black with desire. He reached down for Starscream's valve and pulled the mesh apart with his thumbs, spreading him wider. Starscream laid back patiently, desperate to continue but knowing better than to disturb and bother the mech spiking him- submissive, his protocols reminded him. Be good.

He twitched and sighed and put up with the stretching and poking. Then Megatron was grinding into him, slowly working himself deeper, pushing that fat bulge into him.

Starscream squeaked, but kept still, his valve beginning to ache at the sudden new stretch.

Worse still was that the bulge seemed to start growing as soon as it was inside him, pulsing and thickening with every shove of Megatron's hips. He was hilt deep now with nowhere to go, once long strokes now limited to deep hard grinds.

And still the bulge grew. It grew and grew, and Starscream whined out loud, surprised at the intensity. Through the haze of heat he knew he was going to be feeling this for weeks, that his callipers might never be the same again, that this would ruin him- but it was too good not to keep going. Not to whine and mewl and do everything he could to encourage Megatron.

Another rough roll forwards and overload blew through Starscream, surprising him. The sudden gush of excess lubricant did little to aid the stretch and fullness of Megatron inside him. He felt slick and undone, split in two and drooling over it, unable to move it was so good.

Finally Megatron's hindered bucks came to a stop. He stiffened, snarled, then Starscream felt a rush of warmth and rightness. Megatron was overloading, long, thick streams of transfluid spilling into his internals, washing over his sensors. Already so full, Starscream dropped a servo to his abdomen, sure he would be able to feel plating separate to make room for a bulge.

Above him, Megatron blinked slowly, grunting a little with a twitch when another burst of fluid spilled out of him.

Starscream moaned, wanting to roll away.

He couldn't.

He squirmed, only a little overridden with reproductive protocols now. Clarity was rushing back. The overwhelming heat, the unpleasantness of the old seat rows, and ache of straining valve mesh.

"Ow," he muttered, pushing at Megatron's chest to free himself.

Megatron growled at him through, and it was enough of a warning to subdue Starscream's movements. He made a soft submissive noise, protocols receding, but still there.

It seemed enough for Megatron.

The great warlord shifted, his knot pulling a little at Starscream soft sensitive valve. He twitched, but Megatron only settled down on top of him again, heavy weight almost overwhelming. Starscream set his chin on Megatron's shoulder, wondering how long this would last.

"Megatron?" He murmured.

There was a grunt.

"How long does this... how long will we be like this?"

Megatron didn't answer immediatly, his bulge still rock hard and full in Starscream's valve.

"Hours." He finally answered.

Starscream glanced towards the flight deck, out through the view port. He swore he could hear the sound of approaching engines drifting in through the shuttle's open door.

Then shadows passed overheard, pedes dragged across the ground outside. There were voices, familiar ones.

"Megatron, sir?" Decepticons were calling, approaching the shuttle.

Starscream wriggled, enticing another angry noise from his possessive territorial warlord.

"How many hours?" Starscream whispered, face already igniting in preparation of mortification to come. As if it wasn't bad enough they had to be rescued by their own subordinates, now they were getting caught in the middle of a mating?!

With him on the bottom, no less. He was never living this down.

Megatron made a noncommittal noise in response.

Starscream glared, digging his claws into his back. "How many, Megatron?"

"As many as I deem necessary." Megatron huffed.

Necessary was three hours.

And Starscream really didn't see how that was necessary. And neither did the mechs who had been sent to aid them, who after a lot of flustered stuttering and hysterical noises over what what they'd stumbled upon, had then had to loiter around outside in the scorching sun until Megatron finally twitched and began to depressurise.

Starscream wasn't even sure he could close his panel afterwards. His swollen valve had lost all elasticity, gawping and loose. He remained draped across the horrid seats, frowning at the ceiling and endeavouring to ignore the nasty looks the Decepticons that had come to repair the shuttle kept flashing his way.

Later, one of them finally took pity enough on him to give him a cooling pad from a medkit. He wedged it between his legs and ignored the new wave of snickering it caused.

It was like they thought he'd planned for this to happen.


Chapter Text

At some point in the last twelve or so hours, Starscream had started his contractions. Which meant he'd also started snarling and cursing at anything that came anywhere near him.

Knowing they weren't on the best of terms as it was -and those odds weren't likely to improve seeing as he'd been the one to put Starscream in his current (painful) state- Megatron stayed well clear of him, leaving the medics and trine-mates to deal with the unpleasantness of the emergence.

He assured a (judgmental) Thundercracker -over the growing curses of an unhappy seeker- that he would return after the sparklings had emerged, and preferably, been cleaned and fed.

Thundercracker rolled his optics in obvious disrespect and stomped back into the medbay without a word.

Megatron would deal with such disrespect later.

But not yet, because he wasn't going back in there until it was safe to do so.

Now, it was quiet once more. Megatron strode down to the medbay to take a look at the heirs Starscream had bestowed upon him, hoping for a healthy mix of frame types, and of course, at least a few seekers.

There was a reason he'd chosen Starscream, after all.

He was pleasantly surprised to enter the medbay and find everything peaceful. No rushing medics and no audial piercing squalling of new-sparks with their creators's powerful vocaliser. Starscream was on one of the berths at the far end of the bay, and he looked well.

He was sitting up, legs folded under him, arms tucked around his cockpit.

Starscream heard his approach and looked up, then glared. "Oh, what do you want?"

"I'm here to meet my heirs." Megatron stuck his olfactory in the air and glanced around the near deserted medbay. "Where are they?"

Starscream arched a brow, then smirked. "They're not here yet."

Megatron felt his mood sink and impatience grow. "It's been hours." He growled. "You mean to tell me all that fuss last night was for nothing?"

"How would you know, you weren't there?"

"I heard plenty enough." Megatron sniffed. "You clearly aren't having contractions now." He peered at Starscream closely, and he could have sworn he looked a little trimmer than he had yesterday. "Was it a false alarm? Or more attention seeking nonsense?"

Ignoring his jabs, Starscream sighed heavily and leant back, propping himself up on his forearms and looking up at Megatron. "Did you ever visit Vos? Before the war?"

Megatron didn't see what this had to do with anything.

"No. Now where have you sent the medics?" He peered around the privacy wall searching for them, wanting to call them in here to tell him what the pit was going on, and hopefully, have them induce Starscream so he could see his damn heirs already.

"Megatron," Starscream called his attention back, tapping lightly on the glass of his cockpit. "Come here."

Wondering if Starscream only wanted him close enough so he could do something unpleasant, Megatron moved around to the side of the berth, keeping a safe distance between him and his second's claws. They had grown thicker, gotten sharper with his carrying protocols.

There was a click as Starscream's cockpit unlatched, then leaning back more, he swung it open.

Presumably there was something Megatron was supposed to see. He leant forward, peering inside, and saw five brightly coloured... orbs.

He frowned. "What are those?"

Starscream's helm rolled back with a deep sigh, "They're your heirs."

Megatron snorted angrily, wondering again if this was some sort of trick. "Those are not sparklings."

"No, they're eggs, Megatron. Eggs." Starscream looked at him like he was being deliberately stupid. "They'll hatch in a few weeks."

Megatron was flabbergasted. "Eggs!? Are you part turbo-chicken? This is a childish joke-"

"It's not a joke." Starscream glared. "They're seekers. Seekers need longer to develop. We're vastly superior beings-"

Megatron didn't know what to believe, but he was curious. Carefully he reached for Starscream's cockpit, where the colourful eggs were nestled in the seats against each other.

Starscream slapped his servo reproachfully. "Leave them alone."

"They're mine-"

"They're not yours yet. And they need to stay warm." Starscream said snottily, shutting his cockpit with a indignant snap and lock. Megatron could barely see them through the tint of the glass. "If you were a seeker, you'd be able to nest them yourself."

Megatron felt a wave of inadequacy pass over him when he glanced down at his own flat armoured chest. He didn't have a compartment to store away and safeguard eggs. The sparklings hadn't even arrived yet and somehow he was already failing as their sire ..

Starscream must have realised he'd managed to strike a nerve, and rather than snickering gleefully, his shoulders hunched up defensively.

"Well I'm sorry, but it's true."

Megatron wasn't so bothered about Starscream's opinion of him as he was his ability to be a good sire. "And you won't let me touch them?"

Starscream looked aside, biting his lip. After a long pause the cockpit clicked open again.

"Be gentle." He muttered.

Megatron shifted to sit on the edge of the berth, reaching in. Starscream had some sort of heating mechanism inside the cockpit, making a tepid atmosphere for their unhatched little ones. Megatron could spy the faint glow of Starscream's spark shining through some of the cockpit's components too. No doubt the eggs could feel the warmth of their carrier in more ways than one.

He touched the nearest egg, and it was warmth with the life within.

"You'll be here when they hatch." Starscream said.

Megatron was about to open his mouth and say something about how he was busy and could be off base and there was no guarantee, but the look on Starscream's face implied that it wasn't a request. He would be there when they hatched, or there would be longstanding repercussions.

"Yes, Starscream." He agreed.

"Good, because I didn't appreciate you running off with your tail between your legs last night."

Megatron scowled, removing his servo so Starscream could reseal the cockpit. He laid his palm against the warm glass. "I had things to see you-"

"You took one look at me on that medical slab and turned green." Starscream arched a brow, parts amused and parts annoyed. "Thundercracker said you looked like you were about to faint."

Another reason to have a word with Thundercracker.

"I will endeavour to do better." He conceded. And to show he was serious, reached behind Starscream to clumsily plump up his pillow.

Starscream dropped back against it with a satisfied look. He laid his servo over the one Megatron had resting over his cockpit, a fond gesture that said for once, they were going to try and do something together...

...Even if Megatron had absolutely no idea what to do with an clutch of eggs.



Chapter Text

In hindsight, the strangest part of it had been Starscream returning without a scratch.

It was so unusual for him. Megatron always assumed it more a lack of luck, rather than skill, that led to Starscream's frequent and unfortunate attraction to field injuries. If a grenade was thrown, a shot was fired, a building collapsed? The sound of destruction and disaster was always punctuated by a Starscream-shriek of pain.

So Megatron had expected things to run their usual course when Starscream reported ahead to inform him of a delay in his return due to 'trouble'.

'Trouble' was Starscream speak for 'someone was shooting at me again'. But when he appeared on their scopes his signature was calm, his readouts normal. Megatron met him at the airlocks, glancing through the glass at a seeker that miraculously still had all four limbs, plus wings, attached.

"Autobots?" He asked when the doors disengaged and Starscream stepped out of the decontamination chamber, little specks of bacterial killing chemicals still stuck to his plating.

"Smugglers." He snorted, meeting Megatron's optics, "Or at least, filthy enough to look like them. One of them touched me, disgusting..."

Megatron hummed, making a note of it. He'd need Soundwave to deploy another unit in that system. It was time to remind the galaxies ruffians that Decepticon territory was no safe haven for their nefarious business- most certainly not when they were bold enough to cause trouble for his second. 

At least Starscream was still in one piece. 

"The ship has been quiet in your absence," Megatron told him, unable to vocalise a true admission of yearning. Finding action easier, he stepped to Starscream's side, extending a servo to his weary traveller.

But Starscream waved him down, stepping to the side to avoid him, blinking tiredly and flicking a dismissive wave. "The progress report can wait." he grumbled, misunderstanding Megatron's less than professional intentions. "I require recharge."

Megatron watched him leave the hanger, Starscream's purposeful strut lacking somewhat in attitude. His wings were a few inches lower than he would normally hold them.

Concerned, but not enough to brave a tired and grumpy seeker that wanted to recharge, Megatron decided to leave it. He'd likely hear plenty detail about the 'trouble' Starscream had mentioned tomorrow, and perhaps by then his second would be in a good enough mood to entertain more than just a debrief. 

Or as good a mood as anyone could get Starscream.



It struck in the night.

An emergency down in the air barracks. Skywarp teleporting between the Constructicon's quarters and the barracks fast enough to glitch poor Scrapper's optics with the blinding purple of his warp drive, disturbing half the airforce and then some. 

And still Megatron wasn't woken for nearly a full hour after the drama had begun.

Megatron was all ready to unleash his fury on the entire gestalt and airforce for their inability to keep him informed over any and all emergencies than occurred on the ship-

-until he was stopped short in the emergency bay. His spark was struck with a sharp icy jab at the sight of Starscream in the middle of all the mess, jolting in the table like volts of electricity were being shot through his frame, his mouth open and optics staring blankly ahead.

"Starscream," Megatron's vents gushed air, chest collapsing emptily as he couldn't seem to take any back in.

The noise in the medbay had muffled to dull roar. Hook was yelling and pointing, and Starscream's convulsions worsened, his back arching, frame twisting itself into painful angles. It would have hurt, but Starscream's face showed no change. Optics sightless.

"-down!" Noise came back in a rush and he could hear what Hook was screaming. "Hold him down!"

Servos appeared to pin Starscream all over then and strap him down. A large pair clamped around his helm and angled it back, keeping it still. They were inserting tubes and syringes and peeling his armour away, his parts away. The invisible grip on Megatron's own throat prevented him from even asking what they were doing, from asking what was wrong-

"-shouldn't see this," Scavenger was guiding him backwards out of the room. "Hook needs the space to work..."

Megatron stared at Starscream the whole time, right up until the medbay door closed off the scene with a soft whoosh. And he was left outside in the corridor, alone and confused.

And frightened.



"He's awake."

Megatron's shoulder was shaken and he woke with a start, wincing at the painful crick in his neck cables from where he'd been recharging against the bulkhead for the last indecipherable few hours.

Long Haul was looking down at him, his servos wringing together nervously at having witnessed the seemingly forbidden sight of his leader so vulnerable- recharging on the floor like an unwanted vagrant.

"He's awake." Long Haul said again, "Starscream, you can see-"

Megatron was already up. He couldn't give much of a slag if he was permitted to see Starscream or not, he would do as he pleased. His ship. His second. He barged into the medbay with all the unnecessary bluster of a mech going into battle, but the scene had calmed considerably since last night. There was no shouting and rushing medics.

Just Starscream in a berth -still connected to an entire room full of equipment and looking rather sorry for himself- but awake.

Relief spread a smile across Megatron's face and he was beside Starscream's berth in an instant.

"Urgh," Starscream's vocaliser crackled with static. His optics were orange instead of red, and flickering weakly. He managed to return a wobbly smirk though, and that's what counted in Megatron's opinion. "Who let you in here?"

"I broke in." Megatron reassured him, touching the back of his servo, ignoring the fuel line running out of it and into a nearby machine. "You worried me."

"Unlikely." Starscream snorted softly. "You know I'm too stubborn to die."

Megatron felt a foreign tightness grow in his chest, near overwhelming him. He shuttered his optics, reset them and pulled himself back together again with a curt nod.

"Far too stubborn."

Starscream hummed, his digit twitching. Noticing, Megatron slipped his fingers into Starscream's. Starscream gave them a weak squeeze. They remained like that a while, in peaceful silence. Nothing more needing to be said. Starscream blinked slowly until his optics shuttered, and he drifted off into recharge again.

Megatron kept their servos together, reluctant to pull away.

Someone cleared their vocaliser.

Behind him Hook had manifested, and was looking haggard and rough from his own sleepless night. He held up a file, "Diagnosis."

"Which is?" Megatron responded curtly.

"Some sort of virus, not something I've seen before." Hook glanced at his work, frown puzzled. "Artificially designed, possibly."

"And what does that mean?"

"Might be harder to remove. But I wouldn't worry too much. Commander Starscream was strong enough to pull through it's attack. His own firewalls will be fighting it back now."

Megatron nodded, but a sense of... foreboding still lingered in the pits of his tanks. Yes, Starscream was better now, but Hook's puzzled exhausted face did nothing to curb that feeling. Very little was capable of stumping Hook. 

"Divert all of your attentions to him." He ordered, "Starscream is your priority."

"Yes, sir."



Reluctant to leave his second's side, Megatron was fortunately present when the second attack came.

Or unfortunate.

Reading a brief on the ship's daily ongoings in his absence from the bridge, Megatron had been sat in his usual seat beside Starscream's berth, listening to the steady rhythm of his vents and ready for when he inevitably woke up to complain at or bicker with him about things he had no reasonable amount of power to change; like the smell of the medbay, or the texture of the berth sheets. Or the very fact that he was unwell in the first place.

He stopped reading when he noticed a sudden silence, and he couldn't place why it was so quiet until he glanced at Starscream.

And saw him lying stock still, optics wide, vents shut. Not breathing.

Megatron yelled and instinctively grabbed Starscream's shoulder to shake him, startle him into breathing again. The second he touched Starscream his optics rolled into the back of his helm, his head lolling as his frame went limp.

Like he was dead.

Megatron found himself against the bulkhead then, watching as his worst nightmare repeated itself. Starscream hidden from him by a mob of rushing medics, his spark numb, his throat too tight to speak.

It took them longer to stabilise Starscream the second time -"the virus is learning" Hook had said- and this time they'd had to lock him into stasis to stop the virus's attack, dampening and isolating his spark from his frame's infected hardware to protect it.

"We'll have to remove his spark," Hook told him, perhaps to reassure him of all the contingency plans they had in place. "Place it somewhere safe. Perhaps save what we can of his memory banks."

"Save what you can..." Megatron repeated numbly, not even looking at Hook.

"-a drastic solution." Hook continued. "But it's the most efficient way-"

"I don't care about efficiently!" Megatron bellowed, his emotional tether frayed enough to snap at the slightest provocation. "And I don't care about your contingency plans! I don't care what it takes- fix him as he is."


"I'll not have you lock him away in some box, waiting for a new frame off the factory line." Megatron pointed at him. "Removing his spark is the worst case scenario, and if you touch it without my permission-!"

"Speed is a crucial element in these situations," Hook argued back. "If there's another attack we can't afford to wait for your say so before acting! Starscream can't-"

"You won't have to wait. I'm not leaving his side." Megatron hissed, and plonked himself down into his berthside chair, ready to stand both guard and vigil.

He and Hook had a brief stare off, one he wasn't prepared to lose. Until finally-

"Purging a virus of this complexity and strength from a frame already riddled with it can take years," Hook said tensely. "We don't even know what it is! I'll have to go through every individual-"

"Then start now." Megatron snapped impatiently.

"Decades! I have other patients."

Megatron didn't even flinch. "We have other medics."




Starscream woke up slowly, his limbs and helm heavy and slow to respond, like he hadn't moved in some time. With a soft hum, he flickered his optics online. Everything was blurry, but he'd recognise Megatron's helm anywhere.

A smile drifted across his face.

"Hey-" his voice was weak and raw. He wondered when he'd last spoken.

"Starscream," Megatron replied, voice tinged with something uncharacteristically profound. His edges solidified and brightened. "How do you feel?"

A servo brushed over his helm and he blinked slowly, finally bringing his optics back into focus. But something still wasn't quite right. Megatron looked different, older...

"How long was I...?"

"A while," Megatron soothed gently, still stroking his helm, every touch careful but savouring. "I've missed you."

"You have?" Starscream was too tired to feel surprise. He lifted an arm, it was heavy and clumsy, but Megatron caught his servo in his own, guiding it with a gentle, reassuring squeeze.

"You must have been worried." Starscream whispered.

"Worried?" Megatron brought his servo to his mouth and kissed the digits, the plating around his optics creasing with emotion. "Unlikely."


Chapter Text


The container landed in the sand beside Megatron with a dull thunk, and having expected an explosion, he released a deep breath of relief when it clicked and spewed gas instead.

His first mistake. It flooded his vents, muggy and thicker than air. He coughed, turning away and clearing the air with a wave of his arm, but something in it seemed to clog, to latch in his intake. For a brief paralysing moment he thought it was suffocating him, before the sensation evaporated, the thickness subsiding. He could breathe.

But that's all he could do. Heat settled over him, an internal flush that was more than just the relentless desert sun. He wanted to claw off his own armour. It was too heavy, too thick, too uncomfortable as he struggled to move away from the battle. His codpiece tightened with every stumble, his spike stiff and throbbing.

His comm pinged with a hail and he slapped it offline hastily, slipping down a sand dune and hopefully out of sight. He needed shelter, somewhere private and away. He needed to take care of this- whatever it was, before it became too much.

There was an empty village not so far away, it's inhabitants having fled at the first sound of gun shots. He made steady, weak progress and booted down the door to one of the tallest buildings, making an opening just large enough to crawl though.

Alone and scorching, covered in sand, listening to explosions and gun fire just over the dunes, he let his codpiece fold away with a pained moan. Too lightheaded to even see, he didn't think about it, following his instinctive need for relief as he touched himself.

In the distance the battle raged on. He heard the boom of a seeker breaking the sound barrier, and thought of white wings under his heavy hands, a devilish smirk, a sharp voice. He thought of Starscream and overloaded with a hiss.



In the aftermath Starscream left Soundwave to the clean up, he and his cassettes plucking loose pieces of their comrades out of the sand, from odd bolts to entire limbs. He hailed Megatron again, but the frequency was blocked.

"Coordinate the return to base." He ordered Soundwave, taking the lead in Megatron's absence.

"Lord Megatron?" Soundwave pointed out.

Starscream spied pede tracks in a nearby dune, slowly being eaten away by shifting sand. He narrowed his optics. "I will deal with Megatron." He reassured him.

The tracks carried over the dune, clumsy looking steps, stumbling steps. Injured possibly? Starscream couldn't find any trace of mech-fuel, but he kept medical on standby, just in case. The tracks led him towards a quaint little human settlement, little houses with foundations dug into the ground to keep them cool. He towered over most of them, but one reached his shoulder. One that was missing it's doorway.


Something stirred inside. Armour against brick. Huffing vents. A powerful, rumbling engine.

He bent over and glanced through the doorway.

Yes, it was Megatron.

It was dark in the house, the windows casting few spotlights inside, but Starscream could see his leader's predicament well enough. He was huddled in the corner, shoulders heaving. Armour panels were flared and spread out to expel heat and dripping with condensed steam. He looked sicker than Starscream had ever seen him.

Starscream dropped into a highly undignified position in order to squeeze in after him.


Starscream paused mid shuffle at Megatron's demand.

"Don't come any closer."

And that's when Starscream saw the extent of his predicament. There was glistening silver fluid between Megatron's digits and leaking down his knuckles, catching the light when his fists clenched. Starscream was familiar enough with the substance. Transfluid.

Now, he was an intelligent mech, and the puzzle pieces slotted together easily. From the Autobots earlier boast of a 'new weapon', to Megatron fleeing from battle and hiding here, covered in cum.

He tutted, shaking his helm, "Aren't you a noble old fool." He purred, ignoring Megatron's warning huff and snarl as he shimmed the rest of the way in anyway.

Megatron's back thunked the wall as he shifted back. He closed his optics, clenched his jaw, breathed harsh and fast through his vents. "I can't-"

"Control it?" Starscream reached for Megatron's clenched fist. The pale silver of the fluid was stark against the black of his plating. "I can tell."

Megatron yanked his servo away harshly, shaking his helm. "You shouldn't touch me." His usual rumble was strained and weak. "Starscream."

Starscream shushed him, closing in anyway. The heat coming off him was phenomenal, and now in a better position, he could see Megatron's spike, so stiff and full it was curled towards his abdomen, the stripes of biolights running up and down the length throbbing an angry red. It must hurt.

"Starscream," Megatron snarled again, shuffling his legs.

"To think we were almost worried about you." Starscream admitted, only half teasing. "Disappearing like that? Why, I feared the worst."

Megatron huffed, and his spike twitched between his legs. Starscream watched a bead of transfluid bubble at the tip then drip down. Megatron's servos were clenching and unclenching on his knees, armour creaking with strain.

"You need the medbay." Starscream realised, blinking himself out of his trance. He lifted his comm, but his wrist was snatched half way there, the grip strong but shaky. Megatron's bright gaze met his, his mouth was open, lips wet.

"Wait." He wheezed.

"What happened to no touching?" Starscream plucked at Megatron's digits on his wrists.

Megatron was shaking his helm, listless and dizzy. He leant forwards, forwards until he was breathing all over Starscream neck, his steamy frame fogging the glass of his cockpit. "I need you."

"Don't you always."

"Desperately." Megatron almost, almost sounded like he was begging, and Starscream quite liked that. Megatron's face dropped to his shoulder, open mouthed, nose nuzzling. "I need you now, I want you-"

Starscream shushed him again, laying a servo atop Megatron's helmet. He glimpsed through the open doorway, checking for unwanted voyeurs. Megatron was already humming and mouthing at his throat, grabby hands on his hips, pulling him in, spike a searing heat where it bumped the taunt armour of Starscream's abdomen.

There was no one outside though. They were alone.

He still hadn't called the medics.

"The things I do for you." He hissed harshly, knocking Megatron's servos away and ignoring the desperate noise he made when he thought Starscream was leaving him. "I'm not going anywhere."

He settled down straddling Megatron's thighs, struggling for some finesse amongst Megatron's urgency. He let him settle his head against his shoulder, stroking the back of neck as he opened his panel and worked himself with his other hand, simple preparation before foreplay. He could only hope this wouldn't worsen the symptoms, and that a little relief would give Megatron clarity and control enough that he would rise under his own power, preserve a little dignity.

He touched his spike and Megatron snarled against his neck, teeth bared, hands clenching. The snarl softened into a low, rumbling groan as Starscream rose into position and wriggled himself down onto it, ignoring the pull of his callipers stretching for it's thick girth. Megatron moaned like it was the best feeling in the world, digits flexing on Starscream's hips.

Starscream rose up and began riding him gently. Megatron pulled away from his neck, lips blindly searched for a kiss. Starscream caught his cheek and steered him into it, spark thrilling at ferocity of it, Megatron all snarling teeth and tongue, and Starscream gasps and hums.

They kept kissing, Megatron leaning forward until Starscream was on his back, lying down. Megatron lifted his hips and pulled his aft up into his lap. He kissed his chest, his cockpit. Starscream squirmed, his vents fast enough to rival Megatron's now, his control of the pace gone. He threw his head back, neck open wide, gasping for air, as everything became too fast, too hot, too much.

Megatron was breathing his name, helm low, shoulders hunched where he was bowed, curling over Starscream, driving into him.

Megatron jabbed forwards and struck something deep within Starscream. He clenched with a gasp, vision turning white, drowning in delicious pleasure as charge shot from the ends of his digits to the tips of his toe pedes. He came back to himself when he heard his name in a choked sob, Megatron shoving forwards once, harsh enough to scoot him across the floor.

Then he stopped, weak and shuddering, optics clenched shut. Starscream felt him finish inside him, a twitch and trickle of warmth, and a soft breath of relief.

He purred, stroking Megatron's face with his thumb until weary optics blinked back online.

"Sorry." Megatron mumbled dazedly, and the pressure started increasing above him as Megatron stopped taking his own weight, until Starscream found himself squashed under twenty tonnes of warlord. "...Sorry."

Starscream patted his side, trying to get him to refocus. "Up. You need to get up."

Megatron mumbled something incoherent, optics shuttering, falling asleep.

"No," Starscream wriggled violently. "No, Megatron! Don't fall asleep!"

It was no use. Vents softened, the temperature began to drop, and Megatron was an unconscious dead weight on top of him. Starscream poked him, pinched him, slapped him, but nothing stirred him. The ordeal had taken too much out of him, and so, it seemed, had Starscream's attempt at a solution.

He lifted his comm link with a sigh. So much for trying to preserve Megatron's dignity, now they were both in for a humiliating ride back to base.



Chapter Text

There was a disturbance down in the medbay. Starscream knew because Soundwave had had the audacity to send him a comm message; 'Assistance required; Medbay Six.'

Starscream blew air past his lips and ignored it, returning to his post-battle pampering, clearing the muck that had gotten into his thrusters from walking about on the organic ground in bipedal mode. He was just about finished when another message came through.

'Assistance required IMMEDIATELY; Medbay Six.'

Starscream would have thought someone as supposedly intelligent as Soundwave would have known when someone was deliberately ignoring him. Seeing as it seemed to be urgent (someone dying, most likely) Starscream threw down his cleaning rag with a wet slap and abandoned his beauty regime to go and find out what was so fragging difficult that Soundwave couldn't just deal with it.

When he arrived, the doors swung open, but his entry into the medbay itself was blocked by a wall of mechs. Starscream stared at their backs.

"What is going on?"

"Shut the door." Scrapper ordered.

"Shut it yourself," Starscream shouldered past the hulking Constructicons, "What the-?"

He stopped, seeing the cause of the problem for himself.

Megatron was at the other end of the medbay, as far as he could get from the medics, looking much like a cornered animal. His helm was down, face pale, broad shoulders rising and falling with deep, rasping breaths. In the prevailing silence Starscream could hear a drip drip drip'ing noise, and in searching for the source of the sound, spotted the growing puddle beside Megatron's left pede. Energon dripped steadily from an injury in his side. Starscream couldn't see it, as Megatron was doing his level best to conceal it with the angle of his frame.

"Megatron." He greeted.

"...Starscream." Megatron's strong commanding voice was a weak wheeze. "Here to join the mutiny?"

"Mutiny?" Starscream made a show of looking between the gathered medical staff (plus Soundwave) all twitching and shifting nervously behind him, and his struggling leader wedged into the darkest corner of the medbay. "Is that what they're doing?"

"Lord Megatron is injured." Soundwave piped up accusingly.

"Yes I can see that." Starscream muttered.

"I've had worse." Megatron hissed stubbornly. Like a petulant infant.

Starscream turned and faced the adults in the room. He didn't have to ask before they began offering explanations.

"-won't let us touch him-"

"-punched Hook in the face!"

"- but he's bleeding all over the floor-"

"-huge hole in his side."

"Lies!" Megatron found the strenght to bellow from his corner.

Starscream ignored him.

"If he won't cooperate I suppose you can just wait until he passes out," he sighed and glanced back at Megatron. He was swaying. "You certainly won't have to wait long."

Soundwave stepped forward. "No." He said quietly. "Pacify him."

Starscream pulled a face. "Pacify him?" He whispered furiously. "How do you propose I do that?!"

"Every wasted moment increases the risk of permanent damage." Soundwave intoned darkly. "Distract him. Comfort him. Assist Scrapper's team in sedating him."

"No! Just shoot him with a dart!" Starscream snarled through his denta.

"We tried that." Long Haul muttered. "He keeps ducking."

"This is ridiculous!" Starscream threw his arms up. Their whispered conversation was drawing Megatron's attention, so he dropped his voice further to snarl. "He's Megatron. What's he got to be scared of?"

"Needles." Scavenger said sagely.

Starscream stared at him. "You're kidding-"

"What are you plotting?" Megatron demanded from his 'safe' little corner. He stumbled and gripped the wall, stepping into his own puddle of energon and spreading it.

"Get close to him." Scrapper whispered, and subtly, or as subtly as a Constructicon could, slipped a syringe filled with a sedative into his hand. "And jab him."

Starscream glanced at it. A sedative of this strength was fast acting, and would take around ten seconds to knock out a mech of Megatron's size. Just long enough for him to rip Starscream's head off then. Wonderful.

"No. You're the medic. You do it."

"No one else can get close." Scrapper snapped.

And he could? Unbelievable.

There was a bang as across the room, Megatron stumbled again. Dimwitted, old-

Starscream wanted to hit something. "You owe me!" He pointed an angry finger at Soundwave and kept the syringe concealed using a bit of slight of hand before turning back to the problem.

He approached Megatron slowly, both so he didn't startle the big stupid coward, but also because he still wasn't entirely sure what he was supposed to be doing here. Pacify? Comfort? He'd never done either of those things before. Certainly not with Megatron. The only thing he did do with Megatron was fight and, well... the other thing.

Perhaps Soundwave had misunderstood the conditions behind that second thing he did with Megatron.

When he was close enough, and Megatron had, by some miracle, not stumbled away into a different corner, he spoke.

"Let me see."

Megatron turned his injured side away, refusing. "Why?"

"Morbid curiosity." Starscream shrugged. "You know sometimes I like to see you a little roughed up."

"This is somewhat more serious than 'roughed up'." Megatron spat.

Then why won't you let the medics see to you?! He wanted to scream.

"Does it hurt?"

Megatron's hand gripped and crushed the corner of the bulkhead he was grasping to keep him upright. "Perhaps I should puncture your fuel tank and you can decide that yourself."

Megatron had leant forward to deliver his threat, and in doing so his left hand slipped from where it was applying pressure to his wound. Energon splattered gruesomely, and Megatron's grip fell from the bulkhead. Instinctively Starscream came forward and caught him. Megatron scrambled to grab at his side again and stem the flow with a slippery, bloodied hand, this time using Starscream to keep himself upright.

Starscream managed to steady him. He was heavy with exhaustion, but still conscious, and still watching the medics waiting to help him, his hand clenching and releasing on Starscream's shoulder vent.

Starscream twisted the syringe around in his hand, ready to stick Megatron with it. Oblivious, Megatron slumped forwards and breathed against Starscream's audial. His intakes made a worrying rattling noise.

Starscream wondered if he was suicidal. Megatron could very easily crush him in this position, even just on instinct.

Another rattling breath. 

He jabbed Megatron anyway.

Megatron flinched, stiffened, and rose from Starscream with a betrayed sounding hiss, tipping backwards in his attempt to get away. Starscream yanked the syringe back out of him and flung it away, but Megatron was stumbling back against the bulkhead, smearing energon everywhere he touched.

Panicking medics were rushing across the medbay to catch Megatron, but Starscream was already there so he steered the big stupid flailing lump in the direction of the medberth, making sure that when he fell -which he would- he fell onto a nice soft surface.

"Traitor." Megatron slurred.

"I know." Starscream purred.

"I trusted you." Megatron blinked slowly, optics already dimming.

"I know." Starscream cooed even gentler. "But there's a three metre wide hole in your armour and you were more willing to go into stasis lock than cope with a little needle."

"Wasn't... little."

"This big." Starscream held his fingers a couple inches apart and showed him. "Tiny."

"A- a gross eh-exaggeration..."

"You like it when I exaggerate things." Starscream whispered in his audial, stroking the hard edge of his helmet. The medics were swarming around the rest of Megatron's frame, wasting no more time to make repairs there repairs.

Megatron answered with a, "Hnng."

"I'll make it up to you." Starscream promised, still distracting in case Megatron saw the huge (even by his standards) needle being slipped into Megatron's fuel lines. "As soon as they've fixed that hole in your side, that is."

Megatron didn't respond. Starscream looked into his face and saw he was unconscious, expression slack and vacant.

Soundwave was stood behind him, watching. "Your assistance was appreciated." He said. "You may go."

"And leave you in charge?" Starscream sneered, staying beside Megatron, hand still on his helm. "I don't think so."

"Repairs will be lengthy." Scrapper spoke up, already bloodied with Megatron's energon as he worked to find the leak.

Starscream shrugged, giving Megatron's cheek a fond stroke. "I can wait."


Chapter Text

Starscream writhed deliciously on the berth beneath Megatron, hips undulating down into his grinding thrusts. The legs about Megatron's waist kicked and scrambled for tighter purchase, trying to pull him closer, push him deeper, to drag out his overload and increase the friction. He was soaking wet, and fragged beyond compliance, his valve a shameless mess from the relentless pounding of Megatron's spike.

The clench of Starscream's thighs finally released after one last squeeze and moan. His head lolled to the side, frame limp and wrung out by his overload.

Satisfied that Starscream had had his fill, Megatron rose onto his knees, hitching Starscream's wide hips up to rest his aft atop his thighs. He began to piston into him, sharp fast thrusts that shook both Starscream and the berth, made wings jump and fan blades shake.

"Wait," Starscream flapped a hand at him, missing clumsily as he was jostled by the intensity of Megatron's movements. "Wait, I have a better idea."

Sighing, Megatron backed off, withdrawing from Starscream's gawping red and black stripped valve. The glistening of fluids against the dark mesh was startling, the silvery blue of Starscream's lubricant swirled with streaks of bright vibrant transfluid. Now empty, it clenched on air, a trickle of fluid emerging and tracking down his aft plating. No wonder he'd felt so wet.

Without explaining, Starscream turned around, rolling onto his belly on the berth. His legs laid either side of Megatron's knees so his stained valve was open and visible, and now so was the untouched little aft port above it. Starscream arched his back so the swell of his aft rose enticingly. Megatron stroked it with both hands, thumb running over the tight little hole at it's centre.

Starscream was watching him with hooded optics and purple cheeks. It was obvious what he wanted.

Megatron had never done such a thing before. It was an act considered impolite rather than an actual taboo where he had been raised, but he had considered himself above such hedonistic acts.

He rubbed the tip of his spike against the port anyway, spreading lubricant and feeling the heat from within. "You're sure?"

Starscream wriggled his aft and nodded with the confidence of someone who had done it before, and definitely enjoyed it.

Curious, but still unsure, Megatron sunk his thumb into Starscream's valve to wet it, before bringing it to his aft. He pressed the pad of his thumb to the clenched hole and pressed. His thumb slipped in after a moment of brief resistance and was enveloped in tight clenching heat. He purred, twisting and pushing deeper.

He dampened his fingers next, and pressed those in. Starscream was compliant but tight, his wings twitching with every extra inch he was given. As he fingered Starscream's aft Megatron guided his spike back into his valve. Starscream made a noise of surprise at the penetration, but Megatron only gave a few languid thrusts into his soaking valve to gather lubricant. He pulled out, spike dripping, and removed his fingers to let the tip drag across the stretched port.

Starscream's hands clenched in his sheets in anticipation. "Slowly." He muttered, aft lifting to rub up against Megatron's spike.

Megatron wondered if the sensation felt strange to Starscream as he pushed the wide tip of his spike against the port and rubbed it in circles to work him open. Starscream shifted and tensed in anticipation, but his following exhale relaxed him just enough. His port dilated and Megatron was in, tip swallowed up by the tight rim.

It wasn't the silky glide Megatron was used to from Starscream's compliant little valve. It was whole new experience. Starscream squeaked at the sudden penetration, clamping down and making it incredibly difficult for Megatron not to give into the urge to push the whole way in. It was a lot tighter than a valve, and as a mech already used to such tight fits, it was intense.

Starscream's hands on the berth released the sheets and opened, heels pressing against the padding and fingers splaying out. "Megatron," He whined.

Megatron kissed the curve of his back, griping his spike to stop the tip from being pushed out. He gave Starscream another inch, and was rewarded with a strangled noise. Starscream was shaking.

"Are you alright?" He asked, feeling somewhat smug. It usually took a lot to inspire this sort of reaction from Starscream.

"Hn.... fine." Starscream sounded choked up.

"Is that so." Megatron purred, leaning over him and pressing deeper.

Starscream jolted and stiffened, when released a weak sob.

"Starscream?" Megatron paused, worry spiking.

Deep breaths, a sniff of composure, and the intense grip of Starscream's internals began to release. Megatron refrained from sinking deeper just because he could. It was clear that despite earlier eagerness, Starscream appeared to be struggling. Perhaps it had been some time since he had done this.

Perhaps he had never taken someone so big.

Megatron's pride soared at the thought. He nuzzled the back of Starscream's head, kissing his neck.

Starscream waved a hand at him like he was trying to swat a fly, "Stop that."

Megatron moved his spike back and forth in what little depth it had claimed, slipping ever so slightly deeper on every second push. Starscream's breathing picked up, his wings started to stiffen.

Megatron found himself enjoying this 'impolite' taboo far more than he had expected.


"I'm not sure you're ready." Megatron murmured, bent fully over Starscream now and near smothering him. He pressed deeper and Starscream swore. "See."

"I can take anything you dish out, you pathetic oaf." Starscream hissed, anger exaggerated by embarrassment. "Come on!"

Megatron shushed him, and ignoring the provocation, he slowly, steadily, sank the rest of his length inside him. Predictably, Starscream started to whine like a kicked turbo-dog.

"Just relax." Megatron advised, drawing back and pressing in again, as slow as he could. Starscream's breath hitched, a wonderful noise. Megatron leaned over him so he could see the expression Starscream was trying to hide against the covers, face twisted and cheeks bright purple with energon.

"Am I hurting you?"

"No, you big idiot!"

Just his pride then. Megatron settled over him, his great weight squashing Starscream's smaller frame into the berth padding and muffling further insults. Now buried deep inside him, all Megatron needed to do was rock. Starscream hissed sharply like he was holding back a gasp, but soon the contortion of his expression began to soften, his mouth falling open.

Megatron knew the signs of a seeker enjoying himself well. He rose onto all fours, coaxed a shaky Starscream onto his knees, holding him up with an arm looped around his taut waist, and started to frag him.

Starscream's knees immediately gave out. Face buried in the covers, he began to howl. Megatron stopped and hitched him up, but he wouldn't stay upright, too exhausted or too stubborn. He couldn't be sure. Since he couldn't keep the seeker on his knees Megatron followed him back down to the berth, using the wall to leverage his driving thrusts, his hips flush to Starscream's aft, leaving scrapes and dents that would take hours of body work to buff out.

"Hng- hnnng-!" Starscream was biting the back of his own hand. Megatron seized his wrist and prised it away, so Starscream was openly moaning. "Ah-ah ah-!"

Megatron bit and licked his wing, watching over the top of it as he lifted his hips to put greater force into his plowing movements, plunging down in brutally sharp thrusts. Starscream's aft made obscene noises, no longer the tight unexplored space it had been before. Megatron rose onto his knees again to take a look, spreading Starscream apart to watch the loosened port greedily swallow his thick spike.

Starscream was crying beneath him, overwhelmed and undone. He was soft, in both expression and to the touch, mouth open, cheeks wet, frame compliant and perfect. Megatron had never seen him so defeated before.

He was a stunning picture. Megatron had to overload, and though he would have liked to savour this a while longer, it couldn't wait.

He slammed deep, Starscream squealed, and overload crashed into him like a freight train, his own spark pulse thundering through his frame. He finished inside Starscream, crushed to his back and pinning him flat. Starscream was little more than a weak, twitching thing beneath him, hitching breaths and harsh breathing, letting him do as he pleased.

Megatron moaned as euphoric bliss as release blew over him, his spike pumping the last of it's load deep into Starscream's luscious internals. He kissed blindly at the seeker beneath him, and felt Starscream start to relax, purring almost.

"You enjoyed that?" Megatron asked, vocals raspy.

"Hmm," a silly smile drifted over Starscream's face. "Not as much as you seemed to."

Oh, too right. "We're doing this again." He said firmly.

Starscream twitched weakly. "Maybe not for a while."

Megatron flopped to the side, brimming with satisfaction. Well, they'd see about that.


Chapter Text

Starscream may be a disgrace, an exile, an insult to everything a Decepticon should stand for, but casting aside a mech after a millennia together was difficult, even for Megatron, as reportedly blackhearted as he was.

And stuck on this mud ball planet, squatting in a cave, scrounging fuel, a castaway with just a handful of mechs for company, he didn't have a whole lot of alternatives. As loyal as mechs like Lugnut could be, Megatron had needs and desires that few could fulfil.

Like everything involving the traitor, laying with Starscream meant taking his life into his own hands. He kissed Starscream's soft mouth and was bitten for his trouble, fanged denta sinking into his bottom lip and pulling. He snarled. Starscream smiled.

Fine, he wanted to make a battle of it? Megatron would remind him which one of them was the true conquerer here.

He flipped Starscream, earning a squeak of surprise. A heavy thruster kicked back, aiming for his codpiece, but Megatron caught the ankle and yanked him to the end of the metal slab he was using as a berth. Legs hanging over the edge, Megatron stepped in and pushed his hips against the curve of warm metal, grinding the pert aft so Starscream would feel the heat of his spike behind his panel.

Claws came next, making blind swipes to tear at his armour. Megatron caught both wrists and transferred them to one hand, pining them over Starscream's head.

"You're not the warrior you once were." He hissed in his audial, and ground against him again, firm and mean and leaving scrapes.

The pressure behind his panel was too great to ignore, so he allowed it to spring open and extended his spike. It filled quickly as he rubbed it against Starscream's aft, leaving smears of pre-fluid over the magenta armour. A quiet click alerted him to Starscream's panel opening, and he griped himself with his free hand to guide the tip of his spike to the opening.

Starscream was wet but small, his valve proportionate to his narrow hips. Megatron pressed in regardless, delighting in Starscream's flinch and muffled grunt at was must have been a rough penetration. Megatron kissed his shoulder blades and kicked at his thrusters to nudge his thighs further apart, and sunk the rest of his length into Starscream's tight rippling valve.


"Shh," Megatron quieted him, watching wings sway as he began to frag him. "Before you wake them up."

Starscream's visits here were a secret, naturally. Megatron doubted his mechs' ability to understand why he would allow a traitor back into their fold, even if it was only a temporary, though frequent, occasion. He had no desire to explain his reasoning, and his mechs had no right to question his decisions.

Besides, part of him still hoped with enough of these liaisons he could frag Starscream back into the obedient warrior he'd once been, override his treachous programming with glorious overloads alone. One cycle Starscream would tire of living on the edge, realise his freedom was anything but, and would return to him.

Megatron prayed it was soon, as he quickened his thrusts and felt climax approaching fast. Once week wasn't often enough.

With the sort of self restraint beyond most ordinary mechs, he pulled out, leaving Starscream whining and empty, valve fragged lose and dripping lubricant. He flipped him over onto his back again so he could look into the traitor's pretty face, flushed and open, cheeks pink and optics hooded. Megatron purred approvingly and crawled over him, rubbing his damp, stiff spike against Starscream's groin as he delved in for another kiss. This time Starscream didn't bite, but opened for him receptively, letting Megatron's glossa slip past his lips and push inside and thoroughly dominate him.

Starscream whined, previously deadly claws were now scratching lightly, pleadingly, at Megatron's chest. Wanting more. More.

Megatron broke the kiss to reenter him in one smooth glide. Starscream's breath hitched and his back arched, and Megatron started fragging him again, this time taking liberties with his frame, caressing his cockpit and pinching his wings without fear of denta or claws or kicks.

Starscream was at his best like this. The fiercest of warriors reduced to a mewling, gasping heap of docile metal. Megatron wished he could keep him like this forever.

Finally, he had to overload, and spaced out his thrusts until they were sharp and sudden and tortuously harsh. Starscream clung to him and moaned, a leg flung up over his hip to press him deeper. Megatron held deep, circled his hips, and spent himself inside Starscream with a low, crescendoing moan.

He shuttered his optics and let his head fall forwards against Starscream's. The seeker leant up to nuzzle him back as he weakly jerked his hips to wring out the last vestiges of pleasure from his overload. It was all so perfect. Too perfect.

Glowing light filled the room and reached through even his shuttered optics. Starscream was suddenly stiff and unmoving beneath to him.

Megatron blinked his optics online and looked down to see his chest had opened and exposed his spark, casting Starscream in ethereal light. Starscream was looking at it with an unreadable expression on his face.

Then there was a clink of metal and glass as Starscream opened his cockpit.

Megatron tore himself free as quickly as he could, the heat from the interface and subsequent overload evaporating from his frame and his spark, leaving him cold and shocked. Starscream sat up, spark chamber open, and empty.

Megatron wondered how he could have forgotten. Caught up in the moment, perhaps.

"Deal breaker, is it?" Starscream asked, voice cool and empty, just like... him.

Megatron wasn't sure what to say. "What is keeping you alive?"

Starscream looked down at himself, then closed his cockpit with a sigh. "Does it matter?"

"I wonder if one day it'll just happen." Megatron admitted, hiding concern behind snideness. "That your borrowed time with run out and one moment I'll be kissing you, and the next-"

"Don't think about it." Starscream suggested, as if it was that easy. "It doesn't seem to bother you when you're killing me every five minutes."

"When I'm defending myself every five minutes." Megatron snarled.

Starscream shrugged. "If I told you my little secret I'm sure you'd find a way to weaponise it. Weaponise me."

"I've already tried to weaponise you." Megatron scoffed. "You're unreliable and defective. And without a doubt, so is whatever is keeping you alive."

"If I'm so defective and unwanted, why did you try to spark merge with me?" Starscream tilted his head.

Megatron snorted. "A glitch."

"A glitch? Was that why you were 'facing me like that?" Starscream quirked a brow, ruthlessly clever. "Kissing me like that?"

"I was 'facing you no differently to how I always do."

"Then I'm glad it was just my imagination." Starscream slipped off the berth, panels closed and dignity recollected. "I was beginning to worry you were falling in love with me."

Megatron watched him strut out through the door without a second glance. Love? Ha.

In that deluded seeker's dreams... 

Chapter Text

Starscream had never been the most honest of mechs, though in this situation, he'd been sure his little omission of the truth was harmless, especially if it did something so important as preserve his dignity. He wanted to impress Megatron, not frighten him off with his inexperience. No one wanted to frag a virgin.

And Megatron had no reason to think he was one.

He wasn't clingy, or nervous, or clueless, and he'd read up on the subject extensively to ensure he could keep his cover. He ignored his trine's idiotic and frankly embarrassing suggestion that he come clean and admit he had never done anything like this before.

"You're gonna hurt yourself~!" Skywarp sung playfully, finding the whole thing hilarious and delighting in the idea of it going wrong. "Let's hope he doesn't just plug in and go to town."

Starscream knew he could handle it if Megatron did just 'plug in and go to town'. He had a high pain threshold. Saying this prompted the deepest and most disappointed of sighs from Thundercracker though, who dropped his head into his hands and didn't lift it again for the rest of the conversation.

Despite his trine's pessimism, Starscream threw caution into the wind and went to the war strategy meeting with Megatron. He endured the whole boring ordeal on his his very best behaviour, and afterwards, dragged his hapless leader back to his quarters.

Megatron seemed hesitant at first, fidgeting at the door. He was hunkered down, stooped instead of towering over Starscream with his full impressive stature. He made to bid Starscream a goodnight and escape, bizarrely polite in his awkwardness.

So Starscream grabbed his stupidly angular jaw and yanked him into a kiss.

Megatron's hands hovered at his sides, and Starscream worried he was doing it wrong. He pressed forwards, insistent, licking over Megatron's mouth until lips parted and let him in. Megatron was stiff and didn't reciprocate, until Starscream's glossa brushed his.

With a ferocious rev of a large, old engine, Megatron kissed back.

He grunted in surprise when Megaron turned the tables and thrust his glossa into Starscream's mouth. It was messy and breathy, hands grasping everywhere. His back thunked against the door to his quarters as he searched behind blindly for the access panel, optics rolling in his head.

The door whooshed and Megatron walked him in backwards, bullying him towards the berth. Starscream shoved his glossa against Megatron's, not sure what else to do with it. He clawed at the older mech's helm like how he'd seen actors do in terrible romantic holo-films, lifting his leg and rubbing it against Megatron's thigh in encouragement.

It wasn't the sort of slow, seductive kiss Starscream had been expecting. His jaw ached, his lips had gone numb, and there was too much spit involved. Megatron broke away and a string of oral lubricant stretched between them. Starscream hastily broke it.

"I want you." Megatron rasped, face endearingly flushed.

Starscream nodded shakily, breathless from the kiss.

He separated from Megatron to recline on the berth in what he hoped was a seductive pose, one leg bent with the heel of his thruster flat on the berth top, the other leg turned out to the side, exposing his panel. He stroked his fingers over his it, watching how Megatron's optics darkened, then let his panel fold back.

Megatron's shoulders rose then dropped with a deep intake of breath, and the next moment his panel had transformed away as well, his spike emerging thick and heavy from it's housing. He began crawling over Starscream.

Starscream knew foreplay came next, but he wasn't sure where to put his hands. He grabbed Megatron's spike, but must have gripped too hard because Megatron hissed and lurched back.


"Sorry," Starscream blurted out quickly, hand flying away.

"It's fine, I-"

Megatron cut himself off, looking aside. Starscream's fuel lines twisted around themselves in embarrassment at Megatron apparent annoyance.

He needed to prove himself. He took Megatron by the shoulders and drew him back in. Megatron's large head turned back and with a bump of noses, they were kissing again. It was more sedate this time, lips brushing and closing together softly. Starscream purred happily. This was more like it.

He felt stiff metal bump his thigh and shifted his leg out of the way, arching his back and raising his hips up to direct Megatron's spike. The stiff shaft rubbed along the length of his valve, and Megatron exhaled loudly through his vents as they kissed.

He reached for his spike, gripping himself, and Starscream opened his legs wider when the blunt head was nudged between his folds. It was hot and damp where the tip was leaking, and his valve clenched in anxious anticipation.

Megatron drew out of the kiss to look down, and Starscream let his head fall back to the pillow, focusing on the ceiling as the pressure of Megatron trying to fit his thick spike into his valve grew uncomfortable. He was wet, and things were inconveniently slippery.

His patience quickly evaporated.

"What are doing?" He snapped, finally lifting his head to look.

Megatron was frowning, still gripping his spike. It looked tender and angry, leaking steadily from the tip. "Trying to frag you." He grunted.

"Could have fooled me."

"You're too tense." Megatron snapped, also losing patience. "You need to relax."

"I am relaxed."

"You're resisting me." Megatron accused.

"Do you even know what you're doing?!" Starscream demanded.

"Do you?!"

A blush spread across Starscream's face before he could stop it, and understanding dawned across Megatron's face. Before he could explain himself, Megatron sighed and pulled away, sitting on the edge of the berth.

Starscream followed him, crawling his knees to the edge of the berth as he searched his processor for something to say to salvage the situation. Perhaps Thundercracker's stupid molly coddling approach would have been best after all.

He swallowed his pride. "I'm-"

"I've never done this before." Megatron said before he could finish.

Starscream stared, mouth open.

Megatron took his silence for disapproval and dropped his helm lower. "I should have said. I might have hurt you."

"I- but-" Starscream was more than a little confused. Megatron oozed experience. He was a miner turned gladiator turned revolutionary, ram packed full of life experience. The idea that a mech like him had never interfaced...

"But," he wrinkled his nose, "you're... old."

Megatron turned his head to glare at him. "I am not old."

"You look it." Starscream muttered. "Why didn't you say anything?"

Megatron shrugged. "I suppose I feared scaring you off. I expect you'll want to look for a more experienced partner now..."

Starscream swung his legs back and forth, an unearned sense of superiority filling his chest. "I could teach you."

But he hadn't been as convincing as he'd thought.

Megatron lifted his head slowly, looking unimpressed. "....Starscream."

Caught. Starscream had been so bad at pretending to know what he was doing even a fellow virgin like Megatron could tell he's been faking it. He threw his arms down, exasperatedly defensive. "Well I've read things."

Megatron smirked, "As much as I'd love to fumble through this with you-"

"You would?" Starscream crawled closer and tried to clamber onto his lap. "Good. Let's start again."

Awkward hands lifted to hold his hips, thumbs rubbing along his transformation seams, "You're still willing to try this?"

Starscream settled down. Megatron's spike, half hard, was there for him to play with. He took it gently, letting the pads of his fingers drag up and down the silky smooth shaft delicately. Megatron shuddered in his arms.


Megatron nodded, leaning back to recline on the berth. Starscream laid on top of him. Blunt, clumsy fingers stroked up the back of his thigh and teased around the edges of his valve. One pressed into him, far slimmer and easier to accommodate than a spike. Megatron started moving it in and out, and Starscream quickly found his frame responding to it.

"More," he said, undulating his hips back into hand.

A second finger slipped into him, separating and curling against his inner mesh. They brushed shallow sensors and sent tingles of delight shooting up Starscream's back strut.

As he worked Megatron's spike it began to leak again, transfluid beading at the tip and tracking down the shaft, slicking the palm of his hand. He rose onto his knees over Megatron's lap and angled himself over the spike. Megatron made an appreciative noise, and Starscream worked himself down.

The spike pressed into him, callipers spiralling open acceptingly as Starscream ex-vented slowly. There was some burning, stretching sensations, a pinch of pain here and there, but it was easily ignorable when he started to rocked back and forth, stimulating his sensors.

He opened his wings and tilted his head back, losing himself to the pleasure. Megatron's fingers on his hips pressed into his armour harshly and-


Things were suddenly decidedly wetter.

Starscream slowed to a stop, staring down at Megatron's slack, dazed face.

"...Did you just overload?!"

Megatron was silent for a moment, blinking at the ceiling as his processor reconnected itself to the rest of his frame. A crease formed on his brow.

"I said I'd never down this before." He defended petulantly.



Chapter Text

The oil baths sat on the Nemesis's lower decks, currently offline and strictly for emergency medical use to conserve power. No one was permitted access to them, regardless of rank. Starscream could spend hours lounging in their warm forbidden depths, but such reckless overuse would inevitably get him caught and the oil baths removed out of spite. The most he could manage were twenty minute soaks before one of Soundwave's little cretins came snooping on their patrols. Greasy little snitches they were.

They had only grown more suspicious in recent weeks, after Starscream had dozed off and narrowly avoided capture by Ravage. He'd made his escape with time to spare, but the clever cat hadn't missed the oil still dripping from the edges of his wings.

Anyone else might have learned from their mistakes, not tempted fate by visiting them so often, or at the very least, taken steps to ensure they didn't fall asleep in such a precarious position again.

Anyone else. But not Starscream.

He fell asleep in the oil bath again-

-For a measly five minutes before the scrape of an old metal door had him jolting awake, splashing viscous golden oil and sending it sloshing over the edges of the bath when Megatron himself came storming in.

"Megatron!" Starscream yelped, unable to hide that he was sitting in the forbidden bath. He made to rise, but thought better of it, slinking down to hide behind the metal rim instead. "What a surprise!" he laughed nervously. "I- it's not what it looks like. I tripped and-"

"Good, you've already warmed it up." Megatron said without pause, ignoring the stuttered excuses. Starscream shrank back, plastering himself against the side of the tub, fearful as Megatron came right up to his bath.

"What are you- no- no!" He switched from fearful to mortified in less than a second when Megatron gripped the edge of the tub (the medium -perfect for seeker frames, less so for out-of-date war frame's attempting to get in with seekers- sized tub) and stepped over.

"Wait, just let me-!" Starscream tried to escape, realising it was easier to forfeit the tub than to try and push Megatron out. But the larger mech was already climbing in, a solid knee either side Starscream's thighs, great mass overflowing the bath and spilling oil crashing over the sides to pool across the deck flooring.

Shoulders up to his audials, Starscream gripped the edge of the bath and flared his optics when Megatron's massive overheated frame draped itself over his front like the heaviest blanket known to the universe. A square, masculine chin fell to his collar with a clunk, tanker sized vents expelling a gust of hot air, and mile-wide shoulders slumping as Megatron relaxed to a dead weight.

The rolling oil stilled, and so did Megatron.

Starscream swallowed. "Er?"

"Shut up." Megatron grunted, twitching and shifting, now unable to get comfortable, knees spreading apart and hips circling down into Starscream's lap, soft warmth bumping his codpiece.


Frowning at the side of Megatron's bucket helmet, Starscream dropped his hand from the edge of the tub and touched Megatron's thigh beneath the oil. His fingers weren't crushed to shrapnel, so he walked his fingers along, up the massive twitching limb until he was at the apex, and found Megatron's modesty panel open, scorching hot valve out and exterior mesh rubbing back and forth against Starscream's codpiece.

Starscream's spike swelled under it's panel in a flash.

He cupped Megatron's valve, feeling the plushness of swollen folds, the heat of the array, the dampness when he pressed his middle finger between them. Megatron rumbled into his neck and didn't rip his head of. So perhaps-?

The oil began to slosh as Megatron gyrated his broad hips back and forth, callipers clutching at the small intrusion. Starscream curled his finger and let it stroke over sensors Megatron kept tilting into, the oil making the grind of his hips on Starscream's lap smooth and slippery.

He withdrew his finger and Megatron snarled, face drawing away from his neck, bared teeth inches from Starscream's audial. Starscream kissed that snarling mouth anyway, smoothing his lips to a stiff, unrelenting mouth, guiding Megatron out of his lap and into the other end of the bath, reversing their positions.

Megatron laid back and let his head hang over the rim of the tub. Starscream slipped between the knees peaking out of the oil and fell into the cradle of Megatron's thighs, spike emerging stiff and ready, warm oil rushing over the sensitive nodes.

The oil sloshed again when Megatron hiked a long leg out of the bath and slung it over the rim, giving Starscream more room. Starscream purred and kissed Megatron, letting his spike rub against Megatron's entrance, which was only marginally hotter than the oil around them. The slipperiness of the bath made it easy to slide inside, callipers opening receptively to his well lubricated spike, circling open and closed around him, fitting him like a silky glove.

Head hung over bath's rim, Megatron's mouth was open, vents panting and frame lurching with every determined, quick plunge of Starscream's spike. He was tense, knotted up like a constrictor, but loosening with every hitch of Starscream's hips.

Starscream lifted Megatron's other leg under the knee, and without his pede to ground him, Megatron's optics brightened when his aft slid down the smooth bottomed tub, oil rising up to his neck. Starscream slung the leg over the edge of the tub to mirror the other, opening Megatron's valve up to him, allowing him to sink deeper, reach new depths that had Megatron slumped and almost drowning in the oil.

Starscream wrapped his arms around Megatron's thick waist and hitched him up, keeping flush and grinding in circles now, making sure his pelvic plating caught against Megatron's swollen node with every pass, until Megatron arched, rising out of the oil, and panted through the beginnings of an overload, powerful hands gripping the metal rim of the tub and denting it.

Starscream's optics widened at the crunch of metal.

That could have been him getting so effortlessly crushed under Megatron's powerful hands. The thought sent tingles straight to his pelvis and he tripped himself up, slipping into a sudden overload he hadn't been prepared for.

He stuttered to a stop, pausing inside Megatron as the first jet of fluid escaped. "Frag," he cursed through his teeth when the rest followed, pumping fast as tranfluid pulsed out of him and deep into Megatron's pinging, deflating frame. He stole one last thrust for finality, before easing himself out, sitting back on his haunches to give Megatron some room.

Megatron laid there for some time recovering, optics dark and limbs splayed. Through the ripple of translucent golden oil Starscream could see the larger mech'a pelvis, and the glittery silver spill of transfluid slowly swirling into the oil where it escaped his gawping valve.

"I needed that." Megatron's hoarse voice was near incomprehensible with the static interference.

Starscream tucked himself behind his panel, smirking, "The oil bath or the frag?"

"Both." Megatron grunted. Then lifted his head, bright optics narrowed. "Why are you down here anyway? The oil baths are off limits."

"Er," Starscream shuffled forwards on his knees again, quickly undoing the latch on his codpiece. "You still look a little tense, my lord." He purred, wriggling his way between Megatron's splayed thighs again. "Let me take care of that for you..." 

Chapter Text

They were kissing when Starscream finally noticed something different.

He didn't often notice changes in Megatron, mostly because the mech hadn't so much as had a repaint in half a million years, but also because Starscream had better things to look at than his aesthetically-challenged leader anyway. The kiss deepened into something wet and twisting, his lips parting to allow Megatron access, a tongue sweeping through his mouth -when he felt it.

"Mmph?" He flicked his optics online.

"Mmhh," Megatron huffed back, still trying to tongue his voice box.

Starscream ducked and twisted, escaping the death grip Megatron held on the back of his neck and wing, breaking free of the kiss and putting a good three steps distance between them so he couldn't simply be swept back up by long reaching arms. "What is in your mouth?"

Megatron's brow darkened with a frown at the abrupt withdrawal from the kiss he had clearly been enjoying. "My mouth? You mean this?"

Starscream made a noise dangerously close to a squeal when Megatron opened his mouth, extended his tongue and let the bar of metal pierced right through the dexterous appendage shine against his teeth.

Starscream watched it disappear back inside, optics brighter that spotlights. "When did you get that?" He whispered, awed.

"Months ago." Megatron grunted, sounding annoyed.

"Why?" Starscream elected to disregard the fact that he had somehow missed such a thing's existence in his own lover's mouth and instead focused on what it was even doing in there in the first place. "Why? When?"

Megatron didn't seem inclined to reveal the why and when and who and how, which brought Starscream to the conclusion that it had either been a dare (and that is what happened when mecha even as sensible as Megatron resigned themselves to friendships with the likes of Rodimus Prime) or an impulsive, drunken mistake.

"Come here." He took Megatron's jaw, gripping tight to prevent the larger mech's instinctive flinch away. He pushed his thumb past firm unaccommodating lips and jammed it between the lines of growling teeth to prise Megatron's jaw open, tugging his big bucket head down, roughly manoeuvring it like he was Soundwave trying to get plastic out of Ravage's mouth.

Tongue tucked into the back of his mouth, Starscream had to tilt Megatron's head towards the light to see it better. The piercing mod sat in the centre of Megatron's tongue, it was relatively small and made of plain smooth metal. Personally, if Starscream had gone through the trouble of getting himself a vanity mod he would have at least added jewels. He rolled his digit over it, prompting a gargled protest from Megatron.

Starscream smirked and released him, letting the taller mech straighten back up, rubbing his abused jaw resentfully.

"Are you quite done?" He snarled.

"Oh no," Starscream purred, heat pooling somewhere in his fuel tanks. He stepped back, far enough so Megatron could see the full length of his frame when he unlatched his modesty panel and revealed his valve, already warming. "We're just getting started."

He could see Megatron swirling his modded tongue around his mouth, thinking. Starscream curled a finger and beckoned him closer, offering a little more encouragement. Megatron didn't usually need much motivation to dive right in, hands pushing thighs apart, nose buried in his pelvic armour.

"What's the point of having mod if you're not going to use it?" Starscream cocked his hip.

A skyward glance, and Megatron was approaching, dropping to one knee heavily. "I didn't get this purely for your pleasure." He pointed out.

"But you kept it for me, didn't you?" Starscream cooed, cupping the back of Megatron's head and drawing him closer, tilting his hips forward for better access. Megatron petulantly grumbled something against his pelvis but denied nothing, opening his mouth to kiss at the mesh of Starscream's exterior valve.

Warmth breath, slow, firm touches, the wet side of Megatron's lips on his mesh, worshipful kisses growing wetter and longer with every one of Starscream's soft sighs. The modded tongue extended to lick through the folds of his valve, parting them, opening them. Starscream shuffled forward and buried Megatron's face deeper, forcing the taller mech back on his heels to stay in place, head tilted all the way back, chin brushing Starscream's aft.

Starscream could feel the friction of the mod against his node with every swipe of Megatron's tongue, firm, slow strokes lavishing his dampening valve, oral and intimate lubricants mingling together. Starscream distractedly stroked the back of Megatron's helmet.

"That's good. Keep going."

Megatron hummed against him, the low tenor of his voice tickling Starscream's most sensitive parts, making him shudder and his optics cross. The tongue swirled, plunging deep into him, the mod dragging over all the right sensors. Starscream began to rock his hips back and forth, riding Megatron's face as best he could, gyrating his hips in time to the plunge and retreat of Megatron's big tongue diving into his internals.

He peered down at Megatron, delighting in his hazy optics and endearing expression, lubricant smearing across his cheeks and nose. Starscream hissed and shamelessly hitched a leg up, opening his valve and getting the angle just right, lining up his node to the strokes of Megatron's mod and rocking fast and hard, until the coiling tension in his fuel tank suddenly released. He tensed, grip on Megatron's helm vice-like as he twitched into the waves of pleasure, grinding himself down onto that modded tongue.

He braced his hands on broad shoulders and Megatron's big hands on his thighs kept him from collapsing when his knees weakened and legs wobbled. His overload dwindled away and left him feeling warm and sated, overstimulated sensors still tingling in the aftermath as Megatron purred and lapped at his spent valve, dutifully sweeping away the lubricant.

Gingerly, Starscream lowered his leg and stepped back, off of Megatron's face. He took a moment to appreciate the dazed look in his leader's optics, the slackness of his mouth where he'd been overworking jaw, and the smears of translucent lubricant on his cheeks and chin and the tip of his handsome nose.

He smirked, and dropped into the kneeling mech's lap, sitting sidesaddle across the overheated frame. He kissed Megatron, tasting himself when he slipped into his mouth to chase after that piercing.

"You and I are going to have so much fun with this." Starscream told him, scratching him lightly under the chin. "I can't wait to try it out on my spike."

Megatron huffed, looking parts exasperated, and excited.


Chapter Text

It might have been easier -on Starscream at least- to simply stand in wait and let Megatron do as he pleased, get the entire unnecessary process over and done with minimal drama and fuss.

But that, sadly, was not how outdated programming like ruts worked.

Even more exasperating was that Starscream was not in heat (a rare occurrence, their cycles usually aligned), and all the running and hiding he was having to pretend to do to keep Megatron from getting frustrated and pent up and expelling all that ferocious energy in the wrong way, was just another chore.

So he was 'hiding' under his berth, studying his claws, waiting for Megatron to stalk him down and catch him.

He would much rather have spent the evening relaxing, drinking engex, getting a wing massage and maybe, if a Megatron was attentive and charming enough, he would have let the older mech slide in between his legs to take the prize.

Starscream sighed. The one thing he knew he wasn't getting tonight was a wing massage.

Still, at least he wasn't rutting like Megatron, arousal and anger blending into one and blinding him to what real sensuality was, processor fixated on one goal, without a care for how he got it or how long it lasted.

Starscream slammed his knee against the underside of the berth to make a bang, hoping Megatron was close by enough to hear it. He wanted to be found here, rather than caught out in a public space, like the command centre, or some random security corridor. He had been fragged on the floor by Megatron before during a rut and it was Pit on his wings. This time he hoped when Megatron dragged him from his hiding place he could skilfully manoeuvre them to the berth and avoid the cosmetic damage of scraped knees and hands.

It wasn't to be.

The plan backfired when the door opened and Megatron came striding in. Starscream watched his pedes approach eagerly, right up until a hand gripped the base of the berth and flipped it over one handed. It slammed to the floor upside-down and Starscream was still staring in shock when his ankle was grasped and he was tugged carelessly across the floor.

His aft scraped the decking with a 'schree' as he was dragged under Megatron's great frame, vents pumping heat and the musky perfume of a rut. Starscream plastered himself flat to the floor, arms pressed to his sides when Megatron leaned over him on all floors, knees either side of his hips.

"Oh, hello." He greeted.

"You've been hiding." Megatron growled, vents huffing, optics sparking with excitement. Good, he'd worked off a great deal of energy running around the ship after him, but was still thrilled by the chase. With any luck, Starscream might be able to reason with him.

"No I, er, I always lie under the berth." Starscream protested, turning his head to the side when Megatron leaned in close and sniffed at him like he was an old model of tracking drone. "It helps me think-"

"Roll over," Megatron snapped, gripping his hips and flipping him anyway before he could obey.

Starscream huffed when his chest hit the decking. Thinking of his knees, he got his arms under him and began to crawl away, knowing those big hands would clap to his hips again and drag him back anyway. He wasn't disappointed. His cockpit screeched against the floor and Starscream allowed his noise of surprise to crescendo into a very put upon whine, something Megatron's rut drenched processor would hopefully hear as a sound of submission.

"Don't run from me." Megatron warned, hands flexing against the decking by Starscream's head. "I've caught you."

"You caught me." Starscream reassured, turning his head so he could look at Megatron, his expression open and submissive, wings flattening to his back. "I'm yours."

Megatron let out a rumbling purr and dropped his head to nuzzle Starscream's cheek, as affectionate a move as he could manage in his state. He slowly began to ease his frame down on top of Starscream. Starscream nuzzled him back, letting his thighs part so the heated bulge of Megatron's codpiece could nestle between them and grind. Nuzzles turned to kisses on his neck, then licks, then bites, and Starscream had to squirm and whine to remind Megatron to be gentle, that he wasn't fighting.

Megatron kissed the crumpled cables apologetically, and Starscream opened his modesty panel in reward, his array cover slipping back to expose his valve. Megatron ground his codpiece against it, groaning. Starscream could feel the dampness from his plush folds smearing the armour, could smell the headiness of his lubricants mixing in the air with Megatron's masculine musk. He dropped his head to his arms and sighed, tilting his aft up so the grinding edge of Megatron's codpiece would rub against his node.

Megatron took his weight in one hand and reached around to grasp Starscream's face, fingers denting soft cheek plating. A thumb slid over his bottom lip, then pressed into his mouth. Starscream tasted gunpowder on the digit as he suckled on it wetly, swirling his tongue like he was sucking a spike, moans muffled when he felt Megatron's codpiece fold away.

The emerging spike slipped and bumped his valve clumsily and he wriggled his hips back, enticing Megatron into pressing inside. Megatron pumped his thumb in and out of his mouth in the same rhythm as the roll of his hips. Starscream drooled and groaned.

Valve pulsing in want, he reached back as best he could and took Megatron's spike. The warlord growled a warning but Starscream only guided it into place, pressing the tip to his entrance. Megatron rocked forward and pushed in, impaling Starscream in one rushed push.

Starscream bit down on Megatron's thumb at the sharp sudden sting, and Megatron snarled, tearing his digit free and bracing both hands on the decking as he started to frag him. Starscream clawed at the decking, his front grinding against the rough floor and rubbing paint off his chassis. He lifted his legs at the knees as Megatron shoved into him over and over, trying to open himself wider, trying to get Megatron deeper.

Megatron was relentlessly fast and mean and took pleasure in it -a punishment for the perceived slight of Starscream biting him back and a reminder of who was in charge. Mechs in rut liked a partner who fought back only because it meant they had an opportunity to put them back in their place, so they could thrive off a perceived sense of victory when they got them to submit.

Of course, he and Megatron were mated, and whatever the programming was doing to his head, Megatron knew Starscream would always help him with a rut, no matter the inconvenience of the timing.

But that didn't mean they couldn't have fun with it.

Starscream cried and gasped and squirmed, knees scraping against the deck as he pretended to pull away from the relentlessly driving thrusts. Megatron grabbed a wing and hauled him back into them, dropping his head to Starscream's shoulder so he could pant into his audial.

"Mine," he snarled.

"Yes!" Starscream cried, optics clenching shut as he started to overload and drip all over the flooring. "Yours!"

Megatron started fragging him faster, a jackhammer pace, and in the language of a 'rut' it might as well have been an 'I love you'.


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In Megatron's educated opinion, there was never a good time for a holiday.

Seekers liked to celebrate things frequently, and half the time when Starscream came strutting up to his throne, all puffed up and indignant and demanding because there was some other holiday that sounded completely made-up that he and his entire airforce needed time off-duty to celebrate properly... Megatron usually just let them.

Not always just because it worked in his advantage to have Starscream owe him a favour every now and then- but mostly because these celebrations never seemed to be particularly enjoyable events anyway.

They confined their hellish merry-making to their air barracks, saving the vast majority of the faction from having to witness the event, but whenever Megatron dared stroll pass the celebrations he usually stumbled upon screaming matches (if he was lucky) but more often, all out brawls; just a mess of wings and claws and teeth that it was best to walk away from.

He preferred to let his seekers self-police one another. (In other words, they were Starscream's problem.)

"It's the planetary alignment tomorrow." Starscream waited until he was already half-asleep to inform him one night.

He wasn't conscious enough to really register what was being said, so he grunted noncommittally. "Hng."

"It's a holiday in Vos."

Of course it was. Everything was a holiday when you were a seeker.

"Just keep it tame." He mumbled, too sleepy to wonder why Starscream wasn't following his usual pattern of behaviour and hadn't come to him earlier in the day. They made a little game of it, him pretending it was too much of an inconvenience to lose his entire airforce to drunken debauchery and infighting for a day, and Starscream using his seeker-wiles to convince him it was so very worth it.

"So you'll come?"

Megatron wasn't surprised to be asked. Starscream was never capable of controlling the chaos by himself. "I'll be too busy covering my absent air commander's duties."

He felt the berth shift as Starscream wriggled closer to his side. They weren't the cuddling sort, so he winked an optic online to keep an eye on him, managing to catch a glimpse of Starscream's pout.

"Everyone else is bringing someone." Starscream complained.

"What are you taking about?"

"I'm talking about how you want me to be the only mech without a date!" Starscream seemed more agitated now. He shoved one of Megatron's big shoulders. Megatron struggled to rouse himself so to better defend against Starscream's temper. "Don't embarrass me. You're coming-!"

"Push me again and you can get out." Megatron growled, rolling onto his back and rubbing his optics. "What are you blathering on-"

"You're coming." Starscream snarled, and climbed off the berth and whacked him a pillow hard enough to burst it. Feathers puffed out in a big white cloud. Megatron laid there, stunned, as they floated and twirled in the air around him. "And if you don't, you'll never touch me again!"

He stormed from the room dragging his deflated featherless pillow behind him.

Megatron stared at the feathers now covering his berth, wondering what the Pit had just happened.

It appeared he was celebrating a Vosian holiday, whether he liked it or not.



Megatron envisioned a fairly awful day ahead of him. He handed his duties over to Soundwave, who wasn't going to have an any better day than him considering how busy he would be covering both his and Starscream's shifts, and made his apprehensive way down to the air barracks.

"You couldn't have made yourself look nice!" Starscream greeted him at the door with a squawk. He didn't let Megatron in, and instead shut the door behind himself to prevent any of his fellow seekers from peering around the doorway and seeing the state of his date.

He pressed Megatron against the bulkhead and assaulted him with a portable polishing kit from his subspace like a creator fussing over the sparkling they were about to send off on their first day at the academy.

Megatron endured it with barely held patience, remembering Starscream's threat the night before. If he walked out before even joining the 'festive' celebrations he was sure to have nuked his own relationship.

Which he had never really thought of as a relationship, until the threat of losing it had arisen.

As Starscream rubbed scented wax into his chest furiously, Megatron realised, with an awful sinking feeling, that he was only putting up with this because he really enjoyed Starscream's romantic company.

Which was a fact that was going to keep him up for nights after this.

Finally happy with his appearance, Starscream tucked his cloth away and began ushering him back towards the air barracks. Megatron braced himself for what sort of horrors he was likely to find inside.

As a miner, he'd never had much cause for celebration. And as part of the lower-caste, he'd never particularly been allowed anyway. They had private celebrations amongst themselves, when a new-spark came into being, or a couple conjunxed, but nothing like a wide-spread ritualised excuse to get drunk, argue with mecha you were supposed to care about, and get into a punch up.

The air barracks, predictably, was filled with wings, glossy armour, and judgmental seeker sneers.


"You... brought Megatron?" Acidstorm was the seeker loitering closest to the door, and looked Starscream's company up and down as though his air commander had just tracked foul smelling organic faeces through the door.

"He's my date." Starscream hissed before Megatron could threaten Acidstorm with the brig for no reason other than the fact that he was obviously already stressed, and so was Starscream, and the rainmaker's sarcastic comments and dirty looks were only adding to the tension.

And he needed to get through this ridiculous holiday farce, if Starscream was to be convinced he was worth keeping as a mate.

"You can't just drag any of your random flings to this. He's not even Vosian." Ramjet joined them to point out, gesturing with his cube. Some of it sloshed over the edge, indicating he'd had a few already. "You're making a mockery-"

"Careful Ramjet." Starscream snapped, grip on Megatron's finely polished forearm tightening to vice-like. "The only thing worth mocking here is your face."

Ramjet wasn't easily dissuaded though, and something about the celebration -or more likely the high-grade - made these seeker's extra volatile today. "If this were Cybertron, you'd be condemned by the elders-"

"This isn't Cybertron." Starscream smiled sweetly -an indication of how close to biting someone's head off he was. Megatron tried to inch away, but Starscream had a death grip on him. "And the elders are dead. So I make the rules now. And if I say I can bring a grounder to the planetary alignment celebration then I can."

Ramjet opened his mouth.

"-And!" Starscream continued before he could get a word out. "If I say I can conjunx a grounder, then I fragging will!"

Megatron's Fight Or Flight Programming triggered. "Conjunx?" He murmured.

But Starscream didn't hear him, too busy arguing with Sunstorm who had appeared between the group of other seekers like a glowing beacon of old world traditions to tell Starscream, pleasantly enough, he was only condemning himself to a restless afterlife burning in the smelters of Unicron by doing something as unnatural as conjunxing a 'grounder'.

"I'm already going to the smelters, Sunstorm!" Starscream was squawking. "But it sure as Pit won't be because I conjunxed Megatron!"

Megatron was beginning to understand perfectly well why these 'happy' events always ended in brawls.

"You can't conjunx a grounder!" Ramjet was in hysterics now.

"Just watch me!" Starscream howled back, shoving Ramjet aside to pick up a pair of cubes for himself and Megatron. He shoved one into Megatron's hand. "Drink it!"

Megatron would rather have a discussion about how they'd apparently just gotten engaged out of spite five minutes into an annual Vosian holiday in the middle of a inter-trine argument and how he had had absolutely no say in it than busy himself getting charged.

He gestured to the door helplessly, "Perhaps we should-?"

"Don't let them win." Starscream dragged him past the judgemental group of seeker's towards the back of the barracks where his trine were sat on one of berths, drinking quietly with each other. "Come on, let's tell everyone the happy news."

Megatron followed Starscream obediently, not wanting his arm ripped off by his mate's unbreakable grip.

It... looked like they were getting conjunxed then.

Maybe Vosian holidays weren't so bad after all.


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After a few millions years, one did start to feel somewhat bored with their current state of living.

Megatron was above such things as a 'mid-life crisis'. He was well beyond the point of no return anyway. Starscream liked to remind him of the fact several times a day, so he was under no illusion that the spark of youth was still on his side. He considered, several times a day, reminding Starscream that he was hardly young anymore, after four million years of war and another four million of peace, both of them could be considered relics.

Only Starscream somehow wasn't.

Because he dedicated an extraordinarily large amount of time to keeping up the youthful illusion, to redesigning himself, changing himself, changing his hobbies, always playing catch up with what was modern and new and never giving up, never 'letting himself go'.

To Megatron it was exhausting, coming home to find an almost completely different -but no less beautiful- mech in the place of his conjunx.

He knew better than to comment on those reformats he less than favoured though, no matter how tempting it would be to take Starscream aside and tell him now much he missed white wings that gleamed, or the blur of sky blue hands when he gestured wildly with his servos.

Starscream always kept the same optics though, and for Megatron, it was just enough.

Still, with how often Starscream did it, he began to wonder, looking down at his own plain grey armour, the black servos and the splash of red, why he couldn't be just as adventurous? What if one day Starscream grew as bored with him as Starscream did with himself?

He wasn't too old to change? Was he?

So as a surprise, he did.

He kept his general frame shape, save for a few changes to his pedes and chassis, and he had always liked the white on Starscream, so he chose it as a base colour. He wanted to be more adventurous, but not outlandish like Starscream was prone to being, so he chose a forest green and beige in a camouflage design for his legs and the top of his chassis. Thighs, pedes, and face were painted black, which he had heard was slimming.

All in all, he thought his design was good.

So he strode home with confidence, ready to surprise Starscream.

Only to be greeted with a double take and a horrified scream, Starscream flinging his cube into the air in shock, spilling bright purple energon across their expensive marble floor.

The shriek nearly scared Megatron straight back out the door again.

"What?" He demanded, whirling on the spot, looking for an assailant or intruder, whatever it was that had Starscream leaping out of his seat and pancaking himself against the opposite wall.

Starscream stared at him from the corner he had flung himself into, optics bright over the hands covering his mouth.

"...Megatron?" He said into his palm.

Megatron remembered his new reformat and straightened, hands on his hips, showing off his new look. He smiled, tentatively. "It's me, you fool. What do you think?"

Starscream continue to stare in terrible, lingering silence.

Megatron shifted, straightening his shoulder. "Starscream?"

Starscream blinked himself out of his stupor, dropping his hands from his face but struggling to arrange his expression into anything other than utter shock. "You've- it's- You-"

He heard Starscream swallow audibly. "Megatron." He finally got out. "You're green."

Megatron nodded, less sure of his decision now. "I thought it was time for a change."

Starscream didn't respond, staring at his legs. "Camouflage green..." He mumbled.


"Nothing." Starscream suddenly smiled brightly. Too brightly. "You look... You look so... You're so green!"

Megatron smiled back, cautiously optimistic. He lifted his arms, holding them aloft. "So you like it?"

"I just... Didn't expect..." Starscream trailed off again, and muttered something under his breath that sounded a lot like. "He's your conjunx and you love him."

Megatron stepped closer, turning up his audials, "I'm what?"

"I said I love you." Starscream hurriedly reaffirmed, but took a step back for every step forward Megatron took. "And you're... You're so handsome and green."

Starscream was saying 'green' a lot. "I know I'm green." He nodded.

"Everyone knows you're green." Starscream cried hysterically, still smiling. A little manic now.

"Starscream." Megatron murmured with a note of concern, "Are you alright?"

"I've had a stressful day." Starscream shuddered heavily, looking aside. "That's all. Did you walk back here by the way, or take a transport?"

"A transport." Megatron frowned at the sudden veer in conversation.

"Did anyone see you?"

Megatron shrugged, "I wouldn't know-"

"It's fine." Starscream waved him off and walked backwards towards the window, slapping the controls to automatically lower the blinds, glancing outside to check up and down their street. "I'll just close these. For privacy."

Megatron quirked an interested brow as the room darkened. "Privacy?" He smirked. "Feel like trying this new frame out?" He struck a pose in the entrance way, showing off his new legs.

Starscream made a noise like a wheeze. "What a- what a wonderful idea!" He sounded somewhat flustered. He began to move towards the berth room, walking backwards like he feared Megatron would attack him if his back was turned. Megatron began to follow.

"No no, you stay here." He waved him back. "I'm just going to get a surprise!"

Megatron plonked himself down on the arm of the sofa and waited, listening to the clanging and banging and cursing coming from Starscream rummaging about in their berth room, tapping his white digits against his jet black thigh.

Finally, he heard stumbling footsteps, and turned to see Starscream coming back into their living space. Wearing a blindfold.

"What the Pit are you doing?" Megatron demanded, standing.

Starscream was making steady but clumsy progress across the room, hands stretched out in front of him to feel for obstacles. "Keep talking." He said, grasping at air, "I'll find you eventually."

"Perhaps if you took it the blindfold off-"

"It's fine." Starscream waved him off, and tripped over a chair leg and stumbled. "Ow! -No it's fine! We'll make a game of it."

"What's the point of trying out this new reformat if you can't even see it?" Megatron crossed his arms over his chest, suspicions heightened.

Starscream stopped before the sofa. "Well... I-"

"You don't like it, do you." Megatron frowned, feeling foolish now.

Starscream didn't say anything for the longest time, and Megatron thought it might be because he knew he had hurt his feelings and was feeling guilty, or at least regretful, for not being more supportive.


"You're fragging green, Megatron!" Starscream bellowed. "Camouflage green! And white!" He continued to yell at a point in the room three metres from where Megatron was actually stood. "Why didn't you ask me?! Why didn't you warn me before turning yourself into an abomination."

"It was a surprise, you ungrateful snob!" Megatron snarled.

"You're telling me it was a surprise!" Starscream pointed an angry finger at the space next to Megatron. "You're hideous."

Megatron huffed. "That would depend on your opinion-"

"No! No. It doesn't depend on anyone's opinion. You. Are. Hideous."

If Megatron had been a mech of lesser confidence, he might have been deeply hurt by such a comment.

"I suppose you'd like me to change back."

"Yes!" Starscream cried, hands clasped together pleadingly. "Why would you think I wanted you to change in the first place?! You were perfect?!"

That piqued Megatron's interest. He sauntered a little closer, stepping in front of Starscream since the seeker couldn't see him. "Am I really?"

Starscream snorted, reaching for him blindly and slapping his hands to his chest. "Don't get ahead of yourself, you great big tree. You're not perfect anymore."

"I can have it reversed tomorrow." He promised, leaning in to kiss Starscream. Starscream jumped at the unexpected contact against his lips, but as soon as he recognised it was a kiss, opened his mouth and reciprocated.

If Megatron only had this frame for one night, he might as well use it. He deepened the kiss and took Starscream's hips, pulling him toward him. Starscream ran his hands up and down his chest, explorative and interested in new armour and hidden sensors despite his displeasure with it's appearance. Megatron tilted Starscream's head back and kissed down his neck, pushing the blindfold away from his optics when he came back up to kiss his mouth.

Starscream's optics blinked open halfway through it. At which point he remembered the state of the mech kissing him.

"Mmph!" He pushed him off and threw his hands over his optics again. "Primus, that's such a turn off..."

Megatron sighed and turned him by the hips so he was facing away from him. "Then don't look."

"I'll know," Starscream complained, allowing himself to be bent over the arm of the sofa anyway, aft up and face down in the cushions. He glanced over his wing then winced in regret. "Oh Primus."

"Oh shut up." Megatron muttered, kicking Starscream's pedes apart and stepping between them, rubbing his white codpiece against Starscream's red aft. "You won't feel the difference."

"Don't leave hideous paint marks on my armour." Starscream warned, opening his panel so Megatron could push a finger into him. He twitched. "Your fingers feel smaller."

"They're not." Megatron withdrew and allowed his spike to emerge. It was the same size and width (because he knew Starscream would have complained if he'd changed that in anyway) but new and therefore more sensitive. He rubbed it against Starscream's entrance and groaned. Starscream moaned too, but he didn't sound happy.

"I can't believe I'm letting you frag me." He lamented.

"Stop whining or I'll turn you over and make you look at me."

Starscream shut up, and let him get on with it. Megatron pressed into him and seated himself deep. He moaned at the tightness, and at how responsive his spike was. Starscream laid under him contently enough, optics shuttering as he probably imagined a Megatron who wasn't green. His wing flicked on every backwards stroke.

There was one adjustment Megatron had gotten that he thought Starscream might like though; a mod a lot of the younger mechs were getting. He'd seen no harm in throwing it in with the other changes.

He pressed deep and held in place, waiting until Starscream started to squirm in annoyance. Then he activated it. His spike vibrated and Starscream's optics blew online with a flash of light. He yelped, sent a knee slamming into the side of the sofa and then promptly turned into a twitching puddle of overloading seeker, vents and vocaliser hitching. Megatron continue to move, spike still buzzing at it vibrated.

"Oh Primus, oh Primus yes!" Starscream was singing his praises now, his valve leaving a puddle of lubricant on the arm of the sofa. "Oh Megatron, Megatron-"

"Not so critical now, are you." Megatron huffed, driving into him, lowering the setting when Starscream started to cry like his third overload was hurting his oversensitive array. The sight of him drooling and undone over the sofa's armrest dragged Megatron over not long after.

Finished, he turned off the mod, and eased himself out.

"That." Starscream wheezed, rolling over, optics still closed so he didn't have to look at him. "That, you can keep."

"Noted." Megatron purred, leant down to kiss him.

Starscream opened his optics at the last second, saw him coming, and smacked the side of his face in a panic.

"Sorry!" He winced, throwing an arm over his optics again. "You're just.. so hideous."

"Yes." Megatron rubbed his jaw resentfully where he'd been slapped. "I've heard."


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Starscream noticed other mechs.

He wasn't blind, nor was he now immune to other mechs attractive physical qualities simply because he was conjunxed. A shiny spoiler, big wings, taut waists, and generous hips- he appreciated a great variety of frame types, and he was allowed to look.

And by Primus did he look when Galvatron bent at the waist to pick up a fallen light pen, rounded, smooth thighs on view. Starscream bit down on his own pen and his mouth filled with ink. He sat up sputtering, gagging.

"What are you doing, insolent fool?" Galvatron demanded, looking back at him, still half bent as he rose slowly. So slowly. Starscream accidentally swallowed his mouthful of ink and started coughing all over again as his intake tried to expel it.

He tried not to make it so obvious, but he wasn't going to not look when those thighs were on display.

And they were always on display.

He walked behind Galvatron at a distance, so he could watch the way his inner thighs brushed together as he walked. He liked it when Galvatron leant against a wall with a knee bent, or when he sat in a lazy slump, legs splayed open.

What Starscream wouldn't give to bite that glossy smooth inner-thigh armour, to lick into the curved seams of his plating, to go down on Galvatron and grab generous handfuls of his best attribute. To have those powerful limbs wrap around his waist, or his head, to-

"What are you doing?" Megatron demanded.

Starscream jumped out of his stupor, blinking and snapping his gaze back to the monitor screen he had been ignoring for the best part of his shift. "Nothing. Nothing. What are you doing down here?! You're supposed to be on the bridge."

"As are you." Megatron's growl was suspicious. "I've been seeing less and less of you recently."

Starscream shrugged. "Busy with other things, I suppose." He very deliberately did not let his gaze wander over to where Galvatron had turned around and bent over a monitor to grumble at readouts. Even though the view was bound to be amazing.

A low, threatening rumble began somewhere in the depths of Megatron's powerful chest and rose up into his throat. Starscream folded his wings down, spark thumping.

"Every time I look for you," Megatron began, "I seem to find you not two metres from Galvatron. Why is that?"

"Because you're seeing patterns you want to see?"

Hands slammed onto the back of Starscream's swivel chair and span him around to face his furious leader. Megatron's face was inches from his own, teeth bared and nose scrunched. "You're looking at him."

Starscream's hid his panic behind indignity. "You're insane," he whisper-hissed. "The only thing I'm looking at is your ugly face!"

"No," Megatron's fingers pressed dents into the backrest. "When my back is turned -or when you think it's turned at least- you look. I've seen it. How your optics follow him across the room. How you drool at the sight of him-"

"I do not!" Starscream protested sharply, glancing at Galvatron just to be sure the big purple idiot hadn't caught on to their arguement. Starscream would never live it down if Galvatron thought he was attractive enough to create issues in his relationship.

"You're paranoid!"

"What does he have that I don't?" Megatron raged, voice loud for the whisper it was. He cast a hateful glare at the purple harlot across from them. "Less brain cells?!"

"You've the same amount of brain cells!" Starscream hissed. "And if you must know, I was looking at his thighs."

Megatron straightened abruptly, staring at Galvatron across the room. He brought a hand to his chin, frown considering. Galvatron rose from his crouch over a monitor and stood with his hands on his hips, surveying the screen.

"Mine are nicer." Megatron finally decided.

"Ha!" Starscream covered his mouth.

Megatron gaze snapped back to him. "All this because his thighs are more shapely than mine?!"

"And thicker."

Megatron's hands landed on his own hips as he struck a power-pose. Starscream wondered if he realised he was mirroring Galvatron's own stance on the other side of the room. "Mine are stronger."

Starscream leaned back in his seat, tapping a digit against his chin, letting his gaze wander up and down Megatron's frame, smirking at the desperate little frown his conjunx and leader was wearing. Desperate for validation.

"Oh, you think?"

"They could crush your helm like it was made of glass." Megatron growled.

Starscream crossed his legs and settled back. "Prove it."


"Here." Starscream pushed out of his chair. "Unless you'd rather I continue fantasising about Galvatron's thighs?"

Megatron stared for a moment, before throwing his head back and bellowing to the rooms occupants -but more specifically Galvatron- to clear the area. Megatron kept Starscream's gaze, making sure his optics didn't wander to follow Galvatron's progress out of the door.

Starscream didn't look away. It was one thing to appreciate someone's attributes from afar, and another thing entirely to be permitted a taste.

Megatron stepped back and sat on the edge of a monitor bank, spreading his thighs. Starscream moved to stand between them and Megatron clenched them around his trim seeker waist. Starscream's mouth curved into a smirk.

"The only thighs you're allow to fantasise about are mine." Megatron warned.

Starscream pressed him back against the monitor and slithered down onto his knees, gazing up at Megatron as he trailed his mouth along his flat grey inner thigh armour worshipfully.

"After this, I don't think there'll be much room for fantasies." Starscream hummed, and kissed Megatron's already messy panel.

The thighs under his hands twitched, and Starscream kissed him again, until the modesty panel folded away and Megatron's quivering valve appeared, nestled between his legs. He licked his lips, "Do try not to crush me before you overload though, won't you?"

Megatron groaned, leaning back and cupping the back of Starscream's head. Guided by the large hand, Starscream moved in for the kill.


Chapter Text

There was a pressure beneath Starscream's fuel tank, something he had been meaning to see a medic about. It wasn't anything that effected his day-to-day living- he flied just as fast and fought just as hard. He felt no ill affects, no loss of appetite, and no increased fatigue. He could still throw himself across a battlefield (and across Megatron's berth) so whatever it was -a part in need of an upgrade, or misaligned piece of internal equipment, suspect fuel he'd consumed- it could wait.

And if it was more serious than that and he waited too long -as he was admittedly prone to doing- war meant there were no shortage of field medics to see to him. He might earn a tut of disproval from Scrapper, and the cold shoulder from Megatron for a day or two, but he was hardly going to miss out on an opportunity to wreak chaos and destruction just to have a Constructicon mess around inside his chassis only to tell him that they couldn't find the problem anyway.

Useless morons.

But now, stood in the middle for the Las Vegas strip, humans rushing underfoot and screaming in terror, Autobots shooting down the street at him, and something within him cramping like it was turning itself inside-out, Starscream regretted his procrastination greatly.

"Starscream." Megatron snarled through the comms as Starscream tried to wedge himself and his wide wingspan into an alley between towering, opulently fake casinos. "What are you doing on the ground?! Get up there!"

'Up there' was the sky, where his airforce was getting their supposedly superior afts kicked by the Autobots's infant car-planes. He grimaced, holding his chassis as other crippling wave of pain shot through him. He'd like nothing more than to soar through the clouds and devastate Silverbolt's little brotherhood.

His chassis clenched again and with a grasping cry he threw a hand out to catch himself against the side of the building, thighs shaking. "I-" he hesitated into the comm. "I'm... compromised." He had no choice to admit.

His comm crackled, and it was Soundwave's voice that answered him, not Megatron's. "Retreat."

Starscream hissed when the pain seemed to shoot up his backstrut this time, "I'm not retreating!" He snarled, hoping Megatron was still on the line and hadn't just hung up on him in anger. "I can't fly, but I can shoot."

"A grounded air commander is a liability." Soundwave threw back cruelly.

Starscream hung up on him resentfully. Pain subsiding, he inched out of his hiding place to glance down the strip again. It was filled with thick black smoke and blaster fire, and every so often the smoggy street would light up with a fresh explosion, illuminating the silhouettes of the mechs fighting in it.

A another ripple of pain began to make it's way through his frame. Starscream moaned weakly, bending forwards and folding his arms around his waist. This wasn't something he could grit his denta and bear. Perhaps Soundwave was right. Perhaps he was a liability.

He looked the other way, and the street was thankfully clear. If he could make it out of the city he could find a safe enough spot to comm for medical assistance. At the rate he was deteriorating it was unlikely he'd make it to the rendezvous point, let alone all the way back to base.

He never should have joined the raid in the first place.

The pain had started that morning in the wash racks. He had already been late for the morning shift, having let Megatron distract him on his way to his own duties. He had been washing away the evidence of their encounter when the first pang hit. It lasted all of twenty seconds before it stopped, leaving him shaking and confused, but tentatively relieved, crouched under the soothingly warm solvent stream.

-Until another one hit half an hour later, when he was walking towards the command centre. Less than an hour after that, Megatron was already handing out duties for the coming raid and Starscream had become swept up in the preparations.

He had thought he could last until after the raid, and pass the ailment off as something that might have happened during the battle.

"Are you alright?" Megatron had gripped his forearm moments before they'd taken off from base, deep set frown ageing him.

"Fine." Starscream had straightened and flashed him a smile, ignoring the residual ache of the last cramp. "Worry about yourself, old mech."

He was still cursing his own stupidity when another wave hit just as he was about to make a break for it down the street. He fell heavily to one knee. He clutched at a parked car in front of him, claws piercing through it's metal roof, flimsy materials crumpling under his hands as he squeezed and bore down against the intense growing ripples of agony.

He stopped when it began to subside, and he opened his optics with a gasp, chest heaving when he glanced down, feeling a sudden wetness on his inner thighs.

For a brief moment he thought it was from the car he had just destroyed, but closer inspection revealed it was coming from him. With a hiss of shock he scrambled back into the shelter of the alley, hands searching for the location of the leak. With dawning horror, he realised it was coming from beneath his modesty panel. From his-

He lifted his hand, and realised it wasn't energon pouring out of him.

Pain blossomed again and the back of his head hit the brick wall behind him where he threw his helm back with a suppressed cry. He timed it. It was- that was thirty seconds! Just thirty seconds! He was in active labour. In the middle of a human city. In a dirty alley. During a battle.

He activated his comm, voice catching as he hesitated for what to say. He couldn't just blurt out-

"...Megatron?" He squeaked.

His fear must have translated over the comm line because Megatron didn't ignore him, and through the static and clanging of what sounded like exchanging punches, Megatron's breathless voice answered.

"Starscream? You were told to retreat!"

"I need- I need medical assistance!"

"Are you dying?!" Megatron snarled, obviously in the middle of something.

Starscream considered saying 'yes!'

"I need assistance!" He howled, tensing in anticipation of another contraction. He could feel them coming now. Could brace for them. With a cringe of mortification, he let his modesty panel slide back to give way to the mounting pressure. He glanced around the brick alley for any of those pesky security cameras humans liked to put up.

His contraction dulled his senses, so he barely heard the voice that answered his call for help through the comm.


"On route." His gruff voice confirmed.

Oh Primus no.

"Not Bonecrusher!" Starscream hissed through the comm, "Megatron, please! I need-"

But it was too late. The crunch of heavy treads running over scrap in the alley announced Bonecrusher's arrival. The Constructicon transformed with a whir and lumbered into Starscream's cramped hiding place, his frame blocking out what little sunlight the enclosed space got. "You flimsy seekers are always-"

Bonecrusher stopped, dark gaze following the trails of energon running down Starscream's thighs to it's source. Starscream glared hatefully when the larger mech whistled and smirked in amusement.

"What happened to you, Screamer? Get shot in the-"

"I'm having a sparkling!" Starscream screamed. Since there was no point being subtle about any of it now. This was happening. Saving face wasn't going to help him.

The amusement was swept right off Bonecrusher's face. "You're having a- holy frag-!"

Bonecrusher raised his comm but Starscream didn't hear what he was shouting into it beyond curse words. Another contraction hit and this time, this time, something more was happening. He felt compelled to bear down and push, breath coming out in defeated huffs. He didn't want to do this here! In an alley?!

He didn't want to do this at all!

He wasn't ready to be a parent!

By the time the contraction had passed and he'd reopened his optics and slumped to recover, more than just one clueless Constructicon occupied the small alley. Bonecrusher had summoned his entire gestalt, and Starscream found himself surrounded by six panicking idiots, instead of just one. Wonderful.

He could hear Hook shouting that he didn't know how to deliver a sparkling too, which was just... just what Starscream needed to hear halfway through having one.

Then things became increasingly more embarrassing.

"What are you morons doing?!" Megatron's voice bellowed from the street, his thunking footsteps carrying him closer.

Through blurry vision, Starscream watched him shoulder his way through the wall of flapping Constructicons. "Get back to your stations!" He was shouting, shoving Mixmaster to get him going. "I won't have you hiding in the dark like cowards!"

Starscream must have been deluded in thinking he'd want Megatron anywhere near him for this. He was the imbecile who had put him in this position in the first place! The sight of his stupid face, and the sound of his demanding, obnoxious voice, made something burn in Starscream's chest.

And it certainly helped when the next contraction hit.

He screamed through it, seeing no point in being quiet now since half the damn battlefield had converged in the alley with him.

He heard Megatron curse, and assumed the big oaf had figured it out, or had at least been told, because the next thing that happened was his attempt at pushing was interrupted by a pair of strong arms picking him up.

He heard panicking voices, arguments, curses-

"-too late to move him-"

"-coming now!

"-Autobots one hundred feet down the blasted street-!"

Starscream clutched at Megatron's arm, too exhausted to even get involved. He just needed a moment to regain his strength. Just a moment. But the contractions were coming faster now.

He tensed in preparation of another.


"-call a ceasefire-!"

"The Autobots have medics-!"

"No Autobots!" Starscream gasped through the pain. "I'd rather die-!"

"You just might!" Megatron barked, and Starscream opened his optics to look up into his furious face. Megatrron's optics moved between returning his gaze and the fluids tracking down his legs. Starscream found the energy to raise his head, and saw the cause for Megatron's alarm.

He was losing a lot of energon among the gestation fluids. More than he would have expected.

"Idiot," Megatron was hissing as he carried him out of the alley and into the exposed street, but shielded by the Constructicons cover fire. "You're sparked?! You didn't think to tell me?!"

"Didn't know." Starscream whined, letting his head hang back listlessly. "This is your fault-"

"My fault!"

"You and your fragging needs -!"

"I'm getting you out of here." Megatron huffed, gaze turning skywards, keeping an optic out for enemy Aerialbots. "You couldn't have picked a more convenient time to go into an emergence?"

"No more than you could've kept it under your panel!" Starscream would have slapped him had he had the energy to spare.

It was unlikely they'd make it back to the Nemesis, which meant Starscream needed to prepare himself for a somewhat more organic setting to bring his sparkling into the world. He crossed his fingers that wherever he ended up having this sparkling, he wasn't in some swamp. Or a some grassy field filled with bugs. Or a sandy scrap of land or-

-or literally anywhere that was organic.

He didn't need to worry it turned out. Because they didn't even make it to the end of the street.

He screamed in agony until Megatron set him down next to a large fountain. The humans had cleared the area so at least they weren't going to witness his humiliation. Megatron cupped his hands in the fountain and splashed water over his wings, trying to cool his overheating frame down. It did little to improve his discomfort.

The explosions and gunfire implied the Constructicons had gotten caught up in the battle up ahead. None of them would be coming to help. He was on his own.

"I'm here." Megatron said gruffly, frowning but determined.

Starscream's face was wet. "That's not as reassuring as you think it is!"

"I'll have you know I'm familiar with this process," Megatron said pompously. "You think we had fancy medics to deliver sparklings in the mines?"

Starscream might have been more surprised had he not already been overwhelmed with pain. "You better not be lying to me!"

"Concentrate on pushing," Megatron advised. "There'll be time for smart comments later."

Starscream did, with Megatron holding his hand and letting him use his strong frame to brace against.

Among the spit of gunfire and boom of approaching explosions, a hoarse new vocaliser emitted it's first cry. Megatron clutched a sparkling small enough to fit in the palm of his giant hand to his chest. It was red and black, and weak and squirming, with tiny wing nubs on it's back and an orange bubble of a cockpit.

There wasn't much time to bask in the bizarre beauty of the being they'd created though. The battle was approaching.

Starscream rose to his shaky pedes, wrung out with exhaustion, but still smacking away Megatron's attempts to lift him.

He armed his nullray and dizzily pointed it down the street, sore and aching and drunk on a sense of new power. He felt sure he could conquer the planet, the war, the unive-

"Oh no you don't." Megatron looped an arm around his waist and hoisted him up over his shoulder, a crying new-spark in one hand, and a delusional seeker in the other.

Starscream glared at the shrinking battle with darkening optics, the energon loss rapidly sapping his consciousness.

He'd get them next time.