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Miraculous... something?

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In the daytime, I'm Marinette,

Just a normal girl with a normal life.

But there's something about me that no one knows yet,

'Cause I have two secrets.

One, I’m not Ladybug.

Two, I’m not really Marinette.

So who am I? I am someone else, who found herself waking up in Marinette’s body.

The first thing I did… was panic. For real! Who wouldn’t? But since that helped me pretend to be sick, I had a day to make some form of a plan.

And then I found her diary. Oh, what a blessing that was! I could practically kiss it. Well, I didn’t exactly find the diary myself. One of my little companions was snooping around the room, when she got caught in a trap designed to protect it. Me and my two other companions managed to help her out and release the poor thing. I read every little detail and memorized it perfectly.

Being a baker’s daughter was exhilarating. It was like a dream come true! Then again, the whole thing was a bit of a dream. If it weren’t for that fact that I didn’t actually have baking experience… but I did have a little green companion who was more than thrilled to help me with that.

And then, I learned Marinette went to a design school. Which was also a dream come true, bearing the exact same complications! That one, however, made my little blue companion scream with glee, even more so than her friend. I knew I would manage there, too.

But… how could this Marinette girl actually be managing all of this, without any outside help?

“Changing one set of complications for an entirely different one. How crazy is that?”

With that, my thoughts turned to Marinette. Did she feel as dizzy as I was? Was she messing up with my own life?  


At least babysitting was a task that seemed to pose no risk to her guise, a tad mind-numbing but given the circumstances, much relieving.

“I never noticed how good you were with kids all of a sudden!” Alya commented. Marinette never was that good with Manon, she always complained about how she was driven crazy by her.

That’s probably because the real Marinette doesn’t even have a sister, while I do. I wonder how she’d be handling her, assuming she got my place!

That thought made her dizzy. Even dizzier than her life was now, given what had happened.

The bluenette nodded towards Alya.

“Oh, you know, I just got used to it, I guess,” she offered a slight smile, and Alya grinned back at her.

“As long as it’s not your love for Adrien...” she said in a sing-song. “Who, by the way, is currently doing a photoshoot in the park. Wanna go see?”

Just another thing I have to play act… it’s a good thing he’s very easy on the eyes though.

“Let’s go to the park then! Are you coming with us?” The bluenette cooed at Manon and to the surprise of Alya, successfully so. No ‘unicorn from Rispa’ tricks needed today.

“Who are you and what you’ve done to my Marinette?” She laughed at her friend.

The bluenette shuddered inside.

She can’t be on to me already .

“I’m kidding girl, it’s a good thing you got a handle on this.”

They both smiled as they left for the park.


And so she found herself dragged into the park, where Adrien was having his photoshoot.

So… what do I do now? Wave bashfully? At a guy I don’t even know?

Yep, that was a challenge. But then again, she had an idea to help her out on this.

Imagine he’s your prince… you know who…

They were both blond and pretty, after all. She tried the best she could to imagine the model in front of her as her prince.

“Well, that’s progress. You’re not mumbling gibberish, but you’re still staring at him with a stupid face.” Alya poked her gently in the ribs, laughing. “Who knows, maybe with that kind of progress, you might actually be able to confess your love to him!”

Well, I did pass that one… and he is very nice to look at… and Marinette desperately wants it… or does she, really? I shouldn’t be playing with other people’s lives like that!

Adrien finally spotted Marinette and Alya looking at him and waved back. The bluenette was still embarrassed enough, even if for other reasons, that she averted her looks. That part still worked like a clock.

“But I want a Mirielle balloon!” Manon interrupted their special moment. This interruption was actually most welcome by the bluenette, but certainly not by Alya.

“Girl, you’re making a lot of progress today, I’ll take care of Manon and you go be with Adrien for the photoshoot.”

The bluenette paced very slowly towards the photo shoot scene, one that took place near the park’s fountain. Adrien was posing for the camera in various different angles. It was cute, really.

A whooshing sound of something piercing the air, both Adrien and the bluenette looked upwards. Wearing a two-piece purple and blue dress, that girl hovered above them, sending ice shards towards the mirielle balloons held by the kids in the park.

“Celebrating that thief’s victory? Time to rain on your parade, this party’s over! It’s time for some Stormy Weather!”

Not content with merely blowing off balloons, Stormy Weather summoned a strong gust of wind, carrying away some hapless civilians with it. The merry-go-round seemed to irk her in particular, as she chose to freeze it, trapping Manon and Alya inside.

“Don’t worry Manon… Ladybug will save us… right, Marinette?” Alya asked, her voice muffled by the growing ice wall.

Umm… about that… you see…


Here’s my challenge… the one thing that I cannot fake.

She quickly found a hidden corner and gulped it. The moment she feared was coming up. Her first real test. The one thing about Marinette she could never, ever duplicate. She wasn’t Ladybug and she knew it. But she was someone else. And that someone else might just prove capable of doing the exact same things Ladybug did.

Or so she hoped.

And then again, she practically was a lucky charm. What kind of a coincidence was that ?

Her pink companion flew by her side, and two more peered out of her purse.

“I guess you're all my Kwamis now, aren't you?” she whispered to them.

The pink-clad miniature humanoid companion smiled back at the bluenette.

“You can do it! You can do it!” She cheered on the bluenette with her pom-poms.

Here goes… no turning back now...

“Can you keep my identity secret, though?” She asked.

“Of course! A little glamour and nobody would recognize you!” Her little companion nodded.

Everything’s set, then.

“I have to save Alya and Manon… and everybody. I can do it.”


“My heart, unlock!”


Amulet Heart like none before
(Amulet Heart like none before!)


Chat Noir was expecting his Lady. And she wasn't it.

There was something about her that reminded him of his Lady, though. Or was it simply because she was a different miraculous holder?

Then again, was it even a miraculous? She didn't even seem to have the trademarked hexagon-patterned armor he and his lady had. She was flying in the air though, which made it clear that she held superpowers, one way or the other. Deep bluebell eyes, her twin pigtails neatly tied. She wore a pink pleated skirt, a pink top and leg warmers over her shoes, all with heart-shaped accessories. Her looks were completed by a pink ribbon tied around her neck and another one around her skirt. A lock-like necklace shining with pink rested on her chest. One of her hands held a heart rod, presumably her weapon.

Stormy Weather did not seem impressed by the duo at all.

“Where’s Ladybug?” Hawk Moth cried from behind Stormy’s butterfly mask outline. “Whoever this new girl is, get rid of her so we can draw Ladybug out.”

“Sure thing, Hawk Moth!” Stormy Weather replied. “We should be expecting lightning storms, like right now!

A lightning bolt almost struck them, but that girl just held her pom-pom up in a blocking motion, causing it to dissipate harmlessly.

“That was cool!” Chat Noir remarked, drawing a smile in return. Stormy Weather flew off, presumably to cause more havoc at other locations.

“So… what should I call you, Milady?” Chat asked. He really did need a good nickname to get the communication between them going. Nonverbal one like his partner was far from an option yet.

“Call me… Amulet.”

Finally… some chance to remind me who I really am when I’m not the Marinette they all want and unknowingly need me to be.
The only problem is... Amulet isn't exactly me either . It’s only my would be self, the one I am yet to be.

A TV broadcast playing from a nearby window front showed them Stormy Weather declaring it was now winter throughout France.

“Great, just great. Winter and I’m dressed up like this, in short clothes. I’d be lucky if I don’t freeze out here.” Amulet quipped. She flew towards the top of the TV station as Chat Noir jumped behind her, following suit. In a moment, they located Stormy Weather flying above them in what almost looked like a makeshift Arena.

“You two fell right into my trap!” she laughed maniacally, as she started to rain down hailstones at them.

“Okay, Amulet. What do we do now? I’m starting to get cramps!” Chat Noir rotated his baton quickly to deflect them all, giving Amulet the time to try to find a way to win this one.

“... looking… I got it! Chat Noir, on my mark, destroy that sign over there!”

“At your service, Amulet!”

Amulet shot her rod at Stormy Weather, but she just dodged it. That didn’t seem to faze Amulet, though.

“Character transformation: Amulet Clover!”

In a second she changed form entirely, much to the surprise of her partner. She now looked like a maid with a mix of green and white outfit, holding what appeared to be a bubble wand.

“Honey Bubble!” she called her attack, and in a second the entire area was filled with sticky bubbles, much to the discomfort of Stormy Weather.

The large sign started to fall as Chat Noir disintegrated the joints holding it together with the power of his cataclysm. Stormy weather shot a hole through it and laughed at their inability to catch her.

She waded through the bubbles and the hole in the sign out of the area, only for Amulet to smile and call in another effect.

“Remake Honey!”

The command restored the sign immediately and flungall the bubbles back at Stormy Weather, disorienting her  again.

“Now!” she called to Chat Noir, who extended his baton and vaulted through the air upwards towards Stormy Weather, just as Amulet called in a third transformation.

“Character transformation: Amulet Spade!”

She changed form to an artist figure, wearing a light blue blouse with frilly sleeves and a ribbon at the back. She wore brown boots, dark blue shorts, and striped stockings held up by a dark blue garter belt and head covered by a light blue cap with a blue spade.

“Colorful Canvas!” was her last attack, with waves of paint traveling towards Stormy Weather. She evaded those as well, mocking the duo’s inability to harm her, only for the heart rod to come back like a much-delayed boomerang, hitting her umbrella and sending it directly to the hands of Chat Noir, who quickly broke it in half.

In a moment, the Akuma left the umbrella and the sky cleared up. Amulet rushed to grab the falling Aurore. Chat Noir landed right next to her.

“Now what, Milady? What do we do with the Akuma?” Chat Noir looked at her, hoping she could fill in on what was up until now his partner’s sole responsibility.

Amulet looked back at him. The otherwise confident girl looked almost scared now.

“I… I’m not sure if I can do it!”.

It was a moment of truth. If she couldn’t do it, not only would their efforts had been for naught, it would mean they had just made things worse.

“I am sure you can. I don’t know who you are and what your abilities are, and honestly, I’ve been nothing but impressed thus far…”

Her cheeks suddenly reddened as she looked at him. For a second there, she could see another cat figure superimposed on him. One that she wished was on her side. One that captivated her soul and she was still unsure why. She stared back at those green eyes, trying to find comfort in her fear. After all, she knew very well what move she was supposed to try, but she was deathly afraid of what would happen if it failed. Chat Noir went on.

“... But I know one thing. I know I can trust you. I just know it. Whatever you think you can do… now’s the time. And I’m right behind you.”

Her amulet started pulsating with a blue glow.

“There’s one last move, and I’m going to try it now. Wish me luck.”

Chat Noir gently squeezed her hand and then let go. Amulet made one resolute look towards the Akuma fluttering away, and made a heart shape with her two hands over her amulet.

“Negative Heart… Lock on!”

Immediately, a wave of heart shapes traveled towards the Akuma, homing in directly on it.

“Open Heart!” she continued. Darkness slowly began to evaporate from the Akuma, leaving behind a pure white butterfly and one awed Chat Noir.

This girl is awesome... Crazy awesome!

"Bye bye little butterfly." she said, not totally sure why, but feeling it was very appropriate.

Hawk Moth observed Stormy Weather’s defeat in disbelief. Whoever that new girl was, something major had happened. And he had to get down to the bottom of it.