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Silver Treasure

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Gai was sadly looking from the window at the rock of faces of all Hokages. The last face was unfinished. Still there were scaffolding and barriers, but no one worked on them. And it was in the morning. Just as the day when the last face began to be carved into the rock. The day when Gai fulfilled his life dream.

Two months ago

,,Kakashi!" Gai exclaimed enthusiastically to his rival when he found him at the top of the monument after all day. Kakashi turned to the familiar voice and with a smile raised his hand to greet him.

,,Can’t even imagine how long I have been looking for you, my dear rival!"

,,What’s the matter, Gai?"

,,I wanted to see you! I heard that the feudal lordship has already supported your appointment, and that's why... " Gai stopped, nervously cleared his throat, and his glance for a moment slid aside.

Kakashi lifted his silver eyebrows with amusement, and his corners slightly twitched. He did not know the reason of Gai's sudden nervousness, but he did not often see his best friend in such an embarrassment.

,,I would like to invite you for dinner."

,,Is it not too early for another challenge?"

,,No no! No challenge, just ..., " Gai blushed at that moment like a tomato and nervously shuffled. Kakashi did not recognize his friend.

,,What's happening?"

Gai swallowed bravely and stared at the multicolored eyes of his eternal rival, now his hokage and also his secret love.

He realized that when he had recently been on the brink of death. The opening of all the gates would have killed him, and he was reconciled with that. He was reunited with death and did not regret anything but one thing. He never told his rival what he really felt. He did not even know it until that time. Perhaps he knew, unconsciously, but never gave it much weight. They've been friends since childhood. Rivals. It meant everything and nothing. Until then he did not know how great his feelings were for his silver-haired rival. They were always here, but he never realized it. Only when he was to leave this world, he realized he only regretted one thing, that he would leave Kakashi. Without admitting what he feels for him. That fact hurt him more than all the physical consequences after opening the eight gates together. He had known since then that he wanted nothing more than to admit his love.

,,Let's say I'd like to give you something to your significant promotion, my dear rival. And if you agree, I would like to take you out in the evening. " This time, Gai was serious, as if he was talking about an important mission.

Kakashi blinked in surprise. But he did not see the reason for rejecting his friend, so he agreed. Gai shone like the sun and revealed his perfectly white teeth.

,,Great! At six, I'll pick you up at your house. I look forward to!"



The blonde man with his hair pulled into the puddles frowned. There were drops of sweat on his forehead. His mind was connected with another, from which he needed to get valuable information at all costs. His prisoner resisted, struggling to build up his defense of the rare memories that could reveal the exact location of the classified place. His defense, however, was weak after a 24-hour interrogation, and Inoichi noticed the loophole he could penetrate in.

,,Ino, I need help!" His daughter responded immediately. By joining hands, they connected their chakra and intensified the pressure on the falling defense. It did not take long. It burst.

The man cried sharply, stopped resisting. Information from him was drained within a few seconds.

,,We have coordinates of the underground complex, where their leader was last seen. There is a high probability that our hokage-sama will be kept there," Inoichi told them.

A stout, scarred man standing nearby smiled triumphantly.

,,I told you there is no point in defending against the elite interrogation team of Konoha shinobi!"

Whatever the man was exhausted from constant interrogation and torture, he did not forgive himself the last gloomy note.

,,And so what?" He grumbled, ,,You will not save your Hokage! You will fail anyway! Roga-sama will destroy you all, like your Hokage! When I saw him last time he was crawling at his feet like some ... " The man cried out when a strong fist met his jaw. After another blow, he fell into unconsciousness.

,,The man has nothing more to say to us. Take him away," said Ibiki, rubbing his fingers. The two ANBU immediately obeyed. The atmosphere in the room was suddenly heavy. Ibiki, however, was a man of action.

,,What are you waiting for? Inform Gai-san. Put together a rescue team. I'm sure he'll want to go immediately."


On that day, their relationship began. Gai clearly remembered how nervous he was and how hard it was to invite his rival to dinner, which soon developed into the first true date. Gai could not be happier at that time.

Since their first dinner, which started something amazing, two months have elapsed. A month since Kakashi's last mission. A mission he never came back from ...

Sudden knocking on the door, however, pulled him out of his troubled memories.

,,Come in." The door from the hokage office opened and the brown-haired ANBU came in.

,,Gai-san," he greeted, bowing respectfully.

,,Something new?" He asked instantly, he did not have time for the formalities.

,,Our prisoner spoke."

Gai's heart exploded with hope. ,,And?"

,,We have new tracks that lead to a hidden underground complex where Hokage could be held."

,,So what are you waiting for?" He exclaimed excitedly, ,,Tell Naruto and the others, and we'll leave in 20 minutes!"

,,Understood, Gai-san," ANBU bowed again, disappearing in the next minute.

His heart pounded in his chest so heavily that he felt it would jump up every minute. Another track. It was not the first one since Kakashi disappeared. But Gai caught each other equally strong. It did not matter how much disappointment it had brought him when their search ended unsuccessfully. He still believed. And he would not stop until he found his love.

I'll find you Kakashi, whatever the cost is! I promise you that. Just hold on, please!