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Spider-Man Field Trip Trope Fic

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Peter's POV

Everything was normal. The decathlon team was gathered for a meeting that thursday, Ned was excitedly rambling next to me, MJ was in a corner reading a book (most likely a dystopian), and Flash was making snarky comments behind me. Everything was as perfect as I could realistically imagine. And then came the announcement.

"Listen up, people!" Mr. Harrington called out, and all of our heads snapped to attention. "I have an extra reward for winning last week!" Excited murmurs immediately spread throughout the team, mainly Cindy with Jason to be honest. "Shush!" We were all silent. "We're going on a field trip to the Avenger's tower next Friday!" Roars of euphoria erupted from the boisterous crowd - well except for me, I had terror written all over. Flash noticed I guess, because he gave me a shark like grin. Oh joy

Half an hour later of practice and animated chatter, we were finally released. Literally five steps out, my face is shoved against the lockers. Of course Alex (no not our boi Hammy, don't worry) chooses to to pick on me while Ned was in the bathroom.

"Hey, Penis," he hissed in my ear. "Ready to get exposed?" His grip tightened on my shoulder, to the point where it'll bruise for a few minutes. Wonderful.He leaned his lips against the nape of my neck. I could feel the twisted smile on his lips as he chuckled darkly, applying more pressure to my collar bone from behind.


I winced, he let go and walked away.

"You should go check on Leeds, Penis," Alex called back in a mocking tone, a tinge of venom just barely noticeable. My eyes widen in panic and I ran to the men's room

I bashed the locked door down to see Ned unconscious, sprawled across the floor, his face in a pool of his blood. The boys around him were moving o remove his clothes.

Fearful adrenaline pumped through me.

No. Stop it. Get off of him.

I want to scream, but I'm petrified with anger.

I don't even realize what I'm doing when I snatch one of the boys by his shoulders and fling him across the room like a rag doll, creating a dent in the cement wall. Well that's gonna hurt tomorrow. But I'm not sorry. Not even a little.

Let hook. Right hook. Knee. It all becomes one big blur, but I only care that Ned's safe now. I sling him over my shoulder and bolt' apparently I broke a sink, because as I'm booking it, water sprays on my face, and my shirt is so soaked that it clings to me. I don't even notice the great discomfort in my shoulder, because I put him on the bad one. I had completely forgotten that Alex had broken my collarbone, that'll be fun to explain to Tony and the others. How did Alex get so strong in the first place? Who cares? Just keep moving, Parker. I see Happy in the fancy black Audi, looking at me in question. I throw Ned in the back, and say, "Drive."

He obliges. I do a quick check up on Ned to the best of my abilities; a few broken ribs, a loose tooth, and a few scratches is all I find. Heightened pulse, steady breathing' he's okay. A small sigh escaped my lips, and for the first time I've known him, Happy turns to me and talks.

"What the hell happened to you two?"

"Just a small brawl."

"Just a small brawl?" Happy exasperated. "Kid, both of you have blood on you -" I look down at my hands and notice he's right, "I'm pretty sure your arm is dislocated, and you have a black eye!"

"I just went a little overboard."

"Okay," Happy turns around after the car is at a stop light. "Since when do you get into fights?"

"Since -" I stop. How can I tell him without giving away the horrid events?

"Well?" he questioned. I purse my lip and swivel back to Ned, applying pressure to his cuts to stop the bleeding, careful to avoid the arteries. "Fine, but you know you're gonna have to spill it to the others, right?" Happy huffed.

I nod my head solemnly. I perk up though when Ned groans.

"What happened?" he inquired groggily, rubbing his temple.

"You got jumped." I can feel how knit my eyebrows are with concern when I say that.

"You want me to drop you at home?" Happy for some reason decides to but in. I know for a fact that he was addressing Ned, but I looked at him and decided for him.

"Nah, let's bring him to the tower so we can mend him up."