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Little Big Brother

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Sam decided for a few weeks that it was time for Dean to be a child again. In his mind it made sense because Dean's never had a normal childhood, so now was his time. Sam's always been the little brother by birth but it doesn't have to be that way all the time does it?

Sam's game plan was called operation little.

Sam just woke up an hour ago and he finished planning the rest of operation little while he was standing under the hot spray in a shitty motel he didn't even know the name of. He washed the conditioner out of his hair and reluctantly got out of the shower but knew Dean needed hot water too. He yawned quietly as he stepped out of the shower with steam following behind him. "Dean?" The taller make mumbled as he saw the older was still asleep.

Dean grumbled quietly and rolled into his back as he was on his side facing Sam and the shower door before. "Dean, buddy, you've gotta wake up." Sam purred out and placed his hand on Dean's warm chest and gently shook it to try and wake him up. If Sam was going to ease Dean's way into this he was going to do it slowly and without really disturbing Dean.

See Dean was always tired when he woke up and always disoriented for about an hour at least unless on a hunt. "Hmm?" Dean let out as he slowly woke up. "Gotta get up baby. You'll sleep in too late and mess up your sleeping schedule for tonight." Sam's never liked his brother in....a brotherly way. From as young as he can remember, he's been in love with Dean but if course he'd never tell him that because Dean would think he's disgusting so he's kept to himself. A lot.

It's was only 9 am but Sam knew Dean loved to sleep in as much as he could when he got the opportunity and they had one now but Sam wanted to go back home to the bunker. "Why?" Dean whined and pushed Sam's hand off his chest. The elder brother hated waking up in the mornings.

"Because you want to go home don't you? Lay down in your own bed and sleep well?" Sam said trying to make it sound better than sleeping in a shitty motel bed because it really was in his opinion. Dean slowly opened his eyes but didn't catch as Sam called him baby. "It does. How many hours is the drive?" He asked and rubbed his eyes to try and get the sleepiness out of them. "Eight." Sam said and rolled his eyes.

Sam always hated that they stopped somewhere before they went home. Did Dean never let Sam drive they never made it back to the bunker in time when Sam wanted. He could of easily finished the drive to the bunker if Dean would if pulled over and let Sam drive. "Eight? Damn it. Ok we'll leave soon and get home around five or sixish." Dean mumbled as he sat up and patted Dean on the back before standing up and walking into the bathroom.

Once Dean walked into the bathroom Sam stood up and walked to the kitchen, making a makeshift breakfast of frozen burritos. He put three of them in the microwave and sighed as he couldn't make a protein shake for himself since they weren't in the bunker.

Dean soon came out of the wth fully clothed and shaved. When Dean was showering Sam made breakfast and dressed quickly. Then they were off.

Eight and a half hours later they were home again. Dean shut the drivers door to the Impala and rubbed a hand over his face. "You hungry? I'll make us some food." He said while he was unlocking the main door to the bunker and shutting it when Sam walked in. "Nah it's ok I can make us something. How about some chicken nuggets?" Dean's face out up at chicken nuggets and nodded eagerly.

"Man the last time we had those was when we were freaking kids." Sam bought a pack of dinosaur chicken nuggets a week before they let and their hunt was only a few days. "I know." Sam laughed loudly as he shook his head and licked his lips. "Thought it would be fun for once huh?" He pulled the nuggets out of the freezer and prepared them for the oven. Dean hummed in reply while he grabbed a beer out of the fridge.

Sam stopped dead in his tracks, quickly coming back to the beer in Dean's hand. "Can-can we not have any beer or anything tonight? Just to cool off I guess?" He asked, putting the tray of nuggets into the oven and closing it. "Huh?...Oh yeah if you'd like. Everything's alright?" Dean was a little weirded out by Sam asking for no beer for tonight. Sam's never done anything like that before so he needed to make sure everything was ok with Sam before anything else happened.

Sam loved that Dean was worrying about him but it wasn't Dean's responsibility to do that anymore. "I'm fine Dean I promise. I just don't like how you get when you drink sometimes. I know you like to get hammered after a hunt but just...not today." He said dropping the subject quickly as he wasn't going to fight Dean with it because what Sam said goes.

Dean furrowed his eyebrows at Sam. "You can't tell me what to do you know that right?" He wasn't happy with Sam's reply and was going to fight him about it for as long as he could. Sam was not in control of Dean and he needed to remember that. "Yes I'm aware Dean but you have to stop drinking at some point. It's not good for your health so just please don't drink tonight." Sam pleaded and walked over, taking the beer out of Dean's hand and putting it back into the fridge.

Dean huffed quietly as he gave up the beer and closed his eyes, trying to make the frustration at ease. "Just...fine. Tonight only." He hissed and poked Sam directly in the middle of his chest. "Understand?" He asked through gritted teeth. Dean didn't give a rats ass if he understood but only if Sam let him drink again tomorrow and so on.

Sam held his hands up in defence and lowered them after three seconds. "De I only want you to be healthy ok? I love you so so much and I don't want you to die if a heart attack when you're 45 and you're almost there." Sam cupped Dean's cheeks gently and rubbed small circles into the lower part of Dean's cheek. "Please just slow down on the drinking and eating." He whispered out brokenly and looked deep into the shorter man's eyes. This was his moment that he's wanted forever.

Dean knew this was the moment. The moment he's been waiting for since Sam started filling out and growing. Dean ran his hand up Sam's chest and felt the hard muscles under his hand and shuttered a little. "I love you too Sammy." He whispered as he grabbed the soft material of Sam's shirt and pulled him down for a long and emotional kiss.

They poured everything they had into the kiss. The sadness, jealousy of other lovers, and the unconditional love for one another. Dean's hands ended up in Sam's hair, Sam's ended up on Dean's waist, trying to pull him as close into him as possible. If they pulled away they might die from lack of each other. But in the end they knew they had to both pull away. When they did, both Sam and Dean, pulled away gasping for air.

"Sam?" Dean choked out and kept his eyes closed as he buried his face into the crook of Sam's neck. He felt so small in Sam's arms. "Yeah?" The taller male barley whispered and kept his eyes closed too as they stayed in each others arms. "Don't leave me." He cried out quietly and held a tight grip on Sam's shirt since he didn't want to pull Sam's hair.

"I wouldn't even think about it De." Sam would never leave Dean even if it meant dying. "Look at me Dean." Sam purred quietly and cupped Dean's cheeks, making him look at him in the eyes. "Baby I love you. I have since I can remember but I would never, never, ever leave you. I physically couldn't. Understand?" He asked making Dean understand that he would never leave him.

Dean nodded and wrapped his arms around Sam's waist to pull him back in. "I'd never leave you either Sammy." What Sam didn't know was is that Dean was already a little. He felt so small right now in Sam's arms but he suppressed his emotions of being little. He's only figured it out when he was about 37 and now he's 40.

Sam leaned down and pecked Dean's lips once more and smiled. "Lets go watch a movie while dinners in the oven ok?" He asked and already started leading Dean into the living room by his waist. "What do you want to watch De?" Both of the boys sat down without an once of space separating them. "I like when you call me that, when you call me De." Dean barely whispered it but Sam still caught the words.

Sam.liked at Dean was more open with his feelings now that they were in the bunker and had a real home. "Yeah? Me too." He said while stretching his arm over the back of Dean's shoulder and running his fingers through his hair. They agreed on a show to watch that had a few seasons since they loved to binge watch their shows.

Dean somehow ended up half way on top of Sam with his head in the crook of his neck. The timer went off which startled them both. "I'll bring you your plate just stay here." Sam hummed and left Dean on the couch to go and get their dinner. What Dean didn't know was that the chicken nuggets were dinosaur chicken nuggets.

Sam prepared the nuggets with barbeque sauce on the sides for both of them. A few minutes later Sam set the plates down on the coffee table in front of them. "Here." He said while he was sitting down. "Dinosaur...chicken nuggets...?" He asked and picked up the plate putting it on his lap. In Dean's head he was ecstatic. He wanted to grab the dinosaurs and play with them, eating them after. "Yeah I thought it would be fun. Do you not like it?" Sam asked a little hurt and frowned.

Dean shook his head no and chuckled. "It's cute Sammy. Thanks." He said with a wide smile and pecked Sam's lips after he sat down. "They make me feel like a kid again." Dean said and blushed while shaking his head. It really did. He was slipping into his little space quickly and didn't want to freak Sam out so he pushed the thought away.