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I don't own anything that belongs to The Devil Wears Prada novel or movie. I am just borrowing our two favorite ladies for a little while. This is a fic that I really like and have enjoyed writing. I originally posted this on another site. I am having some writers block so I decided to re-edit the story to help me write the last couple of chapters in part two. There may be a part three someday but there are other story ideas that are begging for attention. I hope you enjoy and as always your feedback is much appreciated.

Chapter 1.

Miranda Priestly sat in her office trying to focus on writing the notes from the editor section for the magazine that she had transformed into the best- selling fashion magazine in the world. Her normal laser focus was failing her today as her mind drifted towards personal matters. She could not help the wry smile that appeared on her face as she thought, "apparently La Priestly has mellowed.”

She took a moment to reflect on just how much her life had changed since her, "Devil Wears Prada," days. She certainly was as much of a perfectionist as she'd ever been but her desire, no need, for better balance in her life had led to major changes at Runway. A series of promotions to key people certainly made a difference. Emily, Nigel, and Serena had all flourished in their new roles. Nigel was now an editor-at-large with several pages of the magazine under his direct supervision. Emily had been made the new Art Director and an assistant editor working directly for Miranda. Miranda had to admit that the young woman was doing a good job putting the lessons she'd learned as her assistant to good use.

When Serena had inquired about the vacant head of accessories position Miranda had her doubts. The former model and makeup artist extraordinaire had made a persuasive argument. She'd expressed a compelling philosophy that makeup was in its own way an accessory used to enhance the perfect look. Miranda had taken a chance and had been proven correct.
The inclusion of the three of them in her personal life had also paid major dividends as they became good friends and in doing so they were better able to answer all the WWMD (What Would Miranda Do) questions without actually having to bother her with the details. All of these changes were nothing compared to the changes in her home life.

Her musings were interrupted as her first assistant Emma quickly entered her office. The fact that Emma had earned being called by her actual given name was a measure of just how good she was at her job. The look of surprise bordering on panic instantly put Miranda on guard as she never knew Emma to panic over anything.

"What is it," Miranda said trying very hard to control the tone of her voice.

"Cincinnati General Hospital is on the phone, Andy's been in an accident."

Miranda stood swiftly and took the phone from her assistant. She waited as Emma left her office and closed the door behind her.

A cool woman's voice spoke from the other end of the line "Mrs. Priestly."

"This is she," Miranda responded more forcefully than she'd intended

Miranda's face turned ghostly pale as the hospital administrator explained that Andy had been in a severe traffic accident and was being prepared for emergency surgery. Miranda gave the woman the consent she requested then quickly ended the conversation.

She looked up to see that Emma had slipped back into her office.

The young woman quickly spoke, "I've contacted the charter service."

"They have a jet fueling at Teterboro that will be ready to take off in 30 minutes."

"I informed the charter company that this was an emergency so they authorized a helicopter to ferry you to the airport."

"They will be here in ten minutes."

She continued, "I will contact Cara to have her pack your luggage and have it sent overnight to your hotel."

"There will be a car and driver to take you from the airport to the hospital."

Miranda thanked whatever goddess that put this ultra-efficient woman in her life. Without another word Emma left the office leaving Miranda with the precious minutes, she needed to call her girls and tell them about Andy and her plans to get to her as quickly as humanly possible.

After finishing a very emotional conversation with her 16-year-old twins and getting a promise that they would take care of everything at home until they returned, she gathered her laptop and a few personal files. She was greeted by Emma, Nigel, Emily, and Serena as she exited her office. All four of them had concerned looks on their face that she quickly waved off. She was in full La-Priestly mode now as it was the only way she would be able to maintain her sanity until she knew Andrea would be OK. They walked with her to the elevator as she gave out a series of orders to keep things moving toward a print deadline that was less than a week away. They all rode in the elevator up to the roof which was another change to the way she did business. She'd discovered that by having conversations in elevators she could leave work on average about ten minutes earlier than before. As she exited the elevator Emma handed her her purse, coat, and an overnight bag packed with items from Runway's famous fashion closet.

In another sign of how much things had changed, she exchanged genuine hugs with all four people before boarding the waiting helicopter. Twenty-five minutes later she was taking off and turning southwest for the two-hour flight.