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Deviant Desires

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Like the butterflies that frantically circled them about, Nathalie was rising to new heights. Although she was unsteadily anchored upon Hawkmoth’s knees, she did not feel grounded. She was racing. She was soaring. Nothing could pull her down. She sprung up, buckling against his gloved hand sliding against her vulva. The leather felt as light as skin, delicate in texture, and a gasp escaped her as the smoothness of his palm jutted up into the heel of his hand. It pressed up against her clitoris, and she shivered.

There were other sensations propelling her forward: the feel of his other hand clutching her ass, how her chest pushed into the purple of his blazer, his lips prickling against her neck that worked their way up to crash onto her lips. She feverishly kissed him, unknowingly timing the sliding of her lips against his’ with the gyrations against his hand.

She opened her mouth to let out a moan. She could feel it vibrate against his lips as he rolled them onto her lower lip. He gave it suck. Her legs shook, back arched, and her hands bound down onto his shoulders.

Hawkmoth grinned.

“Oh Nathalie? Are you coming?” He sensually crooned in a deep voice.

Hawkmoth’s middle and pointer fingers now slid their way in- between her thighs. They curved to feel the ridged ends of her lips rock back and forth.

Nathalie’s eyes shut tight. Her pelvis weighed down against his caress but the rest of her body was rising. Rising. Rising.


Hakwmoth’s thumb lightly grazed against her clitoris as he eased two fingers inside her. His movements started out slow but he increased the speed so that she had the pressure she needed. Nathalie’s whole body tightened. She clenched against his fingers as the numbness radiated out from her clitoris across her lips. She screamed. Clenched. Reaching the highest of heights before being flung back down to the ground in a fiery bliss.

Her skin now felt painfully sensitive as Hawkmoth pulled his fingers away. With his eyes fixed on her, he raised his pointer finger to his mouth. His tongue protruded out to lick the fingertip before giving his finger a long and audible suck.

Nathalie watched. Then Hawkmoth extended his pointer finger out to her, rubbing it over the flesh of her lips before sticking it inside her mouth.

“You taste delicious.

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"Oh Nathalie---Nathalie."

Gabriel's body lowered again. A push of his hips and the curve of his back slid underneath Nathalie's hands. She felt like she was sinking; phasing through the cream colored sheets and the mattress that lay underneath. What kept her from falling was how the feel of his body reeled her in and steadied her like a tether's tug. His hips rose and her legs clasped down against the back of his thighs. Upper body jutted up as his torso glided against the peaks of her breasts. Lips parted, numb from the heat of his breath passing over her face. Gabriel shuddered and pressed again, the rhythm slow and full, that sent her curling up against him.

His head laid to rest at the crook of her neck. Then he sunk down, lips trailing up her neck, hands clutching the sides of the pillow her head lay on to gasp:

"Hold me just hold me."

Nathalie's head tilted up. Her hand clasped the back of his head, running through thin strands of wispy blond hair. The arm positioned on his shoulders bent, pulling him in so they could sink together.

"I will," Nathalie breathed.

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The sunlight that filtered in through the stained glass window gently caressed the top part of Hawkmoth’s face. Its warmth spread down, causing his head to tilt up towards the ceiling. The corners of his lips stretched then pushed out to gasp.

“Oh Mayura.

Mayura’s hands clenched on Hawkmoth’s shoulders. The peacock ends of her dress fluttered. A thrust forward and the slit of her dress shifted center and up. The curve of her blue pubic mound, the pink of his cock that he could still see, and the edges of her thighs all sharpened in Hawkmoth’s line of vision. Mayura’s upper body rose. Her shoulders rolled back, front of her dress stretched and the v-line lowered to reveal a glimpse of her breasts pressing against the circular lines of the fishnet mesh covering.

“What would I ever do without you?”

Mayura's deep magenta eyes gleamed. Her long, slender finger traced Hawkmoth's miraculous that lay askew against his the top of his collar. It then slid down to trace over his collarbone, over to her right to push aside the placket of his shirt. Purple silk flowed as it settled by his sleeve.

“Why dwell Hawkmoth? We were lost before finding each other in such wicked company.”

Hand now spread out, Mayura lowered her hand to explore the slim, yet well defined contours of his chest. A stroke and it came to rest over where his heart lay. Fingers stretched wide, her palm jolted against his skin as she felt how it thrashed about against the confines that held it in place.

“What matters is that we are together.

Mayura’s hands kneaded over Hawkmoth’s chest. The ends of her skirt slid up her thighs. He shuddered underneath, his gloved hands supporting the weight of her hips upright. Her toes dug into the fabric of his trousers that pooled by his ankles and she gazed down right into his eyes.

“Together we are unstoppable.

Her pace quickened.

“Together we can take on the whole world.”

Hawkmoth’s lips quivered. His moans echoed throughout the lair. He began to stiffen beneath her.

“And together—”

Mayura lowered her body as far as it would let her, helped by the pull of his grasp on her back. His lips parted, grazing over hers. Eyes were sealed shut as he climaxed. The feel of his breath sent shivers down her spine. The heat of his seed seared inside her. She lingered, her face pressed against his chest before glancing up again to whisper:

“We are one in thought and flesh.”

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“My oh my, the feathers do suit you.”

Mayura circled around Gabriel’s body that lay on the stone cold ground. She twirled her fan with a glance down here and there to survey her handiwork. Gabriel’s arms were positioned over his head, bound together at the wrist by a string of blue feathers. His legs, askew, also sported the same string of feathers that tied down the ankles. He was naked, save for the blindfold that covered his eyes. His head tilted towards the side, trying to follow the sound of Mayura’s voice.

“You look marvelous.

Gabriel’s lips jutted out as his head moved back center. His chest puffed up and his cock twitched. With a curl, it rose towards his stomach. Mayura’s fan slid open. She raised it to conceal the chuckle that came out. Her eyes sparkled with a mischievous glee.

“Don’t let my words flatter yourself Gabriel. We haven’t even begun yet.”

The sound of Mayura’s fan rolling shut echoed in his ears. Her thumb and middle fingers pressed together into a snap, and a blue feather materialized in midair.

“They say that the clothes make the man, but what about when he is stripped? What can I do to perfect you, hm?”

The feather floated down towards Gabriel’s face. It curved as Gabriel’s shallow breath tried to push it back. But undeterred, it surged forward to brush up against his mouth. It traced the outline of his lips, the tip pressing down in a massage like motion. Gabriel shakily breathed. His thighs clenched.

“Lovely,” Mayura shot a sly smile down at him.

A wave of her hand, and the feather floated against the point of his chin, the jugular of his throat to lay on his chest. It bunched up, then down into a stroke. Another snap and more feathers appeared. They swarmed to caress his skin; massaging his chest, denting into his stomach, sliding down his arms and legs. Gabriel’s body shook.

“You seem to be taking it quite well,” Mayura observed with a hand on her hip.

Soon all the feathers disappeared save for the ones on Gabriel’s stomach. The more they ventured downward, the more he squirmed. They wove into a circular shape and wrapped around the base of his cock. The feathers curved and slid upward. His cock stiffened. Twitched as the feathers caressed the head. They pressed down on the tip, then fell as shower back down to the base.

Gabriel moaned. The sound of Mayura’s laughter rang in his ears.

“This is so much fun!” The hand on her hip began to slide in towards her lower stomach. Her fingers danced by the slit in the front of her dress that exposed her pubic area.

The feathers went back to work again, this time not as a unit. They spiraled up and down his cock with varying speed. Gabriel’s knees were knocking against each other. His hips thrust into the air with each stroke. His groans, passionate and vulnerable, reverberated throughout the lair. The sight and the sound of him aroused Mayura. Her free hand had disappeared in between her legs and the back of her hand protruded back and forth as she rubbed off to the sight of him.

A curl of her hand. Gabriel sprung up into a sitting position. New feathers ran down Gabriel’s back, sending goosebumps down his skin. One slid in between his buttcheeks, a touch so sensitive that he screamed.

“Oh god Mayura please! Please!

“Oh what’s this? You’re reaching your limit already?” The gaps between Mayura’s hand widened to reveal how her third finger was pressing down on her clitoris. Even though Gabriel couldn’t see what she was doing, he made a frustrated, and very aroused noise.

“I want you to touch me! Fuck me! Anything!

“Anything my dear? Do you really mean anything?” Her finger slid across her labia. She made a point to vocalize her self-pleasure.

“ I’ll do anything! Anything for you Mayura! Just god—I want to feel you!

The fan, and Gabriel’s body dropped to the floor. A snap of her fingers and the feathers that were on him fell to the ground. The binding that held his hands tight disappeared. Mayura smirked down at him.

“Very well then.”

Mayura bent down and hitched up her skirts. Her back faced him, thighs straddling his head.

“Then satisfy my needs.”

Gabriel’s hands clutched her hips. He gasped upon making contact with her pussy. His tongue jutted out and he lapped the edges of her labia before his mouth moved into a suck. Mayura moaned. She adjusted her position and moved her upper body downwards.

“And I’ll repay you in kind.”

The moment Mayura’s hand wrapped around Gabriel’s cock he seized in place. Her thumb pressed lightly against the tip.

“Shhh. Don’t cum just yet dear,” she whispered into his ear. “Let me work my magic first.”

Her hand slid. Slow strokes that sent his whole body trembling. Something she hardly noticed due to the sensation that sparked as Gabriel ate her out. She lowered her head even more and her lips brushed up against his shaft. She let them graze upward to the base of the head then her mouth widened to take him in.

Mayura dragged her sucks out, knowing exactly the type of movements that made Gabriel go crazy. A sturdy hand kept his penis upright while the free one wandered to fondle his balls. She felt his body shudder, heard how his cries became more passioned, and grinned.

Meanwhile Mayura’s thighs were buckling from the pressure he gave her. She pulled away from his crotch but kept a hand working on the shaft. Her pelvis jutted out. Hips swayed back and forth. She applied more pressure by rubbing up against his mouth and found herself starting to enter the same frenzied state that she was putting him through. One that was getting close to sending him over the edge.

“Oh—-oh! I’m—I’m—“ Gabriel’s voice came out muffled.

“Say who’s gonna make you cum,” Mayura said in a singsong voice. The pace at which she jacked him off quickened.

“Ma-Mayura! I—-“

Gabriel’s head titled back and he shouted. Her hand slid to the bottom of his shaft. Semen spurted from the tip of his cock. It trickled down the shaft to rest on her knuckles. A few droplets clotted onto the thatch of blond curls that was his pubic hair.

Gabriel deeply exhaled. Still balancing herself on him, Mayura leaned down once more. Her tongue stuck out to lick the droplets on his shaft and on her hand. With a smack of her lips, she turned her head back towards him and waved a finger to take his blindfold off.

“Why, you taste delicious."

She eased herself off of him for a brief second so that she could reposition herself to face him. She stared down at the exhilarated look in his eyes, the color that flushed his cheeks, how his lips brushed up against her vulva, and then said in a cool, but gleeful tone:

“I let you have a little treat. Now, finish me off.