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Gavin’s grilled cheese sits half eaten on the table as he crouches behind the flimsy cover of a chalkboard, gun out and watching the reflection of the shooter in the store’s glass front.

The waitress is a few feet from him with half her face blown away and two tables over Officer Cabrera ain’t looking much better, guts spilling out across the floor.

Henderson is on the ground, bleeding badly, he might make it if he gets to a hospital soon, but then again, he might not.

The civvies are cowering and crying, the best Gavin can hope for is that none of them will make shit any worse than it needs to be, and Chapelle is over in the corner, gun up now but he has additional training to double as a paramedic and Gavin knows if he has to pick between chasing the perp and helping the wounded he’s gonna let the bastard get away.

And it’s clear the guy’s about to try just that.

There’s three ways to run: the main door, which will send the fucker through the crowd and right into the path of security; the back door, which will put the guy in a rats maze of corridors that would give him a fifty/fifty toss-up between losing them and getting cornered; or the window, if he gets his feet on the frame he can pull himself up and get a clear run across the roof of the mall with a dozen ways to run as long as the fucker was crazy enough to risk the twenty foot drop.

The guy just shot up a lunch joint with spitting distance of DPD central station. He’s definitely crazy enough.

And Gavin landed hard on his arm as he dived for cover when the shooting first started. His shoulder aches like a motherfucker and while he’s still capable of pulling himself up onto the roof if he has to, it’s not gonna be fast.

Better to try though, than for this motherfucker to get away and leave other iced-up fuck-heads like him thinking that it’d be clever to come shoot up diners frequented by cops.

Gavin is just rolling up on the balls of his feet, ready to try and move to some position where he can either take the shooter down or get a clear line of fire at him without any civilians in the way when out of the corner of his eye he spots Connor’s freaky-ass not quite double, annoying as shit just for existing but unlike the earlier model android it had always had the sense to stay out of Gavin’s way and so Gavin has gladly ignored it up till now.

What the fuck it was doing here, when it doesn’t need to eat lunch, is a fucking mystery. What it’s doing now, if android body language works anything like humans’, is getting ready to rush the gunman.

It’s fucking annoying, having to split his attention, but if the android acts then Gavin has got to be ready to react, keep control of the situation, and he’s also got to be ready for when the shooter moves.

And… there, the perp starts lower the gun and turn towards the window, just as Gavin had guessed the stupid fucker will do, which means it’s his best chance to act.

The android has clearly seen the same opportunity.

They’re both charging the shooter but the guy has turned back, gun up and ready to fire again to keep them back, he’s got to be low on ammo now but he’s not out yet.

He’s aiming for the android, probably assuming the bigger guy is the threat which —fuck that noise— but Gavin has a wrenched shoulder and plastics never tire, never feel pain, never hesitate. They’re not invulnerable though and the gun is pointed dead centre of the android’s chest —the thirium pump— and Gavin had done his research when it had looked like they might be going to war, a shot there is one of the few things that could slow the fucker down.

If Gavin were two feet to the left, the shot would be pointed at his injured shoulder. The one that’s going to fuck up his odds of catching the bastard

The fucking android could catch him though. Or he could, as long as he doesn’t take a bullet to the pump.

It’s not really a decision, just a lurch of fuck-you fury, that has him lunging sideways and jesus christ, this isn’t Gavin’s first shooting but somehow he always manages to forget how much bullets hurt, especially in already injured arms and especially when he’s moving too fast to stop, falling hard on side as the perp lunges for his escape route.

For a moment Gavin can’t breathe for pain, but he pushes through it, opens his mouth, ready to yell at the android not to fucking bother about him, just get the perp, but when he looks up the android is stepping over him unprompted, no hesitation, and then it’s halfway out the window without a glance back.

Then the adrenaline crash hits, or maybe it’s just blood loss, and Gavin’s world goes black.