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This Club Makes My Heart Go...

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“Oi, [Y/n]!” You looked over at the call of your name. The boy dashed around, weaving through the people between you and him, occasionally apologizing to any students who ended up getting hit by his bag.

That’s Ryuji Sakamoto. He’s been your friend and neighbour for as long as either of you could remember. I mean, compared to your current friend roster, he definitely seems out of place, but time sure seemed to secure your bond.
You two had always walked to school together, even if you yourself got strange looks for walking with him. Of course, as strange as it was, after he recovered from his leg injury last year, he’d been coming to school a lot later than he used to. Ryuji says it’s because he’s been over sleeping, and you had made a mental note to get him an alarm clock for his birthday. Still, you’d feel bad if you walked off without him since he got up on time today.

As soon as he caught up with you, he rested his hand on your shoulder for support, gently gripping his right leg with the other, making sure he wasn’t over exerting the appendage.

“Caught ya’!” He’d said with a grin. You wanted to applaud his efforts to be awake and ready not long after you passed his house, but the toothpaste smear at the corner of his mouth, haphazardly open bag, not to mention how he missed one of his belt loops told you he rushed himself far more than he should’ve to catch up.

“But I waited for you,” You said, watching his confident demeanor deflate a small amount. “Though it was mostly because I didn’t want you hurting yourself.” Ryuji let out a rather boisterous laugh, wrapping one of his arms around your shoulders and pulling you close in a half-hug.

“You really do care about me!” You let out a small laugh, lightly shoving him off before continuing your walk, as the sidewalk began getting populated by more and more students. “Oh!” You looked over at Ryuji after his exclaim paired with a snap of his fingers. “Have you thought about joining any clubs yet?” You pause for a moment to think.

“I dunno actually. I don’t know if I’d fit in with any clubs, so I haven’t really been paying attention to them.” Ryuji’s lips pulled into a pout. It was clear he was displeased with your response.

“But you said you would this year!” You blinked in confusion. Did you? You suppose you very well could’ve. Though you didn’t exactly know why he cared about it so much. Not like any club he would want to join he’d be allowed to join. Still, he did care about you a lot, maybe he just wanted you to come out of your shell more. “Besides, how am I supposed to graduate comfortably if you don’t have social skills?” Yeah, looks like you hit the nail on the head.

“Fine, fine.” Though your tone conveyed annoyance, you said it with a smile on your face. “If it makes you happy, I’ll look at some clubs to join today.” Ryuji seemed to be happy with just that.

The school day went by quicker than you anticipated, though it was still as boring as it usually was. You looked over at one of your other friends (All two of them), Yusuke, as you packed up your papers from the day.

“And so I have to join a club today.” You had told him, summarizing the events of the morning.

“The art club is always welcoming new members,” He’d said nonchalantly, swinging his bag over one of his shoulders. You gave a dismissive hand wave as you out your bag over your own shoulder.

“Oh, no, I couldn’t. I don’t think I’m good enough with drawing as the rest of you guys.” You said with a smile. He simply shrugged, going of to the mentioned club.

“My offer still stands if you don’t find a club you like.” He calls over his shoulder. You simply smile back and leave the room, only to bump into Ryuji.

“Hey, hey, I know. I was just going to look at the board for them.” You had said, and it's not like you were lying, but rather then the cross armed pouty face rebuttal you'd expected, he simply grinned.

“Well yeah, that's great and all, but I realized I could make it super easy for you!” You quirked a brow in curiosity. “You could just join my club!”

Wait what?

Since when was Ryuji part of a club?

While you were lost in thought, he pulled you along the school halls, mentioning about how he himself wasn't into the idea at first but when his friend Akira introduced him into it last week, he thought it'd be perfect for you, not to mention how he may or may not have told the club that a new member was coming and Akira tried making something new just for the occasion, so in what position were you to say no?

You still hadn't audibly agreed or denied his request by the time you got to the clubroom door, just as he was about to open it he looked over at you and said;

“Hey, don't feel pressured, alright? You don't have to join if you don't want to, but can you at least try it?” You sighed, simply nodding in return - it wouldn't hurt you to try it. Granted, it was when he threw the door open, yelling, “I got us a new member!” Resulting in you becoming the center of attention to three other cute boys that you began to panic. It was the boy with short navy blue hair that piped out first, though his cheeks had flushed to a soft pink.

“Ah, welcome to the Literature Club!”

Literature Club? That’s seems strange for Ryuji. “You’re Ryuji’s friend, right? We’ve heard a lot about you!” He gave you a warm, approachable smile. Next, the noiret leaned on one of the desks closest to him, adjusted his glasses and gave a soft laugh.

“A girl, huh, Ryuji? You telling us something?” Ryuji let out a small chuckle, walking over and lightly punching the glasses wearing boy in the arm.

“Nah, I just wanted to make sure she got into a good club is all!” Of course, it was with the last boy in the room that your heart stopped.

Goro Akechi

The most popular boy in your entire school.

“[Y/n], right?” You can’t help but freeze up, opening and closing your mouth like a fish, before slowly pointing to yourself. “Yes, that’s right, I’m talking to you.” He gave you a charming smile. “It’s a pleasure to have you here.” You were coming to a realization about the club Ryuji brought you to.

This Club was absolutely filled with cute boys!

The noiret smirked at you from over Goro’s shoulder. “What, you like what you see?” The most quiet of the boys piped up from his seat.

“Akira, she just got here. Do you have to flirt with her right away?” Akira’s lips twisted to a look of disappointment as he went off to his own seat. He was one you didn’t recognize, that was for sure. Although, Ryuji said they were his friend, and he didn’t exactly look young. You supposed it was possible he transferred in this year, and if what Ryuji told you is any indication, he knows his way around a cup of coffee. Ryuji went back to you, wrapping an arm around your shoulders.

“Don’t worry about Akira, I’m pretty sure he’s tried to get with every girl in school, so you can just ignore him if he starts up like that.” You can’t help but smile back when he grins at you. “So anyway, we got Akira Kurusu, as mischievous as ever,” He said as he pointed to the bespectacled boy. “And over there is Yuuki Mishima, he’s the most quiet one in the club.” He pointed over to the navy haired boy as he typed away on his laptop, but he shyly lowered the monitor once he realized you had his attention. “And you probably already know Goro Akechi.”

I mean, everyone knew Goro Akechi.

And not unlike the cases of many other girl in your school, he was completely out of your league.

“Now, come on and sit! There’s a free spot next to me or Goro if you want.” You looked over, noticing the six desks all fit together to make a makeshift table, Goro already in his seat with Yuuki trying to shuffle in to his left as quietly as possible, wincing at a screech the chair leg made against the floor. Ryuji casually plopped into the seat across from him, and you quickly and quietly sat to his left, not just because you knew Ryuji the longest but you were sure your heart would explode if you sat by the Goro Akechi for more than five minutes.

“Alright,” Akira breathed out, setting down a cup of coffee beside everyone, except Ryuji, whose cup smelt distinctly different- hot cocoa, you had to gather, due to his dislike of coffee. You thanked Akira as he set down your cup, though he quickly spun around to grab a large foil tray, along with a handful of disposable plates and forks. “You ready?” He had asked to all of you, though you ended up being the one he focused on it particular. “Ta-da!” He exclaimed as he removed the thin foil lid, revealing half a dozen small, square pieces of strawberry shortcake.

“Woah!” Ryuji had yelled out, clearly in awe at the small cakes. “This is what you were working on last night? They look awesome, dude!” Akira had clearly seemed pleased with the praise as he carefully set a piece on each plate, gently setting them in front of each member, the last piece sitting lonely by itself in the tin.

The shortcake itself seemed to look lovely, the cake looked light and spongy, two layers separated by a thin layer of icing and strawberries, topped with another layer of icing and a large, fresh looking strawberry. Everyone was happily eating their cake when you looked up, save for Ryuji, who was already but a couple bites away from finishing his piece, and Akira who kept glancing over in your direction. You decided to finally start on your own piece, taking a small bite. The cake was a wonderful base, and the icing and strawberries complimented each other perfectly.

“It’s really good, Akira.” The mentioned male leaned his face on his hand, propping his elbow on the table to look at you, a warm welcoming smile playing on his lips, rather contradictory to his flirty tone from earlier.

“No need to thank me, it’s not like I made them for you or anything.” While it was clear he was trying to keep a cool image, the way the tips of his ears became noticeably red told you more than any essay could.

“By the way, is it okay to keep the kettle and cups in a classroom like this?” You had asked, referring to all of the dishes the coffee needed.

“Oh, this? Worry not, we have a teacher’s permission for it.” Goro informed you with smile. “Actually, it was Yuuki’s idea.” The blue haired boy seemed to jump a small bit, clearly caught off guard in the conversation.

“W-well, I mean, Akira already has access to a lot of coffee, and I just thought it added to the relaxing atmosphere we’re trying to get.” He had said, not looking you in the eye, but looking at the tips of his plastic fork as he twisted it on the surface of the table.

“Huh,” You began. “Well, I personally love coffee, and if it’s a relaxing atmosphere you’re going for, you’re pretty much there.” Yuuki seemed to smile in relief at that. Goro looked over at you with a quirked brow.

“By the way, [Y/n], what made you consider our little Literature club?” He had asked, crimson eyes boring into you.You were almost positive you wouldn’t have made the best impression on him if you mentioned that Ryuji just dragged you here, quite literally.

“Ah well, y’know, Ryuji wanted me to join a club soon and he seemed really happy here so…” You trailed off, looking off to the tiled floor.

“Well, don’t worry about it, okay? We’ll do our best to make you feel right at home.” You looked up to see Goro giving you one of the warmest welcoming smiles you’d ever seen. “As club leader, it’s my personal responsibility to make sure our club is fun and exciting for everyone.”

“I’m surprised, Goro. You didn’t seem like the type to start your own club, I mean, you could probably be a strong asset for any of the clubs here. Weren’t you in the captain of the debate team just last year?” Yeah, he was, and you had to admit, he absolutely crushed it. As a fellow member before they disbanded, it was kind of amazing to watch him completely unravel his opponents argument.

“Oh well, most of the larger clubs are just surrounded in a feeling of hostility, mostly just arguing about the budget and publicity and how to plan for events.” He paused, a rather calm look on his face. “I’d rather just make something special out of something I love.” He gestured over to the bookshelf in the back, mostly taken up by works you recognized as mystery novels, though there were also a handful of romance novels, poem omnibuses and a surprising amount of manga. “It’s been getting Ryuji into reading, if things like… that, count. But that’s been fulfilling all on it’s own.”

“Isn’t Goro such a good club leader?” Yuuki had asked, a look of sincere admiration on his face, not long after Akira nodded in agreement. Still, there was something about this that didn’t seem right…

“But it feels weird for the club to be this empty. Especially if you’re here, I’d thought girls would be flocking. I guess it’s just hard to start a new club…” You mumbled the last part to no one in particular.

“I guess you could say that.” Goro said, leaning back in thought. “Not many people are willing to even start clubs, and if people just see ‘Literature Club’ they usually aren’t interested enough to check it out at all. You need to be able to reach out and grab people’s attention, which is why things like the Culture Festival are so important. I’m confident we’ll be able to grow this club well before the school year ends. Right you guys?” He looked over at the other three, to which Ryuji suddenly stood up and slammed his hands on the desk, catching everyone off guard.

“HELL YEAH!” There was a brief pause, before you burst into a fit of giggles, Ryuji seemingly pleased with the result.

“We’ll do the best we can, Goro.” Yuuki had told him with a smile, Akira enthusiastically agreeing as well. Huh. Such different guys all with the same goal to grow their little club. In a way it was overwhelming, but in another way you strongly admired them. “So [Y/n], what kind of things do you like reading anyway?” He’d asked, occasionally glancing at his laptop behind you, which still remained half open.

“Oh well,” You paused in thought. “Mostly manga, actually. Though I do have a soft spot for poetry.” Yuuki seemed to mull over your response, before simply nodding in understandment. “What about you, Yuuki?”

“Ah well,” He stopped, as if thinking on how he wanted to properly word it. “They tend to focus mostly on characters, trying to deeproot itself in backstory. Sometimes they take me to worlds of complete fantasy and other times they stay grounded in reality.” Yuuki goes on and on about his reading, though he seemed to be avoiding specifics, you couldn’t help but notice the amused looks on the other three’s faces. “Oh, but I’ve been looking at this one surrealist horror lately…” He finally trailed off, not knowing where to take the conversation next.

“I didn’t really expect that from you, Yuuki. Actually, you seem more like the type who’d like sweet romances more than horror.” Yuuki let out a nervous laugh at the prodding from Goro.

“Oh well,” His face seemed to flush a little. “The protagonist is really cute; that’s what drew me in, actually. But the actually ways the g-” He cut himself off. “The story changes to surprise you makes it so you really can’t put it down.”

“Horror is soo… ugh.” Akira grumbles out. Ryuji laughs, standing up and resting his chin on top of Akira’s head.

“That’s our Aki; a romancer through and through. Hell, we can barely keep him away from girls from how much he learns from them.” Akira let out a sharp breath, his bangs briefly moving out of his eyes.

“Actually I think he even tried writing a poem for that Okumura girl yesterday. It was called something like-”

“THAT’S ENOUGH!” Akira yelled out, cutting Goro off. His face more than a little flush. “How’d you know about that, anyway?” Goro simply giving him a sheepish smile as he pulled a scrap of paper out from his blazer pocket. Akira simply snatched it from his hand with a huff.

“I mean, I can kinda understand where Akira’s coming from. It can be really embarrassing to show something you wrote to anyone, not just someone you care about.” Yuuki piped up, a soft pink tinting his cheeks.

“Wait you have writing experience too, Yuuki?” Goro asked, and you could immediately see a look of regret flash across Yuuki’s face. “Maybe you could show us something you wrote to encourage Akira to show his.” Yuuki sunk farther and farther in his seat, as if trying to find a way to escape the situation. At the point where his face was just peeking from beyond the table an awkward silence fell upon the clubroom.

“You know what, I have an idea, everyone!” Goro announced, gaining everyone’s attention. “Why don’t we all go home and write a poem of our own? Then, next meeting, we can share them with each other, we’re all even that way!” Akira and Yuuki sat in silence, before once again, Ryuji pipped in, rather loudly.

“EFF YEAH!” For someone who didn’t seem like he’d like literature at all, he seemed very enthusiastic about this.

“Not to mention with a new member, stuff like this should help increase our bond as a club. Don’t you think, [Y/n]?” You paused in thought. You never did say you would join the club but on the other hand…

If writing poetry was the only price to pay to spend time with these boys- with Goro Akechi- then like hell it was worth it!

“Yeah, Goro’s right!” The chestnut haired male seemed happy with your reply.

“Alright, everyone!” He announced once more. “I think with that cleared up, we can end today’s meeting on a high note, so be sure not to forget your poems for tomorrow, alright? I can’t wait to see your writing especially, [Y/n]!”

Your heart was pounding. Could you really appeal to school star Goro Akechi with your… less than stellar writing skill? Your anxieties cleared as Ryuji grabbed your attention.

“Hey, [Y/n], since we’re done here, do you want to walk home together?” Oh yeah, because of clubs and stuff, you two never got to walk home together anymore.
“I’d like that.” He gave you a bright grin, grabbing your hand, practically dragging you around once more.

While you two were walking home, you couldn’t help but think of the Literature Club once again.

Ryuji, Akira, Yuuki and Goro, huh?

Would you really be happy going to a Literature Club with them everyday? Perhaps you’d get a chance to get closer to one of them.

You decided to take your good circumstances and make the most of it, and that all starts with writing a poem tonight.