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Who is Castiel Dating?

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Growing up, Castiel never had a ton of friends. Maybe because of his awkward behavior or terrifying older brothers- honestly he didn’t know. But Sam Winchester turned out to be the nicest kid he’d ever met, smart and ever so dorky. They got along just fine. Receiving a phone call asking him to spend the night absolutely thrilled Cas, so much so that he almost forgot to say yes. This would give him the opportunity to wear his newest onesie, one he was particularly proud of. It was extremely soft, with a cute little hood and bear ears attached. Best of all it had that retro look of the bum flap, which simply made Cas giggle. Sure, he wore it around the house, but he always loved to show his friends too. And Sam didn’t seem to mind when he did stuff like this, so Cas hurried to pack a bag.

Sam had the home phone in between his ear and shoulder as he walked around the large living room. He was picking up trash and discarding them in a trash bin. His brother was such a snob and hardly cleaned after himself. The younger Winchester wanted the living room clean before his friends came over. Dean had gone out to buy some snacks for them which Sam was internally grateful for. The first person he had called up was Cas. Only because he had the number saved and didn’t want to go through all the trouble of typing it out.

“Snacks will be provided, and if you have any board games bring them.” Sam was telling his friend as he organized the movies in alphabetical order. In case if his friends wanted to watch a movie.

“Okay! I’ll see you there, Sam!” Castiel hung up the phone. He was panting by the time he finished packing his bag. He was practically buzzing with excitement. He walked over to Gabriel’s room and asked if he could drive him over. It took some quite amount of time to convince him, but he eventually did. The two ended up in the car and Gabriel drove him to the Winchester house where he’d never been over before and saying he was excited was an understatement. The only suitable games he could find were silly games everyone had, like monopoly, but he still grabbed a few just in case. Nerves made his stomach twist when they finally arrived, what if he did something wrong? Nonsense.

“Be safe Cassie. And text me if you need to be picked up,” Gabriel ruffled his hair, smiling brightly. It would be good for the kid to stay the night, it gave the older Novaks time to do things they didn’t find suitable for in front of Castiel.

“All right, all right. I’ll see you, okay? Bye Gabe,” the blue eyed boy smiled, slipping out of the car and holding his bag close. Once he was at the door he knocked ever so gently, hoping he’d be heard.

When Sam heard the doorbell rang he jumped and clutched the phone tightly in his grasp. He had finished talking to the last friend he invited and set the phone down before he could throw it. He assumed it was just his brother coming back, but when he walked over and opened the door he was surprised to see Cas on the other side.

“Hey, Castiel! That was quick.” He chuckled and opened the door wider. “Come on in!”

“Sorry if I’m too early,” Cas blushed as he followed Sam inside.

“It’s okay. You’re right on time anyway!” Sam shut the door and smiled over at the boy. The living room was tidied up thanks to the younger Winchester. He too was excited for the sleepover. He had to beg Dean to let him have one, and his older brother eventually caved in.

“Thank you for inviting me over by the way,” Cas giggled, still clutching his bag. With wide eyed wonder he looked about the house, trying to figure out the faces in various pictures. The house wasn’t the nicest, but Cas liked it all the same. Everything felt so wonderful, and he’d barely been there a few moments.

“You’re always welcome here,” he said as he grabbed Cas’ bags to help him with.

“Okay!” Cas chirped, sort of following Sam around. The younger Winchester was so nice, Cas was so lucky to have known him. Though his brothers wanted him to have more friends and outings, they still worried. It took a while to convince all of them to allow him out, even some puppy dog eyes. Yet somehow he was here.

“Oooh! Monopoly! That will keep us busy and annoy Dean less.” Sam grinned when he saw the box sticking out of his friend’s bag.

“I was worried you already had it,” Cas laughed, nose wrinkling.

Sam set the bags in the corner of the room so that they could use the big space. The living room was the biggest area they had which he was glad for. “Surprisingly, I don’t. Even if I did nobody would play with me. It takes a long time to finish, and I never had anyone in my house.” He shrugged. Dean would never play it. Apparently he had “better” things to do. Whatever they were.

"Well, I love monopoly!" Cas beamed. It really was one of his favorites, he loved how much he learned and the way people complained jokingly. A wonderful experience, truly.

“Me too! It’s a very fun and interesting game, but it ruins relationships.” Sam added the last part to exaggerate. The last time he played Monopoly was in middle school with his friends who were no longer his friends because they attended a different high school.

“Who’s Dean?” Now Cas’ head was tilted slightly when he finally acknowledged the mysterious name. Of course he must be Sam’s brother, but he wanted to make sure.

“He’s my brother. He went out to get some snacks for us.”

“Oh sweet! Is he gonna hang out with us too?” Probably not, but Cas would hate to make anyone feel excluded.

“I don’t think so. He’ll probably be cooped up in his room while he stay here in the living room.”

Cas grinned deviously, eyes still bright. As he was about to speak once more, a knock came at the door. More guests had arrived. “Who all did you invite, anyways?” The boy asked. He wasn't sure if he should go answer the door or to wait for Sam to open it. All he wanted to do was be polite.

“I invited a couple of my close friends.” Sam said as he walked towards the door.

“Well, it just means more fun for us!” Cas said excitedly.

Sam opened the door. Kevin and Jack were standing by the doorway and Sam was beyond thrilled to see them. They both had arrived at the same time. “Hey, guys! Come in. Come in.” He waved at them and the two boys stepped in before he closed the door.

All of their faces seemed to light up simultaneously, Jack and Cas immediately chattering. It felt so good to be surrounded by friends. “We’re gonna stay up all night!” Jack exclaimed, grinning. Of course that wouldn’t really happen, all children liked to dream it would. Sam would agree with Jack if it wasn’t for Dean babysitting them. Knowing him, he would make all the boys go to sleep at midnight; the latest. “And we’re gonna play games! And watch movies- Sam I’m so excited!” Jack continued.

“We can’t start without the others. Two more of my friends are coming! I’m also waiting on my brother for the snacks. After they’re here we can start to play monopoly. Sounds cool?” Sam looked around the room where the boys were spread out.

“Okay!” The boys said in unison, the two newest setting down their bags next to Castiel’s before sitting down on the floor, chattering excitedly. Another knock and Garth there, smiling brightly when he saw the younger Winchester. Everyone was so excited, grinning and telling horrible jokes. “Dean better get his ass over here soon, I’m hungry,” said Jack, but it was clear he wasn’t serious.

Sam’s nose crinkled as he laughed at Jack’s attempt at trying to be mean. The boy blushed and scrambled to give an apology. Sam merely waved him off. “It’s cool. He should be here any minute now...I hoped.” Dean took forever in purpose to just annoy Sam. As the group of boys talked they heard another knock from the door. When Sam opened the door, Dean pushed through him and entered the room to observe the kids that were going to sleep over.

The boys mumbled a greeting to Dean, more focused on the food he carried. Cas however managed to freeze, watching the freckled man. Pictures didn’t do him much justice at all. Still he managed to look away and stumble after the other boys, quickly returning to his normal bright self. It was just a silly crush, nothing would ever come of it anyways. The boys had crowded Dean and snatched the bags of food away from him. The older Winchester quirked an eyebrow at the little rascals. He was definitely going to stay in his room all day. Finally Benny arrived, grinning. “What are we standing around for? Let’s get started.”

Dean looked around the room at all the little boys until his eyes landed on Cas. His gaze lingered and his stare turned hungry before turning away. Dean’s stare definitely made Cas’ stomach do a flip, but he quickly convinced himself that he was making a mountain out of a molehill.

“I suggest we play monopoly first!” Sam said as he opened a bag of chips and popped one into his mouth.

“Yes!” Castiel grinned, stealing a handful of chips so he didn’t have to keep reaching in the bag every time he wanted one. “I call being the hat!” Once they’d arranged themselves comfortably and had plenty of snacks, Castiel was allowed to properly set the game up. “D’you wanna be banker Sammy?”

Before Sam could answer Dean plopped down next to him and snatched up the car. “I’ll be the banker.” Sam gave Dean a weird look and quirked an eyebrow suspiciously.

“But you hate monopoly,” Sam said.

“What are you talking about? I love it.” Dean did hate how long it took, but he wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity on hanging out with the hot twink.

Cas smiled brightly, maybe Sam wasn’t telling the truth earlier, or he didn’t want his older brother crashing their little party. But Cas didn’t like anyone feeling excluded, so he was more than willing to invite Dean in. And maybe it gave him the opportunity to hang out with the extremely attractive older boy, there was nothing wrong with indulging himself a little bit. “Perfect! Sam can be the property manager- if you want to at least. I assume you know how much to deal everyone Dean?” As Cas spoke, Benny, Kevin, Garth, and Jack all fought over the pieces they wanted, somehow reaching an agreement they were all happy with.

Sam grumbled angrily and eventually nodded with a lazy shrug. He wasn’t really picky. “Of course I do,” Dean answered Cas’ question with a grin. He straightened up the fake dollar bills and provided each player the same amount of money for the game. He set the rest down and looked around the table. “Who goes first?”

“Youngest player, I think,” that grin made Cas’s stomach flip again. “At least that’s how I’ve always played it. So that means Jack is first,” the raven haired boy beamed, handing the dice over to Jack. Monopoly always had been his favorite, even though it took forever. And he was really lucky it did, the longer he was around Dean’s beautiful smile, the more his heart raced.

Everyone turned their attention to Jack. Even Dean, after a couple of minutes at staring at Castiel. Jack blushed darkly at all the attention he was receiving. He rolled the dice and got a four. He moved four spaces and handed the dice to the second youngest; Kevin. After Kevin, it was Sam, Garth, Cas, Benny, and finally Dean; the oldest. The game continued as the boys took turns rolling the dice, spending money, receiving money, and going to jail. It was one of the best times Dean ever had playing this game in all honesty. Cas was having the time of his life, game wise at least. Sometimes one of the boys would get mad at the other, annoyed with how much property they owned, but every argument was still resolved and they returned to their cheerful selves. Towards the end of the game it was nearing eleven, and  it seemed like Benny or Kevin would win in the end.

When Benny won, Kevin sighed in defeat. The boy showed off his leftover money to everyone who didn’t have anymore. Dean was the second one to lose. He wasn’t good at this game because he hardly played it, but it was fun, he had to admit. When they finally finished playing, Jack suggested they watch a movie, to which every boy agreed. “Do you wanna watch with us Dean?” Cas asked with a sweet smile.

The man smiled back at Cas and nodded, “sure, why not?” He grabbed a handful of chips from Sam’s bag and ate all of it in one go. “What are we watching?” He asked around the mouthful of food. Sam wrinkled his nose in disgusted and gagged.

“Gross!” Cas laughed as Jack got up. “It’s rude to talk with your mouth full,” the boy tutted.

“Let’s watch this!” Jack grinned, holding out ET. He hadn’t seen it in a while anyway. Cas agreed, looking to the other boys.

“Naw, we should watch something scary. Do you have any scary movies, Sammy?” Asked Garth with a cocky grin. They were all old enough to watch horror movies at night, but that didn’t mean they didn’t get a little freaked out.

Dean raised his eyebrows in surprised when Garth suggested a horror movie. He had to agree with him. He hardly got scared with horror movies. He loved them so much and rewatched all the ones they owned. He was immune to being scared. “We have lots of em,” Dean grinned wickedly as he stood up from the couch. He strolled over to the shelf where all the movies were at.

Cas both loved and hated scary movies. He loved them for the thrills and the ever present opportunity for cuddling, but it was clear that wouldn’t happen. And after he was always super nervous and rarely could sleep, but that wouldn’t stop him in the slightest. “Let’s watch the Ring!” Benny pointed to the movie with a proud smile. “Not the scariest, but it’ll mess with your head a little bit.” Everyone else mumbled their agreement, hell even Cas wanted to. It shouldn’t be scary enough for him to actually worry, right?

Dean picked out the Rings moved and opened the box to retrieve the disc. He inserted the disc into the DVD player and pressed play. He put the box down on the coffee table before sitting down on the couch. “Y’all ready?” He asked as he grabbed the TV remote to turn the volume up.

“Wait!” Cas held up a hand. “I don’t know about you losers, but I want to put on my pyjamas.” It had been one of the things he’d been looking forward to, though for a brief moment he worried that Dean would find him childish. Not that it mattered, he didn’t care what Dean thought of him anyways. The other boys looked at each other before scrambling to get their bags. They each took turns in the bathroom to change into their pajamas. Sam changed in his room and Dean in his. All of the boys came out in shorts and plain t shirts except for Cas. He came out in his soft bear onesie, smiling shyly. He had the hood pulled over his head, and the flap had a fluffy little tail. Dean was the last one to come out into the living room. He wore his sweatpants that showed his most private parts if you looked close enough and a tight t shirt.

Everyone else dressed how Cas expected for teenage boys, but Dean- had it gotten warmer? Because Cas felt warm. Maybe because he could see the outline of Dean’s- something. A big something. So it seemed. “Let’s get this thing rolling,” he said quickly, stumbling onto the couch and averting his eyes from Dean. When the older man spotted Cas in that onesie he smiled. The boy looked so adorable in that onesie...and good enough to fuck. He turned his gaze away and stared at the screen in front of him. He slouched in the couch and spread his legs out in front of him. Sam sat down on the floor with the rest of the boys. Dean and Cas were the only two who sat on the couch.

Cas hadn’t even realized that he and Dean were alone on the couch, already he was enthralled in the movie. Though the movie wasn’t one with many jump scared, Cas still curled in on himself, biting at his lips. It turned out these movies scared him more, the buildup making his heart race. Dean laid his arm on the back of the couch and shifted slightly. He was engrossed in the movie and didn’t notice Cas scooting close to him until he felt the warmth radiating from the boy’s body. He looked down at Cas with his cute ears on then back at the screen.

Cas realized he was snuggled up next to Dean when he grabbed a fistful of his shirt, eyes wide. Though he was embarrassed, he couldn’t bring himself to move. Dean was just so warm and comfortable, and he felt a lot safer like this anyways. If the man really wanted him to move he’d tell him, right? Towards the middle of the movie, Dean’s arm that was hanging off the couch curled around Cas. His fingers stroked the fur the onesie was covered with. It was cute. The boy looked adorable in it. Dean felt pride for him wearing whatever he wanted with no shame.

A soft smile pulled at Cas’s lips as he snuggled closer to Dean. It was so nice to be close to the freckled man. Sometimes he’d get scared, even hiding his face in Dean’s chest. At least he was safe. The longer he was cuddled up to Dean, the better he felt, and for the rest of the movie he felt much better. Dean wasn’t paying much attention to Cas’ movements. He let him snuggled up to him whenever the boy felt like it. It was obvious he got scared easily. Which was kinda expected from a teenage boy like him. He grabbed more chips from the bag Sam left behind on the couch and offered some to Cas.

Castiel smiled at the offering, taking a small handful. All he could do was squeak out a small thank you, not moving away from the man. Dean didn't seem to mind too much, right? Right. And it was completely normal to cuddle up to an extremely hot guy during a scary movie. Totally. He chewed softly while they watched, trying not to disrupt the movie at all.

The movie was near its ending when the boys started to fall asleep. It looked like they were trying to stay up and watch until the end but sleep obviously won the battle. Dean retracted his arm and placed a large hand on Castiel’s thigh. He had to hide his smirk when he felt the boy tensed up under his touch. He just left the hand there until the credits rolled up.

Cas let his eyes fall to the hand on his thigh, excitement twisting his stomach. At first he thought it was a fluke, but Dean seemed to know exactly what he was doing. “D-Dean?” He managed softly. Not that he wanted him to move his hand, quite the opposite actually. But maybe Dean just hadn’t noticed what happened. A blush lit up his cheeks at the thought that Dean did know, that he knew and he planned on doing something about it. Filthy thoughts sprouted in his mind, sending arousal racing through his entire body.

Dean glanced at the boy when he heard his name and winked. He stood up from the couch and his hand fell on his side. “Alright, boys. It’s time to sleep,” he announced. Some of them agreed with him while Jack and Kevin were already asleep. He turned off the DVD player and shut off the television. “Goodnight, to you all. Sweet dreams.”

“Goodnight Dean,” Cas nodded, making his way to the floor and curling up to fall asleep. Though he found he wasn’t quite tired enough for that, because his mind was racing. Stupid Dean. He knew the man wasn’t all to blame, but he definitely didn’t help. “You too,” he murmured pushing his face into his pillow while he lay on his stomach, willing his excitement away. Dean walked away and made his way into his room. The door to his bedroom could be heard when he slammed it shut. The boys spread out in the living room to have space and lay down on the ground. The ones who were awake talked for a while until they too fell asleep.

Cas felt like he could finally breathe when everyone was asleep, though sleep still wasn’t his friend. Every now and them he’d shift, laying on his back to stare at the ceiling. When he still couldn’t sleep he chose to venture towards Dean’s room, just out of curiosity. Just as quickly, he padded to the kitchen, pouring himself some water instead of investigating. When Cas finished his water he went back to the living room to try and sleep once again. Dean had waited out until he couldn’t hear anymore talking. He opened his door slowly to not make any creaking noise and stepped out. He tipped toed towards the living room and looked around until he spotted Cas. He crouched down near the teenager’s body and covered his mouth with a hand. Dean raised a finger against his lips to indicate that the boy had to be quiet.

Upon seeing the older man, Cas was confused. Even more so, he was confused on why he was being told to be quiet. Though he wasn’t stupid, but he thought Dean could never want that from him. Yet here they were. Slowly he nodded to show he understood, biting at the inside of his cheek. Trying to figure out what Dean had planned seemed terribly confusing, but that wouldn’t stop him. Dean looked around at the sleeping forms. They were dead asleep, and for a second, Dean thought they weren’t breathing. He looked back at Cas and grinned wickedly when he saw those innocent blue eyes staring up at him. At first, the teen didn’t know why Dean was being so cautious, and that grin stirred something in his stomach that made him sort of dizzy. He slid in between Cas’ legs and replaced his hand with his soft lips. Cas truly didn’t know how to explain how wonderful he felt when Dean kissed him. All he knew was his heart was pounding in his ears, and the eldest Winchester was a really good kisser.

Dean pushed his body close to Cas’ and gripped the boy’s thigh to lift up his leg. He could feel the outline of the boy’s prick against his hip which made him moan into the kiss. The feel of Dean’s hip against Cas’ groin was almost too much to handle, and he found himself running his fingers through his short hair to stay grounded. Dean licked Cas’ bottom lip and slipped his tongue inside the boy’s mouth to explore. For a bit Cas battled his tongue for dominance, knowing all too well that he was in control. Dean licked over his sensitive spots that made him let out pretty noises. Soft gasps and moans kept falling from Ca full lips as he tried to get Dean closer and closer, head spinning.

Dean snuck a hand in between their bodies and cupped Cas through his onesie. He rubbed his cock and gently pinched the head. He pulled away to catch his breath and looked down at Cas with lust blown pupils. He started to attack his neck with dark marks. Cas could only whimper in response, slightly bucking into his large hand and biting at his own lips. “D-Dean,” he managed to gasp as the man claimed his neck. It all felt so damn good. “Please,” he whispered, not even sure what he was asking for. At this point he’d take anything and everything Dean had to offer.

Dean pulled away from his position assaulting Cas’ neck and smiled down at the boy. The moonlight shining through the window was the only source of light. He leaned back down and nibbled Cas’ ear. “Tell me what you want, sweetheart,” he hummed quietly.

Cas swallowed hard, looking up at the gorgeous man. “I- I want you,” he breathed shakily, nervous the sleeping boys would hear him. “I want you to fuck me, please,” being forward turned out to be the only way to get the words out. Otherwise he worried he’d never speak again.

“Mmm...Straight to the point. I like it,” Dean winked. He moved to nip at Cas’ jawline and down his neck to lick over the hickies he left behind. “Can you undress for me, sweetheart?”

Eagerly, Cas nodded, “You gotta get off me first,” he giggled. Humour seemed to help him keep his shaky breathing a bit more even. Dean quirked an eyebrow at the boy’s silliness. He couldn’t help but laugh as well. “It does have a flap- if you’re feeling impatient that is,” Cas said shyly.

Dean flipped the boy onto his stomach and gripped the edge of the flap. “I wonder what were you thinking when you bought this onesie with the flap.”

Cas grinned, looking over his shoulder at the older male. “I was thinking of how cute the bear stuff was. I barely even noticed the flap,” that was not true, he definitely noticed. “And maybe I thought just a little bit about some sort of easy access,” he hummed, wiggling his ass.

“Of course you did,” Dean growled softly. He unbuttoned the flap and slid Cas’ underwear down. The only reason why he went to his room was for the lube. The boy’s responses confirmed that he never done this before, and Dean wanted to make it good for him. He uncapped the bottle of lube and slicked up his fingers before rubbing his index finger against Cas’ rim.

“Mhm,” Cas had relaxed himself fully, knowing it would ease the pain. Though he’d never had sex, he still read up. After all, he didn’t want his first time to go terribly wrong. Still, he gasped at the cold digit pressing against his pucker. “Fuck,” he breathed as it eased in, hugging his pillow. The boy was extremely tight around Dean’s finger. He let Cas get used to the feeling before thrusting the digit in and out of him. He tried to call him down by kissing the back of his neck. He eased another finger in and scissored the two to stretch out the boy’s hole even more.

Cas moved his pillow up so that he could bite into it, suppressing a soft moan. Yeah it hurt, but the pleasure was so much greater. Soon enough he found himself grinding back onto Dean’s long fingers, silently pleading for more. “Dean please,” he whispered.

Cas’ pleas made Dean pick up his pace to the point where his wrist started to ache. He added two more fingers to stretch out the boy easily. Dean wouldn’t want to hurt this precious boy. Finally, he pulled his fingers out and shoved his sweatpants down to reveal his big cock. He coated it with the leftover lube and nuzzled Cas. “Ready?”

“Yes- Yes please,” Cas whispered, remembering to keep his voice down. He’d never been more ready for anything in his life. Without a visual, Cas wasn’t sure how big Dean was, at least until it was pressing into him. All at once he forgot how to think and breathe, rolling his hips back to meet Dean’s. “Oh fuck.”

Dean covered Cas’ mouth to keep the boy from being too loud. The next time they do this will be in a an empty house and Dean would make him scream out his name. “You gotta be quiet, sweetheart. We don’t want the other boys being wakened up.” He hummed as he circled his hips against Cas’ ass.

Cas whimpered softly, nodding to show he understood. It felt like Dean was literally tearing him in two, but all he could do was moan as quietly as possible. And the way Dean spoke, his voice was probably the best sound in the world. Continuously he tried to meet Dean’s hips with his own, finding his blue eyes rolling back into his head. When Dean hit his prostate, however, Cas had to put both of his hands on top of Dean’s desperate to stay silent.

Dean dropped his head on Cas’ back and grunted as he slammed into the boy. Cas clenched tightly around his cock so perfectly. He loved it. It took all his willpower to stop thrusting into the tight hole. Cas let his eyes flutter shut, brain spinning as Dean absolutely ruined his hole. Tomorrow he’d be limping for sure, but it would just be a reminder of Dean. Dean pulled out and turned Cas onto his back. “That onesie looks too cute to be ruined.” He helped the boy out of his onesie and shoved the bundle aside.

“Th-Thank you,” he managed and worked with Dean to discard his clothing. It was colder now, but the warmth of Dean’s body helped. He shifted so that his face was pressed to the ground and his back was arched, ass in the air to give Dean better access. The man gripped his cock and guided himself back to Cas’ puffy hole. He gripped the back of Cas’ neck and shoved his face down on the ground as he kept slamming into the boy. The only noise in the room was the skin slapping against skin and Cas’ muffled moans. The boy was losing himself in the pleasure and Dean let him. He curled an arm around the boy’s lithe body and gripped his cock to stroke it.

“Oh god,” Cas was sure his words didn’t make sense, but he wasn’t sure he cared about that at the moment. Finally he came, the pressure finally withdrew and pleasure drowned him in large waves. He knew he’d get sore but at the moment he was riding his high. Dean groaned when he felt the boy clench around him. He pumped into the boy once, twice, and came inside him. He stood on his wobbly arms to not crush him. He wrapped his arms around Cas’ lithe body and turned them on their sides. Cas couldn’t even form words, simply sighing softly. He was pleasantly sore, even panting a little. After a bit he found the strength to turn around in Dean’s strong arms, “Don’t go anywhere if I fall asleep, please,” he whispered, pressing his face into Dean’s chest.

“Mmm can’t keep that promise. I don’t want the boys seeing us butt naked.” Dean chuckled. He untangled himself form Cas and pulled his sweatpants up.

“That’s probably a good idea,” Cas giggled, figuring out his onesie and taking the time to rebutton the flap.

Dean stood up from the floor and held out an opened hand. “Let’s sleep in my room. It’s much comfortable than the floor.

Once Cas was dressed he stood, grabbing Dean’s hand. The man intertwined their fingers tugged on his hand. Cas allowed himself to be lead into Dean’s room.  “I almost came in here you know,” the dark haired boy couldn’t help but blush at his own confession.

They entered his room and Dean locked the door behind him. He figured that the boys wouldn’t be too happy about their new relationship. Whatever it is. “You should’ve. Maybe it would’ve been better on a bed, but you were just so hot.”

Cas smiled fondly, making his way to the bed and snuggling up next to Dean. “Mm I wasn’t sure that you even liked dudes, let alone me. Didn’t wanna just walk into your room unannounced,” he mumbled, looking up at the older man. “A bed would definitely be more comfortable. There’s always next time.”

“Now, go to sleep. God knows I’m tired.” Dean closed his eyes and sighed. Cas smiled at the man’s sleepy state and followed right after him by closing his eyes to fall asleep.