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Edge of Dawn

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Seth’s panic-stricken shout broke his concentration from the sounds of his family fighting in the clearing. He secured his grip around Bella and snapped his gaze towards the sandy wolf. His ears were perked and he was growling in the direction of the woods.

His ears perked and he focused and strained to hear whatever Seth had heard in the forests. It could have been possible that he’d heard some animal because there was nobody out here – apart from him, Bella and Seth. But he wasn’t willing to take any chances, wasn’t willing to risk Bella’s safety, so he concentrated more intently, trying to hear anything – even if it was a stray thought.

"You thought you could hide her from me? Seriously? I thought you would have known me better, Edward…"

The malicious sound of her voice froze him on spot.

‘No! She couldn't be here!’

Seth’s nostrils flared and his ears twitching as three pairs of footsteps drew closer.

It was then he caught the scent which was carried by the breeze and his eyes widened with disbelief.

‘It wasn’t possible.’

He recognized them immediately — one was the distinctly male from Bella’s bedroom and the other was Victoria.

But he wasn’t focused on the two!

He sniffed the last scent… He would have recognized it anywhere. It wasn’t as if he would ever forget it. It was the same musk he’d thought he would never smell again – floral, citrus and leather which had been always been his natural fragrance.

Everything around him vanished as his eyes landed on the third person. He forgot everything – Bella, Victoria, the fight and he solely focused on him. The person he’d thought he’d never see again. But how was it possible? He was dead. He had tried and tried, but everything indicated that he had died all those years ago.

His blonde hair which used to be silky were unkempt and disheveled, his clothes were torn from different places and were frayed with wear and his blue eyes had red rings around them, indicating that he was a human drinker. In place of the warm and kind-hearted man he knew, the person standing in front of him was feral.

But Edward didn't care. It didn't matter. Nothing mattered apart from the fact that he was alive!

The love of his life!

His Mate!

His Jasper!


Nov 11th, 2018