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The forgotten ones

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The only thing that could be heard were quiet gasps, moans, and whines; as two figures moved in a passion showcased in shadows from the glow of the sunshine in the room. Their souls singing as they continued their throes of passion and love nothing else mattered. All that mattered in those moments was each other as the heat of their passion increased. The tension finally breaks leaving them dazed and in bliss; they laid entwined in each other's arms, planting cooling kisses upon scorching skin and running fingers through sweat matted hair. The young couple were an image of true happiness and love, after a while they got up to bathe together and got ready for the day. They finished their their morning routine and bustled around the kitchen making a nice breakfast once done sat cuddled sharing a steaming plate of hot pancakes, scrambled eggs, and turkey bacon. They are a beautiful couple, the young man copper skinned 6'1 with long midnight black hair down his mid back soft sculpted features and milk chocolate eyes. The young woman a espresso skinned 5'4 with knee waist long blue-black hair, sharp features to frame her slanted lush green eyes.

"I have to go in a few minutes they'll start wondering where I am". The man said caressing the woman's face.

"Wo jianghui xiangnian ni".(I will miss you) she replied in one of their native tongues he set the plate down and pulled her to straddle his lap, her arms immediately wrapped around his neck and his hands on her hips. Their heads touching he answers.

"Wo shi tongde ni". ( I am with you). their link singing their passion.

"I know it, doesn't make it hurt less I just wish we wouldn't have to do this. To hide and be apart for so long especially since we have to complete our bonding". she ranted and he pecked her lips.

" I promise we will, I will come back and we'll do it tonight and I'll introduce you to my brothers. I know your worried about that but we both know they can't hurt you. I'll never allow it".he vowed as her chest to feel the equal thudding of their heart beats.

"Promise? your not lying to me Denali". she whispered brokenly he took her hand in his and answered.

"When have I ever lied to you Aiyana". They locked lips again this time more intense that they had to take it to their bedroom for another round of passion The young man Denali left the house showered and dressed again in a black ripped jeans, dark blue flannel shirt, white sneakers, and T-shirt". As his lovely wife watched from the door dressed in grey shorts and white lace crop top with slippers waving as he drove away".