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Eyes glinted gold in the fading light as feet pounded into the ground. Breath rasped out of lungs. Green caught his eye and a fanged smile split his face. Lengthening his stride, he ran in pursuit. His pray’s head turned, and green eyes widened as they met his own. Teeth bared he leapt, crashing into his prey. They rolled down the unnoticed slope together, each trying to come up on top. With a heavy thud they stopped, gold on top of green. A beat of silence before giggles bubbles out. A play snap had his head being pushed away.


“I don’t think biting me would help, Denki. I’m not human.”


“Mhmmm… true true, but you never know till you try!”


“Somehow I doubt tree sap is going to do anything for you.”


“Ibara! How could you! I thought we were friends! Nae, soulmates!” With as much dramatics as he could, he rose and flung himself back down, hand over his forehead like a swooning women.


“Oh hush you over dramatic vampyer.”


“Rude! I am just the right dramatic for a vampyer of my age!” Ibara just rolled her eyes, amusement sparkling in them. Denki just flashed her a fanged smile.


“Come on, the others are going to wonder where we are.”




“Welcome back!”


“We’re back!” Denki and Ibara walked into the clearing they shared with three other creatures. Or rather the clearing that Ibara and Izuku let them live in. Since it was they’re clearing and they were old. He walked over to his hut, pulling the deer carcass from his shoulders.


“Looks like you had good hunting.” Turning towards the voice Denki saw there residing ghost, Hitoshi.


“It was ok, but I was hoping for more.”




“Yeah, it’s fine, but I was hoping to find more and drain them before winter came.” Hitoshi hummed in understanding and proceeded to watch him butcher the meat to drain. It was messy work, but nothing he wasn't used too. His family had run a butcher shop, so he was used to it. Izuku said that was probably the only reason he has survived when his sire abandoned him.


“It's almost time for the blood moon, are you ready?”


“Yeah, it will be nice to see Izuku again. But this will be the wind elemental’s first time, right?”


“Hmmm? I think so… he’s heard stories from me though… maybe I’ll ask Ibara to help prepare him…” with that Hitoshi floated off. Denki just rolled his eyes and turned his attention to finishing up. It wouldn’t do to miss out on the blood moon preparations.




A week had gone by and the blood moon was just hours from rising. The poor wind elemental, Inasa as he was constantly reminded, looked ill as he all but stared at the largest tree. Lucky Ibara was there to calm him down. As fruits were placed on the table already burdened with bread and meat and drink, the sky grew steadily darker.


“It’s almost time. Inasa, come to the table,” Ibara grabbed his hand, leading him like a child. To be fair though, he was the youngest out of all of them at only a century.


“How old did you say he was again?”


“She didn’t. No one knows how old he is, seems likes he’s been here since the dawn of time.” Inasa squeaked, all color draining from his face at Hitoshi’s remark.


“No quite the dawn of time, but fairly close to it.” Four heads whipped around. The moon had risen and with it Izuku woke. A smiling boy of about 15 stood at the base of the clearings largest tree.