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How Handsome are your Gauzy Wings

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“H-have a nice n-night,” the cashier said, handing him his bag.

“Yeah, thanks.” Sangwoo took the bag with barely a glance at the cashier. It was the same cashier as always, the scrawny kid with the sad, kicked puppy eyes that was usually covered in bruises. But barely a glance was still a glance and Sangwoo caught something a little different about the kid. Lipstick. The kid was wearing lipstick. The cashier was a guy, but oddly, it didn’t look out of place on him. He realized that he was staring too long when the kid started to blush. “Sorry. Have a good one,” Sangwoo said, heading out.

The incident was soon forgotten, at least until their next encounter. Sangwoo stopped into the convenience store after work to grab a few things for dinner. He headed up to the counter and recognized the kid again. This time, lipstick wasn’t the only makeup that he wore. The lipstick had been joined by a little bit of eyeshadow and a touch of blush on the cheeks. Or maybe that was a real blush. The kid was giving him a pretty fluttery look. The guy definitely wasn’t into girls, that was for sure. Sangwoo set his purchases on the counter and read the kid’s nametag, Yoon.

When Yoon reached out to take the cup ramen he’d selected, Sangwoo caught a flash of color on his nails. This kid was weird. It was definitely a guy. He was so scrawny, his Adam's apple was on prominent display, but here he was wearing makeup and getting manicures. It was weird, but it really didn’t affect Sangwoo’s night any. His old man used to yell all sorts of hate-filled slurs, but Sangwoo figured he had better things to do with his life than police other people’s sex lives. He had his own sex life after all. Besides, the kid rang him out as quick as he always did, so it wasn’t affecting his performance any. Yoon took his money, gave him change and handed him his bag with the same stuttered phrase he always issued. Sangwoo nodded at him and went on with his night, heading home to eat and sleep.

The next few times that Sangwoo popped in to grab some soju or a sports drink, he noticed that Yoon wasn’t there. He only noticed because it was some smelly fat guy checking him out. Like, literally checking him out. The old fatty was practically panting over him and he avoided the place for a good month before the convenience of it on his route home made him pop in again for some condoms. He noticed that Yoon was back on and grinned as he picked up his purchases and headed to the counter.

“Hey, you’ve been gone for a while,” Sangwoo said.

Yoon looked up, surprised, and Sangwoo noticed that something was different about him. The shape of his jaw was different. Yoon had clearly had a jawline reduction, taming the bone that used to jut out into the more pleasing V-shape that women favored. It made his face look a lot softer than it looked before. He also noted the dark thumb shaped bruise on Yoon’s jaw, despite an obvious attempt at covering it with makeup. So, the kid was still with whatever shitty sugar daddy was slapping him around. Not that it was any of his business.

“I h-had surgery,” Yoon said, a natural blush rising to his cheeks as he looked down to ring up Sangwoo’s things.

“Looks good,” Sangwoo said, giving him a winning smile.

Yoon looked up, shocked. Various emotions flickered over the kid’s face before they settled on a look like adoration. Sangwoo had clearly made the kid’s night. “Thank you,” Yoon whispered, looking back down and quickly finishing his scanning. He took Sangwoo’s money and bagged up his purchases before handing him his back.

“Thanks.” Sangwoo gave the kid a wave before he headed out.

He saw Yoon consistently for a few months. He had a front-row seat to Yoon’s slow transformation. It was like watching a snake slowly shed its skin. Yoon made a transition from polo shirts to blouses. Baggy jeans got tighter and Sangwoo noticed that his ass and thighs were the only places that Yoon had any meat on him. No wonder the kid was gay. All his assets were in that department. Though maybe gay wasn’t quite what the kid was as the tight pants turned to skirts. Ears were pierced. Little sparkly studs winked at Sangwoo from behind dark hair that was now long enough to brush the back of his shoulder blades.

Then the kid was gone again. Luckily, the old fat guy wasn’t there either. Some bored looking college kid was manning the register for a few weeks before Yoon reappeared with bandages around his neck.

“What happened?” Sangwoo asked, nodding to the bandages around his neck.

Yoon’s hand fluttered up to the bandages before falling away and taking the candy bar Sangwoo was buying. “A-another surgery,” Yoon said.

Sangwoo tilted his head. Surgery on the neck? He shrugged. “Get well soon then,” he said.

Yoon offered him his usual shy smile. “Thank you.”

Sangwoo was curious enough to look up plastic surgery for the neck. If Yoon was continuing to go for the girly look, he’d probably gotten his Adam's apple shaved down. He didn’t get a chance to confirm it because the military came knocking for his compulsive service. He wondered what would happen to the underfed slip of a boy at the convenience store, but it wasn’t really a thought that plagued him. He did his two years of service and totally didn’t glance around now and then looking for that weird boy. Really, he’d practically forgotten him by the time he got back to his regular life. He got a different job and started school again and life just didn’t take him past the old convenience store anymore.

Despite the convenience store not being on his way, he still found his feet taking him there a few months back into civilian life. He walked in and froze. Yoon was still there. But Yoon was no longer the fey scrawny boy he’d been before Sangwoo left. Yoon had breasts. They were quite sizeable, but then, even bee stings would be obvious on his skinny frame. Or maybe her frame now? Fuck, he wasn’t even sure what to think. And then Yoon looked up at him. His eyes widened in recognition.

“You’re back,” Yoon said shyly.

“Yeah. You’re pretty different,” Sangwoo said, heading to the counter, taking in the view. He’d been right about the Adam's apple thing. That knobby protrusion was gone, leaving a smooth creamy white throat. Yoon’s eyes were different. A double eyelid surgery was added to the list of surgeries Yoon had while he was away. His nose was still the same. “So, are you a she now?”

Yoon blushed and looked away.

“Ah, that was probably rude huh? Sorry. I feel like the military makes you a bit ruder after all that hanging out with the boys for two years,” Sangwoo said.

“It’s ok,” Yoon said softly.

“Well, let me get what I came for and I’ll get out of your hair. It looks nice long by the way,” Sangwoo said, smiling at him.

Yoon blushed again, his hand reaching up to fiddle with a lock of hair that had fallen over his shoulder. “Thank you.”

Sangwoo grabbed what he’d been after, but lurked around a corner watching Yoon for a minute. He was kind of fascinated by Yoon’s transformation. The kid was like a human butterfly, transforming from an awkward caterpillar into something else. Something a lot prettier. And that was weird to think of a boy as pretty. He finally shook himself out of his strange thoughts and took his items up to let Yoon ring him up.

His new schedule didn’t give him a lot of time to be traipsing out of his way to Yoon’s convenience store, but Sangwoo still made it a point to pop in every once in a while. Yoon didn’t seem to have any more surgeries in that time, but Sangwoo noticed that the bruises the kid often had were getting more and more visible and gruesome.

No makeup in the world could cover the hand-sized bruise on Yoon’s delicate face. The swelling looked painful. Sangwoo had long since thought himself incapable of empathy, but he felt pretty bad for the fragile thing. “Whatever money he’s giving you, it can’t be worth this,” Sangwoo said, openly staring at the bruise.

Yoon dropped his face down, letting his hair slide forward to cover his face. He mumbled something that Sangwoo couldn’t hear.

“Did you want me to hear that? Cause I can’t hear when you’re whispering to your boobs.”

Yoon’s shoulders hunched forwards. Sangwoo was distracted by the motion. He found himself thinking that burying his face in the crease of those fake breasts would probably be fun. He didn’t know what was under that skirt, but maybe he could work with it.

Yoon looked up, eyes all dewy with tears. “He doesn’t give me anything. Only hell.”

Huh. That wasn’t the answer Sangwoo was expecting, but he wasn’t exactly surprised by it. It was a rare visit where Yoon didn’t have some bruise or bandage visible. And the times that he didn’t have one, there was probably one hidden under his clothes. So, it was one of those shitty domestic situations. Those were the ones he hated the most. “Can’t you run away?”

“I tried.” Yoon set his bandaged wrists on the counter.

Sangwoo whistled. “You cut the wrong way if you wanted to die.”

“What?” Yoon looked up at him, confused.

Sangwoo picked up one of those delicate wrists. He’d never held a bird before, but he imagined that this was what one of those hollow boned creatures felt like. Infinitely breakable. He held Yoon’s wrist in his hand and ran the finger of his other hand along the obvious vein his wrist. “You have to cut down the vein to bleed out quickly. You release more blood than a little cut across. Unless you hit an artery. Then it will only take minutes to bleed out. But most people aren’t capable of slashing their own throat.” Sangwoo reached out, his hand hovering over that delicate throat.

Considering the obvious history of abuse this kid had, it was strange that he didn’t shy away from Sangwoo’s reach. In fact, he seemed to lean in, as if waiting for contact. What a weird guy. He set Yoon’s hand back on the counter gently. “You probably shouldn’t let strangers grab you like that. You’ll just end up with another dangerous predator.”

“You’re not a stranger,” Yoon said.

“Oh? Do you even know my name?” Sangwoo asked.

Yoon blushed and looked away. “O-Oh Sangwoo,” he said quietly.

Sangwoo’s eyebrows rose in surprise. “How did you know?”

“We went to college together for a semester,” Yoon explained.

“Huh. Well, knowing my name doesn’t mean you know a thing about me. I could be way more dangerous than what you have now,” Sangwoo said with a smirk.

“You’ve never treated me like I was disgusting,” Yoon said. “Even though I’m a freak, you smile and say nice things.”

Sangwoo shrugged. “It doesn’t cost me anything to be nice, even if you’re a little weird.”

“Still, I appreciate it,” Yoon said. “I’m always happy to see you.”

“Bet you’d be really happy to see me outside of work,” Sangwoo said.

Yoon’s eyes widened. “O-outside of work?”

“Not like a date or anything. Just for coffee. I’m kind of curious about you. You could tell me about yourself. Maybe I’ll tell you a bit about me too.” Sangwoo grinned at him. He wasn’t really sure why he was offering. He was already busy with school and work and his extra activities. Still, he was curious about Yoon. Having coffee with him once might satisfy that curiosity.

Yoon opened his mouth in surprise. No sound came out for a minute before he nodded quickly. “I...I would love that,” he said breathlessly.

Sangwoo chuckled at his eagerness and pulled out his phone. “What’s a good day for you? What’s the best way to contact you?”

They quickly exchanged schedules and contact information before Sangwoo headed home. He wasn’t sure what had possessed him to make the date. He tried to put it down to sheer curiosity, but it felt like there was something more. Something he didn’t want to acknowledge. He buried it as he went on with his week, telling himself he wasn’t looking forward to Thursday. But the week stretched out before him until Thursday arrived.

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On Thursday, Sangwoo walked into a coffee shop not far from the convenience store. It was almost empty and there was no sign of Yoon, so he got himself a cup of coffee and sat down to wait. As much as he’d told himself it wasn’t a date, he still dressed up more than usual. He should have just worn some gym clothes, but he’d gone all out. He’d turned quite a few heads on the way over and the cashier giggled when she handed him his coffee.

He was checking his social media feeds when the bell over the door rang. Sangwoo looked up as Yoon walked in, wearing a flowing white sundress. Backlit by the glass door as he was, Yoon looked like some otherworldly creature and Sangwoo found himself struck by the image. Yoon looked around and spotted him. He waved shyly before going to the counter to order. Sangwoo got up and joined him at the counter. He put his hand out, preventing Yoon from taking a wallet from the purse he was carrying.

“I got this,” he said. “Order some food too. A cute little cake or something.” Yoon needed to eat.

Yoon looked at him, eyes wide and appreciative before he blushed and looked away. He added a glazed fruit tart to his order. Sangwoo paid for it and carried the iced tea and tart to the table for Yoon, ignoring the disappointed look on the cashier’s face.

“You look different without your store apron on. I almost didn’t recognize you,” Sangwoo said as they settled at the table.

“I wanted to dress up a little,” Yoon said. “I...I don’t go out much.” He took his fork and delicately took a bite of the fruit tart. Sangwoo just sat back and watched the look of clear enjoyment on the other’s face.

Sangwoo sipped his coffee. He let Yoon finish his treat before he spoke. “So tell me about yourself.”

Yoon set his fork down and sipped his tea. “My name is Yoon Bum, and I’m 25 years old.”

Sangwoo blinked. “What? You’re older than me? I thought you were younger!”

Yoon smiled. “I get that a lot,” he said, playing with the napkin under his cup.

“You really don’t look your age.”

“Apparently, I take after my mother,” Yoon explained.

“Is she gone?” Sangwoo asked.

Yoon nodded. “My parents both died when I was young. I got moved to different relatives before my grandmother and uncle finally kept me.”

“You say that like they were keeping a pet,” Sangwoo observed.

“Yes. By the time I’d arrived with them, I was already pretty traumatized and nearly mute. They treated me like I was stupid. I had trouble making friends because I’d try to compensate with strong attachments and ended up pushing people away with my strange behavior. Basically, I was a mess and I still am.” Yoon shrugged, letting his hair fall down over his shoulders to hide his face.

“Everyone’s a bit of a mess now and then,” Sangwoo offered. “I lost my parents too. They were murdered. I survived because my mom pushed me into the basement. I make friends easily now, but I don’t feel like any of them are actual friends. They’re just people I talk to. Half of them, I don’t even know their names. People are kind of dumb sometimes. Easy to fool.”

“I know. They only see what they want to see. They’ll look past things if the implications are too hard or inconvenient,” Yoon said, his eyes distant.

“The abuse?” Sangwoo asked.

“Nobody cares,” Yoon said with a shrug. “Nobody thinks it's their business. And as a child, I was afraid to be sent off to another relative, so I just stayed. It was familiar, even if it wasn’t safe. And it’s still familiar, even if it’s not safe. I’m still afraid to take the steps to get away.”

“What about your sugar daddy? You can’t live with him? Or is he the one hitting you now?” Sangwoo asked. The conversation was already pretty deep for a little coffee date, but now that the information was on the table, he was going to satisfy his curiosity. Yoon hunched even deeper in on himself. Sangwoo couldn’t see his face through the curtain of hair. “Hey, don’t get shy now.”

“It will ruin the date,” Yoon said softly.

“Well, there wasn’t gonna be a kiss at the end or anything, so it’s fine,” Sangwoo said, even as he looked at Yoon’s pink lips and imagined what it would be like.

Yoon sighed. He looked up at Sangwoo, brushing his hair back over his shoulder. He glanced around, taking in the nearly empty coffee shop, then looked back at Sangwoo. “I don’t have a sugar daddy,” he said.

Sangwoo frowned. “Then who’s paying for all your surgeries and stuff?”

“My uncle. He used to date my mother. She left him for my father, his brother. He was abusive when I moved in because he was bitter. Bitter that she left him, bitter that I was their child and he was stuck with me. He’d beat me. My grandmother never stopped him. After the first time he molested me, she started enabling him. She sent me to his room to sleep and told me that he wouldn’t be home. Only, he did come home. That was the first time he raped me.” Yoon stopped, swallowing hard. He reached for his tea with a trembling hand and took a sip.

“He...he never stopped raping me,” Yoon whispered. “He calls my mother’s name while he does it. When Grandmother died, he got some extra money and he decided he’d make me look more like my mother.”

Sangwoo frowned. The sob story about the abuse and rape was one thing but the fact that someone else was forcing Yoon to transform to suit their desires was ridiculous to him. Ridiculous, but also appealing on some level. “So, he’s been making you turn into his dead girlfriend, your mom?”

Yoon nodded.

“And you still haven’t run away?” Sangwoo asked.

Yoon shook his head. “People are so cruel. Nobody ever cared. I thought, better the devil you know. And I didn’t hate the surgeries. I...the attention, sometimes it’s more positive. Uncle said I make a better girl than a boy.”

“That’s disgusting,” Sangwoo snapped.

Yoon flinched away, biting his lip.

Sangwoo sighed. “Not you. Him. He’s a disgusting pig. I kind of want to find him and stick a knife in his gut.”

Yoon blinked at him.

“I mean, you are pretty this way, but it wasn’t your idea. Basically, you’re some kind of sex slave for your uncle?”

“Ah, I...I don’t know. I guess? I’ve never talked about it before,” Yoon admitted.

“It’s a bit hard to believe. Most people would run from such a shitty situation. But I kinda get it. My old man was an abusive old bastard. He beat the crap out of me and my mom. But she never considered leaving him. Not even for my sake. You’d think she would have tried, but I guess she was beaten down like a dog at that point. Even though she was my mom, I didn’t really regret it when she died. She had never tried to save me, so I couldn't feel sad. And the old man, I was glad he was dead.”

Even as Sangwoo explained the situation, he found himself wondering why the hell he was sharing. He was only curious about this kid, and suddenly they were sharing. He never shared. At least, he never shared shit that was actually true. He never shared his true feelings because people looked at him like he was a psycho. But Yoon wasn’t looking at him like that. He wasn’t giving him that pitiful sad look people tended to either. Instead, Yoon’s eyes were knowing. He knew Sangwoo’s suffering, he understood and didn’t judge him.

“What would it take for you to leave him?” Sangwoo asked curiously.

Yoon froze. “I...I don’t know.”

“You have a job, so you have money right? Can’t you just get a place of your own?” Sangwoo asked.

Yoon shook his head. “He takes it all. It used to go towards my surgeries. But now he mostly spends it on booze. Lately, he’s been too drunk to maintain an erection. He gets angry when he can’t fuck me, so he beats me instead,” Yoon said.

“Sounds like it’s only a matter of time before he kills you,” Sangwoo replied, frowning.

“It would be an out. He can’t hurt me when I’m dead,” Yoon said, softly.

“You know, this is all some depressing shit, but you don’t strike me as actually suicidal, despite the wrist thing. If you wanted to die, you could have done so at any time. But you want to live. Why?” Sangwoo watched him, watched the way he fiddled with the little lace bracelets on his wrists that hid the healing scars beneath them.

“I...I want to live, for real. I want to have friends and fall in love and wear whatever I want because I want to. I don’t want to do whatever he says. I want to live.” Yoon glanced up at Sangwoo as if afraid of being laughed at.

Sangwoo nodded slowly. “Don’t get all sad, but you’ve kind of let him turn you into some half man, half woman thing. It would have been easier to run out and find love before he gave you tits.”

Yoon looked down at his breasts, then back up at Sangwoo. “I like them,” he admitted. “I like my body. I was just a scrawny bag of bones before, but now I have some curves and I like it. It doesn’t make me feel less like a man, because I don’t think I ever felt like a man. But it doesn’t make me feel like a woman either. I just feel like myself.”

Sangwoo tilted his head. He wasn’t really expecting that answer. “So you’re not mad about the surgeries?”

“It may sound ridiculous to say, but it’s probably the best thing that he did for me. I feel like I’ve found myself,” Yoon said.

“So now that you’ve found yourself, you can run off and be yourself,” Sangwoo prompted.

“I’m worried that if I leave my job, I’ll never find another one. I’m weirder now that I was before. People won’t accept me. My boss just puts up with me because I’ve worked there for so long.”

“Get your gender changed,” Sangwoo said. “You’re old enough to do it. You have the breasts to prove it. I bet you were exempt from the military because of it.” Yoon nodded. “And you don’t seem to be attached to your masculinity, so just tell everyone you’re female. Someone else out there will want a pretty shopkeeper.”

Yoon blinked at him. “Is it that easy?”

Sangwoo shrugged. “I don’t know if it’s easy, but it’s probably not as hard as you think. If your uncle is trying to chain you to him by saying you’re a freak, he’s wrong. You’d hardly be the first person to change your gender. I hear it’s pretty big in the west. Everyone’s so hush hush in Korea, you don’t hear about it as much.”

“How do you know about it?” Yoon asked, curiously.

Sangwoo grimaced. “I might have done a net search after we talked last time. I was curious.”

“Thank you. It’s helpful. I guess I just needed a push,” Yoon said.

Sangwoo chuckled. “I don’t usually consider myself someone who helps people,” he admitted. “But you captured my curiosity. It seemed like every time I went to the store, you were a little different. Like you were evolving into something else. I guess you were just evolving into yourself.”

“I’m happy. I...I might have a little crush on you,” Yoon admitted quietly.

Sangwoo didn’t feel disgusted by the admission and that kind of surprised him. But if he was honest with himself, he had to admit that he’d been thinking on and off of Yoon for quite some time. Yoon was so different from everyone around him. He was curious about him, enough to invite him out for coffee and talk to him honestly. “What’s under the skirt?” He asked.

Yoon blushed. “I...I still have a penis,” he admitted.

“Eh, if you were all guy, I’d be repulsed, but you’re something in between. I feel like my dick can still get hard over you,” Sangwoo said, considering Yoon. He did have a really nice rack after all.

Yoon blushed. “E-even knowing how dirty I am?”

Sangwoo shrugged. “I think that’s half the thrill, stealing you from that old pervert.”

“So, now you’re going to steal me?” Yoon asked shyly, a teasing smile on his lips.

Sangwoo sat back and looked him over, taking in the silky black hair, the soft v-shaped face, the light makeup, the breasts. Yeah, he could probably have fun with that for a while. “Can you cook and clean?”

Yoon nodded. “I do all the chores at home.”

“Then you can come to my house and do those things there. And I won’t even rape you.”

Yoon looked at him in surprise. Despite his own teasing words, he was clearly shocked. “Do you mean it?”

“Of course I won’t rape you, it's more fun if you do it willingly.”

Yoon let out a helpless sounding laugh. “No. Not that. I can really come home with you?”

“Sure. I have a whole house to myself. Even if it doesn’t work out with the sex thing, you can be my roommate till you find a place. Rent’s pretty cheap in my neighborhood. It’s mostly abandoned, so you’re almost guaranteed to find a place.”

Yoon stared at him like he was a god. Sangwoo liked that adoration. It sent a different sort of thrill through him than what he was used to. This might put a cramp in his lifestyle for a while, but he thought finding out where this thing went might be worth it.

“I...I want to kiss you right now,” Yoon admitted.

Sangwoo tilted his head. “Sure, go ahead.”

Yoon got out of his chair and moved towards Sangwoo. He stood next to him and put a hesitant hand on Sangwoo’s cheek before he sank to his knees, coaxing Sangwoo to bend down a bit so their lips could meet. Sangwoo did not want to admit how much that action turned him on. Having Yoon kneel before him as they kissed made his cock twitch with interest. And it was the simplest, most innocent kiss he’d received in ages! Yoon had to be some sort of fairy creature, because what other explanation was there for Sangwoo’s own behavior other than fucking magic?!

Yoon released him from the kiss and just stared up at him like he’d hung the sun in the sky. “How was it?” He asked shyly.

“Not bad, but we can do better.” Sangwoo leered.

Yoon blushed.

Sangwoo reached out, guiding Yoon’s face back to his. He captured those sweet pink lips again, amping it up a little, pressing his tongue into Yoon’s mouth. Yoon opened up to him, let his tongue slide shyly along Sangwoo’s and moaned into his mouth. Yeah, that was more like it. He released Yoon and grinned. He urged him back up to his feet and then pulled him into his lap, letting him feel the hardness between his legs. Yoon was light. It was like having a girl in his lap, which only made him feel harder. “Here’s what we’re going to do,” Sangwoo said. “You’re going to call your boss and tell him there was an emergency and take a few days off of work. Then you’re going to turn off your phone and come home with me, where we will fool around for a bit. We’ll go get your stuff from the old pervert’s place later.”

“O-ok,” Yoon agreed.

And it was just that easy. Yoon didn’t argue with him, he got his phone and called his boss just like he’d been told. Then, he turned his phone off and stuck it back in his purse.

“All right, let’s go. My car’s not too far from here.” Sangwoo stood up and offered Yoon his hand.

Yoon nodded and took his hand. Yoon didn’t let go of it and Sangwoo allowed it as they walked to his car. The ride home was quick. Yoon alternated between staring at his hands in his lap nervously, to looking at Sangwoo with awe. He seemed especially dazed as Sangwoo took advantage of a stoplight to kiss him quickly.

Once they were home, Sangwoo led him inside and barely let him get his shoes off before he had him pinned against the wall, kissing him. Yoon’s breasts pressed against his chest and it was so weird to think that Yoon wasn’t all woman. Then again, he was too worked up to think about much more than devouring Yoon. Yoon was happy to be devoured, tilting his head up and opening his mouth to Sangwoo.

“You’re pretty eager,” Sangwoo said, looking down at him.

“Shouldn’t I be?” Yoon asked breathlessly, licking his lips lightly. “I’ve been dreaming of this for so long.”

“I guess I’m used to girls that play hard to get.”

“I’m not most girls,” Yoon said, staring up at him. “I’m as easy as you want me to be oppa.”

Sangwoo snorted in amusement at the sudden aegyo and leaned in to reclaim those sassy lips. Yoon moaned into the kiss and Sangwoo pressed in closer. He stuck a leg between Yoon’s thighs and rubbed against Yoon. Not like most girls indeed. Most girls didn’t have that between their legs. He should have been turned off by it, but he wasn’t. He was still wound up like crazy. He was going to see this through at least once. He had to satisfy the curiosity burning in him.

“Come on,” he said, finally peeling himself away from Yoon. He held out a hand and lead Yoon into his bedroom. There wasn’t much in the room, his yo was spread out on the floor to sleep on, there was a mirror in the corner, and a power strip to charge his phone. He tugged Yoon closer and swept him into his arms. Yoon really was too skinny. It was easy to manhandle him onto the bed and pin him down to kiss him once more. Yoon didn’t protest at all, he only wrapped his arms around Sangwoo and dragged him closer.

“This is my first time doing it with a guy,” Sangwoo said, as he came up for air.

“Maybe I should...can I lead for a while? I promise you’ll like it,” Yoon said breathlessly.

It wasn’t how his dates usually went, but then this certainly wasn’t his usual date. Sangwoo shrugged. “Sure.”

“We’ll just need some condoms and lube,” Yoon said shyly.

Sangwoo smirked. “You know I’ve got those. You rung me up last time.”

Yoon blushed. “I could only dream that you’d use it on me,” he said.

“I guess dreams do come true,” Sangwoo said as he rolled over and nudged his closet open so he could pull out the condoms and lube. He turned back and presented them to Yoon, who sat up. Sangwoo laid on his back and watched Yoon move around.

Yoon gently settled himself on top of Sangwoo. He pulled down the top of his sundress, revealing the lacy bra that seemed to barely contain his cleavage. Sangwoo just had to reach out to grab those perfect looking breasts. They weren’t hard, like some of the implants he’d felt over the years. It was nice and soft, a perfect handful. Yoon moaned.

“I didn’t think they’d be this sensitive. Some plastic tits aren’t.”

“I’ve always had sensitive nipples,” Yoon admitted with a breathless gasp as Sangwoo played with his nipple.

Yoon’s nipple was small and Sangwoo drew Yoon forward so he could put it in his mouth, lace bra and all. Yoon moaned again, letting his hands sink into Sangwoo’s hair and holding him. Yoon’s hips rocked forward a bit. Clearly, Yoon was turned on. Sangwoo could make out a little bulge under the fabric of the sundress, but he ignored it for now. He nuzzled Yoon’s breasts, eventually pushing the bra off for better access. He traced the scar lines from the implant surgery and Yoon shivered.

“I think you should take off your shirt too,” Yoon whispered, his hands clutching at Sangwoo’s shirt.

“Sure.” Sangwoo sat back enough to quickly shed his shirt. He watched as Yoon took in the firm, toned planes of his chest and stomach. Yoon swallowed hard. “Like what you see?” Sangwoo asked, flexing his pecs a little. Yoon whimpered and Sangwoo laughed. “You can touch. It’s not as sensitive as your chest, but it still feels good.”

Yoon’s hand settled over Sangwoo’s heart and made a slow slide down across his abs and stomach. Yoon was looking at him like he was a god again and Sangwoo could definitely get used to that look. Yoon’s hand ended at the waist of his jeans. He unbuttoned them and started to tug them off. Sangwoo let it happen. After all, he’d told Yoon that he could be in charge. Sangwoo just laid back and shifted his hips to aid in getting his pants off.

Once his pants were gone, Yoon moved between his legs and hovered over him, his breasts lightly swaying as he looked down at Sangwoo’s cock.

“You gonna suck it?” Sangwoo asked.

Yoon licked his lips and nodded.

“Looks better than the old pervert’s cock?”

Yoon nodded emphatically. “It’s so big,” he said, blushing.

Sangwoo laughed. Of course, the pervert uncle had a small dick. No wonder he couldn’t get a real woman, he had to turn his nephew into one. He didn’t waste much time thinking about it, because Yoon’s pink lips descended and slowly wrapped around the head of his cock. It was Sangwoo’s turn to moan as Yoon’s tongue circled the tip. Yoon looked like he genuinely wanted to devour Sangwoo’s cock. He wasn’t delivering a grudging bit of tongue, he was invested. And unlike all the other blowjobs he’d gotten from women in the past, Yoon didn’t shy away from his balls. He went right for his sack, taking it in hand and rolling his balls gently in his hand. Yoon gave them a light tug and it felt pretty damn great.

Yoon pulled back and lapped at his shaft a little, getting it all wet before he wrapped his lips around him again. He took more in this time and Sangwoo’s eyebrows rose as he realized what Yoon was doing. Yoon was trying to deepthroat him. As much as he liked that idea, he was very skeptical of Yoon’s ability to do so. Yoon looked so damn delicate, there was no way that his giant cock could go down that fragile throat. But oh, Yoon tried, and it was lovely. Yoon got more than half of his cock in before he had to admit defeat and pull back.

“You don’t have to take it all,” Sangwoo said, surprising himself. Usually, he didn’t mind gagging a bitch with his cock, but this was different.

“I don’t want you to come yet,” Yoon admitted, licking his lips. He grabbed one of the condoms and rolled it down onto Sangwoo’s dick.

Yoon sat back and pushed his panties off. Sangwoo idly noted that it was white lace that matched his bra. Yoon didn’t remove the dress, he just left it bunched around his waist. Sangwoo figured Yoon was hiding his cock, so he wouldn’t turn him off or something. That seemed like the best way to handle the elephant in the room, or rather, the cock under the dress for their first time. If he liked what happened next, maybe he’d strip him completely and do it again.

Sangwoo watched as Yoon reached slick fingers up under his dress to open up his hole. Sangwoo wondered what it was going to feel like. For all the women he’d slept with, he’d never bothered with the back door. He usually had a plan in mind. He seduced them, brought them home and fucked them, and once that need was filled, he wasn’t interested in fucking them again. He didn’t do sloppy seconds, even if he was going in after himself. He was dragged from his thoughts as Yoon moved, straddling him. Yoon sat back and rubbed his ass against Sangwoo’s cock. His cock was still hard and very much interested in what was going on.

Yoon smiled, his whole face flushed. “I’m going to take you in now,” he said as he reached back and took a hold of Sangwoo’s cock. Yoon shifted again and Sangwoo could feel that tight little pucker up against the head of his dick. Then, Yoon sank onto Sangwoo’s cock.

Sangwoo actually gasped as he was surrounded by Yoon’s heat. Not just heat, but tightness. Yoon was so tight, it was unlike any pussy he’d ever been in before. He grabbed Yoon’s hips, bunching his fingers into the cloth of the sundress. He wished he could see under the damn fabric, but it helped to maintain the illusion that he was fucking a woman. There were the breasts, then the skirt, and that tight, tight hole clenching around his cock and it was fucking perfect.

Yoon moaned as he slowly slid down Sangwoo’s cock. It took him a while to bottom out. Sangwoo was rather impressed. His cock was clearly bigger than the cock Yoon was used to taking, but he was able to slide himself all the way down Sangwoo’s little monster.

“You fill me up so much,” Yoon whispered, panting now that he was in place.

“And you’re the tightest little thing I’ve ever stuck my dick in,” Sangwoo said with a groan.

Yoon smiled at him and shifted his hips lightly, just rocking in place on his dick. A whimper fell from Yoon’s lips. “Your cock is perfect,” he said. “It hits my spot just right.”

That seemed like a good thing, but Sangwoo really wanted him to move and pushed at his hips with his hands. “Can you move?”

Yoon nodded as he raised himself up. Sangwoo’s head fell back as that tight ring of muscle moved up his cock again. When he thought his cock would come out of Yoon, Yoon dropped back onto his dick. Sangwoo’s breath left him in a rush.

“Fuck! That’s so good. Do it again,” Sangwoo ordered.

Yoon happily complied and slowly began to work up and down his cock. Sangwoo was left just helplessly watching Yoon’s breasts sway with his movements as his cock was continuously swallowed by that tight little hole. Fuck! If he’d known anal was like this, he’d have pushed for it sooner. Women could be such prudes, but Yoon wasn’t a woman, not completely. At this point, that fact didn’t bother him much. It felt too fucking amazing to care that Yoon had a dick instead of a pussy. His ass was so great, he didn’t miss a pussy at all.

Sangwoo’s hands slid up from Yoon’s hips. He took his shoulder and drew him forward, so he could get his mouth around one of Yoon’s breasts. He bit at Yoon’s nipple and thrust up as hard as he could from his given position. Yoon made the most wonderful breathless whine and Sangwoo shifted his mouth to bite at the other nipple. Yoon moaned and wrapped his arms around Sangwoo’s neck.

“We can...if you want. We can switch.” Yoon panted and pressed back onto Sangwoo’s cock. “If you lay me on my back, you can thrust into me better.”

That’s all Yoon had to say. He didn’t even bother pulling his dick out as he shifted them around. It was awkward but worth it to be in control of the thrusting. He had Yoon on his back with his legs up around him. The only weird thing was that Yoon’s dress was now falling up into his face, obscuring his breasts and exposing his cock. Sangwoo took a moment to just look down at Yoon.

Yoon’s penis was on the small side. It was slender, just like the rest of his body. In this position, his balls seemed to melt back into his body, not protruding much at all. Yoon wasn’t very hairy, so there was nothing to obscure the sight. Sangwoo wasn’t repulsed though. He wasn’t aching to jump on that cock or anything, but it was a novel sight. Pussies weren’t the most attractive part of a woman for him anyway, so the lack of one didn’t faze him much. He was a breast man and Yoon has those. If he thought about it, he was more familiar with looking at cocks just by association with his own. Having a cock bobbing down there while he thrust into Yoon’s body was strangely familiar.

Yoon moved the skirt out of his face, shifting the fabric so Sangwoo could see his cute little tits again. “Do you hate it?” Yoon whispered, clearly afraid of the answer.

“No,” Sangwoo said, thrusting into him. “It’s….familiar. I know what to do with a cock. I’m not gonna blow you any time soon, but I bet I know exactly how to touch you to bring you off.”

Yoon’s look of relief was quickly wiped away as Sangwoo thrust at a particular angle and Yoon gasped and clenched around him.

“Was that your spot?” Sangwoo asked.

Yoon nodded helplessly as Sangwoo began to angle in for that spot again. He loved every little whimper and whine that came from Yoon. He loved that the spot was something so easy to find. Women were so different. There was never just one spot that pleased women and some of them got bitchy if they felt you weren’t working hard enough to please them. Others just straight up lied about how much they were enjoying it and faked orgasms to make him feel better. He fucking hated that shit. Yoon’s reactions were honest. The way his ass clenched and he moaned and squirmed, the way his cock twitched and leaked, it was obvious that he was loving it.

“I’m gonna come!” Yoon cried.

Sangwoo was a little surprised. “Without me even touching it?” he asked.

Little tears squeezed from the corners of Yoon’s eyes as he nodded.

Damn, he was even better at fucking ass than pussy! He redoubled his efforts, pounding Yoon’s ass right in his little sweet spot. Yoon tossed his head back and forth, he could feel Yoon’s toes curl in pleasure as they touched his back. Yoon’s thighs squeezed together and he cried out as he came, shooting sticky strands of come all over his dress. That alone was hot, but Sangwoo was not prepared for the way the Yoon clenched down around him like a vice. He barely managed to pull out and thrust back into Yoon’s ass before his own orgasm rolled over him like a sudden avalanche. He cursed as his hips gave a few stuttering thrusts as he shot his load into Yoon. His hands clenched Yoon’s hips tightly, knowing damn well that he was going to bruise him and not caring as he rode out the pleasure.

After all was said and done, he collapsed on top of Yoon, ignoring the wet feeling of his spunk and the soft outline of his cock against his stomach. There was still the soft press of breasts and Yoon happily wrapped his arms around Sangwoo, holding him tightly. Unfortunately, his cock slipped out of its happy place and he had to pull back to grab the condom and tie it off. He tossed it towards the trashcan in the corner and looked back at Yoon. Yoon’s dress was still bunched up around his middle and stained with come. Yoon’s hair and makeup were a mess, but he looked so blissful that it amused Sangwoo. Some girls he’d fucked felt the need to hop up and fix their hair and makeup after the deed was done. Yoon seemed happy to lie in the messy state that Sangwoo had left him in.

“Come on, let’s get you out of that dress,” Sangwoo said, coaxing Yoon to his feet so they could push off the messy dress. He noticed how Yoon’s skinny legs were shaking and chuckled as he kicked the dress out of the way and laid Yoon back down in his bed. “You were amazing.” He stroked that messy black hair out of Yoon’s face.

“You liked it?” Yoon asked shyly, moving his face into Sangwoo’s touch.

Sangwoo knew that Yoon was really asking “You liked me?” He nodded. “I did.”

“Will you keep me?” He whispered, looking up at Sangwoo through his lashes.

“Maybe,” Sangwoo said. “Wait till we see how you cook.” Yoon struggled to sit up and Sangwoo pressed him back down. “Not just now. Let’s wait till your legs are a little steadier. You’re not used to such a big cock are you?”

Yoon shook his head, his cheeks flushed brightly. “But it was so good.”

“Yeah, I didn’t even touch you and you came.”

Yoon bit his lip and stared at his breasts. “You, your cock, it was milking my sweet spot,” he admitted.

“So, I really do have a cock that fits your ass perfectly,” Sangwoo asked, feeling pleased.

Yoon smiled at him. “Yes. You’re perfect.”

“Mmm, baby, rub my ego a bit more,” Sangwoo teased. He started rubbing his cock against Yoon’s thigh.

“Is that all you want me to rub?” Yoon asked, his hand sneaking down to touch Sangwoo’s cock.

His cock was definitely interested, even though a few minutes had passed since a pretty intense orgasm. He watched as Yoon took his cock in his hand and started to work it slowly back into hardness. “Mmm, you can rub that too,” he said, rutting lazily into Yoon’s hand.

“I want to suck on it,” Yoon said. “I’ll need to practice if I’m ever going to get it down my throat.”

“Fuck,” Sangwoo hissed. That was such a good mental image. “Let’s do it,” he said.

So they did. Yoon didn’t manage to completely swallow Sangwoo’s cock, but he did swallow his load, which was still pretty hot. They ended up getting takeout since Sangwoo had fucked Yoon so hard he could barely stand up. He dressed Yoon in one of his longer t-shirts and carried him to the table. He grinned with sadistic pride as Yoon shifted uncomfortably on the chair. Yoon didn’t complain at all though, he just kept looking at Sangwoo like he was the best thing in the world. It was such an ego stroke. It was also a turn on to look at Yoon dressed in his too big clothes, squirming around on his chair. Who could really blame him for carrying Yoon to the bathroom and fucking him nice and slow in the bath?

Chapter Text

The next morning, Yoon somehow managed to drag himself out of bed to make breakfast. Sangwoo woke to the smell of cooking food and walked out into the kitchen to find Yoon in another of his shirts, cooking up a fluffy Western-style omelet full of spicy kimchi that he served over rice with some dongchimi as a side and a pot of coffee.

After the first bite of the omelet, Sangwoo pointed his chopsticks at Yoon and said, “I might have to keep you after all.”

Yoon flushed with pride as he sat down and ate.

“I have school today, but no work, so I should be home by dinner. You can wander around the house, use the tv or computer, just don’t go into the basement. The steps are falling apart. I don’t want you to get hurt down there.”

“Ok,” Yoon agreed easily.

“I’ll bring some clothes home so you’re not stuck wearing the same things. You look like you fit into free size clothes.”

Yoon nodded. “But, I don’t like stripes,” he said.

Sangwoo laughed. “Ok, no stripes. Anything else?”

“A toothbrush please.”

“Sure. Is that all?”

Yoon shrugged. “It’s all I can think of for now. Some clothes and a toothbrush. I have a brush and makeup in my purse,” he explained. “What do you want for dinner? I’ll cook again tonight.”

Sangwoo tilted his head, considering. “What’s your best dish?”

“I make a really good dak dori tang,” Yoon said.

“All right, we’ll have that. Make me a list and I’ll get the ingredients on the way home.” Sangwoo dug out a small pad and pen and left Yoon to make the list while he got ready for school. Once he was sure he had all of his materials, he went back into the kitchen to grab Yoon’s list. “I hope you won’t be too bored without me,” he said.

“I’ll do a little cleaning while you’re gone,” Yoon said. “And you said I could watch tv. I’ll be fine.”

“Ok. Just don’t answer the door while I’m gone ok? Like I said, the neighborhood is mostly empty, so if someone tries to come in, there will be no one around to save you.”

Yoon shuddered. “I won’t. I’ll just stay inside.”

“Good. Can I get a goodbye kiss?” Sangwoo grinned.

“You can have whatever you want,” Yoon said sweetly as he got up to wrap his arms around Sangwoo’s shoulders to draw him down into a kiss.

Sangwoo wrapped his arms around that tiny waist and lifted Yoon off the floor. Yoon squeaked a bit but didn’t break the kiss. Sangwoo swung him around, just for fun before he set a breathless Yoon back on his feet. “Bye babe,” he said.

Yoon blushed. “Bye. Have a good day.” Yoon followed him to the door and watched as he put his shoes on. He smiled and waved as Sangwoo headed out of the house.

Sangwoo tested the lock on the way out before he headed off to school. He felt kind of distracted throughout the day. He wanted to text Yoon to see how he was doing, but they’d left Yoon’s phone off so his pervy uncle couldn’t track him down. His usual flock of fangirls fluttered around him. Some days, he thought he was too nice to the vapid idiots because they never took the hint. Today a few of them seemed to clue in, just not enough to back off.

“You’re distracted today Sangwoo,” Min Jiuen said, pouting.

Min Jieun was one of his more insistent followers, to the point that he remembered her name, unlike the rest of the flock. She was cute enough, but Yoon was definitely prettier. And Yoon wasn't even a girl! He pushed away his crisis of sexuality to answer before the girl started whining. He laughed. “Sorry. Some stuff is going on at home,” he said completely unapologetic. He didn't owe any of these girls his attention. The ego boost of it had worn off long ago. Now it was just troublesome. Still, he didn't want to break the careful persona he'd built by telling them to fuck off. Some days, he wondered why he maintained it at all, but it did make life to seem to run a little smoother when people didn't think he was an antisocial asshole. Laying on the charm opened more doors, even if it was tiresome.

“Good stuff?” Another girl asked like an eager puppy.

“You could say that,” he said with a shrug. “It's pretty interesting.” He grinned, sending a few of the girls into excited giggles.

“I thought you live alone,” another girl said, her voice more commanding than the others.

Sangwoo glanced up at her and had to hold back rolling his eyes. These bitches were getting so demanding. “Maybe I picked up a little pet,” he said, voice teasing and sharp.

“Oh! What kind of pet?” Someone else asked, leaning in towards him.

The girls went off, guessing at what kind of pet he might have picked up. Of course, none of them guessed right since his pet was a person. Though the sharp-voiced bitch looked suspicious. Honestly, he wasn’t sure why she hung around in his little flock of idiots. The others at least tried to befriend each other, had some sort of cheerleading girl code going on, but not that one. She had such a severe face, she was probably a frigid block of ice in bed. Not that he was tempted to find out. He had quite the nice little bed warmer waiting for him at home. He grinned thinking of Yoon’s nice rounded ass. Class started soon and the girls had to go back to their desks. Sangwoo slipped off campus for a quick lunch just to escape them. He completed his last class in relative peace before heading for the shops.

He picked up a few pieces of clothing he thought would look good on Yoon. Then, he grabbed the groceries he’d promised and went straight home. Sangwoo chuckled when he saw the bedding airing on the balcony, along with some of his clothes hung out to dry. He spotted Yoon’s white sundress and grinned. Looked like Yoon did a little cleaning after all.

“I’m home,” he called as he opened the door and stepped inside. There was no answer and he frowned as he walked down the hall, setting the groceries in the kitchen. He went back and peeked into the bedroom, but with the bed airing out, there was nothing much in there. He crossed the hall to the living room, where he found Yoon curled up on the couch in the same big shirt he’d left him in this morning. The only difference was that Yoon had clearly washed his undergarments and was wearing them once more. He admired that round little ass in those lace panties before approaching the couch.

“Yoon, I’m home,” he said, wondering if that would be enough to wake him.

Apparently, it was as Yoon startled awake, looking around warily. The wary look melted away as he spotted Sangwoo. “You’re back,” he said, smiling brightly.

“I am. Didn’t mean to scare you though.”

Yoon shrugged it off. “How was your day?” He sat up and stretched.

Sangwoo admired the way the fabric of his t-shirt stretched over Yoon’s breasts. “Kinda boring, but ok. How was yours?”

“The same. I did some laundry and cleaned up around the house. I might have overexerted myself a bit. I’m still sore.” He blushed. “So I took a nap.”

Sangwoo chuckled. “I picked out some clothes for you. You look cute in mine, but you'll probably like a little variety.” Sangwoo ducked into the kitchen and collected the clothing bag. Once he walked back into the living room, he offered it to Yoon.

Yoon gave him an excited look as he accepted the bag. He sat down on the couch and opened it. On top was the promised toothbrush, then there were a few pairs of panties and another lace bra that he hoped would fit Yoon. Yoon’s breasts were on the larger side of the spectrum and bras seemed to run pretty small at least the cheap readily available ones. Yoon pulled the underwear out, looking it over and nodding before he set them aside. Next, he pulled out a light pink blouse. It was a little ruffly and floaty and Sangwoo had figured out would suit Yoon’s delicate frame. To pair with it, he'd selected a white skirt and some leggings since that's what the shop mannequins were wearing. There was also a crop top with some random English on it, a silky floral slip dress, and another long sundress with a geometric pattern, no stripes. He hadn't wanted to go too crazy because, at some point, they'd go get Yoon’s clothes.

“Thank you. I really like this one.” Yoon held up the slip dress.

Sangwoo grinned. “I thought it would look cute on you.”

“Let's see.” Yoon stood up and shed Sangwoo’s shirt. Sangwoo had a moment to admire Yoon’s lingerie-clad form before Yoon pulled on the slip dress. He smoothed it down over his breasts and twisted a little, letting the material flutter around his thighs. “How do I look?” Yoon asked, looking up at him.

“Great,” Sangwoo said as he settled his hands on Yoon’s hips, his thumbs caressing the protruding hipbones under the silky material.

Yoon smiled and leaned up on his toes to kiss him. “Thank you. And, welcome home.”

Sangwoo let his hand drift around to cup Yoon’s ass as they kissed. It was such a perfect little ass, it was amazing how much fun he’d had playing around in it so far. Sangwoo hadn’t had marathon sex like that since he was a horny teenager. Cupping Yoon’s ass made him lean his breasts into Sangwoo’s chest and that gave his body ideas. But Yoon was supposed to cook tonight. He kissed him slowly, pressing deep into his mouth until Yoon whimpered. Only then did he pull away. “Don’t get too excited. Aren’t you going to cook for me?”

Yoon pouted a little but nodded. “You got everything?”

“Of course. I even got you a cute little apron.”

Yoon lit up with a smile. “I guess I should get started then.”

Sangwoo led him into the kitchen and pulled a little pink frilly apron from a bag and presented it to Yoon. Yoon immediately pulled it on over his dress and looked down, admiring it. “You’re spoiling me. Thank you.”

“You’re spoiling me too. It’s been a long time since someone’s done my laundry and cooked for me,” Sangwoo said, sitting down at the kitchen table and watching as Yoon started to pull out the ingredients. It looked like he’d familiarized himself with the kitchen and had already pulled out various things to prepare the meal.

“This might be boring,” Yoon said apologetically. “If you have homework, you could do it while I cook,” he suggested.

“Maybe,” Sangwoo said. “I think I’ll just admire the view for a while though.” He winked as he admired how short the slip dress was. Yoon’s legs were skinny, but his thighs were shapely and his ass was nice and plump.

Yoon blushed. “Do you have any foods that you don’t like to eat?” he asked as he took out a knife to chop up the chicken Sangwoo had bought.

“I hate bananas. I don’t like a lot of cheeses, but the stuff on pizza and tteokbokki is ok. I prefer onions to be cooked. They’re really bitter when they’re raw. I love mandu and barbecue,” Sangwoo said, admiring the way Yoon handled the knife. He was very efficient as he chopped up the chicken. It reminded him of his mother.

“For a quick lunch, do you like kimbap or something like a sandwich?” Yoon asked curiously, glancing over his shoulder.

“Ah, it depends on how I’m feeling that day I guess. I really like kimbap, but a sandwich is ok, as long as there’s no cheese on it. Especially that yellow stuff that comes wrapped in plastic. It looks and tastes like plastic. I think it's why I hate cheese.”

Yoon nodded sympathetically. “It isn't the best kind of cheese," he agreed. "I like strawberries. They’re my favorite fruit. I really like fried chicken. I haven’t made it in a while. Last time I did, uncle started hitting me and the oil caught on fire. I thought he was going to throw the flaming pan of oil at me, but he didn’t. I haven’t fried anything since.” Yoon shuddered.

“We can go out for fried chicken,” Sangwoo suggested.

Yoon paused and looked at Sangwoo. “Really?”

“Of course. Probably not tomorrow, since we’re having chicken tonight. Maybe the day after,” he suggested. Then he paused as he realized what Yoon was really asking. Was he allowed out? Did Sangwoo really want to be seen in public with him? And the answer was, surprisingly, yes. He wanted to show off his little butterfly. People might admire him, but Yoon was all his. “Did you think I was going to lock you away from the world in here? I know I asked you to stay inside, but sometimes we get shady people going around the neighborhood so it really was to keep you safe, not to keep you prisoner.”

Yoon shrugged. “Uncle did. I really only went to work and to the store.”

“Yeah, and I’m nothing like that disgusting pig. Besides, you said you wanted to get out and live and love. You can’t do that if you’re stuck in here. Right?”

“I...I think I’ve found the love part,” Yoon said, blushing brightly as he went back to chopping chicken.

“That was fast,” Sangwoo said. He should probably feel annoyed at it, but Yoon was nothing like his little fan club full of idiots and so far he’d enjoyed his company.

“I’ve liked you for a while. But this, this has been amazing. Even if you get tired of me, I think I’ll still love you.”

“I can’t say that I love you,” Sangwoo said. “I like you. I like the idea of you being mine, but that’s all. For now.”

Yoon nodded. “That’s enough. That’s more than enough. It’s more than I ever expected.”

“I’m happy to exceed expectations,” Sanwoo said with a roguish grin.

Yoon smiled before he turned back to the task of cooking. The chicken went into a pot with water. He mixed together a bunch of seasoning that had the whole kitchen smelling of spicy peppers and garlic. Yoon had just started in on the vegetables for the dish when Sangwoo decided to take his suggestion and drag out some of his homework. He settled at the table to do some boring reading, but he was still able to watch Yoon move around.

“You can put some music on if you want,” Sangwoo said after a while.

Yoon glanced back at him. “Are you sure? I don’t want to distract you.”

“It’s fine, I usually put it on something soft. This house gets too quiet you know?”

“All right.” Yoon dried his hands off on a towel and turned the radio on, keeping it low. He smiled and went back to his cooking.

Sangwoo lost himself in his reading for a while, only looking up when Yoon started to put some small side dishes on the table.

“Here are a few snacks,” he said.

Gyeran-jangjorim? When did you make these?” Sangwoo picked up a half of a hard boiled egg that had been braised in soy sauce.

“I had all day. I made a few side dishes with things you had around. I made some gogomua jorim and some yeongeum jorin.” He pointed to each dish. "Sorry they're all braised, but it seemed the easiest thing to do while I was doing laundry."

"I'm never going to be mad at homemade food," Sangwoo said. He bit into the egg and hummed in appreciation. “This is really good.”

“Thank you. The rest will be done in a little bit,” Yoon promised as he headed back to the stove.

Sangwoo shoved his homework back into his bag and started to nibble the side dishes. He watched as Yoon served up the stew in large bowls and brought them to the table.

“What would you like to drink?” Yoon asked as he dished out bowls of rice.

“Tea is fine,” Sangwoo said.

Yoon fetched the tea and sat down across from Sangwoo. “I hope you like it,” he said, picking up his spoon and stirring his stew idly. He was watching Sangwoo, waiting for his reaction.

Sangwoo grinned. The way Yoon seemed to be waiting with bated breath made him feel powerful. He took a bite and paused. It wasn't just good, it was great. He chewed and swallowed, processing the mouthful. “It’s really good," he admitted, pleased to see the way Yoon lit up. "Spicy, sweet, savory. And did you put some noodles in there?”

“Sweet potato noodles,” Yoon said with a happy nod.

“I like it.”

Yoon beamed at him and more than the obvious power he had over Yoon, Yoon's smile made him feel pleasantly warm. In fact, the whole house felt warmer than it had in a very long time. He wasn't sure what to make of it all, so he just focused on eating. They ate quietly, but Yoon kept watching him, so Sangwoo would hum appreciatively now and the just to watch Yoon light up. After dinner, Yoon put away the leftovers and did the dishes while Sangwoo headed for the couch and flipped on the television. Soon, Yoon joined him and slowly scooted sideways to press into his side. Sangwoo let his arm fall down around Yoon’s shoulders.

“I have to run some errands tomorrow before work. Do you want to come out with me?” Sangwoo asked.

“Yes! Which outfit should I wear?” Yoon glanced up at him.

“I like the slip dress, but I don’t know if I want you showing off your cute little legs to everyone in town. Maybe the blouse and skirt?”

“The skirt’s kind of short too,” Yoon reminded him.

“Hmm, I might need to dress you in something really modest,” Sangwoo said. “A rice sack?”

Yoon chuckled. “It doesn’t matter if they look, I’m only yours for as long as you want me,” he said, nuzzling into Sangwoo’s side.

“I guess I never thought of it that way. They can look as much as they want, but only I have the satisfaction of bringing you home.” Only he knew what was under the skirt, what slipping into that tight ass felt like.

“Exactly.” Yoon leaned up to kiss Sangwoo’s cheek. “Only yours.”

“I feel like I need a reminder,” Sangwoo said, pressing Yoon down onto the couch and attaching his mouth to Yoon’s neck.

Yoon moaned and ran his hand down Sangwoo’s back. Sangwoo smirked as he sucked hard on Yoon’s pale throat. When he finally pulled back, Yoon was sporting a dark bruise on the side of his neck. Yoon’s skin was so pale, it really did bruise easily and beautifully. He went back in, going for his shoulder this time. He nibbled and sucked until Yoon began to squirm under him. Sangwoo pulled back to admire his work.

“There, now people will know you belong to someone,” he said.

Yoon let out a shuddery breath. “Yes. I belong to you,” he said, his eyes half-lidded as he looked up at Sangwoo worshipfully.

“You always know what to say to get my dick hard,” Sangwoo said.

“It was already pretty hard,” Yoon said, arching up into him.

Yoon’s little dick felt pretty hard under him too. “What are you going to do about it?” Sangwoo asked.

“What do you want me to do?” Yoon asked.

Sangwoo considered. There were so many options, but most of them required getting off the couch. He was pretty comfortable where he was. He ground down against Yoon, grinning as Yoon moaned softly. “Let’s fuck,” he growled into Yoon’s soft skin.

Yoon nodded eagerly, then frowned. “But the yo is up on the clothesline.”

“Then we fuck here,” Sangwoo said, smirking. “Go get the supplies and I’ll get a towel.”

Yoon blushed and nodded, but he didn’t move. Sangwoo arched an eyebrow at him. “I can’t move you,” Yoon said, nudging his shoulder lightly.

Sangwoo huffed. As much as he didn’t want to move, he wanted to fuck more, so he heaved himself off of Yoon and got to his feet. He offered Yoon a hand up. Yoon grinned as he headed to the bedroom to get the condoms and lube. Sangwoo headed for the bathroom to collect a few towels. They were easier to wash than the couch after all. While he was there, he stripped out of his clothes and headed back to the living room naked.

Yoon seemed just as eager as he was. He hadn’t stripped, but he’d shed his panties and bent himself over the arm of the couch where he was slowly starting to work himself open with his fingers. Sangwoo had a great view of it as he rounded the corner into the living room.

“Fuck. That’s a pretty sight,” he said, reaching out to give one of Yoon’s pert ass cheeks a light slap.

Yoon jumped and whined, looking back at Sangwoo with dark needy eyes.

Sangwoo shook his head, amazed at the hunger of this little gem he’d picked up. “Let me put the towels down, then my dick is yours, Princess.”

Yoon reluctantly stood up and let Sangwoo put a towel over the arm of the couch. He laid two more on the cushions, even though he wasn’t sure they’d make it there, given the way Yoon had draped himself back on the arm of the couch.

“You’re too fucking tempting,” Sangwoo complained as he watched the way Yoon’s lips opened around little panting breaths. He just needed to stick his dick in that mouth. He walked forward, watching as Yoon clued in on his intention and shifted. He leaned down, opening his mouth for Sangwoo, moaning as his dick slid past his lips. “Fuck.”

Yoon sucked on his cock eagerly but didn’t push too hard. Clearly, he wanted Sangwoo’s dick inside of him, so he didn’t take him too far.

“Tell me when you’re ready and I’ll stick it in,” Sangwoo said.

Yoon whimpered and dragged his mouth off of Sangwoo’s cock. “I’m ready,” he said breathlessly.

Sangwoo didn’t have to be told twice. He almost forgot to grab the condom Yoon offered him. He was quick to wrestle it on as he stepped behind Yoon, barely waiting for him to pull his fingers out before he was shoving his slick cock into him.

Yoon moaned, spreading his legs wider. “Sangwoo,” he gasped, glancing over his shoulder.

Sangwoo smirked at him as he took hold of his hips and started to thrust. He watched Yoon’s hands go to the couch to steady himself. Yoon picked a great position for Sangwoo to fuck him in, but it gave Yoon almost no leverage to press back into Sangwoo’s cock. He was at Sangwoo’s mercy, only able to ride out the quick thrusts that he’d begun. Yoon whined as he realized the disadvantage that he’d put himself in, but Sangwoo didn’t care to switch things around. He hitched Yoon up a little and continued to thrust in fast and hard.

Yoon seemed to give in to the inevitable, shifting to press his shoulders into the couch cushions. His head was tilted to the side so he could watch Sangwoo from the corner of his eye. One hand was splayed across the cushions, though the other had disappeared under Yoon’s body, obviously touching himself. It made for a nice picture, one that only served to wind Sangwoo up further. It didn’t take long for his balls to tighten, signaling that he was close. Sure, it was a little fast, but he wasn’t going to deny himself.

“I hope you’re close, cause I’m ready to fuck you senseless,” Sangwoo growled, tightening his hands on Yoon’s hips.

“Please,” Yoon moaned, his ass clenching around Sangwoo’s cock.

Sangwoo growled again as he gripped Yoon tightly and began to drive into him hard, so hard he could feel the couch moving incrementally. He didn’t have time to worry about it as Yoon moaned, his ass twitching around Sangwoo’s cock. He continued to thrust hard, his eyes shut as he finally came with a triumphant sound. Yoon sobbed beneath him, his ass clenching hard around Sangwoo’s dick. It was so tight and Sangwoo’s cock was so sensitive, he almost wanted to stop, but he kept pounding through. He was surprised to find that despite coming, he just wasn’t done yet.

“I’m still hard,” he growled, thrusting into Yoon. “I came, but I still want to fuck you raw.”

Yoon whined, clenching around him. “Do it,” he moaned.

“You’re gonna feel me every step you take tomorrow,” Sangwoo said.

“M-make me feel it,” Yoon said breathlessly.

And how could Sangwoo resist such a pretty plea? He lost himself thrusting into Yoon, fingers digging into pale hips, groaning as Yoon continued to milk him. He couldn’t be sure how much time passed before he came a second time, but Yoon was whimpering under him. Sangwoo collapsed over him breathing heavily. Yoon reached back, taking a hold of his neck, holding him in place against him.

“You good?” Sangwoo asked, mouthing Yoon’s sweaty skin.

“Mmm,” Yoon replied sleepily.

Sangwoo grinned as he reluctantly pulled back. “You should go sit in the bath,” he said as he pulled the condom off and admired the bruises he’d left on Yoon’s hips. “I’ll go get the bed set up.”

“In a minute,” Yoon murmured as he wiggled up to sprawl across the couch.

“Don’t fall asleep there,” Sangwoo said, giving his ass a light smack.

“I won’t,” Yoon said, glancing back at Sangwoo through half-closed eyes.

“Better not.” Sangwoo headed out to grab the yo and get it set up in his room. Yoon was asleep when he walked back into the living room, but he was light and it was easy to pick him up and carry him back to the bedroom. He really shouldn’t be so comfortable taking care of someone. With any other girl and he would have woken them up and kicked them out of the house, but not Yoon. With Yoon, he gently laid him out on the bed. He carefully pulled off his soiled dress and tossed it on the floor. Yoon's bra joined it before Sangwoo sprawled out next to him. It was weird how things were changing, but he kind of liked it.