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Reading The Future (divergent characters read the books)

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(This takes place right after Tris jumps from the building into Dauntless.)

When all the initiates are on solid ground again, Lauren and Four lead us down a narrow tunnel.

Suddenly, there is a high pitched beeping sound and I am standing in a bright room with people who look just as confused as I do.

I catch sight of Four, Christina, Caleb, Peter, My parents, Tori, Marcus, Susan, and Max. These are the only people I recognize.

There is a boy who is my age with dark skin, a Dauntless-born, and an older boy who looks similar, they must be related.

There is Dauntless-born a girl who keeps looking at the younger boy with brown skin with a smile.

There is also an Erudite transfer with blond, shaggy hair and green eyes.

A Candor Transfer who is so wide and tall I stare for a moment.

Another Dauntless who has greasy hair and so many piercings I lose count quickly.

I see two girls who are staying close to each other, one has a bald head while the other has a short brown hair.

Finally, I see a girl standing in the middle of the room, she is the only one who doesn't look confused, in fact, she smiles lovingly at me. She speaks up.

“Hello, my name is Roxy, I am from the future and I have this message for you,” she keeps staring at me and Four for some reason.

“There are a lot of bad things that are about to happen and I found these books that have the story written down.” She holds up three books and I stiffen at the name, Divergent, I am divergent.

“I have collected you all here because you play some role in this story. The main characters are Tris because the book is from her perspective,” I stand there shocked at what I’m hearing.

“And Four because… well, let’s just say you’ll find out soon enough.” She smiles at the end of this.

“You need to read all these books, I will be here the whole time, this is a safe house that has no weapons of any kind and you each have your own room, couples, of course, can share.” She says nodding to my parents.

I notice that Roxy has blond hair like me and dark blue eyes like four, she also is built like me, small, but has Four’s facial structure. I freeze. She said she was from the future.

“I am sure that by now you,” She says looking at me. “Have noticed that I look a lot like you and Mr. Scary instructor over there.” She says nodding at Four.

“I am actually your daughter, you and Four get together and if you can fix what happens in these books then you will end up having me.” I stand there with my mouth open and I pinch myself, making sure I’m not dreaming.

I look over at Four and see that he almost has a smile on his face, almost.

“Wait,” Four says, “You mean I start dating Tris and we have a kid?” He looks like he is trying not to smile.

Roxy just grins at him “Not just one kid, I had to share my room with my twin, Natalie, and our little brother, Rhys (pronounced Reese), got a room all to himself!” She throws her hands up in mock outrage.

“I had to share a bathroom with her for 14 years until you guys finally decided to accept the leadership position because you were having another kid and the house was getting small.” She glares at us and I laugh a little, she reminds me of myself a bit.

Turning back to Four she says “I know you like her, no need to hide it here, It will all be out in the open when we read the book anyway.”

Four looks shocked and so do I, no one would want me, I am built like a child and nothing about me in attractive.

Roxy looks over at me. “And, I know that right now, you are thinking about how unattractive you are and how no one would ever like you. I’m here to tell you that what you are thinking is bullshit and Four likes you so can we please read the books now! It's mom's birthday in two months and dad will kill me if I miss it again” she says rolling her eyes.

Everyone looks shocked but takes a seat. She can really command a room. I blush a little and look at Four who has a hint of color in his face. Is everything Roxy said true?

“Who wants to read first?” She asks and my mother holds her hand out for the book with a smile.