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petal - josh dun x reader

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"What do you mean you had an extra shift?!"

You came home late, due to a double shift at the diner from down the road. Your mother is yelling at you, waving curses around and hitting you with a wooden spoon on your limbs. It hurt like hell.

"S-stop..." You whimper. "I will NOT! It's your fault that you get home late! We had to starve!" She says, pointing at your little sister and father.

"Just send (Y/N) without dinner, Millie." Your dad says from across the room. "Mommy, stop!" Beatrix cries. "Why are you defending her?!" Your mother yells. You flinch.

"I'm sorry, okay?! It's just that the chef wanted me to-" "I don't CARE what the chef wanted you to do! You should've told him that you needed to get home!" Your mother interrupts.

Why does she never understand? You are always willing to help people, even if it came with consequences. It was a bad habit, but you cared more for others than yourself. You saw no issue, but your mother thinks otherwise.

"Just go to your damn room, I don't want to see you for the rest of the evening. No dinner for two days." She instructed. You obeyed and walked up the creaky wooden staircase of your home.

Your mother was never a nice woman. She hated a lot of people and things because they were different to what she grew up with. She almost got a divorce and took your little sister, Beatrix, with her to Germany.

Of course she didn't have the money to fly there, nor rent money to own a house. She just tore the family apart. You didn't say anything about it either, because people say 'You have to love your parents, they were the ones that gave you life.'

It was absolute crap to you. You just wanted a loving mother who would share your interests with you and help you through the tough times of life. She just threw you into the crowd and told you to 'fit in.'

You fought back heavy crocodile tears as you entered your room. It's stupid. You are stupid. Why did you stay longer? Because of your pathetic act, you now have to starve. Good job. You wiped your eyes slightly just to not show your weak side.

Earphones and your phone stood out from your room as you stared across the emo trash filled space. You plug your earphones into your ears and play a song.

It speaks to you a lot, but doesn't speak to you more than Twenty One Pilots. Ah, yes, the uprising stars of the century. Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun are perfect in your eyes. The two mama's boys are just amazing heroes who showed you purpose in your life.

You roll up your uniform sleeves to reveal scars from self-harming. You haven't cut yourself in a while thanks to these two incredible people. Never in your life have you met two people that has changed your life so much that you decided to stop doing something that was hurting you in the first place.

Their songs just spoke to you. You couldn't describe it, but you're so sure that the clique would understand would know what you meant by it. It was like Tyler was singing to you specifically, and Josh was beating his drums for only you to hear.

You moved a (H/C) strand of hair from over your eyes and rolled your head backwards a little bit. The ceiling light flickered lightly above you and finally decided to get up and get ready for a dinnerless evening.

-10 minutes later-

You walked out of the bathroom, your hair soaking wet and a comfortable grey oversized sweater with black short shorts. You didn't have much in your wardrobe, besides, your ex gave you that sweater. Well, you stole it from him, but that doesn't matter.

Your parents are yelling about you. Your mother swore and said things such as "She was a mistake! A one night stand mistake! I wish I had an abortion!" and your dad replied "She has a life! She is trying her best! How dare you say that!"

It was drilled in your mind from when you were five that you were an accident, something that was just supposed to die in the womb. That started the self-harming. You used to hit your head against walls to have a concussion then as soon as you hit high school, you used razors and knives.

Blocking out the profanities, you strutted towards your bedroom and closed the door. Your sister was asleep so you tried to be quiet, not like it mattered anyway. Your phone was flashing on your bed, a Snapchat notification blared. You didn't bother reading what it was about and just tapped on it. It lead to your Snapchat messages.

You couldn't believe your eyes. You started to breathe quickly. You held your posture. You read the message again.

Josh Dun: "Are you okay?"