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Young Justice Rebirth Volume 1

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 This story features events based off of Young Justice Season One. Anything that you recognize from that show is the property of DC Comics. Also, this story will feature the main character in a relationship with multiple women. This will also feature content of  a sexual nature. And some characters who are male in canon will be swapped to female in this story. Or swapped with a similar female character. The only Harry Potter character featured in this series will be Harry Potter, or Hadrian “Harry” Kent as he was reborn as. If you do not like this, then I wish you the best in your future endeavors. For the rest, enjoy this story. And now for your feature presentation. 

Chapter One:

To the outside world, Cadmus Labs was just your ordinary research facility. Not too many people paid any attention if at all to Cadmus, except for the occasional advancement in science and medicine the lab pumped out. They were always researching something. And people did not question it when it did not effect their lives.

The research done on the ground floor was only a small portion of the entire work done from Cadmus. The Cadmus facility in Washington DC for example, held an extraordinary development from the government organization.

An attractive and well built redhead stepped into the lab. The redhead adjusted the lab coat she wore over the professional work blouse and modest length skirt. It only did a moderate job in covering her amazing body. The glasses the woman wore showed a sense of professionalism. 

This redhaired scientist  stepped in front of an pod containing a young man, of around eighteen or so years of age, if one judged him over by his looks. The woman picked up the microphone by the pod and prepared to record information. 

“July the fourth, two thousand and ten, twelve hundred hours. Log Ninety Three, Doctor Caitlin Fairchild.  The surge of power Cadmus experienced approximately three days ago appears to have no adverse effects on our project, other than a few peculiar anomalies. The latest round of simulations have shown remarkable development within Harry. Our subject, Harry, has moved through the simulations presented to him at a breakneck pace, and my recommendation is to up his amount of time outside of it, so he can develop his abilities further in a real world setting.”

Caitlin put the glass of coffee up to her face and took a long drink from it. 

“There are no mental changes to report that would cause any concern. Physical changes are interesting, as he has aged two years beyond what  Project KR intended and his eyes have shifted colors, from a bright blue to an emerald green. This is extremely interesting and…”

Another pulse of power abruptly ended Caitlin’s train of thought. Inside the pod, said eyes opened up and showed her how much they changed. Most of these changes within him occurred within the last three days. 

Project Superboy, or Harry as Caitlin dubbed him,, most certainly had not been the road she expected to take in Cadmus. However, Caitlin proved herself to be an extremely adaptable woman. And Caitlin Fairchild intended to stick with the project. 

“I will monitor any further changes and report on them as needed,” Caitlin said. “Whether this has anything to do with the additional DNA grafted after the failed prototype, I will find out soon.”

It had been interesting how Harry stirred awake, yet one more time. Harry’s newly changed green eyes locked onto hers for a moment. Caitlin pressed her hand onto the glass.

“It’s going to be okay.”

The Genomorph Gnome that kept Harry in a docile state appeared to be in great distress. Almost in a strain almost as if it hurt to keep in constant mental contact with Harry. These remarkable creatures, bred for their high level telepathy, being forced to suffer like that. 

Her direct superior encouraged Caitlin the first time this happened to replace it with another G-Nome to ensure that he remained under for a longer amount of time. She disagreed, thinking that keeping him in a pod, especially considering that Harry developed his own thoughts and feelings was inhumane. However, the G-Gnome on her shoulder made Caitlin somewhat more agreeable.

Caitlin  replaced the G-Gnome, just in time for a door to slide open. An older gentlemen stepped into the room and put his hand forcefully on Caitlin’s shoulder. 

“Any changes?” he asked.

Doctor Mark Desmond had less consideration for anything other than the boy’s state of being an asset to Cadmus and more likely his direct superiors. 

“His eyes changed from blue to green,” Caitlin said.

“A mere triviality,” Desmond said. “There’s no degeneration, either physical or mental, like the other one...and the board will want to see him soon. I hope that he will be ready to function in the Light.”

“Oh, he’s more than ready,” Caitlin commented. 

“And you’ve done well,” Desmond said. “He would not have developed into the state that he has, without your compassion and how you have nurtured this weapon.”

Caitlin scrunched her nose up. To be honest, Caitlin really wished that Desmond would not refer to Harry as the weapon. Then again, Desmond always called Harry the Weapon, Superboy, or the Project, or something along those lines. Desmond only cared about pleasing the Board, whoever they were.

All, Caitlin had been tasked to do with when she was hired was directly work with Project Superboy. Any of the other projects, she had nothing to do with. Caitlin slipped her glasses off under the pretext of cleaning them.

An alarm brought this conversation to a screeching halt. 

“A fire in one of the main labs,” Desmond muttered. “Stay here and I’ll investigate it.”

There were many projects upstairs that they did not want to escape for any reason and down further below to be honest. Desmond needed to assess whether or not any of these projects. 

Caitlin took a moment to return to her charge. There’s a small sense of frustration bubbling over in Caitlin, despite the G-Gnome’s appeasement of her.

‘It’s going to be fine, we’ll escape.’


A rare and beautiful day in Gotham City lead several families out and about, celebrating Independence Day. Many of them camped out in Kane Park in Gotham City, grilling hot dogs and fixing burgers. Children ran around, laughing and playing and having a grand old time.

A burst of ice cut through the air. The temperature dropped and the scene of jubilation turned into exact horror. The stoic form of Mister Freeze appeared on the scene.  He looked very stoic at the sight of the people before him. 

“A charming outing with family,” Freeze commented. “But, as I well know, those happy family memories can turn tragic in an instant.”

A family of four huddled around in terror. The terror only continued as Freeze approached them. A sudden clip behind the icy villain made him turn around.

A dark haired teenager dropped to the ground, in a combination of red and green in her costume. Her hair had been tied up in a ponytail and she wore a black domino mask, along with tight black leather shorts which fit snugly. 

The second  to hold this mantle of Robin, Helena Wayne, came face to face with Mister Freeze. 

“So, you’ve come here, Girl Wonder,” Freeze said. “Pity, I was expecting the Bat. But, you will do nicely to serve as an example as to what happens when you get in my way.”

A steady stream of ice builds up and Freeze is about ready to nail Robin. She just smiles and a Baterang from out of nowhere hits Freeze in the arm. An explosion charge knocked him off balance for Batman to dive pretty much out of nowhere and slammed down onto the frosty villain’s neck.

“Alright, people, let’s go, nothing to see here!” Robin yelled. 

Batman slammed Mister Freeze onto the ground and disabled one of the coolant valves on the frozen scientist’s suit. A huge punch knocked Mister Freeze and sent him crashing down to the ground. Another stomp and Batman flattened his open to take him down to the count. 

With is weapons disabled and the criminal crippled, Batman was able to cuff Freeze. And allow Freeze to be brought to Arkham, courtesy of the GCPD.

“So, you win this day, Dark Knight.”

Freeze had been hauled off. Batman and Robin stood next to each other to watch him be hauled off to Arkham Asylum, where he would hopefully be held. 

“So, today’s the big day?” Robin asked.

“Yes,” Batman said. “I trust you understand how important this is.”

The girl answered with a half shrug, trying to underplay how intrigued she was. 

“Well, yeah,” Robin said. “So, I get to see your clubhouse from outside of Gotham? Providing there’s not a mass breakout of Arkham, again, by the time we get here.”

Batman checked the police scanners. Several seconds passed before he turned his attention to Robin.

“We’re good to go,” Batman said. “Freeze is the only one.”

“Why would he attack a park like this?” Robin asked. “It seems pretty out of character for him.”

“How indeed?”Batman muttered. “Let’s go.”

Figuring she would not get any answer, the Girl Wonder followed the Dark Knight.

A bolt of ice came down from a suspension bridge in Star City. Oliver Queen, the Green Arrow, was first on the scene. A young teenager stood on the bridge and fired at a bus. Green Arrow moved behind an overturned car which skidded off the road. The emerald archer assessed the situation. 

The Green Arrow  was joined by his sidekick, who just happened to be his younger sister, Thea. Who fought crime underneath the codename, Speedy. 

“So, what’s Junior on about now?” Speedy asked.

“I think he wants attention,” Green Arrow responded. 

“Severe Daddy issues that one,” Speedy said. “Not that I’d know anything about that.”

Green Arrow and Speedy moved in on either side to pin Icicle Junior down. The criminal, Icicle Junior, stared them down with a smile on his face.

“Oh, you had to give me the B-Team,” Icicle Junior said. “Couldn’t you have least brought Black Canary? I mean, she’s cooler than the geek archers. And by cooler, I mean, really hot.”

The Green Arrow responded by firing an arrow directly at Junior or at least in the proximity. The arrow deflected off of a sheet of ice, which exploded and knocked Junior’s off balance. From behind him, Speedy ran up the cable of the suspension bridge and did a flip before kicking Icicle Junior in the face. 

The two of the hurled off of the bridge. Speedy quick fired an arrow which created a net to catch them on the way down. She nailed him across the back of the head with a glancing punch and send him crumpling to his knees. 

“Maybe that will teach you next time that delinquency is not an adequate excuse to deal with boredom,” Speedy said. 

“Not you have any room room to talk,” Green Arrow said in an undertone to his sidekick/sister. 

“Well, I learned it from you,” Speedy replied with a shifty little grin


The sibling team wrapped up Junior to make sure that Star City’s finest were able to grab him and take him off. Green Arrow and Speedy moved to an area where they were more able to overlook the entire city. A sharp breath came out of Speedy the second that Green Arrow wrapped an arm around his sister. She smiled despite herself. 

“Oh, I’m ready, because today’s the day that I’ve been waiting for, for a long time,” Speedy said.

“Are you excited?” Green Arrow asked her.

“Yeah, given how many hoops I had to jump through to get to this point,” Speedy said. “This better be worth it.”

“Oh, it’s the best,” Green Arrow said. 

Speedy hoped so, because she would hate for those high expectations to be dashed. She was good enough to be a member of the Justice League, to be with Wonder Woman, Power Girl, and everyone else who Speedy looked up to. It would be beyond amazing to be part of that entire team.

Captain Cold showed up in Central City in all of his glory. He stopped at the statue in the middle of the city, memorializing the man who had sacrificed himself a few months ago to stop a plague. After a brief moment to pay his respects to the late Flash, Captain Cold turned around and made his way to the Central City National Bank. Which had been closed for Independence Day.

“Didn’t you read the signs, Snart? It said it was closed.”

A teenage girl appeared in a yellow uniform with the familiar flash insignia in the center. The Speedy’s flaming red hair moved behind her, held back in a ponytail, when she got into position. Whitney West, better known as Kid Flash, turned her complete attention to Captain Cold. Cold just broke into one of those grins that he was famous for. 

“You’re missing something,” Cold commented. “Obviously your sense.”

The inventor of this cold gun designed it  to slow speedsters down, so naturally Kid Flash avoided the attack. She needed to get in close enough to get the gun away. 

Snart was a professional and knew how to accomplish his goals. And Snart’s goals were to cut Kid Flash off at the knees.  A beam of cold energy hit the ground and caused Whitney to skid almost to a stop before she smashed into the side of the wall. Her legs were frozen to the ground, with Captain Cold ceasing his aggression to walk closer towards her. 

“Sorry, Kid, but no dice,” Snart said. “You should have come up with a better plan.”

“That’s what I’m here for.”

A scarlet blur appeared in front of them. In a modified version of the classic Flash outfit, Iris West-Allen, who had been gifted the powers of the Scarlet Speedster after Barry’s noble sacrifice, turned up and threw a lightning bolt at Captain Cold. This vicious asault  knocked Cold off of balance.

Flash picked up speed, running around in circles around Captain Cold. She sucked the oxygen out of the air around him and then reverse ran to dizzy him. Captain Cold fell down to the ground, his cold gun sliding to the edge. 

She moved over to Kid Flash and freed her to the ice. 

“Cold’s been put on ice,” Kid Flash said.

“And you nearly was as well,” Flash said. 

Iris granted her niece a disapproving frown. This was not the first time Whitney had been impulsive. Iris had been worried that she would get herself into some situation.

“Hey, I set him up for you...sure my legs are a bit numb,” Kid Flash said. “But, super-fast healing factor, pretty damn sweet!”

Iris frowned when she walked over to the statue overlooking them. She sighed and looked up at her late husband.

“I miss him too,” Whitney said. “But, you know...he was the only one who could distribute the cure.”

“I know,” Iris said. “I still can’t believe….”

A gentle hand cupped Iris’s shoulder. 

“There was a lot of loss,” Whitney said. “But, there would be even more if Barry hadn’t...ran in.”

The most important loss had been immortalized in this statue. There were rumors that they were opening a museum in honor of the Flash pretty soon in Central City. If only it could have been opened when he was alive. 

Only if everything turned out differently. Iris hated the what if questions, but they haunted her. 

“And he would have been proud,” Whitney said. “Keeping with tradition the way we are. Being late despite being able to run at the speed of light.”


Several crewman on a ship crawled backwards, in abject horror. Killer Frost appeared in front of them. While the second woman to hold that mantle, this version of Frost did not hold the empathy of the original. She was a troubled woman and extremely ready to make these men suffer. A real cold blood killer, to put things bluntly. 

“Any last words?” she asked. 

A wave of water popped out and King Arthur Curry of Atlantis, Aquaman, rose out of the water. He rode on a back of the whale. Killer Frost turned her attention to Aquaman.

“Well, another good man is going to die,” Killer Frost said. “But, that’s nothing new lately.”

Killer Frost blasted ice towards her adversary. Aquaman hit the deck to avoid the attack and sent an exploding water grenade directly at Killer Frost. Killer Frost froze it cold and broke out into a very insidious smile. 

“You won’t stop me,” Killer Frost said. 

She flung Aquaman back with a cold beam of ice. Aquaman pushed back with a battle of wills going between him and Killer Frost. 

“Ice is still frozen water.”

From the sea rose a very attractive blonde woman, barefoot, and in one piece black suit which resembled a swimming suit. The suit clung to this woman’s curves like a second skin.  The woman wielded a powerful trident in her hand and slammed it down onto the ship to cause Killer Frost to turn her attention away from Aquaman. 

The bolts of ice she sent shattered and knocked Killer Frost back, almost off of the ship. Killer Frost avoided being sent overboard, just in time. 

The girl, Princess Mareena of Atlantis, joined her father on deck. Aquaman and Aquagirl joined forces in taking down Killer Frost. Their combined teamwork was something the cold criminal could not match. 

Killer Frost dropped down to the ground, a huge crash sent her flying. They secured her with cuffs and it would be just a matter of calling the Coast Guard to pick her up. 

“So, we’re going today?” Mareena asked. 

“Yes, and I trust you will conduct yourself with dignity and respect,” Aquaman said to his daughter.

Mareena rolled her eyes. Taking great care not to let the King see it.  Mareena made sure there was plenty of respect in her tone of voice.

“I was only trained for this moment my entire life.”

Aquaman knew all too well. He had his misgivings about his daughter going on land. However, Mera convinced him not to stunt their daughter’s growth. Doing so with how bright and curious she was, it was a fool’s errand. Allowing her to be his sidekick was the easiest way to monitor her progress of dealing with the people on land.

And as long as The Princess kept up with her studies, Arthur thought it would be prudent to reward her good behavior. And Mareena looked more than willing to achieve her greatness. 

Outside of the Hall of Justice, the heroes and their sidekicks arrived one by one. First, Batman and Robin arrived, to the flashbulbs coming off. Batman took it all in good stride, despite spending a good part of his first ten years avoiding all photographic evidence of his existence. 

Times, they changed. 

Green Arrow and Speedy arrived a few seconds later, with Aquagirl and Aquaman appearing. Then, Flash and Kid Flash arrived behind them.

“Look it’s Flash and her sidekick, Speedy!”

“Nah, Speedy is Green Arrow’s sidekick.”

“That makes no sense at all.”

Speedy turned to Kid Flash with a half smile on her face. The two sidekicks, two of the most experienced in this group, took all of the publicity in great stride. 

“So, late as always?” Speedy asked. 

“Still the fastest person alive who is always the last to arrive at everything,” Kid Flash responded. “So, what’s the big hold up?”

“Apparently, we’re waiting for one more,” Speedy said. 

The one more turned up in the form of Wonder Woman and she was not alone. A young woman who looked like Diana’s miniature in every way, dressed in black pants with stars on them, a black leather top which showed a tiny amount of cleavage, and bracelets which resembled Wonder Woman’s turned up. This woman wore a belt containing a lasso and a sheath which had a sword.

Her arrival caused a bit of discord from the crowd. Which Wonder Woman just steered her away from. 

“Another Amazon?” someone asked. 

The young woman’s attention had been turned to the crowd and towards the group of young heroes which had been waiting. 

“Donna,” Mareena said. “It’s good to see you.”

“Mareena,” Donna said. “Good to see you as well.”

The two girls greeted each other with a hug, while Robin, Speedy, and Kid Flash all waited to be properly introduced. Mareena pulled away from them as Diana smiled.

“How is your mother?” Diana asked.

“Busy running the school,” Mareena said. 

“Which you’re still the top student in your year?” Diana asked.

“Of course,” Mareena said. “Donna, this is Robin, Speedy, and Kid Flash, and this is Donna Troy, Diana’s younger sister, and….I guess she’s Wondergirl now.”

“Wondergirl?” Donna asked. “Well, I guess, but I was thinking….”

“It’s nice to meet you,” Speedy said. “Although, some might disagree.”

Donna knew  why because Diana warned her. After a recent attack by a rogue Amazon, public opinion of Amazons were not exactly high. Granted, public opinion could be skewed, as Diana told her, because normally the loudest and most abrasive voices were heard. And that disrupted the narrative. 

“So, the Hall of Justice awaits?” Robin asked.

Speedy grinned in spite of herself. Boy, the Hall of Justice only scratched the surface. But, the red-clad archer supposed that would have to wait for later. Batman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, and Flash all stepped inside of the tower. Flash stopped for a moment. 

“I always feel weird here,” Flash muttered to herself. “I feel like I got my spot on bereavement….”

“No,” Green Arrow sternly told her. “You earned it.”

“Yes, Iris, you proved yourself more over to deserve both your spot in the League and the mantle of Flash,” Diana told the speedster. “Besides, you’re an inspiration to many, and you can be to many more by being in the League.”

The moment they entered the Hall of Justice, the Martian Manhunter greeted them.

“Welcome to the Hall of Justice,” Martian Manhunter said. “While you’re here, feel free to make yourself at home. We have made snacks. I recommend the cookies. They were made by Captain Marvel.”

“Oooh, cookies,” Kid Flash said. 

“Of course, that would entice you,” Robin said.

“Hey, I’m a growing girl,” Kid Flash said.

“And if it wasn’t for the Speed Force you would be growing to the left and to the right,” Robin said. 

Kid Flash partook in the refreshments along with the rest of the team. From above, several people looked at exhibitions. Speedy just offered a loud tut, and declined to get anything. The members of the League all moved over to talk to each other, away from their teenage partners. 

“We will need to talk later about the four ice villains striking in four different parts of the country on the same day,” Batman said. 

“So, you don’t think it’s a coincidence?” Green Arrow asked. “Well, yeah, I guess it isn’t.”

“This is it?”

Everyone turned to Thea’s cold voice when she glared at them. 

“I’m sorry, but this is all we’re going to get?” Speedy demanded. 

“Speedy, chill,” Robin told her in a warning voice. “This is just step one...and I don’t think any of us expected to be inducted into the League.”

“Well, I’ve been busting my ass trying to get inducted and this is what I get,” Speedy said. 

“Speedy,” Green Arrow said. “Listen…..”

The young archer  threw her hands up into the air and caused Green Arrow to stand back. Everyone who was in the know about the murky relationship between the Queen Siblings knew that this could get ugly. Batman moved to put himself in defuse the situation. 

“This is a tourist trap, you brought us to a tourist trap,” Thea said. “And gave us cookies and thought we would smile and like it. But, this is not the real deal. Because the real deal is way up there….the Watchtower. The League’s orbiting facility in space.”

The other members of the League turned their attention to Green Arrow. 

“I don’t know how she knew that,” Green Arrow said. “I swear, I wouldn’t tell my sister secret League business.” 

“Well, you didn’t have to, because Overwatch told me everything that I needed to know,” Speedy said. “Thought it wouldn’t matter because I was going to be in the Justice League.”

“I never gave you that impression….”

But, stubbornness refused to let Thea hear a word her brother said. 

“Oh, I see, you hinted today would be big,” Speedy said. “Cookies and a tour of a few cool exhibits might have worked when I was ten, Ollie, but guess, what? I’m not ten anymore.” 

Green Arrow looked dumbstruck and the other teenage sidekicks appeared to be very nervous. Especially Donna, who did not expect to come into a situation like this on her first day. She looked awestruck. 

“Listen, the day will come when you get to join the League...this is just….”

“Step one?” Speedy asked. “Yeah, they might buy that, they might swallow the cookies. Did you make them Kool-Aid as well? Because that’s what you’re feeding them.”

Speedy put stepped back from them and moved closer towards the exit of the tower. 

“I’m sick of being tested,” Speedy said. “The other’s can sit at the kid’s table, but I’m done being tested! I’m done! Sick of this and sick of you!”

“Okay, maybe we should all calm down and take a deep breath,” Flash said.

“Good idea, but it will be away from him,” Speedy said. “The question is, is anyone coming with me?”

Everyone at the table looked very nervous. 

“Speedy, maybe you should...give this a chance,” Kid Flash said. “I mean, we got this much, didn’t we?”

“You will never get anywhere in life by expecting less,” Thea said. “If I’m on my own, then maybe I’ll get respect. But for now, I’m done.”

Speedy stormed out of the Hall of Justice, with the press watching her every move. And to be honest, Thea did not give two shits what they thought. 

“Maybe I should…”

“That’s not a good idea,” Batman said, stopping Green Arrow from leaving. 

“It’s my….”

“It’s not a good idea,” Batman repeated. 


Everyone in the Hall had gone silent, so silent that you could hear a pin drop. No one wanted to speak, not the League, not the guests, and not even the tourists who had been distracted by the tour, before the tour guide awkwardly ushered them away. 

“Power Girl reporting in. There’s a fire at Cadmus labs in Washington DC.”

“I’ve had my eye on Cadmus for a long time,” Batman said. “There’s something about it that I don’t like.”

“Big surprise,” Green Arrow moodily replied. 

“So ,should we check it out then?” Wonder Woman asked. 

Before they could answer this particular question, a crackle of the radio signal came on. 

“This is Zatara, Woton is attempting to blot out the sun. Requesting immediate assistance.”

“Cadmus can wait,” Batman said. “We need to have all hands on deck.”

“Great,” Robin said. “Let’s go.”

“No,” Batman said. “It’s too dangerous.”

“Dangeorus?” Kid Flash asked. “But, you can….”

“This is League business,” Flash said. “You’re not part of the League.”

“Oh, and you’ve just been in the League for three months and only got in because...well because….well just because,” Kid Flash said. 

Thankfully, this time Whitney stopped herself from saying something potentially insensitive. She was beginning to think though Speedy had a point. They were being shuttled to the kids table. 

“But, I should be able to come,” Donna haughtily protested. “The entire reason that mother sent me here was to get some practical experience….”

“Dealing with someone blotting out the sun is not what mother had in mind,” Diana said. “And besides, don’t you want to get to know your new friends? Because that was an even bigger part of the reason, for you to make friends that were not other Amazons.”

“But, I know Mareena and we are friends,” Donna protested. “And she’s not an Amazon.”

Diana would not be talked down and Donna unfortunately knew it.. Donna folded her arms as the members of the League shuffled off to leave them behind in the Hall of Justice.

“I can’t believe this,” Kid Flash said. “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

“That we should have walked with Speedy?” Robin asked.

“Yeah, that,” Kid Flash responded. 

“I don’t know why I’m surprised,” Aquagirl said with a sullen expression. “My mother had to talk the king to letting me on land and he’s babysitting me every step of the way.”

“You know, maybe if we investigate the Cadmus fire….”

“Are you sure about this?” Aquagirl asked Robin.

“Hey, the League told us not to go on the League mission and they chose blotting out the sun,” Robin said. “Batman thinks there’s something going on at Cadmus. So maybe….maybe we can check this out.”

“And maybe we can get some respect,” Kid Flash said. “But, what about Princess Perfect? You sure she’s not going to narc on us to her big sister?”

Donna snorted in a very unlady like manner. 

“You know it’s rude to talk about someone like they’re not in the same room,” Donna said. “And for your information, I’ve been disobeying Diana’s orders long before I stepped foot in Man’s World.”

“So we in?” Robin asked.

“Yes,” Mareena said.

“Yes,” Donna agreed.

“Oh you know I am,” Whitney said. 

With that, the quartet of sidekicks prepared to investigate the disaster at Cadmus labs. 


Of course, the sidekicks were not the only one who had been intrigued by the rumored goings on in Cadmus Labs. 

Deep inside of a parking garage, a woman with her hair tied up underneath a baseball cap and wearing a baggy service uniform stepped out into the picture. The fire caught her attention, but to be honest, this had her eye on Cadmus. The funding came from some very suspect sources and the woman wanted to dive in to see what the hell Cadmus was up to now.

If Lois Lane would not do something that could potentially get her in big trouble, that would mean she’s not breathing. There were some questions in Cadmus’s operations from what the public could see. What the people could not see, well it’s another matter entirely. 

Lois stepped around the corner and the lack of guard surprised her. Although, it would get more tricky when she moved deep inside of the facility. 

Out of the corner of her eye, Lois noticed a group of young heroes. Kid Flash, Robin, Aquagirl, and some girl who looked like she could be Wonder Woman’s sister turn up. Lois hated the anti-Amazon sentiment which being bred due to the unfortunate attack from one rogue Amazon. The anger was understandable, but people forgot all of the good Wonder Woman did. 

Still, the sidekicks somehow found a way past one of the blind spots. Good for them. Trouble was what Lois needed.

All Lois needed to do was slip inside of a service elevator to the bottom level where the really juicy things were. Somewhere, a truck driver would be sleeping off his hangover, long after the key card Lois acquired would get her where she needed to go in Cadmus. 

A couple of near misses, but Lois reached the elevator by the skin of her teeth. These weird creatures prowling down the area caused Lois’s hairs on the back of her neck to stand straight up. She slipped into the service elevator, and waited the next several minutes. 

She came out and crouched behind a stack of boxes. A goblin like creature appeared to be looking her way, but he turned his attention to a scientist. Lois recognized said scientist as Doctor Mark Desmond, and boy did he have a shady past. 

“The weapon’s going through a few growing pains, but we’re getting it under control.”

A sketchy lab like this having any kind of weapon could not be good. Lois was in too deep to go very far, but when Desmond was gone.

Lois moved in to see if she could get a glimpse of that weapon. 

Helena Wayne wondered if this made any kind of logical sense. Despite not being as angry about what happened as Speedy, Helena  was very much miffed indeed. Her father would allow her to fight Arkham’s finest on an almost daily basis, but the League was out of bounds. 

This was why her predecessor moved on. And formed her own team. 

Whitney, Mareena, and Donna joined  her. Helena held up her hand and pulled a can of spray out of her belt. She sprayed it and revealed the security laser grid. 

“Okay, no sweat,” Whitney said. “Let me just….”

Whitney stopped cold at the sight of Helena doing a series of acrobatic moves to put herself through the grid. She dropped down on the other side and disabled the laser security grid easily to allow the others to go through. Which they did, with Whitney ending up at the last.

“Show off,” Whitney muttered. 

“This is exciting!” Donna said. 

“Keep your voice down,” Helena hissed.

“Sorry,” Donna said. “But, I never thought that going on a covert mission would be so easy.”

“Covert, as in keep your voice down and keep moving,” Helena said. 

There were a lot of weird things down this hallway which caught their attention. Someone grew some kind of alien power source out of the wall, a crystal of some sort. 

“I’d be careful about touching that,” Whitney seriously said. “Something like that is bound to be extremely explosive.”

“Look,” Mareena said. “What do you suppose….”

The four heroines locked eyes onto a door with a very familiar symbol. The S with the shield caught their attention. The writing underneath it was barely visible, but yet it could have been read. Whitney leaned down and put her hand on the wall.

The symbol on the wall made Whitney’s eyebrows rise. What she saw, it made Whitney grow surprised. 

“Project Kr,” Whitney said. 

“And it has a keypad,” Helena said. “That kind of keypad has about six thousand and eighty five possible….”

Whitney’s fingers whirled across the keypad until hitting the right combination.


The Girl Wonder frowned at the Teenage speedster. 

“Now look who's showing off.”

They step into the room and they are stopped cold by the sight. A handsome Kryptonian male inside of the pod in a white suit with the “S-Shield on it.” The girls all stared him down, looking shell shocked. Donna especially given that this was the first male around her age that she saw up close. 

“That’s Superwoman’s son!” Whitney blurted out. “And he’s hot!”

Three pairs of eyes locked onto Whitney a second later. Whitney shrugged in response. 

“Well, he is,” Whitney said. 

“Wow,” Donna said. 

“If this is what I think it is, then we need to get him out of here now,” Helena said. “Help me work the lock on this, to let him out.”

“Are you sure this is a good idea?” Whitney asked. 

“We can’t just leave him here,” Helena said. 

The sidekicks made their way to work him out of the pod. No sooner did they go to work, a redhead woman stepped into the room. This woman stopped cold and looked frantic.

“Kid Flash? Robin? Aquagirl?” she asked. “What are you doing?”

“Who are you?” Kid Flash asked.

“I’m Caitlin Fairchild...and you should step away from the pod, right now!” she yelled. “Right now, it’s not safe….pulling him out of the pod at this juncture is dangers. We’re trying to repair his brain.”

“Oh, you mean that you’re trying to brain wash him.”

Caitlin bit down on her lip and tried to make a movement to pull Kid Flash away from the pod. Kid Flash turned the tables around and restrained Caitlin. The scientist  struggled frantically to get to him as Robin dialed up the code on the pod.

A flare of energy blasted through Caitlin and she turned from science nerd to Amazon. Caitlin overpowered Kid Flash before driving her down to the ground.

“She’s a lot stronger than she looks,” Kid Flash groaned

Donna charged in to restrain the scientist, who had strength comparable to the Amazon. The two women wrestled on the ground, with Donna fighting tooth and nail to prevent Caitlin from stopping Robin from unlocking the pod. 

Whitney bounced up and opened the side of the pod to release the occupant for his pod. 

Those eyes opened up with a primal fury dancing in them. Those green eyes blazed in anger. 

“Stay away from her!” he roared. 

The captive sprung out of the pod and knocked Donna down to the ground with a huge uppercut punch. Kid Flash tried to grab him, but The Speedster bounced off of the wall.

Robin retracted a staff and swung it. Project Superboy  caught it and caused energy to channel through it which caused Robin to let go with a yelp.

“Listen, we’re trying to help you!” Mareena yelled. “You must be….”

“Don’t tell me how I feel,” he said in a cold voice. 

The attempts to restrain the Superboy with magic had been turned back around on Mareena.  Mareena had been snapped in her own restraints and dropped down to the ground. The former captive  waved his hand and sent her flying against the wall. 

Kid Flash picked up a head of steam to run at him. Whitney’s  ankles collapsed underneath her just as quickly as the speedster started to run. Superboy hoisted her up off of the ground and dropped her down onto the ground. 

A quick ping took the sidekicks down, disabling them instantly. Superboy stood over them, his green eyes narrowed. They all groaned and attempted to rise up.


Caitlin prevented him from killing them all in cold blood, which he was just seconds away from doing. 

“They didn’t know...they didn’t know,” Caitlin said. 

“We can’t let them leave.”

“We’ll...figure out something.”

Before that question could be answered, Desmond and several guards entered the room. The group of four sidekicks on the ground caused Desmond to stop. He looked down at four sidekicks and then at Superboy. 

“You took them all out?” Desmond asked.

“Yes,” Harry replied. 

“Good,” Desmond said. “You will be the perfect weapon.”

The word weapon stirred something into the clone’s psyche. His fingers twitched with a spark of energy flying from them. Of course, it went undetected by anyone other than Caitlin. 

Images flashed through Harry’s mind. Skeletal creatures with cloaks, a hideous firebreathing dragon, a giant snake, a robed figure with a wooden stick with green light shooting at it. An entire castle engulfed in flaming hideous monsters which destroyed everything it touched.

‘My name is Harry. I’m not your weapon.’

Harry clutched his hand into a fist. The G-Gnome just barely prevented Harry from wrapping his hands around Desmond and snapping the scientist’s scrawny neck.

“Introducing Subject X into the Hybrid worked out better than expected,” Desmond said. “Secure them into pods….for now.”

“The League will know they’re missing,” Caitlin said. 

“Yes, I realize that,” Desmond said. “I need to speak to the board.”

Security secured them into pods. Harry stared at the four sidekicks, as if considering them.

“Stay put until I can prepare a more secure area.”

The lights in the lab jumped, but Desmond paid it no mind. 

‘My name is Harry. I’m not your weapon.’


“So you see, the League’s young proteges broke into the lab and discovered the Superboy,” Desmond said.

“This is unfortunate.”

“But it only accelerates our plans to the next level.”

“They will find out their sidekicks are at Cadmus,” Desmond said. “I was supposed to deliver the clone up North for the final programming, tonight.”

“Only if they don’t return.”

“They know.”

“But, not if they serve the Light. You know the protocol. Clone them and delete the source material. And do it quickly.”

Desmond understood what they wanted from him. And would comply.


To Be Continued on 11/13/2018.