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Who Is In Control?

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Alexis groaned as the phone went straight to voicemail once again. "Come on, mom. This is the third time this week you've done this..." Alexis sighed, dialing her mom's number once again. She was repeatedly calling her mom because she had forgotten to leave money for some medicine for Anna. Anna had gotten sick that week, and their mom was always saying she'd leave money for them to get some medicine. But, so far, that hadn't been done...

"You've reached Jocelyn Linares. Sorry, I can't come to the phone at the time. Leave a message after the beep," The phone let out a loud beeping sound just as Alexis hung up and threw her phone on the couch, leaning her elbows on the island counter and putting her head in her hands to try to contain the headache.

"Ow!" Alexis heard from the couch, looking over to see Anna sitting up. Alexis immediately started rubbing the back of her neck, a nervous tick she'd had ever since she was little. Everyone thought she'd grow out of it, but it seems to her that that might never happen.

"Sorry, Annie," Alexis apologized, using her childhood nickname that she knew Anna secretly loved, no matter how much she pretended to hate it. Alexis turned to the fridge, occasionally looking back up at her scowling twin. Anna scoffed before laying back down on the couch, watching South Park.

"You know, it's been scientifically proven that some shows kill brain cells. You know what show they used to test that theory?" Alexis asked, tossing their only apple back and forth in her hands whilst waiting for her twin sister to respond.

"Glee?" Anna asked, intentionally choosing Alexis's favorite show. Alexis didn't find it funny, tossing the apple at Anna before indignantly pushing her glasses back up her nose. They weren't really doing anything for her, she really needed to get a new prescription.

"South Park. They also used Spongebob, and Spongebob kills more brain cells than even Family Guy. All of which you insist on using your free time to watch," Alexis put her hands on her hips, using her foot to close the fridge behind her after finding nothing more to eat. Alexis stared at Anna with somewhat of a glare before they both started laughing, not having the ability to stay mad at the other.

"You want to split this apple?" Anna asked her after they had slightly calmed down from their laughing fit and Alexis had settled down on the couch next to her, grabbing the remote. Alexis shook her head, changing the TV to Netflix.

"Nah, you eat it. You need it more than I do, anyways," Alexis sighed, hearing her own stomach start to rumble from the very little food she'd been getting. Truth be told, they both needed more food. But, neither of them had been taught to cook, so they were left with fruits, microwaved dishes, and whatever their mom would leave for them, when she ever left food for them.

They both knew that their mom's job was tiring, and that she really was trying, but the twins needed their mom. It had been like this ever since their dad had died and their mom had gotten fired from her first job. They had dealt with this behavior for years, but as their mom kept on getting job after job the two sisters were left alone at their house more and more. Their mom had stopped trying to talk to them after school, instead opting to sleep in her free time so that she'd be ready for work when she woke back up. Alexis had started seeing their mom less and less, especially since this last job, and the only time she did see her was when she was sleeping. Sometimes she wondered why she didn't talk to them anymore, her thoughts soon leading her to think that she just stopped caring. To Alexis, it made sense that their mom didn't care about her. But, why wouldn't she care for Anna? Anna was the sweetest and most thoughtful girl in the entire world, even with her sarcastic comments and her asshole tendencies she was the best twin a girl could ask for.

Alexis snapped out of her reverie when she heard Anna sigh. Turning towards her twin sister, she found that Anna was staring at her with despair in her eyes. "You're thinking about mom again, aren't you?" Anna asked, looking down at the apple she was turning over in her hands as if she couldn't bear the look of surprise in Alexis's eyes.

Alexis stammered, trying to find a response that wouldn't make Anna even more upset. "It's alright, you don't have to apologize or anything. I get it, it's hard to understand why she doesn't talk to us anymore. But, at least she still cares about us, right? Otherwise, how else would we get food, shelter, and all of the things we even have?" Anna asked, giving Alexis a small smile, finally meeting her eyes.

Alexis smiled back, though it was forced. "Of course," Alexis replied, even though she didn't believe it. Alexis was about to press play on Glee when her phone rang out beside her. Checking the caller ID, she realized it was an unknown number. When she answered it in hopes that it would be their mom from a work number, she soon found out that this was true. But, not in the way that she wanted... "Hello? Mom, is that you?" Alexis asked, Anna leaning in to listen to the phone before Alexis swatted her away.

"I'm sorry, Alexis. I didn't wish for you girls to end up like this. Just remain calm, and everything will be alright. Go upstairs to your room, stay with your sister, and it'll all be over soon," Alexis heard their mom say through the receiver. Alexis gasped when she heard her mom's voice.

Jocelyn's voice was scratchy, almost as if she'd been screaming at someone. Alexis could tell that she had some unshed tears, just by listening to her voice.

"Mom, is everything alright?" Anna asked, stealing the phone and putting it on speaker. She had heard Alexis gasp and wanted to know what was happening.

"Listen, Anna, you and your sister need to go upstairs, stay together and... And, it'll all be over soon... I'm so sorry, girls, I didn't wish for this to happen. I was trying to stall it for as long as I could. It just seems as if you've gotten too dangerous for me to keep in check anymore," Jocelyn said to her two children, obviously crying by now.

Anna did as she was told, dragging her twin upstairs and she forced Alexis to sit down in the corner, going over to the window to check outside. Alexis tried to watch, but started panicking more when Anna's eyes widened at what she saw outside.

Everything started going blurry to Alexis as her breathing sped up even more, bordering hyperventilating as she saw soft colors appear around figures that she could almost see. This happened every time she had a panic attack, she'd calm down by focusing on the colors around the figures instead of trying to figure out what the figures were.

Anna wasn't faring any better, her breathing matching Alexis's as everything seemed to be changing shape around her. She was usually able to fix it by controlling her breathing and focusing her energy on seeing things correctly, but she was also trying to find out what exactly was going on. She couldn't stop flicking her eyes to Alexis in the corner, seeing as she was the only thing retaining her shape.

The phone line went dead just as the twins heard a loud "BANG!" downstairs, meaning that the door had been knocked off its hinges. Alexis watched the color around her twin as she placed her body between Alexis and the door. Alexis whimpered slightly when she heard loud, thundering footsteps running up the stairs, growing louder as they got closer to the door. The didn't know how, but the door seemed to be locked, even though neither of them had locked the door...

The next thing the twins knew, there was a lot of dust in the room as the door was knocked down. Alexis's asthma started acting up, causing her breathing to get worse. Anna glared at the people at the door, backing towards Alexis and turning to the side a bit to keep an eye on both the guys with guns at the door and her sister.

The guys at the door parted as they entered the room, keeping their guns trained on the two teenagers inside the room. A woman walked in, also bearing a gun but it was strapped to her back instead. "I'm sorry things had to be this way. You're going to be taken care of, I promise. You just have to cooperate, and this can go very easily," The woman who had walked in, whom clearly seemed to be the leader of this invasion, calmly stated to the two sisters.

"Who are you people?" Alexis wheezed out, Anna giving her a glare, trying to get her to save her breath so that she didn't pass out. But, when she heard shuffling behind her, she turned back to the door, seeing the woman kneeling down with a soothing expression as she looked at Alexis.

"I'm Agent Heidi, I'm here to bring you to a facility for people like you," 'Heidi' said, standing back up as Alexis did as well, Alexis's eyes darting back and forth between the figures in the room, though she seemed to be looking around them instead, her eyes vibrating slightly.

One of the soldiers dropped his gun, seemingly surprised he did that. Alexis seemed surprised, too. "It's that one, shoot her!" The soldier shouted to the others.

"No!" Both Agent Heidi and Anna yelled, Anna jumping in front of Alexis, getting hit by the bullet instead. Anna yelped in pain, but the drop to the floor hurt worse than the bullet that seemed as if it was disintegrating in her blood system. Anna turned to see Alexis whom had fallen to the ground with a scream of pain as she was also shot by another soldier.

The twins stared at each other as they started to lose consciousness. "You idiots! I'm the head soldier, I tell you when to shoot somebody. They're kids, they could have been talked into coming with us!" Agent Heidi yelled at her crew, some of them looking apologetic, the others looking defiant.

"I'm sorry, Captain. That one was using her powers, it's not our fault the other one got in the way before we could shoot her," One of the soldiers responded. Heidi sighed, before pointing to the two teenagers fading in and out of consciousness. "Get them to the cots inside of Carrier One. I'll stay with them, and keep the boss updated," Heidi ordered before walking out the door.

Alexis watched as a soldier picked up her twin sister, trying to call out to her but only managing a weak groan as another soldier picked her up as well. Alexis's eyes rolled back into her head, losing consciousness just as she was laid on a bed inside one of the vans, laying right next to her sister.

Alexis groaned, reaching a hand up to hold her head as if she could just rub away the migraine she could feel forming. She heard a groan beside her and shot up, staring at the figure beside her, slightly blurry because she didn't have her glasses but she could tell that it was Anna, having seen her figure without her glasses several times in her life.

"Anna?" Alexis asked, looking around the room at the blurry figures of small cabinets, and what looked to be a mini-fridge. Anna only gave a hum of acknowledgement, keeping her eyes closed. "Where are we?" Alexis asked, not recognizing the place in which they were put.

Anna shot up in the bed, finally opening her eyes and looking around. "It... Looks like a cell but also... Not, like a cell. If that makes sense."

Alexis stared around the room more, squinting at anything that had a surface as she tried to find her glasses. "You're not gonna find your old glasses. They broke when you fell," They heard a voice coming from the doorway. Alexis squinted but couldn't get the blurriness away enough to recognize whoever had spoken.

"Who are you?" Alexis asked, still trying as hard as she could to see whoever was in the doorway. She reached out and Anna grabbed her hand, squeezing it. Anna knew how Alexis felt about not being able to recognize anything. Alexis sighed, squeezing back as she continued to squint at the figure leaning against the closed door.

"I believe I explained this to you yesterday. But, I'm Agent Heidi, the head soldier of the group who was ordered to contain you yesterday," Heidi spoke, and Alexis could slightly see a smile on her face, though it looked more like a grimace in her eyes.

"What do you mean 'contained'?" Anna asked, finally speaking to Agent Heidi before Alexis had a chance to ask why they'd been out for 12 hours.

"This place that you're in is a Containment Facility. We contain you here, help you, and try to find out what makes you what you are," Heidi answered, looking to Alexis to see if she had any questions.

"What exactly are we?" Alexis asked, her voice quiet because she didn't think she really wanted to know the answer to that question.

"You, both of you, are Parahumans," Heidi replied, a note of sympathy in her voice.