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River Song is many things - a doctor, a smuggler, a professor, a Stormcage survivor, hell, she’s got a reputation that transcends galaxies. Right now she’s an explosion of hair in a duvet, and she’s the best thing the Doctor has ever laid eyes on.

Precious few people have the privilege of considering River Song “soft”, but she is. She’s warm and gentle and so, so loving, and the Doctor unequivocally does not deserve her-

“You’re right, I’m a marvel. Now stop thinking so loudly.”

River opens her eyes for all of four seconds, just long enough for a pointed stare, before burrowing back in to the mountain of pillows she insists on sleeping with. The Doctor just grins, shuffling closer to her and drawing her wife closer. River’s hair tickles her nose, she can’t feel her right arm, she’s fairly certain one of Team TARDIS is going to burst in on them at some point, inevitable when there’s more than one human at a time, but it doesn’t matter. Getting to see River Song in a state of total tranquility is something she wouldn’t trade for anything.

They’ve never been particularly domestic - far too much world-saving to do, not to mention their respective timeline conundrums - but for the first time in centuries the Doctor gets to enjoy watching her wife wake up.

It’s the little things, really.