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throw me a bone

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“Why is life so hard?” Jimin complains, slouching into his favourite seat at his hyung’s café, “My heat’s coming up and I’ve yet to find anyone to fuck me through it.” Seokjin looks at the cat hybrid with a light glare, wiping down a table before the next wave of customers comes in.

“Jimin-ah, as much as I love you, I need you to shut up before you scare off the customers again.”

The cat sighs loudly, his fluffy white tail flicking in annoyance as he scrolls through tinder, swiping left on everyone who appears on his screen. He takes a bite of his pumpkin spiced cookie and grumbles to himself. It’s not that Jimin has a lack of people who would happily fuck him through his heat, it’s just that he has certain standards that need to be met. The first being someone who doesn’t look like they’ll eat him. There is so many people on the app with dangerous smirks and hungry eyes which do not turn Jimin on in the slightest.

A customer walks through the door, making a little bell ring and letting a cool breeze into the café. Jimin shivers and pulls his beanie over his ears and tucks loose strands of his silver hair into it as he watches Seokjin head to the register to serve the customer, before dropping his gaze back down to his phone and swiping left on the next few people on tinder. He’s starting to get bored, and as he goes to close out of the app, a handsome face appears on the screen. Jimin taps on his profile and scrolls through his photos.

This “V” person is very attractive – someone Jimin 10/10 would bang. The first photo is of V standing in a sunflower field with a boxy grin on his face, a pair of soft golden puppy ears on his head, with the sunlight making his skin glow. The photo makes Jimin feel warm, and as he scrolls to the next photo a tingle goes up his spine as he sees V in nothing but a pair of very tight boxers, face carefully cropped out of the picture. Even with the dark lighting, Jimin can see that V is definitely packing, and if he wasn’t interested in V before then he certainly is now. Swiping down to see the rest of his profile, Jimin notices that he is 23 - the same age as him - and was only 24km away. Biting his bottom lip, Jimin swipes right in hopes of the hottest guy he’s ever seen in his life has also swiped right on him.

It’s a match.

The cat finishes his pumpkin cookie before locking his phone and sliding it into his pocket with a grin, as he bounces up to the counter where Seokjin stands on the other side. His hyung is making what smells like a caramel latte for the customer standing off to the side on their phone. Seokjin pours in the milk, and Jimin admires the sugar glider’s latte art abilities, creating a perfect leaf on top of the fluffy foam.

“Hyung I think I just found someone to help me with my heat.”

Ignoring Jimin and setting the small jug of hot milk down, the sugar glider puts a lid on top of the coffee and calls out the name of the customer, giving them their drink with a dazzling smile and a ‘have a wonderful day!’. After watching the person leave through the door, the bell ringing again, he turns back to Jimin. “What do they look like?”

Jimin whips his phone out and unlocks it, clicking on V’s profile and letting Seokjin flick through the photos, hearing his hyung let out a low whistle. “He looks like a keeper Jimin-ah, have you messaged him yet?”

“Not yet hyung,” the cat replies, taking the phone back he looks at V’s sunflower photo with a soft smile on his face before locking and pocketing the device, “I’m gonna message him when I’ve finished my shift.”

“Speaking of your shift – your break is over, so go clean the coffee machine while I finish decorating these cookies,” Seokjin rattles as he walks into the café’s kitchen, “and don’t forget it’s a Sunday so we’re closing early tonight!”

Jimin hums in response and pulls off his beanie and places it under the counter, where he grabs his apron. It’s a soft pink with the words ‘Sugar Sweet Café’ written in cursive with a darker shade of pink. He puts in on and ties it in a bow at the back, grabbing a cloth to clean the coffee machine with whilst thinking about all the things he wants to do to V – or have V do to Jimin.


Jimin walks into his flat and collapse onto the soft but slightly stained baby blue couch after kicking off his shoes and socks. Work had been a huge pain – with a large flood of customers coming in an hour before closing. Sighing and throwing his beanie somewhere across the room, Jimin pulls out his phone to check through his notifications. It’s mostly just Facebook and Instagram but then he notices the tinder notification saying that someone had sent him a message – with that someone being V.

Quickly he opens the app and taps onto his new conversation with the handsome puppy hybrid.

Hey! How’s it going?

The bright and bubbly sounding message wasn’t what Jimin was expecting – not with those art hoe vibes his profile gave out. But then again, he isn’t complaining.

i’m good thank you :D

He takes another look at V’s tinder profile again, noticing the artistic and serious vibes it gives off before switching out of the app to scroll through his Instagram feed. He’s surprised to see the tinder notification show up once more only after a minute. V seems eager, which Jimin thinks is kinda cute.

Fantastic! I just finished an assignment so I’m trying to wind down a bit, it was so stressful. ㅜ^ㅜ

oh? what was the assignment on?

It was an essay about the history of one of our favourite artists – I wrote about Van Gogh.

Jimin bites his lip. This isn’t really the sort of conversation he was hoping for. Considering his tinder description is “looking for someone to help me with my heat”, most of the messages received are more on the saucier side. The conversation continues, and Jimin finally gets a proper name to put to a beautiful face – Taehyung. But now they’re back on the topic of Taehyung’s recent assignment.

wow that does sound intense, wish i could help you destress tho :/

How would you do that?

Now to make things interesting.

theres a lot of things I could do
for one I could give you a nice massage, rub out all the stress from your muscles

That does sound nice. You know, I would love to have your lips on me right now.

A rush of arousal goes through Jimin, and he can feel himself producing slick already. V is so blunt, and he fucking loves it. God it’s been way too long since he’s had a conversation like this.

if you want my lips on you, you have to be a good boy for me

I would do anything for you, you’re so fucking gorgeous.

Though not unusual for the cat hybrid to receive compliments such as these, his body heats up at the thought of the cute puppy doing whatever he wants.

oh really? would you let me tie you down and use you how i want?

Yes of course Jimin, I want to be a good boy for you.

He can feel the slick soaking through his underwear now. Finally getting up off the couch, Jimin makes his way to his bedroom and pulls off his way too tight black work pants and work shirt and folding them neatly on his desk chair. He half jumps onto his bed in just his boxers, folding a pillow in half and resting his head and chest against as he lays on his stomach and opens his phone again.

youre so eager puppy, i bet you would fill me right up with my knot wouldnt you?
would you like that? your big knot in my tight ass?

Jimin was imagining that situation right now. Inviting the puppy over and riding his big cock, feeling the stretch of having something so big inside of him – splitting him in half. Slick was starting to leak out of him now, Jimin sliding down a hand under his loose boxers and sliding a finger across his hole, collecting the fluid as he thrusts his hips down against the mattress. He’s certain that his pheromones are starting to stink up the room, especially with his heat being so close.

Are you busy right now?

Looking at the time, he noticed it’s almost 6pm and that Jungkook won’t be home for another 5 hours since he’s doing a late shift tonight. Jimin quickly sends Taehyung his address and tells him to hurry. Then Jimin jumps up and throws on a loose stripy black and white shirt, as well as a pair of tight jeans that make his ass look great, pushing his fluffy white tail through the specially made hole for it. After deeming himself fuckable enough, with his untidy but not slobby hair and thrown together outfit, he sits on the couch once more to wait for Taehyung to arrive. And fuck is he excited, slick has already soaked through his boxers and is most likely staining his jeans now. He scrolls through his phone to pass the time but Jimin isn’t someone you would consider patient.

After what seems like forever he finally hears a knock at the door and he jumps up off the couch to answer the door.

Jimin inhales then exhales slowly to calm himself and opens the door to reveal the surprisingly tall figure in front of him. Damn, Taehyung was everything he imagined and more – he was wearing a black singlet tucked into a pair of black sweatpants, with a red flannel thrown on over the top. Taehyung’s bleached hair was in disarray, like he rushed to get to Jimin’s flat. The cat pulls Taehyung inside, slamming the door shut and pressing the puppy against it; pushing a leg between Taehyung’s and kissing him like he’s wanted to do since they’ve been talking.

The kiss is desperate and full of raw, hungry energy. Taehyung lets out a soft moan at the sensation and Jimin runs his hands through his blonde hair before tugging on it, causing the pup to whine cutely. Jimin can smell the pheromones that Taehyung’s releasing and he smells so fucking good, like freshly made cinnamon donuts. Now the kitty is licking into the puppy’s mouth, and Taehyung’s returning the kiss just as eagerly, tongues sliding against each other in a sloppy open-mouthed kiss. It’s absolutely filthy.

Breaking apart, Taehyung finally speaks and fuck, his voice is so deep and wrecked – Jimin wants to hear more of it. “You know most people usually say hi when they answer the door,” the pup says cheekily.

“I couldn’t help myself,” replies Jimin, his body feels flushed with heat and want, “Wanna move to the bedroom instead baby?

Taehyung’s eyes darken, his tail wagging in excitement for what is to come. Taking his hand, Jimin leads them to his bedroom and pushes the pup onto his bed, watching him bounce a little with the force. He pulls off his stripy top before crawling on top of Taehyung and continuing their earlier make out session. Jimin slips his tongue into the awaiting mouth with ease, gently biting on the pup’s lip and sucking on it, earning a whimper from Taehyung and more slick leaking onto his pants.

Pulling his mouth away to breathe, Taehyung mutters softly, “You smell like fucking peaches,” before attaching his mouth to Jimin’s neck, licking the tan skin, then biting down gently onto the skin to suck and mark the kitty up. Jimin shivers as he feels the mouth on his neck, grinding his crotch against the pup’s where he can feel just how excited the puppy is.

“Eager aren’t we puppy?” he asks mockingly, grinding down again to get a reaction from Taehyung. The pup shudders and grinds his hips up to meet Jimin’s, growling quietly, sliding his hands down to meet the curve of the kitty’s ass.

“I wanna fuck you so bad.”

“You have to earn it then pup,” the kitty crawls off of Taehyung to sit at the top of the bed, “get off the bed while I get comfy.”

The puppy almost falls off the bed with how fast he does as he’s told. Jimin gets into a comfortable position after kicking off his pants and boxers, leaving himself naked in front of Taehyung. He can see the pup eyeing his ass like food placed out of reach of a starving animal, which gives the kitty an idea. He settles himself onto all four before sliding his chest down and letting his face be pressed against the pillows, ass up in the air just begging to be mounted, to be plugged up with Taehyung’s knot. He looks back at Taehyung, noticing the bit of drool leaving his mouth as he stares longingly at Jimin’s ass.

“Listen to me puppy,” the kitty drawls, “if you want to stuff me full of your big doggy cock then you have to make me cum on your tongue first.”

Jimin can hear Taehyung gulp and out of the corner of his eye he can see the pup’s cock causing a tent in front of his sweatpants, making Jimin lick his lips at the thought of what was underneath. Seeing the kitty lick his lips snapped Taehyung back to reality. “Can I eat your ass?” he asks meekly.

Making a noise of affirmation into the pillows, Taehyung strips himself of his flannel and singlet before bouncing onto the bed in excitement, grabbing the beautiful round ass in front of him and giving it a little smack. He spreads the cheeks apart and with no hesitation, licks a fat stripe from Jimin’s balls all the way to his cute leaking hole, causing the kitty to let out a small whimper.

The puppy moans as he finally gets a taste of Jimin’s sweet, peachy slick; eagerly rimming the kitty’s ass like it was his last meal, using one hand to tug softly on his tail – earning a mewl from the cat. He sucks on the rim to earn more lovely noises from Jimin, lapping up the kitty’s self-lubricant and swallowing it down greedily.

Starting to get impatient, the cat finally snaps at Taehyung, turning his head around to look at the pup with an annoyed glare on his flushed face, “Hurry the fuck up and stop teasing me!” As soon as the words leave the cat’s face, Taehyung dives his tongue into Jimin’s soaking hold, the tip help to a point and gliding along his walls, making the kitty whine and grasp at the black sheets below them. The puppy leans back to readjust his position, grinding his hard cock into the mattress to give himself some form of relief before going back to fucking the silver-haired feline on his tongue.

Taehyung uses his other hand to stroke Jimin’s cute little cock, while the other reminds pulling on his white fluffy tail. Jimin is almost on the verge of crying now – the pleasure starting to become to a bit too much. “Yes just like that,” the cat purrs into the pillows, “such a good puppy for me Taetae.” The nickname subconsciously slipping out as he praises the hybrid.

A shock of white hot pleasure is sent to Taehyung’s cock with those words, his tail wagging fast as he licks Jimin’s hole over and over with new enthusiasm, covering the kitty’s cock with his hand and doing his best to be a good boy by bringing the cat to his orgasm. This has Jimin drooling onto his pillow now.

“Ah fuck, Taehyung,” he groans loudly without restraint. Hopefully the neighbours can’t hear; but if they did it wouldn’t be the end of the world. In fact it’d be kind of hot he thinks to himself. The kitty lets out a long stream of mewls and moans as he feel the puppy begin to tongue fuck his hole with vigour again; the slick muscle sliding along his walls and the large rough hand on his cock makes Jimin fuck has ass back against Taehyung’s face, desperate to chase the release he craves.

“Shit baby, I’m gonna cum,” the kitty moans, panting as he pushes his ass back, trying to get the puppy’s tongue into him as deep as possible, “Such a good boy for me, such a good puppy.”

With his tail wagging in the air, Taehyung takes the hand off Jimin’s tail and slicks two of his fingers up with his saliva before pressing one into the kitty’s leaking hole. He fucks the finger in and out of Jimin, the noises the kitty lets out spurring him on as he inserts the second. The cat is so wet that he takes the fingers greedily into his hole, already stretched nicely form Taehyung’s tongue. Jimin’s moans and breaths become more pitchy as he gets closer to the edge, and when Taehyung’s fingers finally graze over his prostate, he cums with a loud shout. Streaks of white collected in the puppy’s fingers are he continues to milk Jimin through his orgasm, gently rubbing against prostate and stroking his softening cock until the kitty starts to whimper from the overstimulation.

That was definitely the best orgasm he’s ever had. Which is saying something because Jimin isn’t exactly a prude, he’s slept with a fair amount of people. But god damn – he’s still floating in that post-orgasm bliss when he hears a slurping sound coming from the pup.

Jimin flips over onto his back, when he notices Taehyung sucking the cum from his fingers, and it really shouldn’t turn him on so much – he did just orgasm after all, but he can already feel himself getting hard again. It’s probably because my heat is coming up he vaguely thinks to himself. He looks at Taehyung with the throbbing tent in his pants and takes pity on him. The kitty curls his finger at the puppy in a “come hither” motion and sits back on his pillows as Taehyung crawls up to him and meets him in a sloppy kiss, tasting his own slick and cum on the pup’s tongue. As they makeout, the cat accidentally brushes his leg against the pup’s erection, causing Taehyung to whimper and look at Jimin with need. The kitty smirks and then uses his strength to flip the two of them, making the pup yelp with the action.

The hybrid is sitting on Taehyung’s lap now as he slyly grinds his soft ass against the pup’s clothed cock. “You were so good for me baby, I came so hard just from your tongue – I think you deserve a reward.” Jimin kisses the pup chastely on the lips before continuing with what he was saying, “What would you like as a reward puppy?”

“P-please Jimin, I wanna be inside of you.” Taehyung is so cute like this.

“Is that so? You wanna stuff me full of your big doggy cock Taetae?” Jimin giggles.

“Yes! Yes please I wanna- wanna fuck you so bad and cum inside of you and-“

“And what baby? You wanna knot me?”

“I do! I wanna knot you and b-breed you,” he stutters as Jimin drags the waistband of his sweatpants and underwear down to reveal his throbbing cock, it was uncut and flushed red, with a visible vein on the side which Jimin thought was somewhat cute. The sight of it makes the kitty groan, wanting so badly to be knotted by something so big. Jimin starts to tease the puppy more, looking him in the eyes as he slowly strokes his cock from the base to the head, rubbing his thumb around the sensitive slit, never breaking eye contact with Taehyung. The hybrid was starting to look desperate, tears beginning to cloud his eyes, and Jimin – the sadistic little shit he is, enjoyed every second of it.

The kitty left teasing touching all along Taehyung’s cock, never giving him the relief, he deserved. However, everyone does have a breaking point; and after a few more minutes of this slow torture, Taehyung started to break.

“Jimin puh-please,” he sniffled, a tear rolling down his cheek as he thrust his cock up into Jimin’s open hand, “Please make me c-cum.” He goes to hide his face under his arms but Jimin leans up and places them on his hips as he kisses the tears away from Taehyung’s eyes.

“I’m sorry for teasing baby, I just love seeing cute Alphas like you cry,” Jimin pulls the pup’s pants down further and then aligns his throbbing cock at his entrance, “I’m gonna make you see stars.”

The kitty then sits down on Taehyung’s cock, both of the hybrids moaning at the sweet feeling of relief. Jimin gives himself a minute to adjust to the girth of the puppy’s cock before starting to rock his hips sweetly against Taehyung’s, mewling as he feels the tip of his length rub against his prostate. The puppy is practically whimpering from how tight Jimin’s heat feels around his cock. Getting impatient, Taehyung thrusts his hips up into Jimin, shoving his dick up into his taut ass. The kitty bounces in the pup’s lap to meet his thrust but his previous orgasm has left him physically tired and he can’t keep this up for much longer.

“Fuck me like you want to puppy,” the kitty murmurs to Taehyung as his bouncing slows to a stop – too tired to keep going. He lets out a yelp of surprise as the puppy flips them over so he’s now plowing into Jimin’s tight heat hard and fast from behind, the kitty’s face once again shoved into the mattress. Taehyung has his hands around Jimin’s hips as he pistons himself into the kitten, his chest pressed against Jimin’s and making all sorts of cute noises into Jimin’s sensitive ears. His prostate is being stimulated repeatedly, the head of Taehyung’s cock ramming into it over and over again – his desperation is almost primal with the way he fucks into Jimin. Knowing that the puppy isn’t going to last long, he wraps a hand around his own cock, jerking himself off with just his fingers because his cock is so small and Taehyung’s is so big and he feels so fucking tiny being fucked like this, sweat on his back and leaking even more slick from his hole as Taehyung doesn’t stop his fast pace.

He can feel his orgasm getting closer, and he can tell Taehyung’s is too as he can feel the beginning of his knot stretching out his hole. Jimin whimpers at the stretch and Taehyung licks along his neck, nuzzling his face against the kitty’s to reassure and scent him, never stopping the unforgiving pace of his thrusting. Taehyung moans and asks Jimin if he can knot him. The cat usually would have made the pup beg for it but they’re both aching for that sweet release now, eagerly giving Taehyung consent to knot him. The knot begins to catch on Jimin’s rim, so the cat begins to fuck himself back on it to push it all the way inside, making Taehyung growl, a rumble going through his check which Jimin can feel on his back.

The kitten cums for the second time, his hand still fisting his little cock as he gets fucked on Taehyung’s knot, covering his hand in his own semen, letting out little whimpers as he’s fucked into oversensitivity. His ass tightens up around Taehyung, and when Jimin sweetly tells the puppy to “knot me and fill me with your pups,” he finally reaches his climax with a loud, primal growl – sinking his teeth into Jimin’s shoulder as he pumps the kitten full of his cum, grinding his knot into his tight heat.

With that, Jimin rolls onto his side, wincing as he feels the knot still inside of him. Taehyung then follows suit, rolling onto his side and spooning Jimin and nuzzling into his neck as he keeps filling the cat with his cum. After a few minutes of lying in their post-orgasmic haze in silence, Jimin speaks.

“I’m sorry if I was too mean,”

“You weren’t, don’t worry, it was actually really fucking hot.”

Jimin giggles at the reply and moves back so Taehyung is fully cocooned around him. “So like, you’re super cute and I wanna get to know you better, what do you say to food after this?”

Taehyung breathes in Jimin’s peachy scent before he replies. “I’ll only go if it’s a date.”

“Good because it is one.”

The two hybrids end up taking a nap, with Jimin still curled up in Taehyung’s arms as they sleep. By the time they wake up, it’s 11pm and so they decide to order in some Chinese food. As they sit on the baby blue couch together, laughing together at some stupid show on TV while they slurp up their noodles, Jimin knows that meeting Taehyung was probably one of the best decisions of his life.