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Kun hated this. He hated every aspect of the scene around him. The horrendously bright flashing neon lights. The bodies pressed tightly, gyrating every which way around him. The alcohol sloshing everywhere, sticking to everything. And the noise. He couldn’t hear himself think – it was enough to drive him to insanity.

But something was pulling him in – specifically, the slender figure with the peachy pink bob wig dragging him by the hand through the crowd. Kun was being lured further into the belly of this beast of the multi-level club but he was too fixated on the captivating form ahead of him.

They led Kun along, weaving determinedly through the raving crowd. Thankfully, he was tugged into a small private room, just around the corner from the bar. It was far enough away that the music was muffled, and the swarm of people could be forgotten.

Kun observed the tiny space, featuring nothing but a couch, a small end table, and multiple swathes of rich, dark fabric drape from the ceiling – presumably just for aesthetic.

The door gently clicked closed behind him and he swiveled around, instinctively drawing his switchblade from his pocket. The other figure, who was leaning against the door, casually held their hands up in innocence.

“Sorry... Force of habit.”

Embarrassment overcame him as he tucked the weapon away.

“No worries,” the quiet voice smirked. “The great ‘Qian Kun, King of Shanghai,’ can never be too careful.”

Kun blushed.

"Your friend out there was very talkative. And loud,” they giggled.

Kun sighed and shook his head to himself. He was in Seoul with his cousin, Ten, on important business and he preferred to keep a low profile – something that was always too much to ask of his mouthy second-in-command.

Besides, ‘King of Shanghai’ was a bit of an exaggeration. Sure, he was at the vanguard of the central crime family that controlled virtually every underground operation in China’s biggest city – but only after his grandfather handed it over to him. He had barely had six months at the helm, and while things were relatively smooth considering the situation, he resented his cousin’s affinity for dramatization.

Kun settled onto the couch and took in the person who had brought him here. They were young – clearly at least a few years younger than the Chinese. A black t-shirt mini dress draped over their thin form. An iridescent fanny pack hung against their hips. Black socks coated their legs all the way up to their thighs. Their smooth cheekbones were dusted with glitter and a smoky black lined their dark, wide eyes.

And, though the lights were dim, he swore he caught sight of an adam’s apple.

“So, what is this place?” he asked, running a hand through his chestnut locks, forcing himself to unwind in an otherwise uncomfortable situation.

“The club allows us use of this room in exchange for a cut of our profits,” they answered, the coy smile still plastered to their lips.

“And by ‘us,’ you mean...”

“Prostitutes,” they said matter-of-factly.

Kun nodded, looking away. He had no aversion to their type – frankly, they provided one of the few means of relief for someone like himself, for whom love and relationships were more of a pipe dream.

“And you are...” Kun cleared his throat and gestured vaguely around the other’s groin area.

The other lifted the hem of their dress just enough to reveal the unmistakable bulge of a cock squished into PVC micro shorts.

Kun nodded again, reclining into the couch. It’s 2018 and he was an open-minded man – a beautiful person was a beautiful person.

“We don’t have to do anything,” he said, stepping cautiously toward Kun. “I just thought you might appreciate the peace.”

He plopped beside him on the couch, crossing his long lean legs.

Kun certainly knew better than to expect this time to be free of charge either way. He glanced up, hoping to catch the other with a skeptical look, but was instead immediately ensnared by his gaze.

The other’s eyes contained an innocence, a purity that almost didn’t match the rest of his persona. And no matter how hard he tried, Kun couldn’t seem to tear himself away from the deep pools of black staring back at him.

Kun wasn’t impulsive – it was quite against his nature. And yet, something in his gut, something unexplained, attracted him toward this person.

Kun reached into the inner pocket of his suit jacket. He pulled out 200,000 won in bills and handed it to the nameless creature.

The other took it in hand and sat back, tucking the cash away in the fanny pack.

“That’ll buy you an hour.” His voice was more sugary than the words merited. “Oh, and one more thing: it’s not every day you meet someone as powerful as you. Can I get a selfie?”

That caught Kun off guard. No one had ever requested such a thing so randomly. He waved away the suspicion as Jungwoo whipped his phone from his fanny pack. The two posed for a quick photo before he tucked it back away.

“So, who’s time am I buying?” Kun inquired.

Eventually, he introduced himself as Jungwoo. The two made light small talk – Jungwoo asked what brought Kun to Korea and what his home was like.

Kun found him easy to talk to, even if he felt like he was drowning every time their eyes met. There was a natural calm, a comfortable energy that Kun simply couldn’t resist.

Usually Jungwoo found his clients to be boring and full of themselves, but Kun was different. He was soft-spoken but firm; sophisticated but had a good sense of humor; and handsome and young with wisdom well beyond his years.

Small talk developed into warm conversation as the minutes ticked away. And it wasn’t long before Jungwoo was rising and sauntering towards the door.

“Okay. Time’s just about up for you, sweetness,” Jungwoo stated, a hint of sadness in his otherwise professional voice. He grasped the doorknob but paused, contemplating.

It’s not what he originally intended, but Kun was looking like the ideal client – he had to shoot his shot.

Kun stood and swaggered toward him. The other suddenly spun around centimeters from Kun’s body. Jungwoo pressed his hand against the other’s chest and wove his fingers beneath the lapel of his suit jacket.

“Unless I can tempt you stay,” he teased. Jungwoo’s head tilted, lips curled into a devious little grin. He pressed his body against Kun’s.

Kun was not a slave to his hormones. But he was becoming intoxicated by the other’s clear, sparkling eyes.

When he realized Kun was considering it, Jungwoo brought his other hand up to twirl a small piece of Kun's hair before tucking it behind the Chinese man’s ear.

Kun’s breathing stuttered for just a moment.

“I’m not staying,” he said resolutely. “We’re leaving. Together. Now.”

His eyes lit up and Kun took his hand. He reached beyond Jungwoo and yanked the door open. This time he took the lead, hauling Jungwoo’s svelte figure decisively through the packed club.

Kun burst out of the building into the cool night air with Jungwoo staggering just behind. His driver was already waiting.

He held the door open dutifully for his companion, who slipped inside without question.

“Back to the hotel,” Kun instructed, slamming the door closed once inside.

Please,” Jungwoo’s gentle voice piped up, earning a questioning glance from the driver in the rearview mirror.

Kun smiled. There was something incredibly endearing in Jungwoo’s apparent reminder to use his manners. These days, he was so used to giving commands, the concept of politeness had become foreign to him.

And honestly, no one ever dared to correct his etiquette regardless.

“Yes,” Kun agreed. “Back to the hotel, please.”

He grabbed his phone from his pocket and typed a hasty message to his cousin.

[Left the club. Enjoy the rest of your night.] 

The reply came through in an instant.

[Fuck did you take the car? How am I supposed to get home ?!]

[Get a cab.]

He tucked his phone away, not bothering to wait for whatever complaint Ten would send through next.

“I hope it’s not far,” Jungwoo whispered, rubbing the other’s thigh. “I really wanna play with you.”

Kun clenched his jaw as Jungwoo continued to tease him for the rest of the brief journey.

In less than fifteen minutes, the pair was stumbling through the door of Kun’s penthouse suite. Jungwoo gasped, taking in the excessive luxury of the space.

He kicked off his shoes immediately, making a beeline to the window to peer out at the city lights from this heavenly height. Kun followed, stepping behind Jungwoo, who whirled around when he felt him approach.

He rested his forearms on Kun’s shoulders, eyes warm.

“I’ve never been with a ‘King’ before,” Jungwoo smirked, igniting a blush in Kun’s cheeks as he rolled his eyes.

He chuckled before leaning in until their plump lips met, like clouds brushing against one against.

Kun savored the strawberry taste of Jungwoo’s sticky lip gloss and the younger’s lips parted more by the second, encouraging Kun’s tongue to enter.

Kun pushed up Jungwoo’s dress and he gripped onto the leathery feel of the shorts beneath. Without disconnecting from their kiss, Jungwoo reached down to undo the buckle on his fanny pack, dropping it carelessly.

Jungwoo backed away for only a second, just to lift off the garment.

“Wow,” was all Kun could muster at the sight of the pale, smooth plains of his skin, punctuated by his graceful hip bones.

Jungwoo tugged on his fluorescent wig awkwardly. “Do you want me to keep this on?”

“Off,” Kun managed to say, reading his mind.

That was all he needed to hear before pulling it off and whipping it across the room, giggling as he shook out his dark brown locks.

Kun was momentarily dazed upon seeing his charming, boyish good looks. It was like he couldn’t believe the intriguing, mysterious creature from the club was transforming into an angel before his eyes.

Jungwoo, interrupting the elder’s admiration, moved to shove Kun’s suit jacket off his shoulders, who took the signal to remove it. Jungwoo stepped closer, pressing his lips against Kun’s neck and working his nimble fingers on the buttons of his crisp dress shirt.

Kun’s cock throbbed as Jungwoo sloppily kissed and sucked along his neck. He ripped his shirt hastily off and let his fingertips run through the crevices of Kun’s abs, moaning.

“You want me to suck you off, baby?” Jungwoo proposed, hand palming the growing erection in his client’s pants.

“Yes,” Kun breathed heavily. “Please.”

Jungwoo snickered, dotting kisses and licks down Kun’s carved torso until he was kneeling. Kun’s belt was undone with remarkable speed and the button of his pants popped easily. Jungwoo tugged his pants and boxer briefs down his hips just enough to reveal an impressive member.

Jungwoo beamed at the sight, flattening his tongue and dragging it along the underside of his cock from base to tip. His pillowy lips pressed against the head while he glanced up through his lashes. Even now the elder looked distressed and he had barely been touched.

Finally, Jungwoo wrapped his mouth completely around the rigid cock and bobbed on it slowly. He only took it halfway, sucking steadily and letting his hand pump the rest of the shaft.

Kun’s breathing was already uneven. He tilted forward and pressed his palms against the floor-to-ceiling windows behind Jungwoo’s back.

The other boy released his lips from the head of his cock with a wet pop, loving the effect he was already having on the elder. Jungwoo certainly knew how to please.

He swirled his tongue lazily around the reddened tip, now and again dipping into the leaking slit, eliciting throaty rumbles from Kun at the pleasure.

Silently, Jungwoo took note of the way Kun didn’t grab onto the younger’s hair and force him down on his erection. He didn’t command or dictate orders to him, like his other clients were more than happy to do.

No – it was more like Kun was ceding control to the other. And Jungwoo was more than happy to take the cue.

He took Kun’s cock fully in his mouth until the tip reached the back of his throat. He dragged his moist, red lips back slowly as Kun’s nails pressed into the glass. Jungwoo repeated this over and over, awing at the pattern of the elder’s veins tensing over his lower abs as he was brought to the edge.

Jungwoo stopped there and rose back up to eye level with his client. Kun’s cheeks were flushed, warm to the touch.

Jungwoo smiled, pleased with himself, and let his hand continue to tug languidly on his member. He leaned in, long fingers dancing around Kun’s chest while he mumbled in his ear.

“Do you wanna bend me over and fuck me in front of the window? Show Seoul how a real king does it?” Jungwoo cooed, his sweet voice contrasting starkly with his nasty proposal. “Or do you wanna fuck me into the mattress on that big fluffy bed of yours?”

Without a word, his hand trailed down the younger’s back, following the curve of his spine down passed his pert little ass, until he arrived at his thigh.

He coaxed Jungwoo to lift his leg and hooked it around his waist.

“Bedroom,” Kun growled.

Jungwoo released his member and wrapped his arms around the other’s neck. Kun’s toned arms easily carried the other into the next room.

The bedroom was as extravagant as the rest of the suite, but at least the king-sized bed didn’t feel quite so oversized with two people on it now.

As soon as he lowered Jungwoo onto the edge of the bed, the younger helped finish undressing his client while pressing teasing kitten licks to his cock again.

Kun kept his composure enough to step out of his shoes and kick away his pants. The movement left his erection dotting against Jungwoo’s eager lips.

He smirked and guided the younger onto his back. Jungwoo lifted his narrow hips, helping Kun peeled his shiny shorts off for him.

Kun swallowed thickly. Jungwoo was really looking like the sweetest, tastiest treat and he was all his for tonight.

“I’m plugged,” Jungwoo mumbled, legs parting naturally to reveal the baby blue base of the toy positioned in his ass.

Kun nodded and stepped around the bed to the nightstand, rummaging hastily through the cosmetic bag sitting atop it. He tossed a small bottle of lube on the bed next to Jungwoo’s waiting figure and while he tore open a condom wrapper.

By the time Kun had it ready to apply, he glanced over to see Jungwoo biting his swollen lips, hand between his legs as he eased the plug in and out of himself.

Fingers shaking, he rolled the condom onto his engorged cock and climbed onto the bed.

“Turn over, baby,” Kun instructed.

Jungwoo did what was asked of him, situating himself on his hands and knees. Kun kneeled behind him, pulling his socked legs further apart and fingers clutching at the plug.

He plunged the toy shallowly in and out, widening his entrance in preparation.

“I’m ready,” Jungwoo whined, pushing his ass impatiently towards his client. “I wanna feel you.”

Kun kneaded his flesh and slowly extracted the plug. He adored how his bright pink hole clenched around the emptiness.

“How pretty, Jungwoo,” he murmured, popping the cap off the lube and dripping it between his pulled apart cheeks.

The younger’s heart skipped a beat. It wasn’t exactly common to be called by his name at work, instead of “slut” or “whore.” It was surprisingly cute.

Kun coated more lube onto his member and gripped the base. He guided the tip to Jungwoo’s entrance, sliding it teasingly over the aroused rim.

“Please,” Jungwoo begged. “Please please, fuck me.”

Kun’s palm rested along the curve of Jungwoo’s slim waist and he finally pressed into his hole.

The elder groaned when Jungwoo’s hips eased back onto him. Despite the preparation, Jungwoo’s walls still burned at the stretch around Kun and his hands curled into the sheets until his knuckles were white.

“S-so tight,” Kun groaned, hunching forward as he steadied himself. It was a long time since he engaged in anal – he forgot how astounding it was.

“Are you okay?” Jungwoo asked after feeling the other’s hot exhale on his shoulder blades. He lifted his hand and covered Kun’s on his side, holding it reassuringly.

Kun nodded and the younger giggled at the ticklish sensation of Kun’s long bangs brushing against his skin.

The elder straightened his back out and Jungwoo started gently fucking himself back on his cock, setting a pace for the pair.

Soon Kun was thrusting to meet his movements, finding a comfortable rhythm to the sounds of Jungwoo’s whimpers.

The younger’s own erection was growing by the second. His back arched, and he cried out when Kun adjusted and brushed against his prostate.

“Baby, that feels so good,” he moaned. “So, so good, oh my god...”

His profession meant he said such things often, but for once he meant it. He was amply filled and extremely satisfied.

Kun pulled the younger’s torso up, until it was flush against his own. The curve of his back in this position looked extraordinarily attractive.

Jungwoo gripped the elder’s thigh to steady himself on his shaky legs.

“Tell me what you want,” Kun mumbled against the shell of his ear.

Jungwoo’s skin erupted in goosebumps. In the year he had been playing this game, no one had ever asked what he wanted – not even his repeat customers.

Kun’s rough hand ran up and down his thin torso while he waited for an answer.

“W-wanna...see your face...when I make you cum,” Jungwoo finally exhaled, fighting against the thrusts that were wrecking his slight form.

Kun removed himself from the younger’s ass and twirled him around. He fell onto his back with a gasp.

He slid his cock back inside Jungwoo and rested an arm on either side of the younger. This time, Kun set the pace, quickly snapping his hips into his pelvis.

“Yes, daddy, right there, right there,” the younger praised, grasping Kun’s forearms. “So good...’m so full.”

Jungwoo’s groans devolved into needier and needier sounds as Kun was spurred on by the pet name, pounding into the younger.

“Daddy,” Jungwoo’s airy voice cried, making grabby hands at the elder's chest. “C’mere.”

Kun’s blown out pupils locked onto Jungwoo’s innocent orbs. He leaned down and covered the younger’s body with his own as Jungwoo’s legs wrapped around his waist.

“Daddy’s here,” Kun murmured, pecking his lips.

He ground his hips into Jungwoo, knowing he was hitting the bundle of nerves by the electrified sounds dripping from the younger’s delicate throat.

At this point, Jungwoo’s cock was seeping so much precum it was starting to pool on his stomach. Surprisingly, both were closing in on their orgasms – not just the client.

But he wanted to focus on Kun. He was the one paying – his pleasure took precedence.

“Can I?” Kun’s hand travelled between their forms, fingertips grazing the younger’s erection.

Jungwoo was taken aback but nodded furiously. Kun grasped onto his smaller cock, slick with precum, and thoroughly stroked it.

In seconds, the younger was painting their stomachs with semen.

Neither dared break eye contact, even as Jungwoo groaned and squirmed pathetically, digging his blunt nails into Kun’s neck and back.

Suddenly, Jungwoo clenched harshly, pushing through his own oversensitivity, and that was it – Kun came undone. Jungwoo could feel the condom inflate with warm cum against his walls.

His damp forehead nuzzled into Jungwoo’s neck, hips clumsily slowing to a halt. Jungwoo caressed his back while his softening cock still twitched inside him.

“Do you feel good, baby?” Jungwoo cooed tenderly. “You did so well. Daddy was perfect.”

Kun’s stomach dropped. Years had passed since it felt like anyone was taking care of him, instead of vice versa. He almost forgot how nice it was to not feel the weight of the world on his shoulders, if only for a night.

He struggled to push himself off of the other, at last pulling out. He fell onto the mattress beside him, trying to catch his breath.

Wordlessly, Jungwoo sat up and carefully removed the condom off Kun. He tied it off, quietly admiring the stunningly fucked out figure next to him.

He shifted to get up so he could throw it away and clean himself up, but a hand grasped his small wrist, holding him in place.

“Can you stay with me tonight?” Kun pleaded, barely audibly. “I’ll pay whatever, just...stay. Please, Jungwoo.”

He thought about it. He never stayed over. Ever. It wasn’t a rule of his, per se, but it was something he decidedly avoided.

But something was different about Kun. Something felt comfortable. Something felt safe.

And, if the elder was completely honest with himself, he felt the same about Jungwoo.

“Okay,” he agreed. “I’ll stay with you.”

Kun smiled in relief and his eyes fluttered closed. He was so consoled by the other’s presence already. As cautious as he was, he followed his instinct and leaned into it.

“But how about we get cleaned up first?” Jungwoo swiped a finger through his cum drying on Kun’s abs.

Kun nodded and took Jungwoo’s outstretched hand to pull himself up.

They entered the massive en-suite bathroom, where Jungwoo finally dropped the used condom in the trash and took it upon himself to start running the hot water in the shower.

In the bright light, Kun leaned against the counter and took notice of the array of bruises and scratches along the younger’s figure while he peeled his thigh-high socks off. He frowned to himself.

Jungwoo caught his examining gaze.

“Other clients,” he clarified, chuckling awkwardly. “Not everyone is gentle.”

Before Kun could respond, Jungwoo disappeared into the large, steamy shower cubicle.

Kun followed slowly and watched as Jungwoo stood under the streaming water, eyes closed, hands clasping the back of his tired neck. He was entranced at such a candid moment from the prostitute.

His eyes peaked open and he smiled at the elder, drawing him close.

The two washed up together, Jungwoo focusing more on taking care of Kun than anything.

Once they were refreshed and toweled off, Jungwoo retrieved some makeup wipes from his fanny pack and Kun lent the younger boy a t-shirt and a pair of boxers.

Before long, they were slipping under the sheets together. This was entirely uncharted territory for the both of them – and yet, neither was afraid of it.

An unspoken energy seemed to exist between the two, making every little interaction feel as natural as breathing. Maybe they had known each other in another life – maybe the universe had brought them together just to pick up where they left off.

Whatever the reason, they felt it.

The pair spent the next hour or so sharing more about themselves – their families, their childhoods, their interests – until Kun drifted to sleep resting his head on the other’s chest.

Jungwoo reached across to the nightstand where he placed his phone. He discreetly snapped another photo of himself with his client.

He examined the picture and sighed, almost disappointed in himself. That should be enough for him, he thought, sending the photo and the selfie from earlier away to a number he was given the day before.

In seconds a notification popped up for a million won deposit via a money transfer app.

Hopefully he’ll just...leave me alone now...

He sighed and placed the phone back in its place. Quiet guilt simmered in his gut until he returned his attention to the beautiful man in his arms, pressing a soft kiss against his locks.

“Sleep tight, Qian Kun,” he mumbled. “’King of Shanghai.’”