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Open In Private

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don’t open the news now


It should be obvious by now that if you want to convince a person not to do something, telling them not to do it is the least effective method. Waking up to a message like that from his bandmate only sends Taehyung’s mind into a whirlwind of possibilities, all of them involving at least five different news that could’ve broken out with his name involved.


It's fake news era, let’s not lie. Being accused of something you had no part on could only end as badly as though you’d gone there and done it yourself. Like wizard hunting, mostly. And Taehyung, sweet Kim Taehyung of BSBoys, could go kissing his career bye-bye if whatever-it-was turned out to be too scandalous.


Turns out it’s everything Taehyung couldn’t have imagined: a sex-scandal wrapped with leaked images and kilometers of hate tweets that already have his stomach turning. He can barely believe his eyes.


JEONGGUK’S phone HACKED: intimate photos and videos of KIM TAEHYUNG leaked

During the night the internet became infested with leaked material from young idol Jeon Jeongguk’s phone. It could’ve been a hacking scandal like no other if it weren’t for a small detail: among the rising popstar’s photos, other, let’s say, incriminating material were found. Those involve whom the netizens claim to be Kim Taehyung, member of the BSBoys boyband, who’s been six years in the market. Kim Taehyung is four years Jeongguk’s senior (!!!) and considered to be one of the cutest faces in the industry. Seems like his good boy days are gone... the leaked videos display the boyband member in sexy positions and engaging in sexual intercourse with whom we believe to be Jeongguk.

Neither Jeongguk nor Kim Taehyung have manifested themselves yet. Their agencies have contacted the police and stressed that all artists are allowed their own private lives though that hasn’t stopped fans from both idols getting into a virtual brawl.





eight months earlier

"He said he likes older boys,” Jimin whispers in his ear and Taehyung gives him a tiny side-glance that’s supposed to be reproachful.


“Jimin,” Taehyung says, trying not to move his lips too much in case there are any fancams aimed at them, “shut up.”


Jimin laughs. In front of them Jeongguk gives all he’s got on the stage. His has to be the most awaited for performance of the night, and the young idol, though barely 22, is making everyone understand why he was disputed by seven agencies.


Taehyung loves coming to awards shows. He gets to meet new groups, new artists and even his most beloved friends from trainee era that had traded agencies. Watching their live performances and performing himself makes Taehyung grateful for having chosen this life. There’s nothing he likes more than music, than singing and dancing and being able to reach so many people around the world.


“I’m just saying,” Jimin continues, “I’m not blind. He was eye-fucking you.”


Taehyung rolls his eyes though he can’t help the silly smile that breaks out. Taehyung knows he’s handsome but feeling desired by an all-achieving, good-looking guy like Jeongguk has him a bit flattered.


The flame-thrower goes off and the crowd startles collectively before Jeongguk goes into a dance break. He’d done a remix of all of his most popular songs, transitioning through beats and lyrics and never spending more than one minute in a single chorus before switching to the next one. It has the fans going crazy.


“Whoa,” Seokjin makes from Taehyung’s left, bopping his head to the rhythm, “kid’s great.”


"He is,” Taehyung agrees, gaze flickering to the wide screen that shows Jeongguk. The idol finishes, throwing his head back, squeezing his eyes shut and smiling to the crowd’s great boom.


Jimin has both eyebrows raised knowingly when Taehyung turns to him.





<seven months earlier>


It’s one am to a cold Saturday that has Taehyung draped over Jeongguk’s lap in the backseat of his brand new Range Rover. The interior smells like leather and the seats feels plush under Taehyung’s knees. There’s a slow hip-hop music booming from the speakers in a beat that has Taehyung gyrating his hips on top of the younger’s crotch.


Jeongguk bites down on his bottom lip to stop himself from moaning out loud while answering to a call from his manager. Taehyung honestly doesn’t know how the man hasn’t yet figured out Jeongguk is at the very least getting his dick sucked, his answers monosyllabic and kinda breathy – the way he gets when Taehyung is doing something particularly delicious to him.


The thing is: Taehyung had never entertained the thought of sleeping with a younger guy, but the experience brings new discoveries. Such as how he loves it how Jeongguk is so responsive and thinks the sun shines out of Taehyung’s ass whenever the older guy has him coming in record time.


The music dissolves into a trap one that really has Taehyung going. He blames it all on how tipsy and infatuated he is as he nuzzles into Jeongguk’s neck, sucking the dark mole he has on the side of his neck into his mouth.


Jeongguk said not to leave any marks but Taehyung is feeling particularly salvage today, the added pressure of the bulge Jeongguk is sporting just for him making him lightheaded.


“I’ll call you later,” Jeongguk finally says, throwing his phone down beside them on the seat as he breathes out and fists the back of Taehyung’s head.


Taehyung can’t help arching his back and cramming his hips up at the feeling of his hair being pulled until Jeongguk has enough access to his mouth to kiss him stupid. He kicks his hips up to bring them closer together, Jeongguk muffling all of his sounds as he severely bites Taehyung’s lips.


"Want you,” Jeongguk is sighing, hands on Taehyung’s asscheeks as the other nips at his jaw, “want you so fucking bad, baby boy.”


“Yeah?” Taehyung grins, moving his hips to the music.


“Yeah,” Jeongguk breathes, chuckling into the skin of Taehyung’s neck, an action that has Taehyung shivering with a light gasp, “want you all to myself.”


He slides his hands down to Taehyung’s thighs to anchor him further into his lap but the older idol has other ideas as he slithers down the other’s chest, keeping their eyelock intact until he sits back on the other’s knees, pulling at his zipper.


With his shirt hanging half-open, naked from the waist down and skin glistening under the humid air inside the car, Taehyung can only imagine how sinful he looks as he bites down on his lip, dragging Jeongguk’s zipper down.


"Show me,” he says, “show me how much you want me.”





<six months earlier>


It’s Taehyung’s suggestion that they start filming themselves. Jeongguk grows increasingly busy and so does Taehyung, and the time they spend apart begins taking a tool on them.


They’d already made it into a habit of sending each other as many nudes and dirty videos as possible, Jeongguk a die-hard fan of the ones Taehyung sent half-naked, dick wet and red between his thighs, legs spread impossibly wide as Taehyung fingers himself open. Taehyung loves the ones of Jeongguk’s fist wrapped around his length as he pumps himself, his sounds turning breathier and heavier as he increases his pace.


Jeongguk’s manager knows about them, Taehyung learns it from the younger idol one day when videocalling. Jeongguk only tells him that he’d advised them into being careful, which Taehyung supposes extends to not sending each other nudes – not too many, that is.


But it is whatever, because when they’re back to the same city by a force of destiny, they make it worth their while.


Taehyung has taught him it all, which to him is a source of immense pride. In so little time he’s made Jeongguk into a prime cocksucker and a beast in the sheets. The boy is a fast learner and Taehyung thinks nothing beats the enthusiasm with which he eats Taehyung out, nails digging into his hips as Taehyung comes close to asphyxiating him with his thighs.


He lets Jeongguk fuck him whenever he wants. He likes it. Even when he’s kind of tired and not really in the mood, he still presents himself on all fours just for him, face dragging over whatever surface he is on as Jeongguk rams into him.


They become addicted to each other. Jeongguk talks about his dreams and insecurities post-coitus, how frightened he is of crowds but still has to act like he isn’t shitting himself every time he steps on the stage; how he misses his family, his older brother and his dog, his mom and his dad and the things he’s learned to love. Taehyung listens to him and thinks about how young he is, how he’s living the same thing Taehyung had lived and survived through years ago. He wished he had other, better advices to give other than: it’s going to get better. But for Jeongguk, for some reason, that seems to be enough.





<four months earlier>


They never label it but in their heart of hearts they know they aren’t seeing anyone else and they’d started liking their time together more than just for the sex. And, Taehyung thinks, in any other universe they’d would be perfect for each other. If only it weren’t for their careers.


Jeongguk spends so much time away that even his short videos playing guitar and serenading him are not enough for Taehyung any longer. He wonders how people do it, long-distance relationships or whatever. Maybe they’re in too deep.


They both notice the signs, and yet neither want to let it go. Taehyung grows anxious whenever he reads Jeongguk’s name, heart beating faster if any sound similar to his voice is carried out. Jeongguk grows almost unreachable, between flying off to several places Taehyung’s never been to, meeting fabulous foreign artists, recording new songs and appearing everywhere.


“I’m so happy for you,” Taehyung never tires of telling him. Even if Jeongguk is barely listening to him, just like now, face propped on his elbow as he fights to keep his eyes open through the videocall.


“Thanks, babe,” he says, the sound muffled somehow.


Taehyung gulps, trying to put on a smile. “I miss you,” he says, following the lines of Jeongguk’s face, committing it to memory. He knows memory is all he’ll have in the future. “When will I see you again?”


"I don’t know," Jeongguk mumbles, “I really gotta go now. Okay?”


Taehyung nods. “Okay.”


And then two days later Taehyung is crying into Jimin’s shoulder after Jeongguk had just broken up with him over the phone.


“I mean,” Taehyung says, cleaning the snot running down his nose with his sleeve, “who does he even think he is? I-I gave him everything. Everything, Jimin. There was nothing wrong, nothing for him to complain about.”


Jimin eyes him pitifully, running his hand down the back of Taehyung’s head like he’d been doing for the last two hours. “He’s busy. We are busy. He’s young, he doesn’t know how to handle his feelings,” and neither do you, Taehyung knows Jimin wants to say. But he doesn’t.


"He’s young and stupid. He thinks he’s so big now,” Taehyung rages on, even though it’s pathetic to do so. Jeongguk had been nothing but kind to him – except for the phone call, Taehyung wanted to rip him to shreds for that. “He wants a new person to fuck, right? He can have anyone now and not just some old guy from a forgotten boyband.”


Jimin grimaces, looking like he’s about to say something else when Taehyung breaks out crying again. He then just runs his hand down Taehyung’s hair and lifts the collar of his shirt that had slipped off his shoulder. “I don’t think that’s it, Tae.”





< now >


Taehyung lets his phone fall to the mattress, hand still poised over his mouth in shock. Their relationship as such a well-kept secret that it feels brutal that they would be outed now, months later, when the wounds had just begun to close.


The funny part is that Taehyung had been advised - by Jeongguk’s manager, no less – to delete all the data they had on each other. That included the nudes and videos, of course. Seems like Jeongguk didn’t carry out his part of the deal though. He must’ve kept his favorites. Idiot.


Taehyung startles when the door to his bedroom is opened. Jimin and Seokjin stand there, Hoseok trying to peer over their shoulders.


"I told you not to open it."