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drunk ideas

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It was something around midnight and they haven't had this much fun for, how long again? They couldn't remember. Mark went out with his friends, drinking a little here and there, walking around, dancing to random girl group songs on the street. They laughed loudly, their voices echoing in the empty streets. Well fuck, when was life this enjoyable?

Junhee nudged the side of the youngest, handing him his half empty beer can. Mark let the lukewarm liquid run down his throat, slowly noticing how it gave him a bit of boldness to finally join his friends in dancing.

"Swing those hips Mark!", yelled Jaehyun, slapping the youngest' ass twice, the adrenaline making him dance more enthusiastically.

They had no idea where they were, luckily the streets were still lit up with the street lamps every fourty to fifty meters, but the area didn't look familiar to any of them. So they ended up dancing and laughing their way down the street to some type of bus station. Johnny was the first one to sit down onto one of the benches there, his hand tightly around one of the many beer cans they squashed on their endless way.

"Holy fuckin' hell", the eldest slurred, even though he was still pretty sober, which none of the rest could really relate to. Junhee was already in his high school years pretty capable of his alcohol tolerance. The most wasted one up to now was probably Lucas, he was sure of himself and always forgets that he's a normal human being who has limits as well.

"Guys, you okay?", asked Mark, a hand around Lucas' hip so he doesn't break down. He then guided the elder to Johnny so he'd sit down, afterwards he looked around if there was anyone else who needed help. Luckily, the others were pretty stable.

Junhee handed Lucas a bottle of water he got out from his backpack before putting said bag right next to the bench.

"Y'all crazy"

"We've been knew", slurred Jaehyun, his head and shoulder leaning against a street lamp pole. Mark grinned widely, looking up at the sky, getting reminded of something, "Yo Junhee hyung"

The elders ears perked up a little and he turned around to the youngest, "What's up Markiepooh?"

He just rolled his eyes at the stupid nickname, guess he will always be their baby. "Just wanted to know how things with Donghun are" - and the corners of Junhees lips immediately sank.

"Things are normal, I don't know what you mean"

"Instead of pretending you don't like him when you're around us you could actually get the stick out of your ass and ask him out", Mark earned a few whistles and hollers from the rest of their group, but Junhee wasn't even a tiny bit amused.

"Get yourself someone first."

"I don't want anyone, also, what's so hard in asking him out?"

"Do I look like I want to get rejected?"

"Who the fuck said you're gonna get rejected?"

"Dunno, maybe reality, asshole"

The younger grinned proudly, "Awe, is poor Junnie too afraid to ask him out? Dude you're, how old? 24? Grow some guts and just ask him"

"I'll slap the fucking grin out of your fucki-"

"Wow wow wow now everyone, calm your dicks", Jaehyun said, a small, slurky smirk across his lips, "I've got an idea"

"And I'm out-"

"Wait for it", he grinned, pushing himself off the pole to take a closer look at something that's written on it.

"What're we gonna hear now?", Johnny said, his head resting on the back of the bench.

"Junhee, you're gonna ask Donghun out and therefore, Mark will text this sex hotline number thingy on that pole right here"

"Good ide- wAIT WHAT?", Mark choked on his spit, or whatever that was, and looked at Jaehyun with a questioning look. Was he joking? Well shit Mark Lee, no, he was definitely serious, no matter how much alcohol he drank.

"Oh?", Junhee walked over to Jaehyun, examining the number, "It even has 69 in it", he never grinned that wide.

"Are you out of your mind?! Do you guys know how expensive this shit is? I'm a broke ass freshman!"

"Not our problem, you want Junhee to ask Donghun out, you have to pay for it"

"What makes you think that Jun is gonna do it?"

"He's already dialing Dongs' number"

"He what?", Mark looked over to where the eldest walked to, and yes, he was indeed calling someone, but how could he make sure that someone was Donghun? Oh, Junhee would show him. He walked back to his friends, putting the call on speaker.

"Junhee", a tired, muffled voice spoke and that was definitely Donghun, "It's half past two-"

"I know, I'm sorry Hun' for calling that late- or early, whatever, it's important and ..", he gulped, "I was never really able to build up the courage to do it but .. now I'm at it and I'm definitely not going to back off, so-"

"Bitch listen", hah- Junhee's fucked, "I'll give you ten seconds before I'll block your number"

"Oh my god Hun, can you not."

"Eight - seven - si-"

"I wanna go on a date with you" Marks eyes widened and so did the rest of his friends'. Junhee did it, he really did it. The line went silent and the eldest shut off the speaker, holding the phone back to his ear.

"Hun ..?", he asked, afraid of literally everything, he could have ruined their friendship with just a single, simple statement.


"Do you-"

"I said yes"

"So- wait, a yes for the date?"

"A yes for the date", Junhee could practically hear the smile of the elder through the phone and god, his heart pounded so hard, "Now if you'll excuse me .. I'll .. uhm, go back to sleep, we can- we can talk about that again when I'm fully awake, like, tomorrow or something-- Good night Jun and take care of yourself"

"Y-Yeah, you too- I mean- fuck, good night Hun-", his arm fell down in slow motion, the phone tightly in his hand and his gaze fixed onto the light pole. He is going to have a date. A date with Donghun.

"HOLY FUCKING HELL I'M HAVING A DATE", he yelled, as loud as he could probably ever yell. His friends started cheering, patting the eldests back comfortingly. But the worst hasn't even started yet.

"Markiiieee", Jaehyun and Junhee sing sung as they turned their heads creepily to look at Mark. 'They could definitely come right out of a horror movie', he thought to himself as he slowly backed off. The problem was, he bumped against a firm body, which he assumed to be Johnnys since the elder wasn't sitting on the bench anymore. There was no escape now. He had to do it.

Mark took the freshly opened beer can out of Lucas' hands, taking the whole liquid in two large gulps, "I hate you guys so much", he said, legs hastily bringing him up to the pole where a small text was written messily.

'Horny? Owe, poor boy, I'll give you the right treatment, just text me, I'm cheap anyway~ ⇩' - and underneath the text was the number.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck", Mark breathed, taking his phone out of his hoodies pocket, "You're dead if I tell Taeyong about it, Jaehyun"

The younger saw the small glimpse of fear appearing in Jaehyuns eyes, but he pulled that off rather quickly with a shrug, "Do it"

He sighed once again before typing the number into the recipients bar, "What am I supposed to text?"

Johnny chuckled, "Somethin' like; 'Hey, I'm horny, show me your pussy'?"

"Nah dude, that's too stupid", said Junhee, "Try it with 'Hey, I got your number and, damn, it's getting pretty thick in my pants, can you help me out, sweetheart?'"

Mark whined. Why did he have friends like these? No idea, but there was, again, no chance to back off. So he just went for it. Trying to get it over with as fast as possible. He most definitely won't get an answer at this hour anyway, so he could delete the text and number right after he got home. Right?

+82 2 69X - XXX - XXX

hey sweetheart

i got your number and damn

its getting pretty thick in my pants

mind to help me out?;)

Marks friends hollered loudly, two of them (obiously Lucas and Johnny because they are the biggest dumbasses) barely able to breathe properly.

"DAAAAMN. That was a smooth move, Markiepooh", Johnny highfived Jaehyun and Junhee before hitting the youngest on the back, not too harsh but still kinda hard.

"What the fuck am I supposed to say if I get an answer?"

"Well, play a lil' of course", Lucas slurred as he made his way up to the group. He put a hand on top of Marks shoulder before his stomach gave in. He threw up right next to the youngest, automatically calling it a night. Johnny then gaveLucas a piggyback ride on the way back to university while Jun and Jaehyun walked next to them, making sure the second youngest doesn't fall off Johnnys back. Mark, on the other hand, slurred behind them, his phone in his hoodie pocket, locked and muted. He really didn't want to deal with this shit, but hey, at least he got Jun to finally grow some guts - so it was worth it, somehow.

As they got back to the campus, they parted ways, everyone heading off to their own dorms. Mark practically fell into his bed, weakily pushing off his shoes. H,e for once, was glad he had a dorm for himself. That will probably change over the years, but hey, now is now. And now is also pretty bad because the weird sex hotline number replied.

+82 2 69X - XXX - XXX

i don't fucking care what's growing inside ur pants.

get rid of it by urself.

who the fuck do i think i am?

some cheap ass sex hotline prostitute??

get a life you dim wit.

but you are?

be glad u don't know me otherwise i'd slap the hell out of u ignorant asshole.


wait wait wait im confused

this shit literally said that i could text you whenever i need a lil help with certain stuff


oh fuck

do you have enemies by chance?

bunch. and i see where this is going.

some1 wrote my number again somewhere and u horny asshole found it and thought 'oh wow, can jerk off to that'

first of all, i wasnt horny, havent been for a while


let me finish, my god

and it was sth like a bet i had to do

also, im sorry that people would do that to someone



that happened already?

once or twice, yes

but nvm. go away and leave me alone

one last question please


c'mon, there aint anything you gonna lose


its none of my business etc but why are you up this late? its pretty late yk

it's very pretty late but idc

have been through worse

also?? you dont know where i live.


we talk in korean

your dial code is seoul

and i live in seoul

so i do know

god, just fuck off please

at least you asked nicely for it ..

are you okay though?


staying up that long aint good for health yk?

stop babying me, asshole.

watch out for urself first before u care bout others.

one more message and ur blocked btw

sorry i guess, just, tryna get some rest, aint healthy ..

also, i have a reason im up late
[message couldn't be delivered]

"Oh well", Mark breathed as he shut off his phone, putting it aside to charge. That took a weird turn, but hey, at least he didn't have to pay for a sex hotline, those prices are enormous. He pulled the hoodie over his head, tossing it aside so he could finally get some sleep, hoping the hangover wouldn't be as bad as the last one. 'Perks' of having older friends .. haha.