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Something old for something new

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You woke up with a groan.Ugh, it's fucking painful.You whine slightly from the headache and open your eyes.You look around and this place seems almost familiar.Almost. You decide to get up from the spot you've ended up in though you don't remember ever being here, much less outside. You were in your bed moments ago, soft,Warm. Guess it was a good thing you fell asleep in some casual clothes that keeps most of the biting chill of the air away from you. You look at your feet and notice that you have shoes on. They aren't too thick and light enough to keep your steps quite or at least mostly unnoticeable. You also don't remember falling asleep with shoes, maybe you've just been absolutely exhausted from all the work you've been pulling off lately But that still didn't explain why you woke here. You start to move with an uneasy feeling in your gut. You take note of the scarcity of trees and the broken brick walls close to, what you assume to be thick gated walls. You keep a low poster as you slink around the foggy area. You don't seem to be paying much attention until you bump into someone, but before you could scream, a hand covers your mouth and you hear them "sshh" you. You look at a man who looked to be of Asian descent. He was scruffy from the hair on his head to his beard.He moves his hand once he is certain you aren't going to give away the position you two have met and starts to explain your situation. He couldn't answer why you were here completely but you caught onto something called The Entity, feeding it and that you're in the middle of a frivolous hunt between victim and killer. He introduced himself as Jake and offered you a brief handshake which you happily took. You kept a low voice as you spoke " well Jake, I'm y/n, let's get outa here." he nodded and responded " there is a generator close by. Can't explain it but you'll know what to do once you see it, just remember to keep the wires matching." You raise your head slightly in acknowledgment and venture off with this stranger. You soon enter a rather rundown, wide and desolated building. It all hit you, Macmillan's Estate. You've only seen it in pictures before, but your old family worked with these people. And you only heard stories of the tragedy that the MacMillans where supposedly accused to have done. You didn't lose anyone from it though, you know that much. With no link other than that to put you here is mysterious and..unsettling. Jake slaps your arm with the back of his lightly and points to a gennie and you both get down to working on it. You've never considered yourself much of a machanic but this seemed familiar aswell. You huff softly as you focus with Jake. This almost seemed surreal, maybe you are in a dream? You had to be.

You hear a scream close by and you jolt by suprise, luckily Jake got the generator to run before you've done damage. You were definitely not dreaming and that was definitely someone screaming from fear, or pain.Maybe both. Jake snagged your arm and put you in a locker. " stay here, he's close. Be quiet." he shut you in and left. You stood there wide eyed and your heart started to thump intensely. Was it even yours? You couldn't tell, you were too terrified. You watched someone run past, holding their side and then some large figure sped past you right after. You could only make out a mask and a large piece of metal protruding from the shoulder of a toned arm. Within minutes, Jake came for you and both start running, along with a new party member. He had glasses that are slightly askew on his face and he's dressed rather professional with a short sleeved button down and a tie. You three slide and stop under a large broken brick wall and duck under the window. You take a moment to regain your breath and the thumping of your heart had died down to be calm. The guy in the tie fixes the injuries he has been inflicted before greeting you. " I'm Dwight and you're new." you nod and shake his hand " Y/N,who was that?" Dwight takes a moment and swallows nervously." that's The Trapper. He's our killer this trail. Listen to the heart beat and you'll know when he's close or away." you nod and sigh. Jake chimed in as he keeps watch " we've only one more gen to get. Maybe Nea has been working on or at least around it." as if on que, the two door light up and and you three jet for the closest one. Dwight yanks the lever as fast as he can manage and holds it. You and Jake here the other door open just before yours and the sirens go off before yours open. The Trapper had gained the distance and you meet his eyes with fear. He suddenly became every detail in your nightmares. The way his mask twisted into some kind of sick, mangled smile, teeth sharp and crooked mocking the mouth with a lot of distaste, the odd color of dirty, blood dried skin. The way metal had became apart of his body, mentioned earlier. Nothing about this thing screamed man besides how he was built in body. Some mock represention maybe? You didn't know or care, you were terrified.He froze for a split second, finding your staring a challenge before both Dwight and Jake yank you along with them and a frustrated howl comes from the Trapper. You escaped.

The three of you get to a campfire with another girl already waiting, who soon introduces herself and Nea and you both exchange a handshake and a nod as you tell her your name. " this is were we all get to regain everything. We've multiple more trials but not everyone of us gets to go on each. Once every killer has hit their trails today, we all come back here and we have our own place to chill out. Killers have theirs." she pauses briefly to make sure you're listening and your eyes stay on her with some intent, so she continues on. " They're as much forced to be here as we are, but I'm not surprised that they enjoy it more. They are certainly not our friends out there, don't expect them to be here. If you step over there, it's all hands off for us and on for them." you nervously swallow and nod in understanding, warming your partially gloved hands. Jake sits nexts to you and points at the big building in the far distance. " that's where we stay. We spawn inside when the trails are finished for the day. Time is a bit different here, so what seems like a day for the entity may be like two for us.maybe more, im not sure. More time to hang but also, more trails. We are will get really familiar with each other, we are the only hope of survival so try and get along." Dwight nods and chimes in on some information " we don't completely exhaust while waiting for the trails. We can't sleep here but we regain our senses and our injuries disappear. Sleep doesn't happen until we finished our side of this twisted game." you take a moment to take in everything. You bite your lip in some concern but you guess it's better this then repeating everything continuously, like some kind of purgatory. Maybe this was purgatory. Jake rubbed your back comfortingly, seeing your anxious expression. He gave you a comforting smile " Don't worry, things will be fine." Nea scoffed " Yeah, if you don't get hooked. You may live but the pain you still feel. Death is not an escape. Wish it could be." He budded back with the girl " if they die, they'll spawn back here, or better yet" with a bit of bitter in his voice "home." your brows furrow and you rub your face stressfully. You decide to chime in " so, another trail? Do you know who's next, or..Is it the same killer?" Dwight chugged down whatever was in the cup offered at the campfire. " don't know. It's sometimes the same killer or someone different, we don't know who until we see them. The entity likes to change the layouts around aswell, don't think of anything as consistent, it'll get you killed." your eyes widen at the response and you sharply breathe in. Death is the last thing you want to deal with, or feel.


You hear the wind whisp by and the fog becomes quite thick. Everyone gets hit with a strong drowsiness before everyone hitting the ground and falling. As much as you try to fight it, you lose and slip into darkness.
You've yet to get a taste of what true fear is.