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Deviant Desires

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Like the butterflies that frantically circled them about, Nathalie was rising to new heights. Although she was unsteadily anchored upon Hawkmoth’s knees, she did not feel grounded. She was racing. She was soaring. Nothing could pull her down. She sprung up, buckling against his gloved hand sliding against her vulva. The leather felt as light as skin, delicate in texture, and a gasp escaped her as the smoothness of his palm jutted up into the heel of his hand. It pressed up against her clitoris, and she shivered.

There were other sensations propelling her forward: the feel of his other hand clutching her ass, how her chest pushed into the purple of his blazer, his lips prickling against her neck that worked their way up to crash onto her lips. She feverishly kissed him, unknowingly timing the sliding of her lips against his’ with the gyrations against his hand.

She opened her mouth to let out a moan. She could feel it vibrate against his lips as he rolled them onto her lower lip. He gave it suck. Her legs shook, back arched, and her hands bound down onto his shoulders.

Hawkmoth grinned.

“Oh Nathalie? Are you coming?” He sensually crooned in a deep voice.

Hawkmoth’s middle and pointer fingers now slid their way in- between her thighs. They curved to feel the ridged ends of her lips rock back and forth.

Nathalie’s eyes shut tight. Her pelvis weighed down against his caress but the rest of her body was rising. Rising. Rising.


Hakwmoth’s thumb lightly grazed against her clitoris as he eased two fingers inside her. His movements started out slow but he increased the speed so that she had the pressure she needed. Nathalie’s whole body tightened. She clenched against his fingers as the numbness radiated out from her clitoris across her lips. She screamed. Clenched. Reaching the highest of heights before being flung back down to the ground in a fiery bliss.

Her skin now felt painfully sensitive as Hawkmoth pulled his fingers away. With his eyes fixed on her, he raised his pointer finger to his mouth. His tongue protruded out to lick the fingertip before giving his finger a long and audible suck.

Nathalie watched. Then Hawkmoth extended his pointer finger out to her, rubbing it over the flesh of her lips before sticking it inside her mouth.

“You taste delicious.