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Donestic housewife!Sam, breeding kink, and feminization (bottom!Sam)

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Dean was coming back from a good run when he walked into the bunker smelling something good. "Babe?" He asked as he closed the bunker door, heading into the kitchen to drop the food off. "Hey baby. I'm just making dinner." Sam called back and stirred the pot of pasta on the stove.

Dean walked into the kitchen to see Sam wearing a skirt and one of his shirts that was a little bit big for Sam but hell he wasn't complaining! "My pretty little wife." Dean mumbled as he wrapped his arms around Sam's waist and kissed his neck softly.

Sam moaned and put the spatula down. "Dean of you keep doing that dinner will be cold." He moaned out quietly and bit his lip, trying to focus on what he need to do for dinner. "Hmm but that's alright baby girl. I don't mind cold food." While Dean was talking his hand slipped up the back of Sams skirt and felt his panties. "Were you a good girl for me today?" He asked and snuck his fingers into the crack of Sam's ass under the panties.

Sam let out a very manly squeak and pushed Dean's hand away. "Dean I'm hungry!" He complains and turned around, facing Dean. Dean rolled his eyes and let go of Sam defeated. "Yeah yeah. But what if I can give you something else to eat baby?" He asked sliding his hand back up Sam's thigh.

I'm his mind Sam rolled his eyes but thought it better not to since he knew it would get him in trouble. "Come on I know your pussy is dripping wet for me." He whispered and nibbled below Sam's earlobe. "Y-yes." He said softly and bucked his hips back into Dean's hands.

"Yes what Sam?" Dean asked as he moved Sam to a clear kitchen table to bend him over on. "Y-yes my pussy i-is dripping for you." He groaned out as Dean's fingers dipped past the cheek of Sam's panties and thumbed over his hole.

Dean purred affectionately when Sam answered his question. He always loved when Sam told him how pussy was wet for him and other dirty things like that. "My good little wife. My pretty little wife." Dean growled and pulled down the back of Sam's panties and pushed up the back of his skirt.

Sam squirmed impatiently. "Deannn." He whined and his hole clenched around the air. After Sam was done whining Dean grabbed the coconut oil from the other side of the counter and slathered it on his leaking cock. He gripped Sam's hip tightly from the friction his hand was giving him. "Beg." Dean said the one simple word and Sam's pretty little mouth began rambling.

"Please, please, please, please. Fuck De. I need your thick cock filling my tight pussy. Need your cum to make me pregnant. Plea-" Sam was interrupted when Dean pushed his cock deep into Sam. With one quick thrust Dean bottomed out and meows softly at the feeling of being full.

Dean's fingernails dug into Sam's hips and ass. "Oh baby girl. God damn." He hissed and stilled his hips, letting Sam adjust. "Dean don't give me any of that shit. Move." Sam hissed out, not caring about the soreness it would cause after.

Dean snapped his hips and grabbed Sam's hair, pulling it to make it easier for him to kiss him. He attached their lips together in a harsh, teeth clashing kiss. It was intoxicating for the both of them as Dean hit Sam's prostate dead on with every thrust he gave.

When Dean pulled away from the kiss Sam whined desperately about it. "Always need something filling up your holes huh?" Dean laughed and held the back of Sam's neck for better support. "Yes! Yes Dean! Please I-I'm so close." He gasped out, holding onto the table underneath him until his knuckles were white.

Sam's been on edge all day since Dean fucked him this morning and didn't give him permission to cum even when Dean did. "You have been good for me all day huh?" He asked hitting Sam's prostate with every thrust. "Yes! Yes I have, I promise!" The begging man pleaded as his brother hit his prostate dead on.

Dean grabbed Sam's wrists and held them tight so Sam couldn't touch himself to get off, pulling Sam back deeper and handed into his thrusts. "Cum." The older Winchester hissed. "D-Dean please I-I can't that way." Sam stuttered out and felt his cock dribble out more pre cum.

"Yes you can Sam. I won't stop fucking you until you do...come in baby. Be a good girl for me." Dean purred as he rolled his hips just the slightest bit harder and Sam lot it. His body shuttered violently as he screamed Dean's name our at the top of his lungs. Dean seeing Sam in ecstasy made it pure bliss for Dean himself. A few harsh snaps of his hips later he was filling Sam's cunt which would be the first out of many times this night.

Dean grunted as his nails dug into the side of Sam's hips, fucking into him deeper, releasing inside of Sam. His nails left imprints into Sam's hips when he let them go to rest against Sam. "Fuck baby." He purred quietly and rubbed Sam's side, small circles into his hips every so often. "Oh god- yeah I know -fuck." Sam mumbled and laughed quietly.

Sam was always sensitive after a good fuck so Dean pulled out slowly and carefully, trying his best not to hurt Sam. Once Dean was done he pulled the panties and skirt back up on Sam and kissed his neck. "Mhhh...could use some dinner now. What do you think?" Sam just chuckled and began preparing their dinner.