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December 7 2018

A series of knocks were heard at the door of a pent house in Chicago. Detective Sawry was the beholder of the hand they echoed from. He didn’t say a word, only standing there silently waiting for the clicks of locks. He heard a bit of crashing, before light tapping of feet on the floor getting louder. He then heard those awaited clicks, and the door creaked open. On the other side of the door stood a short young woman, she wore only a white bath robe that complimented her short silver hair. She smiled.

 “Ah! Detective I heard you were coming!” She clapped her hands in glee and motioned for him to come in.

 “Did Jamie tell you?” He asked in a serious tone. 

“Why yes! Who else would it be!” She giggled and affirmed his belief. He merely nodded in approval. 

  “Oh I’m so sorry for the mess, but please do have a seat.” She insisted, Detective Sawry complied. 

He waited on the couch patiently as he heard tinking sounds in the kitchen of the large penthouse. She seemed to be making drinks, but he was one to stay sober. 

She soon returned with two red drinks in hand, and plopped down next to him on the couch. 

 “I’m not sure if Jamie told you, but my name is georgette!” She reached her hand out to him. 

 “Detective Sawry.” He gives her the firmest hand shake she had ever received. 

“Drink?” She asks. He puts his hand up in a polite decline. 

“Suit yourself.” Georgette brushes him off.

 “So what did you want to ask me Mr. detective?” Her eyes seemed to grow a bit darker as she spoke. Something he noticed.

He cleared his throat. “Miss georgette...where were you last Tuesday at about 1:30 am?” She looked a bit shocked at his question. But soon smiled and laughed. 

“ I was dancing at night were there did you see my performance? I don’t dance for free you know!” She teased. He grew a bit flushed at her question, he was forced to go there by Jamie he did not usually visit those places.

 “I did.” He answered shortly.

 “hmmmm aaaaaand...what did you think?” She questioned. His face grew uncomfortable, and he scooted away noticing how she had leaned in.

 “It’s not really my thing, I apologize.”

she huffed 

 “hmph! Well I’ll have you know the nice old men always tip me well! So I must be wonderful!” Georgette said proudly. 

 “ ma’am I think we’re getting off topic.” He said as he collected himself. Georgette frowned at him. 

 “Would you stop calling me that?” Sawry looked confused. 

 “Calling you what?” 

 Georgette rolled her eyes.

 “Miss, ma’am, madam. Whatever you’re using I don’t like it!” Detective Sawry was even more confused now. It showed on his face.

 “Oh Jamie didn’t tell you?” She smiled at him deviously, and inched closer. 

“I’m a pure bred...bonefied...” She was on her hands and knees moving them closer with each phrase before she was hovering over him.