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Dark Desires

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After John had come home from Afghanistan, he wouldn’t have thought that he would be able to work as a doctor again.
With his bad leg and his PTSD, he wouldn’t have thought that he would be able to do his work as good as he did during his time in the army.
But he had worked really hard, he had worked really hard with his therapist and with himself – and now he was working again, working as a doctor; and he was a pretty good one.

With big and fast steps, John walked through the streets of London. He walked through little alleys which became narrow alleys, until he reached a dark blind alley, most people probably wouldn’t have found. And most people in London, probably wouldn’t have seen the door John just opened.
He closed the door behind himself, walked through a little dark passageway that wasn’t easy to follow.
John knew the way, reached another door, and opened it.

And with that he was standing in a lobby that looked nice and warm, comfortable and cosy, with warm colors and a crackling fireplace.
There was a bar, some cosy armchairs and sofas, something that looked like a reception in a hotel.

John walked to the reception, was greeted by the man that was standing behind it.
“Dr. Watson.”
“Good Evening, Sam.”, John nodded.
“So,... which section is it today? What are you up to this weekend.”, Sam smiled.
“Haven’t decided yet.”
“Well it’s not easy to decide what to enjoy in here. Some dungeon time, some beasty time, a good movie with some other people, an orgy or a little boy or girl?”

John licked his lips.
Oh, it truly was a hard decision.
There was the dungeon area with all sorts of BDSM furniture und toys.
There was an area for enjoying some time with a dog, with special toys or with one of the four different tentacle machines.
There was an area with some cinema rooms, in which one was able to just sit back or to just lay down – just to watch some good porn movies; with other people; while getting off with a nice toy, the hand, or one of the sluts and whores, which were living here.
There was an area to just go into to fuck with everyone who’s in it – if it was one of the clubs’ sluts, slaves or whores; or if it was some client.
And there was also an area with little ones, with real little ones to fuck – from the age of 6 – 17.
John licked his lips.

Since he came back 5 years ago, he had worked so hard with himself, that he was living on the sunny side of life for two years now.
And almost two years ago, he met a guy in another club, who showed him this very special secret club, that was hidden in a dark narrow alley, not to find by common people, by the police, or tourists. It was well hidden, even so it was such a big club from the inside, with a few floors, with a lot of rooms.
Since then he was coming here every weekend, it was worth all the money, and since he was living on the sunny side of life, he definitely had so much, that he would be able to come here every day – but he wanted to keep it special.
This club was his candy for working the whole week hard and good and with devotion.
It wasn’t like he was deny himself some good fuck throughout the week – he just was denying himself that awesome secret club. Throughout the week it was easy enough for him to find someone nice and pretty to fuck with, no matter if it was a woman or a man.

But the week was done for him, so the candy was waiting here.
And in here, he had tried everything.
He had fucked woman and man in the dungeon, had played with them down there.
He had enjoyed all of the tentacle machines and even some good breeding by dogs.
He had enjoyed some really good fucks with women and men in their own rooms.
He had enjoyed the movie rooms while getting himself off with his hand or toys or while letting someone else do the work – giving him a nice blowjob, handjob or rimjob.
He had fucked in the orgy area, while watching others being fucked.
And he had fucked with girls and boys.
To make it short, he had loved every single second in here.
He was enjoying himself a lot in here.

“Any recommendation for me?”
“Well, on Monday we got a new boy.” Sam smirked. “Smart one; he found us by himself, wanted to join. Slender one, curly dark hair, blue eyes.”
“Hmh,… sounds good. An underage boy sounds good. But he sounds too old for me today – if he was smart enough to find this place, he’s probably like 16 or 17,… I would love to have someone who’s younger, but not too young today.”
“Oh, no no,… he’s not that old. He actually is 12 years old. He is just a really clever boy.”
John bowed his head.
“12 years old? Hmh, sounds better. But I think I am up to someone who’s already able to cum. I think I need it messy today.” John smirked. “Can he do this? Can he already make a mess out of himself?”
Sam smirked as well.
“Oh, he can! He’s such a messy, greedy and naughty boy. He had taken a lot of cocks and pleasured a lot of cunts since he’s here. He’s such a little slut, craving for a daddy to fuck him. He can be a brat, also a rebel, but also submissive, with the right person. I think he just needs a great daddy who takes care of him.” He wiggled his eyebrows. "And the kids and teens love you."
John licked his lips.
“Please tell me that he’s still available tonight.”
“He is.” Sam told him and took an access card for the kids area. “You know where to go, floor three. He’s in room twelve, probably not hanging around in the activity room – he’s a bit special.”
“Just give me that card.” John smirked. “I don’t care if he’s a bit special, I just want to make a dirty mess out of him and his bed.”
Sam grinned and handed him the access card for floor three.

John thanked him before he walked to the staircase.

In a hurry; he almost run up the stairs.
That boy sounded awesome, and he needed him as soon as possible.
He pulled his card through a scanner at the door on floor three and went into the long hallway.
Everything a little one or teen needed one could find in that area – an activity room; a television room; a kitchen; for everyone a bedroom, decorated like they wanted to have it; a huge bathroom for all the kids with showers and toilets.
All kids were treated like princes and princesses.

In a hurry, John walked to room 12, the door was open as usual when they were available.
He knocked at the doorframe, got in and put his access card into the scanner next to the door – and with that, until he would pull it out again, this little boy wasn’t available any longer.
Now that boy was his boy.
John closed the door, looked at the 12 years old boy, who was lying on his bed.

The room was filled with a lot of scientist things, but John wasn’t really interested in all these things right now. The boy was much more interesting – and Jesus, he was adorable cute with his slender body, the curly black hair and his milky white skin.

The boy sat up immediately, looked at him and stood up.
“You’re a doctor, former army doctor, you’ve been in Afghanistan or Iraq, I would say it was Afghanistan.”
John came closer, raised his eyebrows.
“How do you know that, boy?”
“I can just see it. I can just see little details, the tiny details, no one else is seeing. That’s why I found this place.”
John looked amazed.
“Well that was really good. What else can you see?”
The boy bowed his head, amazed that John had praised him for his deduction, amazed that he wanted to hear more – nobody had ever wanted to hear more of his deductions.
He circled him, while he was talking.
“You’re 40 years old, not married, no girlfriend, no boyfriend. You never have had one, because you just want to fuck whoever you want to, without having a partner. If we don’t talk about your sex addiction, you’re a loyal man, who wants to help, and who would do anything to help.” The boy stated and then he just rubbed his hand across John’s bulge. “And your cock is hard like a baseball bat.” The boy said and raised his eyebrow.
John looked amazed and he bit his lips when the boy rubbed across his bulge.
“Well,… that’s also completely true.” He gasped. “What’s your name, clever boy?”
“My name is Sherlock.”
John raised an eyebrow.
“I like the sound of your name, boy.” John said. “Since I am here to have some fun after a hard week, you should definitely do something about my hard cock, Sherlock. As long as we two are having fun, you will call me daddy, Sherlock.” John said. “I will sit down now and then you better put your mouth to good use – daddy needs a quick blowjob after he has had such a long day. Do you think, you can to that for me?”
“Yes Daddy, I can do that for you.” The boy nodded enthusiastically.
“Good boy.” John smiled, while he walked to Sherlocks bed.

He sat down onto Sherlocks pirate bedding, smiled to him.
“Daddy is ready for your cute little mouth that has just talked really clever and smart.”
Sherlock looked to him, bowed his head – that man was definitely the most interesting one he had met since he was here, and he was definitely the prettiest one; he truly liked the soft but also dominating face and he truly liked the grey hair.
He walked over to the man, knelt down in front of him.
His small and slender fingers opened the button and zipper of the jeans; he pulled them down, just as much as he needed to free his daddy’s cock. He also shoved the black shorts down, also just as much as he needed to free his daddy’s cock.
John lifted his hand, ruffled through the black curly hair – it was soft and thick.

Sherlock looked down to the thick and long cock, loved the sight of that huge cock – he liked it thick and long, and his daddy for tonight or the next hour just had this delicious huge cock.
He just darted his tongue out and licked across the head, licked across the slit, wiggled his tongue. His sweet little tongue licked the precum away.
And his Daddy grabbed his curly hair.
He bent down a bit more, opened his young lips and wrapped them around his daddy’s cock, wrapped them around the head. He started to suck eagerly, sucked at the head as if it was the sweetest and most delicious lollipop.
John closed his eyes, titled his head back, moaned and grunted, and grabbed the soft hair of the boy a bit harder.
“Such a good boy.” His voice moaned the praise.
Sherlock wrapped his hand around his daddy’s long and thick cock, wrapped it around the base. He started to move it upwards and downwards while he sucked eagerly and intensely at the head of his daddy’s cock, while he sucked down the shaft a bit more.

John moaned and grunted again.
That young boy wasn’t even swallowing his whole cock down, and it already felt just a way too good. It was intense and playfully, and this slender hand just made it even better.
For a quick blowjob, this was just perfect, but he really would need to fuck this awesome mouth tonight to shoot his cum deep down that little throat.
He had come here with a horny feeling, and when he had seen that little boy, he had become even hornier and greedier. It was such a good feeling to have the warmth of that little mouth around his cock; it was so great to feel the eager sucking of that little boy; it was just too good to feel his small slender hand around his hard, pulsing prick.

“Oh god, you’re such a good boy. You’re doing so well.” John moaned and praised him, grabbed his hair and massaged the head of the 12 year old boy.

The eager boy just started to move is head up and down, swallowed a bit more of that huge cock down, before he let it free again to suck at the head and to wiggle his tongue, while he moved his hand up and down with pressure and a little twisting movement.

John moaned louder, grabbed the soft hair even more.
Shit, this was really quick – he thought in the exact same moment he shot his cum into that little, warm and wet mouth.
His cock was throbbing and pulsing – cum was splashing into his little boy’s mouth.
He patted the thick curly hair.
“Be a good boy and swallow, Sherlock. Swallow Daddy’s cum.” He ordered.

And his little boy, at least for tonight, did as he was told to. He swallowed, licked his cock clean and then he let his cock slid out of the warmth, leant back, looked up and licked lustfully across his lips.

John raised his eyebrows, patted the curly hair again.
“I think we will have a lot of fun, Sherlock. Daddy really enjoyed your blowjob. Luckily it’s weekend and you’re allowed to stay up until one o’clock. And Daddy and you will have fun until exactly that time.”
Sherlock looked up to him, smiled.
“What do you want to play now, Daddy?”
“Are you always this greedy and eager?” John winked.
“That’s why I came here willingly.” The boy smiled cheekily. “Are you always greedy, Daddy?”
“That’s why I came here willingly.” John winked.
Sherlock raised an eyebrow – this man was making him curious; he was making clear what he wanted, but he also was nice and funny; he liked the way the man was talking with him; he really liked it that the man has liked his deductions. And that was the reason why he wasn’t acting like a rebel or brat; that was the reason why he submitted – because he just liked that man a lot already.
“Can I ask you something else, daddy?”
“You can, boy.”
“Do you come here often?”
“Every weekend, for two years now. You have figured it out already, haven’t you?”
“I have, but I have wanted to ask, that’s nicer, isn’t it?”
“It is, but I was really amazed by your deductions earlier. I liked it.”
“And you also like everything one can do in here.”
John smiled.
“That’s totally true. And tonight, I was up for a young boy, and what can I say, I met a really special one.” He flirted with the young boy. “And I would like to see my boy naked, I want to see your boy pussy.” He said. “Get up, Sherlock. Strip, get into bed and kneel.” He ordered. “I want you to show me your cute little ass.”
“Yes daddy!” Sherlock said and got up immediately.

John stood up as well, stripped while Sherlock was stripping as well.
He slipped out of his clothes, looked to the boy, who was already naked, who got into the bed and knelt down to show his body and ass.
John licked his lips, looked at the naked boy.
What he saw was delicious – that little, soft and slender body, young and fresh, with milky white skin and dark curly hair. He really hasn’t known what to do in the club today, and he had thought of just having his fun once in every area, but now he wanted to use the time until one o’clock just in here – until the kids needed to go to bed, and they all needed to leave this area. And maybe then he would have his way with one of the slutty women downstairs – until the club closed at three o’clock.

John came to the bed, crawled into it. His hands rubbed across the back, across the young milky skin. He bent down to him, kissed the milky skin, from the shoulders over the back, to his slender hips.
“You’re such a pretty boy.” John murmured against the soft skin.
His hands rubbed to the little cute butt, smacked his butt cheeks softly.
“Hmh, such a nice little butt.” He smiled and tipped against the plug. “Oh, and what do we have here?” John asked and pulled the plug out of the tight hole. “You don’t need that anymore; my cock will fuck your tight little hole now.” He murmured, and his thumb rubbed across the puckering lube wet hole. “How much do you like this, hm?”
“A… a… a lot, Daddy.”, Sherlock gasped, his small cock hard and pulsing.
“Then let Daddy hear this, boy. I want to hear how much you like what daddy does to you.”

His thumb rubbed hard and appealingly across the puckering hole – it was wet but still looked tight. It made his cock pulse and throb; it made him lick his lips.
Johns other hand pulled his boy’s legs further apart, before he grabbed his small balls and cock.
Oh, it felt awesome.
He massaged his boy’s cock, suddenly heard him moan, suddenly felt a lot of cum on his hand.
“Have you just made a mess out of yourself, naughty boy?”
“Sorry… sorry, daddy.” Sherlock gasped, while John whipped his cum covered hand across the right small butt cheek.
“I haven’t forbidden it. But I think I shouldn’t call you my little boy, I should call you slut if you just cum from daddy’s little massage. You really seem to love it that daddy is touching your little cock, your little balls and your cute little butt and tight hole. You’re such a naughty boy.” John groaned and massaged the cum covered butt cheek. “Oh no, wait – you’re not a naughty boy, you’re a naughty greedy slut. And do you now whose naughty greedy slut you are?”

Sherlock still knelt, still showed him his ass – his eyes were closed, he licked his little lips. This man made him feel really good, made his head feel light, made his butthole tingle, made his cock feel awesome.

“Yours Daddy. I am your naughty greedy slut.”
“Oh yes, you are.”

John grabbed the slender thighs, pulled them apart a bit more.
He grabbed his cock, rubbed it across the tight puckering butthole, pressed it against it for a moment.
He tilted his head back, closed his eyes.
It felt amazing.
It felt bloody amazing.
He rubbed the head of his cock over and over again across that puckering and twitching hole.

He grunted.
“Oh, your little boy pussy feels awesome, slut.”
“Thank you, Daddy. You… you feel good as well.” The boy murmured.
“Do you want to feel more of Daddy?” John asked while still rubbing his cock across his boy’s cunt.
“Please Daddy!” Sherlock pleaded. “I want to feel more of you, Daddy. I really do.” The boy pleaded.
“What do you want to feel of Daddy?”
“Your cock, Daddy. I want to feel your huge cock.”
“Oh really?” John asked. “Do you want Daddy to fuck your tight boy pussy, little slut?” John grunted.
“I want you to fuck me, Daddy. I want you to fuck my boy pussy.” Sherlock wiggled his ass.

John licked his lips – there was nothing better to hear than a little one begging for his cock; there was nothing better to hear than a little one pleading to get fucked by him.
He stopped rubbing his hard cock across the puckering hole, let his forefinger slip into the tight hole. The lube, the boy has used to stretch himself was still making his tight hole feel wet – his boy for tonight, was definitely ready to be used.

He let his finger slip out of the tight wet hole, didn’t want to stretch him with his fingers, he wanted to stretch him with his thick cock – he was sure this clever greedy boy slut was able to take quite a lot.
He grabbed the little cute butt cheek, grabbed also his cock and guided it again to that juicy boy pussy.
He pressed the head into the puckering hole, was able to hear the moan while he himself was grunting.

“God, you’re so tight, little slut. My cock will stretch you out, little darling. And I will pound you silly, I will breed you deep, I will make a mess out of you, my naughty little slut. Does that sound good to you, little one?”
“It does, Daddy. Please, please, please. Please do that with me and to me. Please fuck me silly. Please fuck your naughty greedy slut silly.”
John smiled.
Such an eager boy, he would have a lot of fun with him.
“You’re such a good boy.” He praised him. “Now stay still and let me fuck you, and let Daddy hear how much you enjoy his cock in your greedy boy pussy.”

John grabbed the small and slender hips, pulled him closer, just with one hard pull.
His cock was buried into his boy’s tight hole – he grunted and moaned loudly, could hear his little boy moan as well.
This felt so good. It felt so bloody good.
This boy cunt was incredibly tight, warm and wet; it just felt amazing to have his cock buried balls deep into his little boy.
His cock was feeling amazing.

Johns hands still grabbed these slender hips, and instead of moving his own hips, he just moved Sherlock’s. He pushed Sherlock’s hips forward, pulled him back immediately to bury his cock balls deep into him again.
He grunted and moaned, gasped and groaned.

Sherlock tried not to wiggle his hips or to move anything else, but he moaned loudly while his daddy had his way with him.
His daddy’s huge cock was stretching him immensely, it hurt a bit, but a way more it was just feeling amazingly good.
His hips were pushed forward and pulled backwards by these strong hands of his daddy. Every time he was pushed forward his daddy’s cock was slipping out of his tight hole, every time he was pulled backwards his daddy’s thick cock was slammed balls deep into him.
He moaned joyfully and lustfully, his small cock was rock hard again.
He grabbed the pirate sheets.

John grunted, used him like a toy to masturbate with.
“Wrap your hand around your little cock, boy.” John ordered.
“Yes Daddy.” Sherlock told him with his young voice, while he did as he was told to.
Sherlock wrapped his hand around his small cock. He moaned loudly and enthusiastically – every time Daddy’s hard cock was slamming into him, it was hitting his prostate.
“Hmh, your little cunt will be fucked deep and steady with my thick daddy cock, little boy.” John grunted while he pushed and pulled this little boy’s hips to use him as his fuck toy. “Are you having a good time, naughty boy?”
While his hips were pushed and pulled, his hand stayed still, but nevertheless due to his hip movements, it was like he would getting off by giving himself a proper hand job.
“I… I have, Daddy. I have a good time.” The little boy moaned with pleasure while his whole body was tingling and sparkling.
“Oh, I can hear that, my little slut. But it’s time to take your hand off your cock now. I want you to cum hands free, boy."

Sherlock took his hand off his small cock, listened to his daddy like a good boy should. His hips were suddenly standing still, but his daddy started to thrust his thick cock into him. He heard his daddy’s animalistic grunts, while he fucked him ruthlessly, while he was milking the prostate gland with each of these ruthless thrusts.
“Ready to take daddy’s cum?”
“I am, Daddy.” Sherlock moaned while that raw thick cock was blasting jolts of pleasure inside his ass.
John set up the speed, grabbed that cute little but even more.

And all of a sudden he buried his huge cock deep into the tight hole, made Sherlock’s belly bulge.
All of a sudden he spurted his big load into his boy’s pussy – he bred him deep, filled him up to the brim and even more. Cum was dripping out of that tight pussy.

Sherlock moaned with pleasure, was having his hands-free orgasm, just as his daddy has wished.
His body was shaking, especially his thighs.
He was drooling saliva while he was talking.
“Yes! Yes! Cum in me Daddy! Fill me up! Fill your naughty greedy slut. Mmmm.”
John hold him in place, pumped him full of his cum.
“Oh boy,… you took it so well.” John praised with a moan while his little boy was milking him dry with his tight hole.
He let his hands wander to his boy’s back again, rubbed it.

“I wonder how many loads you can take.” John moaned.
With one hand he rubbed the soft back, the other hand grabbed the plug. He pulled his cock out of that delicious cunt, but immediately pressed the plug into the cum filled hole – just du hold every single drop in place.
He tipped against the plug, grabbed his cock, whipped it clean at Sherlock’s thigh.
Sherlocks body was still shaking, a few small shoots of cum were splashing onto the pirate bedding.

“Someone liked that rough fuck of his daddy.” John grinned and smacked the butt softly. “Come on, turn around, you greedy thing. Daddy isn’t done with you yet.”