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Welcome to the Skeleton Clique, You are now a Bandito

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I moved from my spot in the alleyway. My thick, black, wavy hair poking from under my hood. I thought this person looked familiar, I trailed them down the sidewalk ready to snatch their wallet at any given moment. He looked so easy. I smirked to myself thinking about how easy it will be. He stopped at a music store and walked inside, I turned with him but took off my hood and dusted off my black jeans, I lightly brushed my hair with my fingers so I could look completely clean and unexpecting to my newest victim. He walked over to the drums and I had my chance. I walked behind him and reached for his wallet that was sticking out of his pocket. I never really look, I try to make it as unnoticeable as possible. I felt the leather in my hands and walked away. This is usually the part where I run away, but maybe I could look around, just for a bit. I looked at some of the drums, I have always wanted to be a drummer, I've just never had the money for it. He grabbed an item and walked to the front. I stayed wondering about how I could somehow get the drums; it'd be too difficult to steal them, no way this guy would have enough money to buy them, and I will most certainly not make money by- Hey! YOU! I turned and saw the man I had pickpocketed from pointing at me with a daring expression on his face. I took no time in running, I ran out of the store and down the street. One thing I've learned is never look back. It always ends up horribly. I turned down the alley and ran. Shit. It was a dead end. I tried climbing the wall but felt strong hands on my back. They pulled me down and set me in front of them. FUCK! I saw who it was! Oh shit, I just stole from fucking Josh Dun.