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A dream turned into a reality.

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Sometimes, it's hard to distinguish whether it's dream or reality. Something so good it's hard to believe. It happened to Akutagawa at times. He had gone through / a lot / in the past. And yet, luck accompanied him by presenting him someone like Chuuya. The redhead was really pretty. His beauty called the attention of everyone. His fiery red-orange locks, a beautiful yet deep blue gaze.

And if that wasn't enough...

Chuuya really cared for everyone. He had cared for him every time. Even if Akutagawa tried to deny any help or tell him he didn't need anything, Chuuya kept on caring, kept on worrying. And of course, that warmed his heart. Made him look up to him. Made him / fall / in love.

Luck strikes again when Chuuya responds positively to Akutagawa's feelings. Then they started dating and eventually... Oh, how he would love to marry him. Marriage. He was thinking about marriage. Akutagawa Ryuunosuke thinking about marriage. It seemed... Unlikely. Impossible. But living in the same place as Chuuya. Waking up seeing that beautiful face of his, with those messy locks he had when he woke up. Even more messy that usual. And a sleepy smile in his face.

Wouldn't that be a dream?

He dreamt with an ideal situation: the two of them getting married. Everyone in the Mafia coming to the wedding. Higuchi crying. And Gin giving her tissues. After the ceremony they would dance together. Akutagawa wasn't that good at dancing, but Higuchi had taught him a little. So he would impress Chuuya. The best thing of this whole situation was how happy Chuuya looked, his eyes lighting up, that adoring look he had when his blue gaze fell upon him... It made his stomach swoop. It gave him a warm feeling in his chest. Besides, Chuuya's attire made him even prettier than he was. He leaned in to kiss his cheek, Chuuya whispering something in his ear that made the two of them laugh.

"That was a nice dream..." Akutagawa murmured, slowly opening his eyes. The first thing he saw in the morning was Chuuya's face, who shuffled closer to him, cuddling up to him, before pressing his lips to Akutagawa's cheek.

"What was that dream? Mind telling me?"

"Uhm... It is a bit embarrassing, Chuuya-san."

"I really want to know, Ryuunosuke."

"W-Well.... We... We got married and..."

At that response, Chuuya laughed, earning a protest from the raven-haired mafioso. "Ryuu, are you serious?"

"W-What―? I was just... It was just a fantasy. I told you it was embarrassing. I should not have said it aloud."

Chuuya smiled warmly, before cupping Akutagawa's cheek with his right hand, stroking it with his thumb. "Sorry for laughing. But don't take me wrong. Look at your left hand."

Akutagawa did as he was told, seeing that there was a ring in his ring finger, eyes widening. Now it was even more embarrassing. Because the wedding / had / happened. He hid his face on Chuuya's shoulder. "I am pathetic. I... Do not think I forgot it. It's just... It's too good to be true and sometimes I find it hard to believe."

"You're so adorable, Ryuu. But you don't have to worry. I know... It's hard to accept, hm? It also happens to me at times, that I can't believe I'm so lucky to be with you. I won't judge you. I sometimes think about it too, how wonderful is it that we finally got married."

"I'm so sorry... Chuuya." Though he did feel a bit embarrassed yet happy with what Chuuya had just said.

"Hey... There's nothing to apologise for, trust me. Look at me?"

"I can't..."

"Why not?"

Akutagawa fell silent. His cheeks felt so warm, a sign that his face was probably all red. But Chuuya made Ryuunosuke to look at him, cupping both of his cheeks with his hands. "Because you're blushing? You look adorable this way."

"S-Shut up, I do not."

"But you totally do."


"I love you, Ryuu-kun. I always will. This is just like a dream. Even better."

"I can't believe it is actually real. I'm... happy, Chuuya."

Chuuya couldn't help but to smile fondly after hearing that Akutagawa indeed felt happy with him. Who would have imagined someone like Akutagawa saying he was happy? In the past, it was hard to believe. Just how it was hard to see him smiling. But both of them were things Chuuya was used to see. Akutagawa smiled when he was around him. He looked actually happy. And the redhead couldn't feel happier. Akutagawa seemed to have overcome - or was in process - his past with Dazai, the one who had fucked him up badly.

They were better without that bandaged man in their lives, focusing on caring for each other. Focusing on being there for each other. At least when they were at home, their mafia life would be away from them. They would be able to feel like a normal couple.

Being part of the Port Mafia wouldn't allow them to be completely normal, to do what all couples did. Nor did they know. The two of them had merely experimented what they saw somewhere else. And they had grown to like everything they tried. It just felt / right /.

"Chuuya, we should get up." Akutagawa muttered, nuzzling his husband's red locks.

"I know. But I'm too comfortable here. Besides, you're warm and... It's Sunday." He snuggled closer to Akutagawa, who merely chuckled, arms wrapping around the redhead's waist.

"Hmm..." Akutagawa hummed softly. "I would not be against that. I am comfortable with you here." There's a pause before he kissed the executive's forehead. "I love you, Chuuya."

"I love you too, Ryuunosuke."

The redhead stroked Akutagawa's cheek gently, smiling. The raven-haired mafioso smiled, his eyes fluttering shut before dozing off once again. It wasn't too late and Chuuya was making him so relaxed and comfortable. Besides, he was tired. Sleeping a bit more wouldn't hurt.

There are times where even reality is better than dreams. And Chuuya and Akutagawa were lucky enough to experience this. It's well deserved, with everything they've gone through and the suffering they carry in their backs.