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You Kicked Me First

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“This is an individual competition.” said the bored test holder. His eyes scanned the group of ninjas in front of him. “The first one to reach the lighthouse in the center of the forest gets an A. The rest of you fails. Got it?”


A collective horrified expression ran through the group. Ino rolled her eyes. She wouldn’t be the one reaching the lighthouse first in this group of ninjas. That was for certain.


“You can’t do that.” said a male voice from deep within the group. “There’s over fifty of us. Would you really fail all of us who won’t reach the lighthouse first?”


“Exactly.” said the test holder. “You all should be old enough to understand that we can’t have a group of mediocre ninjas running around our streets anymore. It’s either reach the lighthouse first or fail.”


The tension in the group was high.


“Get into position.” said the test holder. “We’ll start in ten minutes.”


The group murmured. Ino was just as bored as the test holder. They were considered adults now and the teachers still tried to pull the same tricks they did when they were children. That one guy had fallen for it, but Ino didn’t. Of course they’d be supervised throughout the test yet again. She could take three times as long as the others and still get an A.


She looked at her nails. They were chipped. She pulled up a nail file and filed down all of them to the same length.

Ten minutes went and passed. The test holder looked at the clock when a student mentioned it to him. He nodded.


“We already started.” said the test holder. Nobody moved. “I suggest you get going. You’ve already wasted a good fifteen minutes waiting for my instructions.”


He walked away. A few sprung forth and disappeared within seconds. The rest had to buffer for a couple of seconds before they headed into the forest as well. Ino stretched her back and began walking. The group dissolved within a minute. Ino picked up her speed. She could at least be fast enough to be home for dinner.


After an hour she spotted something pink. She climbed a tree and jumped from tree crown to tree crown to get closer to see if it was the person who she thought it was. When she was just above her she saw it was that person. Sakura. It’d be fun to see where she what she was doing and where she was heading. Ino began stalking her.


It took a good while for Sakura to get anywhere close to the middle. It was beginning to get dark when she spotted Ino lurking in the treetops. She was startled and threw three ninja knives in Ino’s direction. Ino ducked. Something rustled behind her. They both looked as a camera fell down and shattered on the ground. Ino smiled. She knew that it wasn’t the only camera around, but it created a wide enough blind spot to mess a little with Sakura.


She threw a couple ninja knives. Sakura bent over backwards to avoid them. Her back touched the ground. She was vulnerable. Exactly what Ino wanted. She jumped down and intended to use her third ninja knife to pin down Sakura’s neck with.


Sakura saw her intention, but wasn’t fast enough to stand up. She threw up her leg and kicked Ino in what she thought was her gut. Ino felt the kick land cleanly between her legs and she was sent up in the air again.


She saw the trail of liquid gush from between her legs spray all over Sakura as she landed a couple of feet from her head. Sakura screamed. Ino knew she had just pissed all over her.


Sakura rambled incoherently. Ino was mad and embarrassed.


“Shut up!” shouted Ino. She wobbled as she tried to stand up. The pain from the kick pounded between her legs and piss was still leaking out from between her legs. It felt like Sakura had hit a highly untouchable spot within her soul. She had a hard time to not let Sakura know her legs were shaking from the impact.


Sakura sat up on her knees. Her feet moved in under her buttochs and she placed a hand on the ground. She straightened her back and looked down on her piss covered clothes. She was making a lot of disgusted noises. Ino was too embarrassed to let Sakura say anything further and stood up.


“I can’t believe you just-” Sakura began saying, but Ino interrupted her. She kicked Sakura between her legs as well. Sakura screamed and fell over. Unlike Ino she didn’t piss herself which made Ino even more mad. She raised her foot and stomped down on Sakura’s pussy. Sakura’s thighs closed together as she screamed. “What’s wrong with you?!” shouted Sakura.


Ino couldn’t admit that the pain pounding between her legs was making her wet. She wanted Sakura to kick her like that again. Even when Sakura had her thighs closed together her pussy was still open for target. Ino kicked Sakura between the shins and hit a bit lower than she would’ve liked. She hit the place between Sakura’s pussy and her asshole. Sakura straightened her legs and turned on her stomach. Ino aimed for another kick, but Sakura was too fast this time and stood up.


Her legs shook like leaves on a tree. She faced Ino. She looked angry. Ino looked down between her legs. A single, clear drip made it’s way down her legs. It wasn’t enough. Ino had to make her piss herself.


Sakura aimed a punch at her, but in her shaky state she couldn’t land it properly and Ino caught her arm. Ino twisted Sakura’s arm behind her back and forced her face down into the ground. Sakura’s knees rested on the ground, her ass in the air. Ino took her chance and punched Sakura ruthlessly on her pussy several times.


Sakura fought against her at first, her thighs clenching and unclenching. Her muscles twitching every time Ino drove her fist into her pussy. On her ninth punch Sakura’s pussy was drenched. Ino stopped. It kept leaking. It wasn’t piss.


She let Sakura’s arm go and stepped away. Sakura didn’t move. Her ass was still in the air. Her pussy dripped steadily through her panties, through her leggings. Her whole crotch area was drenched. The ground was prickled with wet drips. She breathed heavily, her face sported a strained shade of red.


Eventually she let her legs cave in underneath her. She looked at Ino as best as she could. Then she slowly turned herself over on her back. She spread her legs wide open. Her crotch twitched. Her eyes a mix of defiance and begging. Ino turned red.


“I hate you.” said Ino. She looked down at Sakura. If she wanted it she’d give it to her. She raised her foot and stomped hard down on her pussy. Sakura’s back arched, but she resettled into her original position shortly after. Ino stomped again and again. Sakura’s pussy leaked and leaked and leaked, but she still wasn’t pissing. Ino got mad and drove her foot into Sakura’s asshole. A fountain of piss suddenly emerged and drenched half her leg and all the way up Sakura’s chest.


Ino felt like she had won a competition. So, if she wanted to make Sakura piss she’d have to aim for her asshole? She could work with that.


“Get up on all four.” demanded Ino.


Sakura shakily did as she was told. Her back dipped low, she spread her legs wide and aimed her ass upwards. Ino drove a knee into her pussy. Sakura’s whole body shook, but she spread her legs and lowered her back again. Ino ripped Sakura’s leggings open, but just enough so that her asshole would be exposed. Then she did the same to her panties. She slid her thumbs into the crack and pulled Sakura’s ass cheeks wider apart. Her asshole was slick and winking with each twitch in her body.


Ino slid her fingers through Sakura’s crack. Her fingers got as slick as the crack itself. She teased her asshole by running her fingers over it and pressing down on it, but not penetrating it just yet. She did that a couple of time before she buried a fingertip in her asshole. It was easier than she thought. She buried it deeper. It reached a stop, she felt around and after a while it let her slip her whole finger inside.


Sakura was unusually quiet, but her pussy was still twitching and dripping. Ino slip a second finger in. It went in smoothly, but it was getting a bit dry. She ran her hand a couple of times across Sakura’s clothed pussy and got them wet enough. She slipped in a third finger and a fourth. Then she used her other hand to punch Sakura in the pussy yet again. Her fingers slipped out as Sakura rocked hard. A tiny gush of piss wet the ground, but it wasn’t enough.


And now Ino’s hand was dry again.


“On your back.” demanded Ino.


Sakura did as she was told. Ino grabbed her legs and folded her in half. Sakura rested most of her weight on her neck and shoulders. Her ass was up in the air and her legs dangled over her face. Ino slapped Sakura’s clothed pussy a couple of times and slicked them up again. She buried her hand up to her knuckle in Sakura’s asshole. She folded her thumb in as well and slowly pushed past the knuckle.

Sakura whined a bit, but her pussy was dripping. Once Ino’s whole fist was settled inside Sakura’s asshole she positioned herself to get the best aim. Then she drove her other fist again and again into Sakura’s pussy. Piss gushed and gushed and gushed with each punch. It drenched Sakura’s face to a point she had a hard time catching a breath. Her body was shaking, twitching and clenching, but in this position it was harder for Ino’s fist to slip out of her asshole. Sakura was at her mercy.


Ino hit one last time and Sakura’s asshole clenched harder than before. Her thighs were shaking and a solid jet stream of piss hit her square in the face. Her asshole clenched and unclenched as her whole body calmed down. She must’ve cum.


Ino was satisfied, yet jealous. She also wanted to cum. She slowly pulled her fist out of Sakura’s asshole and demanded her to stay in that position. Sakura’s asshole adjusted to the loss of having Ino’s fist inside it and opened and closed with every twitch in her body. Ino undressed on her bottom half of her body. Her own pussy was pounding and soaking wet.


She grabbed Sakura’s leg and straddled her pussy. With one leg at each side of Sakura she began rubbing her wet pussy against Sakura’s exposed asshole. She rubbed and rubbed. Sakura’s asshole continued to adjust and some of Ino’s wetness flowed into it. Ino ground harder. She needed Sakura to feel just as good as she did. She ripped up her panties and leggings and exposed her pussy for the first time. It was glistening wet and angry red. Ino began rubbing their pussies together.


The nasty sound of wet pussies rubbing together drove Ino over the edge. She spread Sakura’s asshole open again and pissed as she came. Most of it was aimed at her asshole, but as Sakura was cuming herself her asshole was angrily swallowing and pushing out the liquid. At the end of it her asshole relaxed opened wide to welcome a pool of piss inside of it.


Ino let Sakura go and dressed herself. She felt like she was done here.


“Sorry about your leggings.” said Ino. She walked off and began making her way to the lighthouse. Her pussy still pounding with pain, but this time laced with the wet feeling of wanting to rub her pussy against Sakura’s again and again and again. This feeling was going to linger for a long while. She could just hope that Sakura was experiencing the same.