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I'll stay with you (Yes forever)

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It was said that those who wait will receive good things and good things only.

But jimin was tired of waiting, tired of seeing that all his friends were meeting their mates, starting their families, having someone to love, everyone except him.

Now, don't get him wrong he's happy for them, extremely.

Though, that doesn't mean that it hurts less going home to no one, waking up to no one. It would be nice going home to a warm apartment, to someone that loves him, to someone who will tell him that all his efforts aren't in vain. Someone to praise him, tell him he's doing good.

That he's a good boy.

Yet instead, he goes home to desolate empty feelings, feelings that he hates especially today, today where they were all in their favorite cafe. The cute little cozy cafe just about two blocks from his apartment. The cafe that makes the best ice mocha lattes, and never forgets to give him extra whipped cream, with a side of warm baked cookies. 
Seokjin-hyung had invited them all out for a few hours to "chill" as he called it. But really if he had been thinking with just his brain and not with the lingering feelings of loneliness in the back of his mind he would've stayed home.

Home, where he could've been wrapped in his soft-so, so soft-sheets and pillows, maybe he would've turned on the TV and watched the reruns of "Friends". Or maybe some ice cream. Vanilla ice cream.

Hmmm...that actually sounds good. Really good.

It certainly would've been better than this, this where he's stuck in the middle, a third wheel once again, except this time its times two.

It's like he's been cursed to have the worst luck ever. Not only does he not have his mate yet, but all his friends do which means that whenever they decide to all go out together he has the worst luck of having to be their third wheel. Like right now, right now he's currently being squished in the corner of the booth they're occupying by Hoseok and Taehyung whom can't seem to keep their PDA to a minimum as they'd promised.

That's not even the worst part, to top it all off, sitting in front of him is Seokjin-hyung, Yoongi-hyung, and Jungkook. Who are practically humping each other in the booth.

That's just great, this is exactly what he passed up staying home with his vanilla ice cream for, to be reminded that when the day is over he's going home alone.

Once again.

He covers his eyes with a groan. With the pink paws of his oversized sweater. Not because he might throw up-don't be mistaken, he might-but mostly because his eyes are welling up again. Dammit!

"SeokJin-hyung you promise...that I wouldn't be a third wheel. You said we would hang out like friends."

Seokjin-hyung clears his throat.

"You're right, I'm sorry Chim." he sighs.

Jimin removes his sweater paws from his eyes. They're all wearing that look of pity that he hates so much, he doesn't want their pity. He doesn't need anyone's pity. This is no one's fault, no one's fault that he's alone. No one's fault that he will forever be alone. He doesn't make a fuss though. Instead, he looks around the cafe, looking for the barista. They all came here for coffees and lattes yet no one has ordered a thing.


Seokjin-hyung must've had the same thought because he's getting up-up out the booth making his way towards the cashier.

"'s your dance thing going?" Yoongi-hyung smiles at him genuinely.

"Dance classes, It's good, tiring but good-" he doesn't get to finish. 

'Hyung has a crush on the cute boy he's mentoring" Jungkook all but whispers.

"Whaaa-, you said you wouldn't say anything kookie" Jimin wines, reaching over across the table to hit Jungkook-that little brat-He gets two slaps in before Yoongi-hyung is pulling him away from his soulmate. He wines at not being able to hit Junkook more for not keeping his mouth shut, but he knows that Yoongi-hyung's arm is probably red and stinging now. He looks up just in time to see Seokjin-hyung walking back to their booth rubbing his arm, the same arm he had hit Jungkook. He's still amazed at the fact that soulmates are connected this way, he wonders if he'll ever experience it. 

"Did you hit Jungkook again?" he sits, hands going around Yoongi, who is holding Jungkook's hand.

"Sorry hyung but he doesn't know how to keep his mouth shut" 

"Trust me, I know" is all Seokjin says and Jungkook is blushing red like a tomato. Seokjin laughs and leans in to peck his blushing kookie, who wines in return. 

"'re supposed to pick my side I'm you're soulmate" he slaps at Seokjin who dodges his nimble hand.

"What? It's true, you don't know how to keep your mouth shut." He's clacking again.

"Um..." The table goes quiet, they all turn to look at the interrupter.

Oh right!

They had ordered coffee. Jimin looks up at the barista. He's cute, no wait scratch that, he's handsome, like really handsome. He starts handing out their coffees, he hands out all five. Everyone gets a coffee, everyone expect Jimin. He looks at the tray in the barista's hand with a pout on his lips. "There's another order, right? A dark mocha latte, extra whipped cream? Yeah, it's-it's uh it's-on its way...sorry" The barista-whose name is Namjoon-according to his name tag-cheeks flushes filling with crimson. He turns walking away, then stops and walk back to their booth. His cheeks turns even more red "Uh I left the tray sorry" he mumbles grabbing the tray and walking away again. 

"He's so cuteee!" Taehyung squeals once Namjoon is out of site. Suddenly the warm cafe turns icy cold from the look that Hoseok gives Taehyung.

"He's cute?" 

"NO! Not as cute as you...Oppa!" Taehyung kisses Hoseok tongue and everything.

The table groans

"Oh no"

"Please stop"

"My eyes"

Thought Jimin is still focused on the really cute barista behind the counter taking orders. Damn, he is really cute, he would love to take him home. It's about time he stopped using his purple battery operated boyfriend.