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November 2018

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Dean’s got himself good and comfy in his bedroom, a new box of pizza open in front of him and the rest of his marathon queues up on the TV. He’s promised his brother that he’ll stop hiding in here, and he means it, but- well, he wasn’t done. It feels wrong to just leave the series unfinished, and it can’t hurt to have just a little bit more time to himself. He doesn’t know for sure how many hunters are staying here, but it’s too many for his comfort and it’ll take a long time to work his way towards wanting to meet them all.

He’s just hit play when somebody knocks on the door, and he frowns, pausing it again to glance up. “Door’s open.”

It’s Sam, and he’s in his pyjamas. It must be later than Dean had thought. “Hey. Thought Halloween was over?”

Dean shrugs, glancing back at the screen for a moment. “On the clock, maybe. Doesn’t mean I can’t watch my movies.”

“Guess so.” Sam pauses for a moment, and he’s hovering, so Dean just waits until he gets to whatever’s on his mind. “You, uh… you got room for one more?”

It’s a surprise, but Dean doesn’t hesitate to shuffle over on the bed, making room for his brother. “Thought you hated this stuff.”

Sam slips inside and closes the door behind him, joining Dean on the bed and settling down. It’s just like when they were kids, huddled up close to stay up past their bedtimes. “You must have some reason for loving them so much. Only one way to figure it out, right?”

Dean watches him for a moment, then grins, clicking the movie on and getting comfy again. “We’re already on the third movie, so you missed some of the background, but-”

“I think I’ll manage.” There’s laughter in Sam’s voice, and he nudges Dean as the opening credits roll. “Thanks, Dean.”

Dean rests his head on his arms and keeps smiling, warm with happiness now that he’s got some company. He’s got his favourite movie, his favourite food, his favourite person-

Maybe Halloween is over, technically, but Dean’s perfectly happy to keep on enjoying it as long as he can.