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GEMS: Unleashed

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Starlight gleamed over a sea of darkness as a humble ship cruised through the ocean of space. Sonic was its captain keeping steady on the wheel, who maintained a sharp eye on the course and the seven Emeralds fueling the ship with their cosmic power. Experience with the World Between Worlds, or the Ultra Space as his crew called it, has taught him that diligence is far greater than speed. The rest of his crew, save for a white lycanthrope and a now eighteen-year old lad with silver hair, sat around the table for a game of poker. Murmurs of chatter could be heard here and there from the six contenders: The clueless Eusine, the quiet Ashi, the haughty Guzma, the poker-faced Morty, the patient AZ, and the lethargic Steven. Those outside of the game were too focused on the window to listen.

One year had passed since that fateful escapade to the Ultra Space. Many friends were gained, only one was lost. Although, for Gen the wolf, she couldn’t shake the dreaded feeling that she’d lose more. Perhaps she saw it in her memories. Or lack thereof, for that matter. Brief, random flashes of a young man’s silhouette never escaped her head ever since she almost killed herself in a black hole during her dreaded time in the Ultra Space. To this day, she never knew who this young man was. One thing's for sure though, her head throbbed every time the flashbacks occured. That is, if she could even call them that. She shook her head. Then she glanced at Jack, formerly known as Joker, who was staring out beyond the void of space just like her. His Decidueye, his “treasure” as he called it, was beside him, eyeing him as if they were the only ones left on the ship. Before Gen could ask how Jack was feeling, her adopted father, Morty, raised his voice.

“Hellooo? Earth to Gen?”

Eusine giggled beside him, murmuring, “But we’re not on Earth, silly…”

Before Gen could answer, the pilot shouted in his raspy voice, “Woah, would you take a look at that! A comet!”

Immediately, the passengers all tossed their cards aside and gathered to the front of the ship to gaze in the red comet’s beauty.

Ashi gasped, “I’ve never seen anything like this before…”

AZ nodded, “Yes, quite the spectacle.”

“Ooo, ooo! Make a wish everyone, make a wish!” Eusine cheered, hardly containing himself from jumping up and down.

Jack scoffed from the back of the crowd, “You don’t really believe in that stuff, do you?”

Eusine interrupted, paying no attention to Jack’s words and turning to Gen, “What do you wish for, sis?”

Gen would reply, but her head throbbed once again, “I wish this stupid headache would go away…”

AZ stroked his elderly chin, “Perhaps you’re just...plane sick?”

“No, I mean…” Gen growled as she rubbed her aching temples, “ever since we were all dragged into the Ultra Space, there’s this...thing, that’s been haunting me. Makes my head spin.”

Eusine asked, “What thing?”

“I dunno, a memory, I think? Of some guy…”

Morty raised an eyebrow while Guzma blurts.

“You been drinking lately?”

“No, not for the past, what, three weeks I think?”

“Marijuana? Ecstasy?” Guzma asked, then paused, “...Scooby Snacks?”

Gen glared, “Scooby Snacks?”

“We’re here!” The hedgehog captain cried again.

Now the crew all gasped at the planet before them.

Sonic stated matter-of-factly, “According to the Chaos Emerald, you’ll find your memories here, Jack. Maybe Gen’ll be able to fix her head, too.”

“You sure?” Joker squinted, “I don’t recognize this place at all…”

Abruptly, the ship rattled to a deafening explosion from the outside. Homing missiles labeled E.C. had just landed a direct hit.

“What’s going on!?” Ashi cried desperately.

Sonic winced, “Looks like we’re aliens to the locals…”

“Well...we are.” Eusine said.

“To the escape pods, quick!” The captain cried while stuffing the Emeralds in a duffle bag.

All hastily did so, splitting the crew up in the process, for only three people could fit in one pod. Gen, Guzma, and Steven ended up in the same escape pod, but before the wolf could figure out who went where, Guzma fired the eject button. Streams of skyscrapers zoomed by as they landed on the shore of a bustling city. Without any delay, specialized agents cocked their guns and aimed at them the minute they exited the pod.

“FBI! Put your hands up!”

Guzma huffed and rolled his eyes as Gen and Steven did as they were told. Gen attempted to shock their brains with her psychic magic, but her migraines were too strong.

Guzma whispers, “Ge-en, do your brain shock-”

“I said hands up!”

Guzma huffed again and did so.

“State your name, rank, and intention,” The agent demanded at Guzma, gun pointed at his chest. Guzma was just a foot taller than him.

“Kickass, kick ass, and kick ass.”

The Team Skull Boss stomped his foot, releasing a Pokeball from his jacket pocket, and kicked it dead at the FBI agent’s forehead, releasing his Ariados. Before they can shoot, the Ariados stringed all of the FBI in its web, immobilizing them and clogging their guns. Immediately, he gang sprinted away. One agent reaches for his radio.

“Sector 5, requesting backup! Three runners led by Kickass are headed downtown!”

The Ariados strikes him down and darts toward his master.

The radio responded, “Rodger. All units detain the fugitives!”

After minutes of running, the FBI catched up and fire their guns at them.

“We could really use your magic right now, Gen!” Guzma screamed.

“I’m trying, nothing’s working!”

Thanks to another migraine, Gen loses her footing and trips on the concrete.


The image burns in her mind: a young lad stands at the far end of a dark alleyway. Her mind is somehow...calm.

“This way!”

Gen darts toward the alleyway. Guzma shrugs at Steven, and the two reluctantly follow. Sure enough, there stood a young man in a blazing white suit and a bird mask overhead. He embraces Gen and flies away with angelic wings of fire, shouting.

“Phoenix Wing!”

With a gust of fire and wind, the agents are all blown away. Literally. Guzma and Steven leaped and clutched the young lad’s legs, hoping there’d be no more surprises.