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Sexual Hallucination

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Moonlight glinted off the long blade in Jimin’s hand as he and Jungkook crept through the trees in the darkened forest. The cool night was oddly silent and void of the regular nocturnal wildlife. Jimin, being the oldest and more experienced among the two, was almost completely silent while the other boy was still learning to place his feet correctly. The older boy snapped his head to his right and glared when Jungkook carelessly snapped a twig under his boot. The dark haired boy gave him a sheepish grin and placed his next step more carefully. Jimin shook his head and continued on without fuss. They were way too deep into the vampire’s territory now for him to chew Jungkook out properly. He’ll have to wait until they get back to the safe house with Hoseok to berate him for being so unobservant of his surroundings.

So far Jimin estimated that the wind should be blowing their scents away from the nest they’re currently headed towards, and he hoped that it didn’t change anytime soon. They would have to hurry before the element of surprise slipped from their grasp. Silently, Jimin motioned at Jungkook to split up and head opposite ways. They had already planned this beforehand since the intel they had told them the nest was fairly small and would be fine to take over with just the three of them, Namjoon hung back a ways behind them to scout and make sure they wouldn’t be followed and ambushed from the back. Jungkook hesitated for a moment at the command, nerves getting the best of him last minute. He fiddled with the machete in his hand for a second before giving a small nod and melting into the shadows. Jimin allowed himself a small sigh of relief and a quick prayer before he slipped off into the opposite direction. Out of all the hunters in his makeshift family Jungkook was the newest and youngest out of them all. This was his first real big hunt, and even if it wasn’t the most dangerous it could get nasty fast if they weren’t careful.

If their intel was correct then Jimin should be coming up on the house soon. Deep enough in the forest for no one to find unless they were intentionally looking for it. Jimin’s movements were swift but calculated as he scaled tree roots and avoided dry brush that would alert sharp ears to his whereabouts. Soon, he could see faint light flickering in the distance.

Jackpot. He thought slowing his pace to a crawl as he scouted the area nearby. He tried to control his breathing as he crouched by a thick tree trunk and tried to make out anything in the darkness of the forest. The moon was covered by clouds and it was hard to see even with his eyes already adjusted to the dark hours ago. He squinted as he continued to scan the area with precision. The house was right there, but he couldn’t risk all the planning it took to get him here. Namjoon, Jungkook, and Hoseok depended on him to get in and out of this mission alive.

Just as he was about to crawl from his hiding spot he froze. The moon had slid from behind the clouds and was now shining bright through the bare branches of the trees and onto a figure that was half hidden behind a tree like himself a few yards away. Jimin almost would have mistaken him for Jungkook had the man been taller and not wearing such obvious clothing. The hunter could see bright red cloth peeking out from the bark. Jimin had made sure to dress the younger man in all black before they left as to blend into the night. He tensed as he saw the figure step into the moonlight and lift his face towards it, eyes closed.

Definitely not Jungkook. Jimin’s breathe caught in his throat as his eyes roamed the man that was now completely visible. His dark hair was swept messily on his forehead, in complete contrast to his neat clothing. The man wore a red and black blazer over a black button down with black slacks and shoes shined to perfection. He also wore a ruffled scarf around his slender, pale neck. Jimin finally snapped out of his thoughts at that. This man was so pale in the moonlight it was unnatural.

He was one of them.

Jimin immediately gripped his blade tighter and crouched lower, assessing how to sneak up behind the other man without getting caught himself. This wasn’t the first time he killed, and it certainly wouldn’t be the last, Jimin was raised in this life and he had recruited and trained others as well. Besides Namjoon who had also come from a family of hunters. Him and the older man were personally training Jungkook at the moment since they both were well seasoned in the game. Jimin had been killing since he was old enough to hold any sort of weapon steady.

That’s why Jimin was immediately taken off guard when he was stopped in his tracks halfway between the other man and his previous hiding spot. His eyes widened as he was met with dark eyes and a lilting smirk. The other man was fully facing him with hands in his pockets as he raised an eyebrow at the low crouch Jimin was still frozen in. Jimin frowned and smoothly stood to his full height but stayed rooted to the spot a few yards away.

“I could smell all three of you as soon as you entered the forest,” he scrunched his small nose in apparent distaste but relaxed his features once again, seemingly bored. “You’re pretty good though. Much better than that other human who kept stepping on twigs and making things too easy for our little Tae to track,” he chuckled. Jimin bristled but held himself back. He was slightly panicking not only because of Jungkook being tracked by another vampire all alone, but because he’d never been in this situation before. The asshole in front of him should be dead by now, but he had somehow smashed his operation into pieces before it had even begun.

“Your ‘little Tae’ is about to be dead. Just like you, asshole.” Jimin seethed. He internally cringed at the awful comeback. He was normally more witty when he wasn’t mentally preparing himself for his own death while simultaneously trying to figure out how the fuckhe was going to defend himself. The hunter had always relied on the element of surprise and that was completely obliterated as he stared down the other man just mere yards from him. Jimin’s mind worked a mile a minute as he mentally assessed what weapons he had on his immediate person; hidden away in his clothing. The silver machete in his hand would probably be the first thing to quickly be discarded but the smaller dagger tucked into his boot might come in handy temporarily. The last thing he had was a syringe filled with dead man’s blood in his pocket, but it would be tricky to use in a scuffle. He just hoped what he had would get him out of this half way alive.

“Oh really now?” he laughed; throwing his head back and eyes squeezing shut in mirth. Jimin had little time to second guess himself as he took the opportunity to charge at the vampire. Just as he expected the vampire recovered quickly and smacked the long blade out of the hunter’s hand as soon as they were close enough to touch. The other man looked highly amused as Jimin swiftly bent and snatched the dagger from his boot and lunged with it. The vampire just smirked and side stepped each swipe from the slightly bigger male. Jimin knew damn well that the other man could easily discard the dagger just like he did with the machete, but he just kept ducking and backing up at each jab and swipe of the blade, chuckling.

The asshole was fucking teasing him.

Jimin growled and used a boost of adrenaline to shove the dagger harder and faster than before. Both men abruptly stopped as metal made contact with skin and the air went still and quiet. The vampire slowly brought a hand up to the fresh laceration on his cheek. Stunned, he gazed at the dark blood on his slender fingers. A cruel smile curled onto his lips as pure black orbs suddenly met Jimin’s dark brown ones.

“You’re the first hunter in 400 years to actually put a scratch on me. I’m impressed.”

Jimin didn’t have time to fully register his words before cool, long fingers were promptly wrapped around his throat and he was being lifted into the air. The dagger hit the grass with a dull thud as his blunt nails scrabbled at the sleeve of the vampire’s coat. He gasped and kicked out as the man smiled wide, revealing his fangs.

Not good not good not good not good. He chanted in his head as he struggled to breathe through both the panic and fingers squeezing his windpipe. The hunter was quickly losing his strength, already spent from the knife fight and his adrenaline was starting to wane as his vision blurred around the edges. This was definitely not what he imagined his last show down to be like. Subconsciously, he always knew that he would die on a hunt, but that was before Namjoon, Hoseok, and Jungkook. He actually had people waiting for him at the end of this job, but here he was giving in easily, too easily. Suddenly, as if his brain decided maybe it was a good time to remember that he wasn’t totally out of options yet, he remembered the syringe in his right pant’s pocket.

“It’s really a shame I have to do this. You’re such a pretty little thing, too,” the other man leaned in further to give Jimin an even better view of his elongated canines as his eyes dragged up his own hand around his throat to the hunter’s drooping eyelids. Jimin feigned weakness and dropped his right hand down to his side as the left still weakly gripped the vampire’s wrist. It wasn’t too hard since he was borderline unconscious, but he had to execute this perfectly or soon he wouldn’t be breathing at all. He slowly swiped his tongue over his equally dry lips, effectively capturing the vampire’s attention. For once he was thanking God that he was blessed with very nice lips. Even shy little Jungkook had said so with a furious blush after a few too many drinks one night after training.

While the other man was distracted drinking in his features with dark eyes Jimin slipped his fingers into his pocket and uncapped the needle as smoothly as possible. What had to be only seconds felt like hours. With a last shuddering breath and a quick prayer Jimin squeezed his eyes shut and shoved the needle as hard as he could at the side of the vampire’s neck.

A sharp cry rang out through the still woods. It took a few moments for Jimin to realize it was his own as he was shoved to the cold forest floor. Breathless from the impact, he stared up at the man as his cat-like features twisted into an ugly frown. In his pale hands was the syringe, still completely full. Jimin all but sobbed as his head thumped back onto the grass in defeat.

“Now now, we can’t have this nasty stuff near me. You know how us vampires react to this stuff. Not fun at all really,” he smirked and stalked over to stand above Jimin to drop the glass syringe right beside the hunter’s head in the grass. A few tears did end up escaping his eyes as the vampire’s polished shoe slowly crushed the weapon. The glass crunching beside his ear was almost deafening as he began to shake in fear. Jimin cried out when he was suddenly pulled up and onto his knees by the lapels of his leather jacket.

“I should kill you for that, but you look so fucking pretty when you cry,” he growled as he shoved their chests together. Jimin just gasped and shook his head, too far gone in his panic to fully understand the vampire’s words. Suddenly, the other man was on his level and gripping the back of his neck and pulling him in even further.

Jimin choked on another sob as he felt something sharp sliding into his throat. His eyes shot open to see the moon and stars glaring back down on him. Soft, black hair tickled his chin as the vampire latched onto his throat and crushed the hunter even tighter to his body. However, the initial pain was quickly being replaced by a pleasant warmth and fuzzy-ness that Jimin’s exhausted body was happy to sink into. It spread from his throat and creeped through his veins, making his whole body pliant and warm. His head swam and he tipped his chin back further for easier access. Jimin vaguely recalled in the back of his conscience that this was probably really bad and something hunters definitely did not do, but the hotter his body became the more he decided not to give a fuck.

Soon Jimin found himself sitting firmly in the vampire’s lap as he continued to drain the boy, firm hand holding the back of his neck to keep him in place while the other snaked around his waist. The hunter slung his arms lazily around the vampire’s neck and leaned in closer, the burning desire to be near the other man creeping up his spine like a flame. His body continued to heat up as the seconds ticked by, and he let out a small, broken moan at a particularly hard suck. Jimin flushed when he felt the soft lips on his throat quirk up into a smirk. Suddenly, the vampire rolled his hips up, slow and dirty. The hunter cried out and dug his fingernails into the man’s shoulders as both their cocks ground into one another. He hadn’t even realized he’d gotten hard through the fog of heat creeping throughout his entire being.

Yoongi slowly retracted his fangs from the boy’s beautiful neck and chuckled. The hunter whined, high and needy as the vampire pulled away just a fraction, clinging to his shoulders as his body was taken over by Yoongi’s venom. Being fed on by a vampire always caused a certain high. It was a quirk of evolution to keep the prey from running away, too hypnotized to think of doing so as they only grew more lightheaded with blood loss. Now, Yoongi had a pretty parcel of a vampire hunter bound harmless and needy on his lap - no chance of those nasty hunter tricks now. The vampire rocked his hips up again and the human moaned unabashedly, his eyes glassy and unfocused.

“Am I your first?” Yoongi purred. “You look like you don’t know what hit you. Your plan for getting close to kill me backfired a little, didn’t it?” he leaned in to give the human’s neck another nip, feeling him tremble. “You do know that I’m going to have to punish you for this, right? I can’t have you running around thinking you can get away with your little stunt.” Yoongi growled and pushed the hunter down into the grass; plopping his ass on the other man’s knees.

“Please.” he practically sobbed grabbing at the vampire’s coat lapels.

“Shhh, what’s your name? I’ll take care of you, darling.” Yoongi leaned over and pressed heated kisses down the man’s sweat slicked throat.

“J-Jimin. Please, just fucking touch me.” he whined. The vampire grinned and started shucking off the leather jacket and flannel shirt underneath.

“Min Yoongi, but I’m sure you’ve heard of me. You’re damn lucky you’re so cute.” Jimin’s eyes widened at that. Somehow, through the fog he was able to recognize the name. Just one of the oldest and most powerful vampires in North America. How the hell did they stumble upon his nest? If Jimin made it out of this situation alive he would be the most revered hunter in the whole damn country just because he came toe to toe with one Min Yoongi.

Jimin shivered and gave a relieved sigh as long, cool fingers made their way down his heated skin.

“Feel good, baby?” he mumbled against his neck. Jimin just nodded and slid his shorter fingers into the vampire’s glossy locks. The other man’s body felt absolutely delicious against his fevered skin, but he wanted more. Jimin bucked his hips again and slid his hands down the vampire’s back with a groan. Yoongi chuckled and deftly unbuckled the hunter’s belt before undoing his fly and slipping his hand into his pants.

“F-Fuck, Yoongi!” he cried arching into the vampire. His fingers quickly found purchase in the dirt while Yoongi grinned and began pumping his cock steadily. With the amount of venom in the boy’s body he knew he wouldn’t last long. Yoongi expertly twisted his wrist and made sure to flick the head at each upstroke as Jimin quickly came apart beneath him. He licked his lips as the boy got wetter by the second. Precum was almost pouring out of his slit. The vampire swooped down to wrap his lips around it and sucked. He was quickly rewarded with a cry and cum coating his tongue; heavy and thick. Yoongi chuckled and sat up; swallowing with a coy smile. At the sight of this Jimin’s eyes damn near rolled into the back of his head. He was still painfully hard thanks to Yoongi’s venom still pulsing through his veins.

“Such a needy little slut.” the vampire growled. Suddenly, Jimin was being flipped over onto his stomach; cheek pressed into the dirt and his ass hoisted high in the air. Yoongi had his wrists clamped together in one hand against his lower back as he hovered over him. His jeans were pooled around his knees and he moaned as he felt the other man grind his clothed cock against his bare ass.

“God, just fuck me already you fucking tease.” he huffed angrily.

“Oh good, I was starting to miss the feisty little hunter who tried to kill me.” he chuckled. Jimin felt thick cloth replace the hand around his wrists and a knot expertly pinning them back in place. “But I can’t have you ruining the fun before I’m finished with you.” Jimin weakly tested his bindings and whined. Yoongi had plucked his flannel from where he discarded it and had used it as a makeshift restraint. Jimin could feel himself leaking from this new development but couldn’t muster the strength to feel ashamed. He could hear the vampire inhale and groan before a hand slid between his legs to cup his aching cock.

“You like that? Oh, if only I had proper rope I could make you feel even better, darling.” Yoongi said giving his cock a firm squeeze. Jimin whimpered high in his throat and pushed his ass back.

“Yoongi, please.” he cried.

“Shhh, it’s okay I’ve got you.” the vampire rubbed soothing circles into his lower back and reached around with his other hand to press his fingers to the hunter’s plush lips. “Suck, and make sure you get them nice and wet, or this is going to hurt.” he demanded. Jimin eagerly sucked the digits into his mouth and began tonguing them with fervor. All too soon, Yoongi was pulling his hand back and Jimin momentarily panicked at the loss of contact, but suddenly felt a finger prodding at his entrance. Heat was still rapidly coursing through his body and he almost cried in relief when one cool hand wrapped around the top of his thigh and a finger slide easily into his hole.

“More.” Jimin panted into the dirt shoving his ass back hoping for more fingers to fill him. He’d never been this god damn horny in his life and it seemed the only thing keeping the fire from completely burning him up was the vampire’s soothing touch. Yoongi seemed to sense the urgency and quickly ducked his head down to swipe his tongue at the boy’s entrance as he slid another finger inside. Jimin nearly screamed as he felt the wet appendage wiggle its way into his entrance along with another finger. If he hadn’t already came once he probably would have come from that alone. He sobbed as Yoongi scissored his fingers and licked his way into his hole. Jimin could feel how wet and sloppy he was getting and he felt like such a slut. Out in the middle of nowhere, ass up in the air, getting eaten out by one of the most powerful vampires in the world. Oh, if only his fellow hunters could see him now. Whining and begging for a monster’s cock like a good little whore. Just thinking about it made him leak more precum.

“Ready, doll?”  Yoongi was suddenly whispering into his ear as he continued to pump his fingers in and out of his stretched hole. Jimin could only whine and nod his head frantically. The vampire chuckled and completely retracted. But before the boy could protest Yoongi was sliding his thick cock into his entrance. Jimin cried in relief as the vampire bottomed out. The boy had never felt so full and tears were freely falling down his face and into the dirt. The vampire’s hands had a death grip on his hips and he could tell he was trying to let him adjust to his size, but Jimin was far too gone to care.

“Fuck me, dammit!” he sobbed shoving his hips back. Yoongi growled and snapped his hips forward in retaliation.

“You asked for it, hunter.” a thrill of excitement zipped up Jimin’s spine at that. No endearing pet names, just his rank, and he was ranked at the very bottom of the food chain. A cool hand was suddenly gripping the back of his neck, effectively pinning him down as the vampire brutally snapped his hips back and forth. The other hand was firmly gripping his thick thigh and holding him in place as the vampire set a brutal pace. Jimin knew he wouldn’t last long if Yoongi kept fucking him like this.

“I-I’m gonna cum!” he gasped. Suddenly, he was yanked up by his bound wrists and he was properly bouncing in the vampire’s lap. A hand snaked around to grip the base of his cock tight and he sobbed as his orgasm was immediately blocked. At this new angle he could feel his prostate being hit dead on.

“Not until I say so.” Yoongi hissed into his ear. Jimin’s head dropped to the other man’s shoulder as he continued to ram into him. Sweat glistened on his body and Jimin felt like he was about to pass out from the pleasure wracking his body. “Like I said, you’re so fucking pretty when you cry.” Yoongi moaned into his ear and kissed the tear tracks streaking down his reddened cheeks.

Jimin could feel his thrusts becoming more erratic and almost sobbed in relief. Yoongi was close, and he could feel it.

“Please let me cum!” he sobbed into the night air. His throat bared in submission and moaning like a bitch in heat had Yoongi on the brink of his own orgasm.

“Since you asked so nicely.” he half groaned half chuckled. Suddenly, the hand around his cock was gone and fangs were once again buried into his throat. Jimin screeched as white ropes spurt up and across his tight abs. Yoongi came deep inside a few pumps later with a feral growl, still attached to the boy’s neck.

Jimin went slack and let out a pitiful moan as the vampire slid his fangs out and laved his tongue over the rapidly healing puncture wounds. Yoongi practically purred as he ran his hands over the hunter’s twitching muscles. Carefully, he slid out of the boy’s abused hole and wiped him down with the handkerchief from his coat pocket. Jimin shuddered as the vampire carefully laid him down on the cool ground to finish wiping the cum from his stomach. Now that he was sated, the heat and fog were starting to retreat and he was beginning to shake. He wasn’t sure whether it was more from fear or from the actual cold weather. Jimin eyed the vampire as he calmly put the two of them back together. The hunter’s hands were still wrapped in his shirt and he was completely vulnerable.

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to hurt you.” Yoongi said brushing Jimin’s sweaty bangs off his forehead. The hunter immediately froze and watched the vampire stand in confusion.

“What? Why?” he said struggling to sit upright. The vampire chuckled and Jimin caught a glimpse of those fangs in the moonlight.

“Consider yourself lucky, hunter. I’ll spare your life if you promise to stay away from my nest.” he said. Jimin cocked his head and looked up at the other man in confusion,

“You know I can’t do that.” he said looking away. After what they had just done Jimin couldn’t see himself leaving it at that.

“If you want your own brothers to be safe, then I suggest leaving mine alone, too.” he walked around and deftly undid the knot tying his wrists together. Jimin hastily got to his feet on shaky legs and slid his shirt back on. But before he could begin buttoning the flannel up again pale, slender fingers batted his trembling ones out of the way. Jimin just dumbly watched as each button slid through the slit in the cloth. “Truce? To keep our brothers safe?” Yoongi asked quietly.

Jimin reached up and snagged his pinky with the other man’s just as he finished with the top button.

“Truce.” he said looking up into shocked, dark eyes.

“You really are something else, hunter.” he said shaking his head.

“Jimin, you can call me Jimin.” he said picking up his leather jacket and shrugging that on too. The venom had completely left his system and he was shivering. Yoongi quickly snatched the zipper and zipped it for him.

“I definitely won’t forget that name for the rest of my undead life.” he chuckled.

“Just wait until the other guys hear about this.” Jimin huffed a laugh. For some reason Yoongi didn’t feel as dangerous as he did before. Even though it was obvious he could kill Jimin with the flick of his wrist, he didn’t feel scared anymore. He internally shook his head at that thought. Maybe it was still a trace of the venom talking.

“About how you got fucked within an inch of your life by the monster you were supposed to kill?” he barked. Jimin blushed and dropped his gaze to his boots.

“Maybe not that part…” he mumbled. Jimin hadn’t realized how close they had gravitated towards one another until he could feel hands on his hips, but the moment was broken when Yoongi spun him around to face the way he had come and gave a small push.

“Remember our truce, Jimin.”

Jimin whipped back around to tell the vampire off for manhandling him like that, but stopped when he saw that Yoongi was no longer standing there. He frantically whipped around and looked all around himself in the small clearing but there was no sign of the vampire. Yoongi had quite literally vanished into thin air. Jimin huffed and ran a hand through his hair anxiously before slowly heading back out of the forest. He was a man of his word; he just hoped Min Yoongi was too.

Because Jungkook and Namjoon were still out in the forest somewhere. He just hoped they hadn’t found the other vampires yet, or he hoped the other vampires hadn’t found them yet.