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Button Eyes

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Pale, skeletal like fingers, thin and sharp, lifted a small hand stitched doll off of the shelf, cradling it as if it were the most precious thing in the world. The impossibly long appendages traced the fine stitching of the dolls sown lips and black button eyes ever so carefully with the tips of the almost claw like nails.

The fingers reached the woollen string like hair of the doll, tugging a little at the thread, before there was a snap. The woollen hair unravelled from the dolls head easily, leaving the area completely bare.

Next, the fingers reached the button eyes of the rag doll, tearing the thin thread holding them in place and wrenching them off one by one, leaving little stray strings behind. Both buttons were set down beside one another on a small wooden table.

the spider like fingers traced the now empty eye spaces, trailing down towards the stitched mouth. A sharp nail hooked under one of the stitches before none too gently pulling it apart at the seams, white stuffing began to pop out as the mouth was teared wide open.

The stuffing was pulled out until the doll resembled a limp empty rag. Bony fingers put the limp doll down on the small table, before grabbing a sowing needle and black thread, returning their attention back to the doll.

New stuffing filled the doll and the mouth was stitched closed once again. The long nimble fingers working quickly yet carefully. The old black buttons on the wooden table were tossed away, replaced with brand new shiny black buttons. They were efficiently stitched together, onto the face.

Black coloured wool was stitched onto the dolls head, resembling raven colored hair. It was longish, falling just below the small dolls chin, parted on the side at the little dolls scalp.

A piece of denim fabric was stitched to the rag dolls chest and down its arms, making it appear like a jean jacket. Underneath was a black material, appearing just like a t-shirt. More black fabric was stitched onto the doll's legs, replicating a pair of black jeans.

As soon as the fabric was finished being stitched, the fingers razor sharp nails snapped the thread from the needle and set it down carefully on the table. The fingers brushed the white fabric of the newly made dolls cheek gently.

A smile etched its way on the shadowy figure with the skeletal finger's lips, pleased at its finished creation.

the creature rested the delicate doll down onto the table and pushed its own spindly body into a standing position. Its abnormally skinny figure, hidden behind dark shadows. Its pale, bony fingers, the only visible body part.

The creature gazed upon their creation, picking up the pretty doll once again and holding it lovingly within its hands, brushing the soft material of the cheek

"Soon," A voice rasped menacingly from within the darkness. "Soon I won't need this doll, I'll finally have the real thing with me." There was a dry chuckle.

"You'll be all mine soon enough... Kellin"