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Always Looking for a Fight

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“C’mon, Kiryu-chan, it’ll be fun,” Majima whined, looking pleadingly at the other man. They held each other’s gazes for a few moments, Kiryu’s face as stoic as usual before he sighed and shook his head.

“Fine, but not this week,” he said. “I’m too busy. I’ll call you sometime next week when I’m free.”

Majima grinned and planted a quick kiss on Kiryu’s cheek before turning and leaving him standing in the alleyway where they’d just finished another battle. He was gleeful that he’d convinced Kiryu to really lay into him next time, cranking up the dominance to an 11 instead of the gentle dom shit he usually gave him. His cock threatened to harden in his pants as he walked back home, but he forced himself to think of other things so he could make it back to his apartment before having to jerk off.

As he walked through the door, he sighed and wondered whether Kiryu would really be able to pull it off. He was so sweet that it gave him a toothache. Not that he disliked that, but sometimes he wanted something to struggle against—not that he minded being the one in control most of the time. Especially since Kiryu looked so damn gorgeous; all pliant and whining beneath him. But right now he was craving someone to butt heads with, someone who would put him in his place before fucking him.

* * *

He was beating up some low-life Yakuza wannabe when Kiryu called him the next week, making him grin as the other man’s name lit up his phone screen. He waited for it to ring a few more times before flipping the phone open and placing the receiver next to his ear.

“Hello?” he said, trying his best to feign disinterest while excitement burned in his stomach.

“Majima-san,” Kiryu said, his voice as smooth and sweet as honey. “Would tonight be a good time for me to come over?”

“Oh, I dunno, Kiryu-chan,” he said, bashing his bat against the low-life’s ribcage, grinning when the man began crying on the ground. “I’m kinda busy here, it’s hard bein’ a patriarch, ya know.” The line was silent for a split second, Majima’s heart pounding as his mind flipped through all the ways Kiryu could respond. If it were any other time, he’d expect the other man to accept without question and wait for him to call back, but this time, it was different.

“It wasn’t really a question,” Kiryu said, his voice sharp and low with a dangerous edge. “I was just letting you know.”

“Ah, is that so?” Majima asked, chuckling as arousal built in his core. “Well, I guess I’ll see ya in a few hours, then.”

“No, you’ll come over right now,” Kiryu said.

“Eh?” Majima asked, fully surprised at the response. “But—”

“No buts,” Kiryu said, interrupting him. “I’ll see you in 10 minutes.” The line went dead, and Majima chuckled. Damn, he was really bringing it. He kicked the man he’d been beating up just moments ago to ensure he got the message before sauntering towards his apartment, making sure he wasn’t walking too fast.

* * *

He strolled through his front door and was pleased to see Kiryu smoking lazily on the couch, watching him with disinterest as he walked in.

“You’re late,” he said simply.

“Oh, whoopsies, guess I lost track ‘a time,” Majima said, his lips curling into a grin. Kiryu took another drag of his cigarette before exhaling a puff of smoke.

“On your knees, in front of me,” he said, still regarding the one-eyed man with disinterest. Majima grinned but obliged eagerly, always happy to be on his knees in front of him. Kiryu stood and undressed, his pace slow, as if Majima wasn’t kneeling in front of him. He sat back down, his knees on either side of Majima’s body. Majima grinned and leaned forward, ready to start sucking Kiryu’s dick, but the younger man grabbed him by the chin and pulled him away.

“Watch me,” he said.

Majima pouted but stayed still as Kiryu started stroking his half-hard cock, quickly bringing himself to full hardness. He stole glances up at Kiryu’s face, his mouth slightly open as he pleasured himself, his face reddening despite his dominant demeanor. Majima couldn’t help himself but to lean forward and begin licking where his balls met his shaft, grinning to himself when Kiryu didn’t immediately stop him. He could spend all day just doing this, getting lost in Kiryu’s musk, but he gasped when the younger man yanked him back, clicking his tongue as Majima pouted.

“Aw, c’mon, Kiryu-chan,” he whined, pouting in a way he hoped would make him get his way.

“I didn’t say you could touch,” Kiryu said, his voice even and conversational as he stood up, his hands holding Majima’s head gently in place. Majima’s cock twitched with interest as he looked up at Kiryu’s stoic expression, still looking at him with disinterest. Kiryu tightened his grip on his head, pulling at his hair, making him moan and squirm under the touch.

“Sit still, Majima-san,” Kiryu murmured, reaching his thumb down to open the older man’s mouth. Majima’s cock leaked against his abdomen as Kiryu lined up his cock with his mouth, perfectly long and thick against his lips. He expected the younger man to start out as slowly and gently as usual, but couldn’t help but grunt in surprise when Kiryu buried himself to the hilt in one go, forcing Majima to focus on keeping his gag reflex in check and shut his eye as he breathed against the younger man’s pelvis. When he tamed his gag reflex, he opened his watering eye and moaned when he saw Kiryu smirking down at him. Kiryu tightened the grip on Majima’s hair, his hands holding his head solidly before he began fucking his face in earnest, none of his usual gentleness present as he used Majima’s mouth for his own pleasure. Majima moaned at the sensation of Kiryu’s cock dragging against his tongue, forcing his throat open as he tried to stay relaxed. Kiryu began slamming into his mouth faster and faster, grunting whenever Majima would swallow around him. He finally pulled his cock out and came over Majima’s face, making him whine as he tried to catch what he could on his tongue.

“I wanted to swallow, Kiryu-chan,” he said hoarsely, pouting once more.

Kiryu smirked before wrapping his hand almost lovingly around Majima’s throat, yanking him into a standing position quickly. He moaned, the pain radiating pleasure to his already painfully hard cock as Kiryu dragged him to the bedroom.

“Get undressed,” Kiryu said, turning his back as he rifled through the dresser, no doubt searching for lube. Majima’s debated whether he wanted to disobey and get punished again, but the prospect of getting fucked was reason enough for him to slip out of his clothes quickly, tossing them aside. As Majima watched Kiryu search for lube, he couldn’t stop himself from pressing a finger inside his ass, moaning as he stretched himself out. Kiryu turned at the sound and furrowed his brows at the sight of Majima fingering himself.

“I didn’t say you could do that, Majima-san,” Kiryu said, his voice dangerously low as he slowly walked towards the older man.

“Whoops,” Majima said, biting his bottom lip as he pressed another finger inside himself and moaned. Kiryu roughly grabbed his wrist and yanked his fingers out, drawing out another moan at the sensation of feeling so empty so quickly. He shoved Majima over the bed, pushing his legs apart as he situated himself behind the older man. He craned his neck and grinned at the sight of Kiryu kneeling behind him.

“Ya gonna give me a nice kiss, Kiryu-chan?” Majima asked teasingly, surprise drawing a gasp out of him as he felt the younger man press his tongue against his entrance. He squirmed and tried thrusting his hips back to take more inside him, but all it got him was a less than gentle bite on his left asscheek, drawing out a pained groan even as he felt his cock twitch with interest.

“Sit still, Majima-san,” Kiryu said, his voice low and commanding. He began pressing his tongue back into the older man, stretching out the muscle between licks. Majima moaned as he kept his hips still, hoping his voice would be enough to urge the younger man on. He gasped in surprise when he felt a finger press inside him, quickly joined by a second. Kiryu wasted no time finding Majima’s prostate, rubbing at it insistently as Majima panted into his arms and let out a stream of swears at the feeling of getting stretched out by Kiryu’s skilled fingers and tongue. He was even more surprised when he felt Kiryu’s rough hand reach around and fumble momentarily before grasping tightly around his cock, stroking him evenly as he continued the pressure against that sweet spot inside him.

“Ah! K-Kiryu-chan,” Majima panted out, unable to stop himself from thrusting into the touch. The younger man didn’t stop, making him cum with a cry as Majima continued thrusting in and out of Kiryu’s rough fist. Kiryu removed his fingers and turned away. Majima turned his head to start complaining, but his eye grew wide when he saw what Kiryu was holding in his hand.

“You’d better relax for this, Majima-san,” Kiryu said, smirking slightly as he poured lube over the decently sized butt-plug—if it could even be called that. It was too big to be called a plug but too small to be a true dildo. It was one of Majima’s favorite toys, perfect for preparing himself to get fucked. He whined with over-stimulation as Kiryu pressed the toy inside him, grinding his hips backward so he could make the sensation more acute. He dropped his head against the sheets as the toy sat fully sheathed inside him, panting heavily as he squirmed. Kiryu roughly rolled him over onto his back, his face back to his stoic expression as he looked at Majima’s debauched state in front of him—his pupil wide with lust, his hair a mess, cum drying on his face. Even though his face wasn’t much different than normal, Majima could see the undercurrents of lust—the way his Adam’s Apple bobbed as he swallowed, the way he seemed to stop himself from biting his lip.

“Are ya gonna fuck me now, Kiryu-chan?” he panted out, grinning at the look on Kiryu’s face.

“No,” he said simply.

“Eh? C’mon, I’m all stretched out for ya!” he protested, turning onto his stomach to wiggle his hips enticingly. He’d barely turned over when he felt Kiryu grip his hair, making him moan as he pulled him up, the pain making his cock even harder than it had been.

“Lay on your back,” Kiryu said, his deep voice challenging him to disobey again.

Majima nodded as best he could, gasping in relief when Kiryu let go of his hair. He laid on his back and looked up with what he hoped was an innocent look, one which quickly turned to surprise as he saw Kiryu fingering himself.

“Kiryu-chan!” he whimpered out, wanting nothing more than to stretch out Kiryu’s asshole for him. He loved the way the younger man would squirm beneath his fingers, the breathy moans he’d let out whenever he’d press against his prostate. Kiryu didn’t respond, just knit his eyebrows together as he continued stretching himself out, biting his lip as he contained any noises he would have usually let out. After an eternity, he opened the bottle of lube again, pouring it over Majima’s cock, making him gasp at the cool liquid. Kiryu began stroking him quickly, making him moan and arch his back as he jerked him off for a few moments. Majima whimpered when Kiryu took his hand away and crawled on top of him. His legs were on either side of Majima’s body, their cocks close enough to touch as he situated himself on top of him. Majima whined and thrust his hips up, hoping to be able to grind against Kiryu’s cock.

“Stop,” Kiryu said, the commanding tone of his voice sending a shiver down Majima’s spine, so authoritative that he didn’t even want to fight back. The obedience made Kiryu smirk again. “Oh? Are you ready to listen to me?”

“Yes, Kiryu-chan,” Majima whispered out, gasping in appreciation when the younger man rubbed their cocks together. He moaned but kept his hips still, making the man sitting atop him chuckle at his ability to control himself. He whined when Kiryu moved away but the whine quickly turned into a moan when he felt Kiryu’s asshole against his swollen cock-head. He was deliberately slow with his pace, lowering himself carefully onto Majima’s hard cock, stopping several times as if to make sure he wasn’t going too quickly.

“Please, Kiryu-chan!” Majima gasped when he was halfway inside Kiryu’s tight ass. The younger man chuckled and obliged, seating himself fully, both of them moaning at the sensation. It was incredible; Kiryu’s hot tightness squeezing around him mixed with the pleasure of the toy pressing insistently against his prostate, making him wonder if he would even be able to last very long. Majima groaned as he kept himself from rolling his hips up into the incredible tightness, wishing he could fuck Kiryu into the bed, but the knowledge that the younger man had him cowed into obeying sending a delicious sense of arousal throughout his body.

“I never would have thought you could be this obedient,” Kiryu said, panting slightly as he began fucking himself on Majima’s cock. “I like you like this, squirming beneath me as you stop yourself from disobeying.” He began moving faster, making Majima forget whatever cocky retort had been about to pour out of his mouth. Kiryu began pulling at Majima’s nipples, making him gasp at the rough handling, but he loved every second of it. He bit his lip as he continued to stop himself from thrusting upwards, eying the lovely sight of Kiryu’s hard cock bouncing against his abdomen with every move.

“Kiryu-chan,” Majima whimpered out, struggling to stop himself from squirming as the pleasure threatened to overwhelm him.

“Hm?” Kiryu responded, trying to keep his response even, but he was unable to keep just how good he was feeling truly hidden.

“Lemme touch ya, please,” he whined, glancing back down at the precum leaking from Kiryu’s cock. The younger man chuckled at the request.

“Go ahead,” he said, picking up speed as he began slamming his body against Majima’s, both of them moaning loudly. He began stroking Kiryu’s cock, his fingers trembling as he tried to rub against the spots the younger man loved to have touched. He wasn’t able to last much longer and moaned Kiryu’s name loudly as he began cumming, the other man still riding him desperately as he chased his own orgasm, which happened soon after. He painted Majima’s chest and looked down at him with a satisfied look on his face, grinning slightly when the older man ran a finger across his chest to gather the cum before bringing it to his mouth. He pulled himself off of Majima’s lap and they both grunted at the feeling of not being connected anymore. Kiryu left the room but returned quickly with a granola bar and a glass of water, holding him up as he sipped gently.

“Ya know, I don’t need ya to treat me like this every time we get rough,” Majima said, munching absently on the granola bar.

“I like doing this,” Kiryu said simply, giving him a rare smile as he pushed the stray hairs off of his forehead. Majima couldn’t help but blush at the touch, averting his eye at the affection the other man was giving him.

“Yer a real softie,” he grumbled, leaning his tired body against Kiryu’s strong one, both of them sitting in silence until he felt strong enough to stand up and get in the shower.